Reverse Harems with an Undercover Girl – Part 1

Updated 1/3/2022: Paige here.  I have updated the books and links. Where applicable, I have linked to the series rather than an individual book.  Unfortunately, Scaled by MJ Marstens is no longer available (that I could find). 

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Hello Lovlies, This week’s blog post is brought to you by a reader request. As requested, the following blog is going to contain books where the main character female is undercover. The main character female (mcf) will be in disguise as a guy hiding her true identity from other characters and her potential harem. There may be a couple of books in here where the mcf looks like a boy already hiding her true identity, wears clothing or a wig, and/or uses magic to disguise herself. All blurbs and book covers are verbatim from the authors from Amazon. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

From the Ashes: The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Project Duet Book 1) by Candice Wright
From the Ashes: The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Project Duet Book 1) by Candice Wright
Description from Amazon

My whole life has been defined by my illness
And after twenty-four years of trying to fight it,
I’m about to lose.
That’s when The Phoenix group approached me with a devil’s bargain.
They will pay my family one million dollars, leaving them a lifetime of choices instead of a legacy of debt.
And all they want in return is me.
But the thing about a devil’s bargain is that there is inevitably a price to pay.
I go from being a human to being a commodity. A test subject to be poked and prodded, broken and put back together again until my body finally fails me.
The only way out is to die.
So what will happen when the girl who has always been sick, inexplicably begins to heal?
With the odds stacked against me, I’ll have to place my life and my heart in the hands of a group of criminals,
Because the girl who was once ready to die will burn the world to ashes for a chance to live.

Triggers warning: This story contains themes that some readers might find uncomfortable.

Authors note: From the Ashes is an unconventional story about love and loss and the hard part in between. It is a Reverse Harem romance with multiple love interests and not a triangle in sight.
Due to mature content readers should be 18 and over.

Breakbattle Academy (5 book series) - Ruby Vincent
Description from Amazon

From Book 1:

Breakbattle Academy is all about the competition.

Being the best at any cost, and stepping on those in your way.
What am I all about?

Derek Grayson.

I have to get to him. See him. Meet him. Know him. The problem is the sinfully gorgeous, rich son of a movie star is off-limits, especially in Breakbattle Academy’s all-boys’ campus.

I have no choice but to bind my chest, don a boy’s uniform, and change my name from Zela to Zeke. I have no choice but to brave the bullies each more wealthy, devious, and handsome than the one who tortured me last.

I also don’t have a choice in falling for Cole, Michael, and Landon—the most wealthy, handsome, and devious of them all.
Breakbattle Academy might be the worst four years of my life, but they won’t be a failure.

I will break through Cole’s walls, earn Landon’s trust, twist Michael around my finger, and make Derek mine.
All I have to do is survive orientation week.

Orientation Week is a slow burn contemporary high school bully romance. This is the prequel and features language and dark themes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!

This is a complete series. -Paige

Lust & Lyrics by Hanleigh Bradley
Description from Amazon

Fame. Fortune. And all that. Everything I’ve never wanted.

Lust & Lyrics is a complete Contemporary Rockstar Reverse Harem Series by International Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

Clover has grown up with Rockstars for parents. They expect her to follow in their footsteps. But Clover doesn’t want to be famous, she just wants to create the music she loves.

Will that change when her twin brother needs her to take his place in the pop band Saving Creed?

Her crazy mother puts a wig on her head, bandages up her boobs and throws her onto the stage at the London o2. Suddenly, she finds herself living with four hot men. The only problem? They all think she’s her twin brother, Creed!

Will Clover be able to keep her identity a secret or will she fall in love with her four band mates?

The Lust & Lyrics Reverse Harem Series consists of three books; His His Or His?, All Mine and Less Than Conventional.

She doesn’t just want one. She wants them all.

“Think She’s The Man meets the music industry.”

Temporal Locum by Wendie Nordgren
Description from Amazon

She thought it was a harmless piece of costume jewelry.
She believed monsters only existed in fiction, and magic was only sleight of hand.
She had no faith in the loyalty or love of men.

Bronwyn, a fashion design student, is learning that talent, hard work, and dedication aren’t always enough. Desperately grasping at the unraveling threads of her life, she hopes to prove her worth by winning the couture Halloween costume contest. However, a chance encounter on a busy street corner and an unfortunate accident change the course of her existence. Suddenly, she finds herself alone in a world of nightmarish, bloodthirsty monsters, and she doesn’t know who to trust.

Long ago, magic, unable to thrive but impossible to be destroyed, was forced to flee from our world. Bound inextricably with good, evil, light, and darkness, magic found a new home for itself and its people. However, to co-exist with the new world, magic required a host. When the burden grows too heavy, she passes the Temporal Locum to her successor, and until she embraces her powers, the world is cast into chaos.

Warring religious factions scour the land, searching for the goddess of time reincarnate, the host of the Temporal Locum, the conduit for magic. They must find her before the monsters kill her. Unfortunately, the new goddess trusts no one, not the Solis sun worshippers who kidnap females, or the Umbra moon worshippers who mask themselves like demons and whose sorcerers wield black magic.

While keeping her identity a secret, she flees not only the monsters but also capture. However, Solis and Umbra males unwittingly aid her, making her question her perceptions of good and evil while the attraction she feels for them confuses her heart. To stop the female sacrifices, she’ll have to reveal her identity either to the soldiers of the light or the devils of the dark, but to do so she’ll have to survive and decide who to trust.

Sokolov Mafia Clan (4 book series) by Ivy Clyde
Description from Amazon

From Book 1:

I am an undercover cop disguised as a man.

He is the heir to a mafia empire.

Victor Sokolov, the heir to the most powerful mafia family in the city, is stepping into power.

Cruel. Merciless. A demon wearing the face of an angel.
He is on a purge to rid the gang of every deceitful follower, paving the way to his succession with a trail of corpses.  It won’t be long before the city turns into a battlefield.

He is recruiting new blood into his ranks and I am the rookie agent being sent to breach them. After all, no one has studied him and the movements of the Sokolov Clan as obsessively as me.

My department doesn’t just give me a fake ID. 

I am also disguised as a man. 

Soon, I’m plunged into a world unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Every moment spent with Victor makes me question everything I know about myself.

I’m torn between fear and desire, right and wrong, pain and pleasure as I struggle to win his trust. My body and mind are betraying everything I’ve been taught to abhor.

Can I still remain one of the good guys or will the devil devour my soul completely?

The Heir is a RH dark mafia romance between mobsters and a disguised female agent. If you enjoy romantic suspense with organized crime, then this is for you. This book contains dark themes and steamy m/m and m/m/f scenes. 

This is a complete series. -Paige

Shared by the Vikings: A Reverse Harem Romance by Lily Harlem
Description from Amazon

Disguising herself as a boy in order to board a longboat headed north seemed to Princess Ingrid like a good way to escape being married off against her will, until her deception was discovered. Now three battle-hardened Vikings are set on teaching her a stern lesson, and stripping the princess bare for a painful, humiliating spanking is just the beginning of their plans for her.

Though the punishment infuriates Ingrid, her body’s response to the shameful chastisement is undeniable, and when she is claimed for the first time she cannot help crying out with pleasure. But the princess will not belong to just one of these fearsome warriors. They plan to share her, and she will soon learn what it means to be both thoroughly used and well and truly mastered.

Publisher’s Note: Shared by the Vikings includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

The Ascended: A PNR, Academy, Why Choose Romance (The Eight Wings Collection Book 1) by Serena Akeroyd
Description from Amazon

In a world where witches hate the Fae, Gabriella has just broken the borders between the races wide open…

Gabriella is a bad witch. Well, she’s not evil, she just sucks at magic, and when she turns eighteen, the unthinkable happens: she grows a pair of wings.

Human born Fae are nothing new. An oddity to be sure, but witch born Fae?

They’re a whole other ball of wax.

When she’s summoned to the Eight Wings Academy at twenty-five, the doo-dah hits the fan as harsh truths are revealed to her about the Fae. But no matter how hard Gabriella tries to flunk, to escape a society forged on lies, she can’t do it.

And it isn’t because she’s a brilliant student, either.

She sucks. Hard.

Something, or someone, is making sure she passes, keeping her at the Academy against her will, ensuring she heads straight into the warrior caste and into a troupe with three other Fae.

Except her troupe?

They just happen to be her Virgo—her fated mates.

And where Virgo are concerned, they have the final say on whether she claims them or not.

She’s FAELING FOR THEM, but can she convince them she’s a good catch? When she knows, point blank, she isn’t…?

This is the complete Eight Wings Collection.

Formerly published as Faeling For Them, Faeling Hard, and Finally Faeling.

Idol Star School: An Enemies to Lovers Reverse Harem Bully Romance (Idol High School Book 1) by Nara Noelle
Description from Amazon

Four dangerous boys are determined to ruin me… and the whole world is watching.

Sammy. Terry. Arang. RJ.

The stars of Pluto Entertainment, kings of the music industry.

Except they’re no ordinary pop stars.

Their path to fame wasn’t pretty, and I’ve made it my mission to expose the skeletons in their closet.

From the moment they lay their eyes on me, they know I don’t belong at Idol High School, where students are competing for fame and success in front of a hungry audience.

In fact, they hate me for it.

As my new teachers, they’re willing to do anything to make my life a living hell.

But what they don’t know is that I’m nineteen, not seventeen.

I have a fake name, complete with a fake ID and fake papers.


Because I need to blend in with the other students—girls aren’t allowed here.

Idol Star School is the first book in the Idol High School Series featuring a slow burn RH (reverse harem) with a tough, feisty heroine and four bad boy heroes. HEA guaranteed at the end of the series!

FYI I cannot find the next book in the series, not sure if this one is actually a standalone or an abondened series. -Paige

Motherf*cker (An Irreverent RH Comedy) by M.J. Marstens
Description from Amazon

Forgive me, Lord, I’m about to sin.

They call me mother.

I’m the abbess at The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Though, in truth, I’m not even a nun.

I’m a blasphemy in disguise, hiding from the MC club that wants me dead.

But here at the convent, I find my place.

I give the other sisters purpose, and they give me something that I’ve always yearned for:

A home.

A place of total acceptance.

I have finally found my calling.

Everything in my world is as it should be until they show up.

Four sinfully, mouthwatering men preparing to take their final vows.

They’ve come to visit their old mentor, the retired priest who says mass at the convent.

The four call themselves ‘The Gospel Brothers’: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

They’re gorgeous.

And forbidden.

They could tempt a saint.

And I’m anything but one.

Warning: This full-length, reverse harem standalone contains material only suitable for readers 18+.  There is strong language and content.  Some might find this material offensive.  The FMC does speak of being molested as a teen, but only references it (no detailed account) and religion/religious topics really only play a part in the backdrop of the
Seven Devils and a Rose (Aurora Realm Fairy Tales Book 3) by Alexia Praks
Description from Amazon

One girl. Transported to a realm full of magic and paranormal creatures. A rare pure power. Seven hunky men. A fairy tale with a twist.

My name is Alfie. I’m nothing special. Just your average nineteen-year-old girl doing her best at life. Then that happens.

The unexpected. The impossible. The magic.

When I first set foot on St. James Manor, a charming old house my parents bought and turned into a retreat for writers, I feel a sense of connection with the magical place.

One night, I’m inadvertently transported to another realm. Disorientated and afraid of my new, mysterious surroundings, I’m found by two dark warrior lords who mistake me for a boy. They even suspect that I am a member of a loose, violent banditry that is raiding their kingdom and kidnapping the civilians.

Despite having a fun and adventurous soul, I find nothing exciting as these two gorgeous warriors, Caleb and Felix, take me back to their camp and proceed to grill me about my background. When a group of bandits pursues me, and I am lost in the wild, dangerous woods, an alluring vision-in-white of a lord appears. His name is Geoffrey, and his enthralling charm fascinates me. All that I want is to return home. But little do I know that finding a way home is the least of my worries because there are those with dark power who are hunting me down.

Alfie and the Seven Demon Lords story is a reverse harem fantasy romance.

Aurora Realm Fairy Tales Series (In Order of Timeline)
1: The Beast and I (Lilly and Aslan)
2: The Magic of the Aurora Light (Alfie and the Seven Demon Lords Book 1)
3: Seven Devils and a Rose (Alfie and the Seven Demon Lords Book 2)
4: A Kingdom of Roses and Magic (Alfie and the Seven Demon Lords Book 3 – Aslan and Lilly Cameo)
5: A Court of Roses and Stardust (Alfie and the Seven Demon Lords Book 4 – Aslan and Lilly Cameo) – COMING SOON

Of Shadows and Fire (2 book series) by Meg Xuemei X
Description from Amazon

From Book 1:

“What’s happening to me?” I shivered in want.

“You’re going into heat,” Elijah whispered, his eyes shining liquid blue, his face twisting with restraint. “The mating call is in my blood, too. My control is slipping.”

His words didn’t make sense, but it no longer mattered. Lust burned through me like wildfire. In its wake, nothing could survive, except my savage need for this archangel.

I must take him raw and hard until he couldn’t take it, and then, I’d still have him, marking him as mine over and over. He’d beg and scream, but I still wouldn’t stop.

Three smoking-hot, powerful immortals hunt me in Hell.

A primordial vampire.
A Fae prince.
A Sváva archangel.

They claim I shouldn’t be a gladiator slave as I’m the lost queen of Atlantis. They say I’m their fated mate.

Their reckless words make no sense, until they awaken a power within me. Now it demands to relentlessly mate with all three sexy warriors.

This is a full-length reverse harem fantasy romance that features a lost princess and her four fated powerful mates. It contains battles, explicit love scenes, curses, magic, dark fae, vampires, shifters, fallen angels, and a lot of demon assholes.

This is a complete duet. -Paige

Adamson All-Boys Academy (3 book series) by C.M. Stunich
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: Shh, I have a secret.

The sinfully gorgeous members of the Student Council—Church, Ranger, Spencer, Micah and Tobias—can’t ever find out.

I already get picked on because my father’s the headmaster.

I don’t need them to know I’m the only girl, too; I’d rather dress like a boy.

Adamson All-Boys Academy now has its only female student, but I’m not about to be their guinea pig.

Not when there’s a secret at this school nobody is talking about. Not when the last female student here ended up dead.

***420 pages in paperback

***THE SECRET GIRL is a 90,000 word lighthearted reverse harem/high school bully romance novel with a mystery/suspense twist. This is book one of three in the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual.

The Airluds Trilogy (3 book series) by Nhys Glover
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: Having grown up in a harem as the favourite, if not dutiful, daughter of the ruling Godling, Airsha knew what it was for a powerful man to have more than one wife. But for her to have more than one husband, when she would have preferred none at all, felt like just one more way her fate was being taken over by a vengeful goddess.
Rescued by four legendary airling trainers when she escapes the harem, Airsha finds herself drawn into an uprising that has rebels planning to replace the Godling with the Goddess’ Chosen One: Airsha herself.
But having hidden her magic to avoid being castrated, sneaked out of the harem dressed as her twin brother to learn to fight, refused to become her father’s human sacrifice, and broken society’s rules by falling in love with not just one unsuitable man but four, Airsha was never going to willingly follow the destiny someone else laid out for her. Not even if that someone was the Goddess of all Creation.
Some steamy (but wholly romantic) scenes may offend. Recommended for mature readers.

This is a complete series. -Paige

Sold: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Loki Renard
Description from Amazon

In this ruined world, women are sold at auction… but not all of them go without a fight.

When a corrupt brute who calls himself a sheriff captures her and tries to sell her to the highest bidder, Trissa makes him pay with his life. But will her defiance bring conflict to the entire city?

The Hollow (3 book series) by Ellabee Andrews & Helen Scott
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: What’s my secret? That’s something I intend to take to the grave.
When my best friend and the only person who knows who–and what–I really am gets selected for the Mating Games, I know the only way to save her is to try and win her for myself.
All I need to do is navigate three trials while not letting anyone know I’m a woman, or, and this might be even more important, that I have magic.
Easy, right? Easier than slaving away for all hours of the day swinging an ax in the mines. Or so I thought.
I certainly didn’t count on the one man I’ve longed for, the one man who stirs feelings of femininity and desire within me, to enter the games as well. Every minute that I’m there I’m risking everything. If I’m discovered I’ll become nothing more than a broodmare, but I can’t abandon the woman who is like family to the fate that the Divine would deem she have.
I’ll do whatever it takes to save her from the desolate future of becoming nothing more than a prize for the victor of the games. The only question is, will my secret still be intact by the time the trials are over? Or will I have condemned us both to a fate worse than death?

This is a 18+ slow burn whychoose novel.

This is a complete series. -Paige

The Damning (5 book series) by Katie May
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: For hundreds of years, Nightmares have ruled the world.

Descended from the Seven Deadly Sins, these supernatural creatures have enslaved and tortured the human race.

I have lived my entire life fighting back against the monsters that have plagued this world. A deadly assassin and a member of the resistance, I only have one motto: kill or be killed.

When The Damning commences – a fight to the death against the world’s most brutal serial killers, assassins, and torturers – a twist of fate finds me as one of the competitors. Despite my initial reluctance, I find myself eagerly participating.

But what I didn’t count on, however, were the seven princes:

Lupe, a Shifter descended from Wrath.

Devlin, a Genie descended from Greed.

Jax, a Vampire descended from Gluttony.

Killian, an Incubus descended from Lust.

Ryland, a Shadow descended from Pride.

Sebastian, a Mage descended from Sloth.


Dair, a Mermaid descended from Envy.

Our love could never be. I’m an assassin, and they are my targets.

But who ever said I needed to follow the rules? If only I can survive The Damning…

This is a medium-burn reverse harem romance. Expect a kick-ass, snarky MC, seven swoon-worthy heroes, and a lot of bloodshed. This is book 1 in a series.

Book 5 is slated for release in 2022. -Paige

Rise of the Iliri (11 book series) by Auryn Hadley
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: When Salryc Luxx turned eighteen, she bit a military officer. That was the first step.

To humans, her species is just another resource. Seen as little more than beasts, the lives of iliri and iliri crossbreds are cheap and easily replaced. Sal was raised as one of their pets and has spent her life dreaming of the day she can be free.

It won’t be easy, but she has a piece of paper that admits her to the trials of the Black Blades, a group elite soldiers who do the jobs no one else can handle. Their success is exactly what she needs to prove her people are more than just something to throw away. Then a voice leaks into her mind. Evidently, there’s a lot more her species has kept secret – and the Black Blades have been hiding it in plain sight this whole time.

She’s going to have to change her plan. The sweet scent of humans, the lure to claim a mate, and her desire to see her commanding officer drop his eyes are becoming a problem. If she wants to prove that her people deserve freedom – that she deserves it – she has to stop acting like a beast. There’s just one little problem.

Humans aren’t her masters, they’re her prey.

Like all the books in the Rise of the Iliri series, this is a complete epic science-fantasy novel, without a cliffhanger. The female lead has multiple consensual romantic relationships as well as fulfilling friendships that matter to the storyline. Because the illiri have insatiable and exotic sexual instincts, the smoking hot sex may make it unsuitable for humans under 18. Due to the subject matter of this series, be aware of triggers for racial injustice, persecution, and various forms of discrimination. Like with many complex stories, things do not start out in a happy place.

This is a complete series. -Paige

Willow's Forbidden Pack (4 book series) by Avery Song
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: How do you thrive when you’re an unwanted, worthless, human female?
Simple: alter your reality by switching sides.

During the day, I’m William De Luca, the only ‘son’ of Roberto De Luca, the king of the NYC mafia and Alpha of the deadliest wolf pack — one this city doesn’t mess with. At night, I’m Willow De Luca, cage fighter champion with a slight temper problem.

Regardless of which role I’m playing, I’m plagued by the inability to shift, a condition that has Papa Dearest deeming me a ‘mistake.’ All the same, it’s worth enduring my double life if it means staying out of my father’s business and ignoring the growing legacy that’s waiting for me to claim.

Unfortunately, no matter how rich and powerful you are, the universe isn’t going to grant you everything you want. In Father’s case, it was having a son. In mine? Finding a mate.

Without an inner wolf of my own, meeting a wolf shifter who’s connected to me is essentially impossible. It’s a forbidden dream I’d all but given up on. Then my carefully balanced life is disrupted by the arrival of a new pack that intends to make me the target of a power play to take the De Luca territory. However, one glimpse of Dimitris, Neo, Saint, and Jayce is all it takes — I want to make them mine.

I’m willing to bet everything on a dangerous gamble, because maybe being a wealthy boy by day and lethal girl at night is the double-play I need to earn the grand prize.


Readers are going to fall in love with this new, gender bender, enemies to lovers romance with thrilling action, suspense, and heated romance. WOLF AWAKENED is a 171,000-word Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance with enemies-lovers/bully themes.

The fourth book is slated for release in 2022. – Paige

Amber: A Quirky Multiple Mates Romance (Jewels Cafe: Amber Book 1) by Mia Harlan
Description from Amazon

I’m in love with my best friend. But one sip of a spelled latte, and two shifters are calling me their mate.

It’s hard enough being a shifter with wonky powers, but opening a magical cafe with my secret crush? Maybe not the best idea. Hiding my feelings for him is getting harder and harder. And if we don’t get customers soon, our cafe will go out of business.

As a last ditch effort, we create a signature drink. One taste-test and the sweetest bear shifter is drawn to me like honey. A sexy bunny shifter offers me his carrot. They don’t even seem to mind that I randomly shift (and half-shift) into everyone I meet.

But can I handle more than one mate? And can we find a way to save our magical cafe before another spell tears us apart?

If you like quirky characters, panty-melting fated mates, and wonky magic, you’ll love this steamy, laugh-out-loud paranormal romance with all the feels!

Amber is part of the Silver Springs universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Scroll up to read this fun, quirky romance today.

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  1. Loved this list! Do you have other recommendations? Preferably ones where heroine’s disguise doesn’t get exposed early on and where the heroes start to fall for her as a guy.

    1. @Chelsie! Hey! Have you read Survival Knightwood Academy by Rowen Black? Sounds right up your alley! I’ll definitely add an undercover girl to the list 🙂

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