Reverse Harems with an Accidental Pregnancy – Part 1

Hello Lovlies! Welcome to this weeks reader request post for Reverse Harems with an Accidental Pregnancy. Disclaimer: I have not read all of the following books as kiddos are not my thing when it comes to reading RH. So if I am incorrect about one (which I hope I’m not), I tried my best! Note that this post will involve a mc that gets pregnant without planning and either tells her harem, or keeps it to herself and the guys find out later. The pregnancy will occur somewhere along the series. I tried my best! As always, Happy reading! – Quare Eligere

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A Fate Unknown: A PNR, Why Choose Novel (The Ghost Girl Series Book 1) by Sinclair Kelly
Amazon Description

I'd love to tell you how I got stuck in a house in the middle of Nowhereville, Illinois. Or how many years I've spent with no memory of the person I used to be. But I can't. Those details are locked down tight inside the chaos of my mind, and I don't have the key.The only thing I do know - I’m dead. Major bummer, right?I spend my days doing what I do best - scaring off anyone who steps foot inside my house. Of course, ghost girls can't own houses, but that's beside the point. A girl's got a rep to maintain, and after a close call a while back, I’ve had to step up my game. This ghost girl doesn't want to be exorcised anytime soon. Just when my unlife is getting increasingly dull, a team of hot paranormal researchers shows up to investigate the cause of all the unusual activity. Now I don't know whether I should bust out my normal bag of tricks or take a chance on making my presence known in other, potentially naughty, ways. Don't judge. Ghost girls have needs too, ya know, and mine have gone unmet for way too long. Cole, Knox, Macklin, Thad & Levi might have just gotten more than they bargained for - namely, me - but this feels like so much more than insta-lust. With every encounter, this sense of familiarity just won’t leave me the hell alone. Who are they? Who am I? In the end, maybe I'll finally know the truth, and the guys might just get something they didn't even know they were missing. A Fate Unknown is book one in a medium-burn, why choose trilogy. The FMC will have a HEA with all of her guys by book three.
A Werewolf, A Vampire, and A Fae Walk Into A Bar (The Last Witch Book 1) by Karpov Kinrade
A Werewolf, A Vampire, and A Fae Walk Into A Bar (The Last Witch Book 1) by Karpov Kinrade
Amazon Description

I lived a pretty ordinary life—a kid raised in my family’s bar who went off to college to escape the small-town life. But when my grandfather died and I returned to take over the family business, I discovered a much more extraordinary world waiting for me.

Vampires, werewolves and fae are real.

And they want my baby.

My daughter is meant to fulfill some crazy prophecy related to the end of all magical creatures, but I’m having none of that. Now, since I can’t get rid of them, the three Sexies who walked into my bar that fateful, stormy night, work for me.

They can change diapers and serve drinks while I get a handle on not only being a new single mom, but also the center of a race war between creatures I previously believed were myths.

I didn’t expect any of this. Not the Sexies. Not the single motherhood. And certainly not the chemistry I feel with each of them.

But we don’t have time for raging postpartum hormones. Because they aren’t the only ones after my child, and keeping her safe is proving a more dangerous job than the What to Expect Books ever prepared me for.

For fans of A Shade of Vampire, Vampire Girl, Don’t Rush Me, The Lost and the Chosen, Hunted, Hidden Kingdom Trilogy, and All the Pretty Monsters. From USA Today bestselling author Karpov Kinrade and Evan Gaustad, experience a fantasy romance that will suck you in and leave you wanting more!

“This book captured my heart and made me feel all the feels. Lots of steamy tension.” —Allision920 ★★★★★

“Get ready for something DELIGHTFULLY different! You won't put it down.” —DogsDogsDogsDogs ★★★★★

“Kept me captivated, kept me from sleeping… kept me laughing and had me crying.... also had me cry laughing!!!” —Claire Gracie ★★★★★

“A Vampire, A Werewolf and A Fae, oh my! Throw in a sassy, badass... FMC and you have all the ingredients for this fun, heartfelt and sexy novel.” —Jami Bennett ★★★★★

They will protect me. They will break me. They will consume me. And when I’m left picking up the pieces, the power inside me will be unleashed.

For fans of Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, Laurell K. Hamilton, Patrica Briggs, Jaymin Eve, Bella Forrest, J.R. Ward, Shannon Mayer and Sherrilyn Kenyon!

All Sinner No Saint: A Why Choose, Dark, MC Romance (The Hell's Rebel's Collection Book 1) by Serena Akeroyd
All Sinner No Saint: A Why Choose, Dark, MC Romance (The Hell’s Rebel’s Collection Book 1) by Serena Akeroyd
Amazon Description

ALL SINNER I’m aptly named.  I’m Lucifer in the flesh: Lucie to those who love me, B*tch to those who loathe me.  I have plenty of enemies, most of them in the clubhouse where I was raised.  But I’m tired of being an outsider, tired of being on the outside looking in.  I want to go home.  And home? Isn’t a place. It’s with four men. Four bikers who own my heart and soul, and have done since I was a kid.  Even if they betrayed me.  But I’ll forgive them.  I will.  Only after I make them pay for their mistakes…  NO SAINT My family has enemies. Enemies that made us pay through my suffering.  All these years later, after being kidnapped, I can only sleep in the arms of a biker my daddies would kill if they knew how he shielded me.  And he isn’t the only one.  Saint? Keys? Ink? They’re more than just bikers, more than just brothers.  They’re my sanity.  I love them.  And they love me.  Now it’s time for them to realize we’re made to be together… The collection contains an EXCLUSIVE scene that will never be released anywhere else.  The Hell’s Rebel Collection consists of titles that were originally published as THEIR SINNER and THEIR SAINT. You can now enjoy both mother and daughter’s books in the one collection.
Betrayal: (Grimm Brothers’ Tattoo Duet Book One) (Grimm Brothers’ Tattoo World 1) by November Sweets
Amazon Description

Five years ago, I thought life was nothing short of a fairytale. I had the love of my five mates and the future was looking so bright. Five years ago, I was an idiot. Now I know that life isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Now I know that life is full of lies, darkness, and blood. It only took my mates abandoning me without a word or a trace to open my eyes to the things I had previously ignored. When you are a rejected mate, you learn pretty quickly how people actually feel about you. It took me five years to track them down, and now that I have, they have a choice: Break the bond, and finally set me free Or I’ll kill them, and hope I survive their deaths I’m Delphina Grimm, my enemies call me Umbra Betrayal is the first in a duet PNR/UF Reverse Harem romance. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 due to language, sexual situations, and violence. There is MM in this book which means swords will be crossing. There are things in here that people might find triggering.
Black Queen: Stray (Shifters Among Us Book 1) by Lidiya Foxglove
Amazon Description

I’m the Queen of Destruction. He’s the sexy rival whose life I wrecked ten years ago. Now he’s back…and fated to be with me. Pets. Servants. Threats. That's all shifters have been to humans since they discovered our existence. A prophecy claims that three powerful shifter queens will bring peace and justice…and oh shit, that’s me. I’m just a cat shifter who works undercover as a spy with my trusty knives, but now the fate of shifter-kind is on my shoulders. As my powers awaken, so do the consorts who are meant to protect me. Waylon, the troublemaker—the last guy I wanted as my destiny. Ian, the sweet and loyal wolf shifter I’ve loved since childhood. Ansel, the charming falcon who knows how to make a girl happy. Florian, lean, tattooed, hard and cold as ice. As fast as I’m finding allies, I find enemies, but I must learn to embrace my powers and fulfill the prophecy, because in a kill-or-be-killed world, I’m damn sure not going to be the one who loses. This is a slow/medium burn reverse harem for 18+. If you like badass heroines and protective shifter men, prepare to immerse yourself in a version of our world that is full of hope and darkness.
Broke Down: My Over the Top Possessive Alpha Harem by Sharan Daire
Broke Down: My Over the Top Possessive Alpha Harem by Sharan Daire
Amazon Description

My car broke down on an icy road in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve got no money in the bank, no place to stay, and no food for my kids. Can it get any worse?

Sure. A police car pulls up.

The county sheriff calls his twin brother to tow my car for repairs that'll probably cost more than the beater is worth. They say don’t worry about it. They only want to help.

Sure they do.

These gorgeous guys just happen to have two friends who own a luxurious motel called Little Cypress Lodge. I walk into this incredible hotel and it's like I've entered a new fantasy world. It's warm, there's plenty of food for my kids, and they say I can stay. For free. As long as I need a place.
The four of them even want to hire me to do some modeling work for their new fashion line. Crazy, right?

Me. The broke down, homeless single mom.

If I can keep up the act long enough to make some deposits on a new place, I can start a new life for me and my kids. If I don't lose my heart first.

Thoughts from Paige

I quite liked this book.  I did read the second, but haven't yet read the third.

Convincing Tucker (Keep Me Series Book 1) by Nikki Bolvair
Amazon Description

Three irresistible guys. Marissa White is used to being the black sheep of the family. Compared to her perfect sister, she can’t seem to do anything right. Still, she didn’t plan on falling for Van and Tucker Manto or their friend Francis. Nor did she plan on sleeping with any of them. And she absolutely, most definitely did not plan on becoming pregnant. Maybe things wouldn’t be so complicated if she knew who the father was… Two pink lines. Tucker Manto is done holding back. Years ago, Tucker, Van, and Francis made a pact to leave Marissa alone. She was too young and innocent to be touched by the shit in their lives. Well, fuck that. Now that Francis and Van had screwed up, Tucker was more than willing to be the supportive friend Marissa needed. And after saving the day, he’d claim her for himself. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned… One big mistake. ♥ Why Choose? ♥ ♥ Millennial Reverse Harem ♥
Detachment (Pieces of Me Book 1) by Shae Banks
Detachment (Pieces of Me Book 1) by Shae Banks
Amazon Description

Leaving was the easy part. Leaving her loveless marriage and returning to the sanctuary of her childhood home should have made Lyla’s life easier. With her brother away, she’d have the house to herself while she struggled to put her life back together and find a place of her own. But nothing worked out the way she planned. Devastating news and a persistent soon-to-be ex-husband will leave Lyla reeling. And if that wasn’t enough, she now found herself caught in the crosshairs of three handsome men - her brother’s closest friends. Will she listen to her heart and stay where she’s happy, or crumble under pressure and take the safe option? In This Series 1. Detachment 2. Fulfillment This book contains strong language and adult scenes.
Fae Sworn: Paranormal Fae Academy Romance (Finishing School for Faery Brides Book 1) by Lidiya Foxglove
Amazon Description

I never should have trusted the fae. I thought I had two options: Use my inherited powers to become the next Diviner, doomed to a lonely life of serving the witch and warlock councils, or marry a faery and escape to their realm. I made a deal with the faery queen. I would join her world if I could pick my own faery husband. Lord Orson is a devoted guy who calls me ‘lass’ and has a ripped bod. My fate could be worse, right? Oh yeah. There’s always a twist. In this case, now that I’m here and it’s too late to turn back, I find out I’m not expected to marry just one man. Along with my sweet, sexy peasant lord, the high faery lords will also get a chance to choose me for their own. Of all the men there, each more icy and arrogant than the last, I attract the attention of the powerful and hated Lord Cyrus, who can read my damn mind, and Lord Larkin, who thinks he’s god’s gift to the world and that everyone else exists to serve him. I thought Orson would be on my side, but he has a secret of his own. Worst of all, I have to join twelve other desperate human girls at the Finishing School for Faery Brides. I will be trained and tested in the proper ways of a faery lady, but if they think Daisy Pendleton is here to be pretty and please the whims of faery lords, they’re in for a surprise. They’re about to find out they need me as much as I need them. FAE SWORN is the first book of a new reverse harem trilogy. Expect steam, humor, and a lot of sparks flying between three hot faeries and one opinionated witch!
Friends With The Monsters by Albany Walker
Amazon Description

Gather round close, for I have a secret to tell.

Late at night, while everyone is sleeping, dreaming of white knights and fairytales. I’m making friends with the monsters.

They call to me, like finds like, right? My biggest secret, I’m the scariest monster I know.

I think I’m the bad guy.

MFMM Reverse Harem novel with adult themes not recommended for those under 18.

Hers To Keep: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (The Quintessence Collection Book 1) by Serena Akeroyd
Amazon Description

They're everything she never knew she needed. Good thing they're hers to keep... When Sascha heads for a job interview, she has no idea that her life is about to change. There's more at stake than just a job here.  With five sexy geniuses as her new bosses, she has two choices. Keep things platonic or make things interesting...? But when Sascha does decide to be more than just a housekeeper to her sexy new employers, she triggers events she could never have foreseen.  With five men to protect her, she should be safe, but there's an outside threat that has the potential to destroy them.  Find out whether Sascha's men can protect her in HERS TO KEEP.  Once published as separate parts, the series is now compiled into three collections.  Enjoy Charmed By Them, Healed By Them, Worshipped By Them, Protected By Them, and Loved By Them in one beautiful omnibus for the first time ever.  Over 190,000 words. Author Note: It would be advisable to read the series in the following order for maximum enjoyment: Hers To Keep - The Quintessence Collection Theirs - The Veronia Collection  Theirs To Cherish - The Quintessence Collection  Hers To Hold - The Quintessence Collection
Knight of the Hunted: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (NSFW Version) (NSFW Born Vampire Book 1) by Elizabeth Dunlap
Knight of the Hunted: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (NSFW Version) (NSFW Born Vampire Book 1) by Elizabeth Dunlap
Amazon Description

**Slow Build Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance** ---Completed series--- "I hungered for this Lycan's touch like I'd never wanted anyone's before." Hunted by her own kind for breaking vampire law, Lisbeth is on the run and fighting to stay alive. Desperate and lost, she stumbles onto Knight—a mysterious Lycan with a dark and alluring appeal. As natural born enemies, she should find him repellent. Yet as the two are forced together in a quest for survival, she finds her body aching for his touch. With darkness closing in on them from all sides, Lisbeth faces no greater danger than allowing herself to give in to pulsing temptation. From author Elizabeth Dunlap comes Knight of the Hunted, a sizzling, reverse harem adventure! This book has the same action and romance that you loved in the "Born Vampire" series, but with over 50 pages of extra content (and not just the steamy kind). You'll never see Lisbeth and Knight in the same light again! **Warning: For Adult Audiences 18+. Language and actions may be deemed offensive to some. Sexually explicit content. M/F** ***--*** As mentioned in the description, this is a slow build reverse harem paranormal romance. You may not see the harem for several books, but don't fret! It's definitely there! If slow build isn't your thing, that's completely fine! But if you don't mind waiting a little for it, keep reading!
Midlife Dragon Brothers (Midlife Shifters Book 11) by J.L. Wilder
Midlife Dragon Brothers (Midlife Shifters Book 11) by J.L. Wilder
Amazon Description

I can't control my inner beast.
Especially when I'm around the Walker triplets.

I knew going back home would be trouble. Triple the trouble.
When the Walker brothers find out my son belongs to one of them,
it could tear them apart. It could ruin our clan.
I've been suppressing my dragon, living among humans.
But my son needs to learn to be a shifter, and my sister needs my help.

As soon as I see the brothers again my dragon is ignited.
Three burly mountain dragons that are impossible to resist.
How can I teach my son to tame his dragon,
If I can't even control my own?

18+ only. Standalone reverse harem romance in the Midlife Shifter series.

Project: Adapt - Found: A Space Fantasy Alien Romance (Book 1) by Jade Waltz
Project: Adapt – Found: A Space Fantasy Alien Romance (Book 1) by Jade Waltz
Amazon Description

A failed human prototype. That’s all she is…

Born and raised as an experiment, Selena’s life has been filled with torture, betrayal, and distrust... but one night changes everything.

Sold, attacked, and on the run, Selena is picked up by a colony ship. Struggling to find her place on this ship and trying to understand the draw she feels toward two alien males, her already uncertain life becomes downright unimaginable when she learns new life is growing inside her.

Terrified her captors will find her and take her and her children back to a life of horror and captivity, she must learn to trust her saviors, and herself.

With the help of her two mates, Selena will fight for her freedom—or die trying.

Found is the first book in a space fantasy alien romance series which will have the heroine travel through the galaxy, experiencing new things and meeting multiple aliens along the way. Her collection of very alien-looking alien love interests will grow throughout the series. There will be steamy scenes between the human heroine and her very alien heroes. If this offends you, then this may not be your cup of tea.

Stolen by the Wolves (Viking Omegaverse #1) by Lyx Robinson
Amazon Description

Once the wolves of Dublin take control, who knows what they plan to do with us? They are savages. And we are at their mercy. It is the year 870. Hordes of Vikings sweep through the green lands of Northumbria and Ireland, raiding and pillaging. Soon, no kingdom will be safe from their bloodlust. Tamsin has always been safe behind the walls of her sanctuary. Safe enough to yearn for a glimpse of the world beyond. But with the Viking threat looming, even her secretive kingdom must open its gates to invite allies. And she gets far more than a glimpse. The three lords of Dublin are on the hunt for women of her kind. Thrain Mordsson, youngest of the three and bent on a personal vendetta, doesn’t take much stock in the ancient prophecies. He marches into battle for the glory rather than the spoils. Until he finds himself standing right in front of a fiery-haired princess. And the touch of her hand wakes an ancient magic in them both. Once Thrain has earned Tamsin’s trust, once he has tasted her in the darkness of her godhouse, his loyalties begin to splinter. And all he knows is that he must protect her from the coming storm at any cost. This is the first tome of Thrain & Tamsin’s story. In this new omegaverse series, kingdoms break apart and ancient magic is rediscovered. If you like your romance with a plotty medieval backdrop like Kushiel’s Dart or Game of Thrones, you’ll love this series. STOLEN BY THE WOLVES is a fantasy non-shifter omegaverse romance that is based loosely on real historical events. It is the first of a 6-book series, with slow-burn Reverse Harem. This novel contains some non-consensual situations, though they are not between the hero & heroine. The relationships between main protagonists are respectful & devotional.
The Dragon Heiress: The Dragon Realms, Book 1: A Dragon Fantasy Romance by Eve Newton
Amazon Description

A woman born to rule an Empire. The three Dragons destined for her. Can they overcome the obstacles in their way? Or will her family put an end to their happily ever after? I am Delinda. I'm the True Heir to the Dragon Empire. I have no say in it. My uncle thrust the title upon me twenty-two years ago, but I'm not ready to rule an Empire. Until it becomes the answer to my problem. Two suitors have been presented for marriage. Both of which were born to be mine, but I'm already in love. A love that is true but forbidden. Should be easy enough to tell my mother I want both men. Now, all I have to do is find a way to make them accept the man that I love, while trying to get my act together enough to take control of my destiny. Surely it can't be that difficult? A Dragon Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance. M/F/M/M May contain triggering situations.
The Hollow's Awakening: Paranormal Reverse Harem (Beyond the Veil Book 1) by Trina Bates
The Hollow’s Awakening: Paranormal Reverse Harem (Beyond the Veil Book 1) by Trina Bates
Amazon Description

I thought I was out for a night of fun with the love of my life, Ebbin. My best friend Blue had other plans. She added a little something extra in our drinks. Something meant for Ebbin and I. A lust spell. We ended up taking three men home that night. Now eight weeks later, we find out we’re pregnant. We’re ecstatic, that is until we run into the three men we thought, were long gone. We didn't know they were different, supernaturals which we call Other. We also thought our baby would be human like us, a Hollow. Forced to find out what our child will be, I can’t help but wonder if it will bring us all together, or tear us apart. The Hollows Awakening is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance.
The Redeemable: The Complete Novel: Parts One-Four by Grace McGinty
Amazon Description

Arcadia was prepared to die alone, working boring temp jobs and eating cereal out of the box, until the time came that her heart finally gave out. But a chance meeting on the subway changes everything. Now she's shacked up with not one guy, but seven intriguing men who are as sexy as well...sin. But she'll soon discover that there is more to the guys than their attractive appearance. Their meeting was not as happenstance as she was led to believe. Arcadia will have to make a choice: boring safety or sexy adventure? This is the complete novel, including parts one through four. The Redeemable is a Reverse Harem novel.
Vengeance: A Reverse Harem Revenge Romance (Vengeance Series Book 1) by Crystal North
Vengeance: A Reverse Harem Revenge Romance (Vengeance Series Book 1) by Crystal North
Amazon Description

A suspicious death.

A school full of secrets.

And a student hellbent on uncovering the truth, no matter the cost.

What you’re about to witness comes from a dark place. It’s taken a lot of planning, but you should know that every single thing I’m about to do is deserved. More than deserved, it’s owed, tenfold. Nothing I could do to these people will ever be enough to get even.

Charlotte McLintock has a new identity and a new look as Raven Deighton. She needs it so that she can infiltrate the elite private school that’s covering up her twin’s death. They claimed it was suicide, but she knows better. Her plan’s been almost two years in the making.

What started off as a desire to know the truth has turned into a burning compulsion for vengeance. However, she soon finds that life at Westchester Preparatory Academy’s not what she expected and that everyone’s hiding secrets – even the four hot guys she’s rapidly falling for.

Her one mission is to uncover the truth about what happened to Lizzie so that she can make everyone involved pay, and she’s not about to let anyone or anything – even her own torturous heart – stop her from burning them all to the ground.

Vengeance is a contemporary New Adult reverse harem bully romance, with dark themes and a twist. It ends on a savage cliffhanger but is book 1 of an already completed trilogy with closure at the end of the series.

Wolf’s Bane: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance (Shifted Mates Trilogy Book 1) by Crystal Ash
Amazon Description

He stole a kiss and ran off with my heart between his teeth.
I should've expected as much from a wolf.

I'm a fox shifter in a world run by humans. They treat us like we're beneath them, even shooting us when they have the chance. I'll do anything to protect my family, so I learned how to shoot back. My aim is true and I'm just waiting for someone to piss off the wrong vixen.

Turns out, we have bigger threats than humans.

When the smoldering silver wolf from my past reappears with a golden eagle sidekick, my heart can't handle it. I refuse to let Orion hurt me again, but he's here to warn me about a greater evil. The same evil that plagued him years ago.

And now, it wants more of us. Black magic is spreading, fueled by the blood and bones of shifters like us to do horrible things.

All I ever wanted was get over him and settle down with a charming fox I could bring home to my parents. I just met a cute one named Conan too.

But when shifters are being sacrificed for black magic, a girl's got to take aim and fire.

Wolf's Bane is the first in a steamy reverse harem trilogy. Contains elements of gun violence, dark themes, and sexual situations.

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