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Hello Lovlies! This weeks blog post is brought to you by a reader request. The following post will be about a heroine that is the victim of abuse. The abuse could come from one, or more of her parents, a family member, or member(s) of her pack, or significant other. The books will vary from contemporary to PRN et al. Since abuse is a theme, and comes in all forms, please expect triggers to be present. Each book should have trigger warnings in the blurb, or at the beginning of the novel. Each book may vary in the level of abuse as well. This way you can decide to proceed at your own discretion. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

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No one would be looking for me. Or so I thought.

I ran away from the vile man my mother left me with, hoping to start over again in a different town.
But deep in the Alaskan wilderness, where I chose to run off to, there wasn’t a place I could settle down.

After days of walking and getting lost, I found shelter in a cabin, far away from civilization.

Until one day, they arrived.

Three brothers, one stronger and more complex than the other.
They let me stay, and the more time that past, the closer I got to each of them.

I soon realized that all three had an effect on me, and I couldn’t deny the feelings I felt when I was around them.
Our bond grew strong, and before leaving the cabin to go home with them, they promised me to keep me safe forever.

But when the two people I wanted to leave behind came looking for me, promising me to be a family again, I had to decide if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with them, or the three men who took care of me.

This is a reverse harem romance with detailed sex scenes and age gaps up to nineteen years.

From Paige: The author indicates that their books have been banned on Amazon.  They have a website you can use to order books direclty.  Link is here.

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I met them when we were five. Constantine, Cameron, and Alexander. Our teacher bade us stand together in front of the class because we all had birthdays that first week. By the time we're 10, we've established our secret meeting spot amidst the branches of the giant magnolia tree that looms between my house and theirs. At 13, they finally noticed I was a girl. It wasn't until we were 16 that they did anything about it. By then, it was too late. My father controlled my body and stole me from them. Then my Aunt sent me away, and I was taught that I was wicked for loving three boys. Wicked, wicked Amelia Poppy.The fire tried to permanently take me away, but Theo was there. Theo became my everything, but the past refuses to stay in the past. The problem is, will they ever be able to love someone so broken?This is a contemporary Reverse Harem novel with themes of sexual & physical abuse. It is a story about childhood love being strong enough to grow and change to be what it was always intended to do.
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Once upon a time they were my best friends, my family, my soulmates. But this is no fairy tale and I have nothing left to lose. Beaten, bruised, scarred, emotionally traumatized. Olivia finally found a way to escape her sadistic husband. Now broken and penniless, with nowhere else to turn, she seeks out the four men who always protected her when they were younger. But can they come together and help her heal from the damage wrought? She loved them all once, will she again after being held by the devil’s embrace? Sawyer, Nolan, Lake, and Grant share more wealth and power between them than the majority of the civilized world. But when an old friend comes back into their lives, they find themselves sharing more than a substantial plan full of revenge for the man that tried to break her. Each with their own set of skills but none able to resist the woman that needs them most. Vowing to protect her, the lines are blurred into murky shades of gray as secrets unfold and five hearts are on the line. Reader beware: this is a dark reverse harem with triggers (SA, domestic violence, death) none of which the heroine suffers at the hands of her four men or in great detail.
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As one of the final surviving members of a brutal shifter clan, I've been chained and imprisoned for my entire life by my human uncle for the sole purpose of keeping other humans safe from me. At least that's his excuse. Solitude and pain are all I've known, so when four men show up claiming to be my saviors I'm not exactly receptive to the idea. Sure, I'm grateful that they've busted me out of my own personal brand of hell, but that's about as far as the gratitude goes. Now I have no money, no pack, and nowhere to go unless I take them up on their offer to transport me safely to Newhaven, a sanctuary for omega wolves deep in the woodlands of Alaska. With no other choice left, I take it while vowing to keep my distance for the week-long trip. But as time passes my guard falls, leaving me conflicted and suddenly vulnerable to the charismatically handsome group of men. Will I make it to Wolfhaven without falling for them, and do I really want to?
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He was supposed to protect me. Instead, he made me fear the dark. He was supposed to love me. In the end, his love was sickening, cruel and filled with malice. Five years ago, the only bright lights in my world were extinguished. One decision. One text. One sentence and my fragile life shattered. I never expected the depravity and lies that greets me when I return to Montecito, leaving me with one goal... To flee and never look back. Everything changes when three gorgeous guys crash into my life. They’re determined to mark me as theirs, and make me question everything I hold true. But when the ghosts of my past and future collide, who will be left standing? Me… or the monster who coveted me for all of the wrong reasons, turning me into what I am today… Tarnished. *Tarnished is the first book in the Tainted by Ruin Trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. It is a Dark High School Reverse Harem Romance that contains scenes that may be triggering to some. Including : sexual assault (minor), physical abuse, bullying, & self harm. Recommended for readers 18+.
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Hayley is an Omega wolf. Submissive, low-ranking, and considered less than nothing by her previous pack. Which is why she ran away, fleeing their abusive Alpha. Now, all she wants is to make a life that she can be proud to live. Cole and Ryland are two Alphas without a pack. With Cole's unpredictable wolf and Ryland's suspicious combination of witch and tiger shifter blood, and the fact that you can't have one without the other, it's too much for most packs to handle permanently. Instead, they roam from place to place as enforcers, a final solution when a wild wolf needs to be taken down. When they find Hayley, at first they're not sure if she's a spy from the pack they're trying to hunt down or a victim, but either way they need her. Inconveniently, in more ways than one. If Hayley can be strong enough to help them, maybe she can overcome her past. And if she can be strong enough to trust again, maybe she can find a way to the life she wants to live. SILVER MOON RISING is the first book of new erotic fantasy reverse harem romance series OMEGA WOLF! Content warnings include graphic sex scenes, multiple partners, some light dominance, discussions of past abuse without detail, some violence.
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Murder. Payback. Chaos. If you’re looking for a story about unicorns and rainbows, this ain’t it. Now, if you’re in the mood for something a little psychotic and a whole lot crazy, then you’re in the right place. I’m Lola Harding. My parents used to call me their angel, but they’re dead now. For the last few years, I’ve made a name for myself—the Night Slayer. I stalk the clubs and make sure anyone with greedy hands and stupid ideas is permanently taken off the streets. One night I happen to kill the son of a crime lord, and then everything changes. They’re going to kill me, I know, but until they do, I’m to be their pet, wear their leash and do whatever they say. The Lucianos are a family full of psychos and hatred… and I just might fit in better than I ever did anywhere else. And as a bonus? The other sons are the handsome and dangerous type, and even though they despise me for what I did to their brother, even though there might not be any light left for me at the end of this tunnel… I plan to enjoy the ride. Buckle up, b*tches, because it’s about to get wild. **Shadowed Heart is the first in a planned trilogy. It is an RH/Why Choose series, meaning there are multiple love interests, steamy scenes and some things you might find triggering: violence, mentions of abuse, etc.**
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Mum is dead. The father I never knew has claimed me, and I’ve been uprooted from my world and thrown into a life of privilege. I’m not welcome here. Two boys are leading the school to drive me out, and I’m being followed constantly by two more. Things are much darker here than I thought; Crescentwood is full of dangerous criminals and dirty politicians. I’m a pawn in a game I don’t know how to play, but I’m stronger than they know. Trust no one. Corruption rules this town. ***This book is a dark contemporary romance where the FMC ends up with four love interests. The book also has trigger warnings for emotional/physical bullying and abuse, violent scenes, reference to suicide and mature content/swearing.
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My name is Orchid. The deadliest flower of the Wu dragon clan. Sold into indentured servitude as an omega child, I fought my way out from under the silky sheets of pleasure houses and onto the bruising tatami mats of the dojo to become an assassin. I make men fall to their knees. My hand squeezes their black hearts, enacting the ancient rule of our dragon ancestors. I am judgement and justice, but not blind. It is why I refuse to extinguish the valiant souls of the alphas from Clan Desden, overturning my entry into the assassin’s guild as I break my vows. The price is a single night of pleasure. It costs us all more than we bargained. My exile is marked by not only death but rebirth. Can I trust the alphas I shielded or must I erase every single mistake I have made to keep safe the life we created?
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Emersyn Sharpe doesn’t belong in our world In fact, the very last place she should be is with us. But someone is hurting her. We’ve all seen it. We tried to ignore the warning signs. We tried to trust the people around her. We tried to believe in her world. Too late. When she nearly died in front of us, we had to act. We took her. She doesn’t belong in our world, but I’ll be damned if someone lays a finger on her under my watch. I’ll kill them first. 
Now that she’s here… I don’t know if I can let her leave. I’m Jasper Horan, anyone who tries to take her will have to go through me and my boys. You’ve been warned. SAVAGE VANDAL is a full length mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one in the series.
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**Edited and revised18/10/21**

They were my entire world, then everything fell apart. I didn't get to say goodbye, I didn't get to explain to them that my dad had finally gone off the deep end. Of course, they wouldn't have understood anyway, we were only eight and I never told them how bad it had gotten. Maybe if I had I wouldn't be in this fucked up situation.

I wouldn't of seen and done the things I've had to do in order to survive, maybe I would've even been able to stay with the boys I loved. Well jokes on me, life's thrown me yet another freaking curve ball and I'm going back, I'm going home but they're not boys anymore and although they've still got the traits of the boys I once loved, I don't know them like I used to.

They sure as hell aren't going to remember me. I had to change a lot in order to protect myself and to survive. I'm so far away from who I used to be, I'd be surprised if they even recognized me, I sure as hell don't. I'm going to lose them all over again, and I barely survived losing them the first time.

This is a medium burn contemporary reverse harem that will have some m/m.
Warnings: Please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.
All sex is consensual.

Thoughts from Paige

This is one of my favorite series. The author just released a spin-off that I'm duper excited to read. I did have to pretend the kids weren't in HS, but once I suspended that belief, it was easier to enjoy the drama and excitement. I really love this series.

Amazon Description

Growing up in Emerald Lakes, population six hundred and eighty-two, had been safe and comfortable. Running my own magic shop and making a living off my green witchcraft, I have no complaints. Sure, there’s my ex, who never understood the word ‘no’, but there’s also the lovable and eccentric townspeople who feel more like one huge extended family, and let’s not forget my boy-crazed Gran who keeps us all on our toes.

...But something has apparently been missing, and the stars take it upon themselves to correct the problem, dropping four sexy men at my door. Well, not literally. They move into the apartment above my shop, so I’m their landlord. Drawn in by these mages who blew into town on a work assignment, a whole different kind of magic starts to grow between us, but my powers are doing things they shouldn’t, and there’s also a pesky prophecy to unravel.

Strange, unnatural things are brewing in Emerald Lakes, and I can’t ignore the sinking suspicion that something life-changing is headed my way.

Discovering a whole new world of magic, I can only hope I don’t lose myself in the madness.

This is a full-length romance novel. There is MM content. It ends on a cliffhanger and contains brief references to domestic violence and other themes that readers may find triggering.

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With electricity coursing through my veins, I am the jolt that could change the world.

Elementals are the rarest of all supernatural creatures. Their control over the elements ranks them as the most dangerous beings to ever walk the earth.

And I should know.

I’m one of them.

After spending most of my life locked up, with my elemental ability being exploited as a battery to power the Lycan village, an unlikely ally has set me free. Now, I’m running for my life.

But I’m not alone.

By my side are a trio of gargoyles, whose determination to crush the Lycans is as strong as their imposing physiques, and a seething vampire who thirsts for bloody vengeance.

A war is raging straight for us. One that I will be powerless to prevent unless I learn to ground the voltage surging through me. Time is running out. Will I be the salvation to those rallying behind me? Or the curse that costs them their lives?

Grounded is the first book in a trilogy where our heroine is trying to recover from being used as a power source for most of her life. Although she's fractured, she's not completely broken, however, this past abuse may be triggering for some readers. This is a reverse harem series with broody alpha gargoyles, twins, and an alphahole vampire. It also contains MM scenes with two members of the harem already being in an established relationship. Grounded is meant for mature audiences.

If that's not scared you off, the men in this book are the next book boyfriends you're looking for. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

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***Complete Series Now Available***

Wolf shifters are real. And three alphas have claimed me as their mate.

For years, I've been kept prisoner by my uncle, hidden like a piece of trash in the basement of his house. Beaten, broken, and neglected, hated by him for reasons I can't even understand.

But one night on the back roads of rural Montana, I see a chance for escape.

And I take it.

I run.

...straight into the arms of a naked man.

No. Not a man. A wolf.

Ridge, the man with dark hair and honey-colored eyes, is the alpha of the North Pack. I can hardly believe shifters are real, but how can I deny it when I've seen him transform with my own eyes?

I don't trust him. I don't trust anyone. Still, that doesn't change the overwhelming pull I feel toward him. And when the alphas of the East and West Packs step forward and claim me as their mate too, I feel that same desperate urge to claim them back.

But the part that scares me most?

There's only one reason all three of them could form a mate bond with me.

I'm a shifter too.

Fated Magic is the first book in the Claimed by Wolves series, a reverse harem paranormal shifter romance. It contains cursing, violence, growly alpha males, steamy sex, and a heroine who finds her strength in the midst of it all.

Amazon Description

From the gutter to the stars...

Dance is in my blood.
It’s what keeps me sane, out of trouble. It used to keep them out of trouble too.
A group of boys I grew up with.
Xeno, York, Zayn and Dax.
We were a crew once and we ruled the clubs.
Separate we were insanely good, together we were unbeatable. F*&ing on fire.
I was their girl and they were my Breakers.
Until they did something they promised they never would; break my heart.
We were seventeen when they left me.
You see, for kids like us, dance was all we had.
Growing up in a rundown housing estate in London with no prospects can make you view the world differently.
It can make you choose the wrong path.
I chose dance, and they chose crime.
Three years later I’ve won a scholarship to Stardom Academy. I try to forget my past.
But how can I do that when the four boys who hurt me are back?
And this time they’re following in my footsteps and joining the academy too.

**Freestyle is book one of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy romance for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes and the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains foul language and sexual scenes and ends on a cliffhanger.**

Thoughts from Paige

The prologue was a bit ominous...but the first chapter gave me Step it Up vibes.  The series has been featured on our RH Best Sellers list posts for quite a few weeks, and I can see why from the sample.  Well written, and the plot sucks you in.

Amazon Description


Born with the ability to defy death, Annora has been warned to keep her gift secret, but her greedy uncle can’t resist exploiting her by any means necessary. Starvation, beatings, broken bones—she’s survived them all and emerged stronger. But it’s not enough for him. It will never be enough. When she discovers her uncle plans to sell her to the highest bidder, she risks everything to escape the prison that has become her life.

The last thing she expected was to land at a university for supernaturals…or be paired with a pack of men as broken as her. As students go missing, Annora can’t get over the suspicion that she’s being hunted. To protect her, the guys must set aside their personal troubles and begin working as a team. But as her past collides with her present, she must make the ultimate sacrifice and expose her secrets to save the guys who’ve become more than family to her…and hope she’s strong enough to live with the consequences.

A Phantom Touched Novel: Book 1
Meet the Pack: Annora, Camden, Xander, Mason, Logan and Edgar.

Amazon Description

They like their women barren in more ways than one, void of the bits that make them anything other than an object of male desire. A woman doesn’t need her faculties, or her body in one piece to open her legs. Dark, brutal, and punishing - this is the world Dell was brought up in. Nothing more than a Lesser Fae female, owned by a master who sells her body to the highest bidder and takes what’s left for himself. She’s been through it all. She’s witnessed it all. She’s survived it all … so far. Dell unwittingly binds herself to the Sun Gods - four primal, territorial High Fae males who have a taste for power, pain, and pleasure. But they want more from her than she initially expected. They can read, control and govern her body. They can see through her lies, sense the secrets she’s been cowering from for years. For Dell, the only thing worse than trying to survive the darkness, is the prospect of being dragged back into the light. This is book one in the four-part Spawn of Darkness series – 38,500 words written from Dell’s perspective. It features a strong, albeit mentally shattered female lead, and four protective High Fae Gods who will do everything in their power to protect her. It is a slow burn reverse harem romance with sensitive and taboo subjects, sex slavery, offensive language, explicit sexual content and violence; particularly as the series progresses. It contains content which some readers will find triggering. Intended for a mature audience aged eighteen years and over.
Amazon Description

**COMPLETE SERIES** What's the worst that could happen? Sit down and let me tell you. The Void Virus has been let loose on the Earth. Caused by experiments gone wrong, an outbreak has ravaged the world. Anyone infected has turned into a decaying empty shell, void of their former selves. The animate decomposing bodies have become known as Rotters, stumbling around for the scent of the living. Alone in the dark new world where even the dead don’t die, I must fight to survive. Not only against the Rotters, but the remaining uninfected who have turned savage in their plight of survival; the scavers. As the world I once knew is lost, a new one emerges. Strange things begin to happen. Some are able to wield power over the elements. I develop a strange healing ability. It is unknown if this is a rogue symptom of the virus, or if the solitude is driving me crazy. Puppy, my German Shepherd, and I have been on our own until four guys enter my life and refuse to leave. Strangely enough, they’re just as broken as I am. My name is Blyss and we will set this world on fire if necessary. After all… What’s the worst that could happen? **18+ Reverse Harem Romance ***NOTE*** if you're interested in the dog by the end of the series, then scroll. ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... The dog ends up perfectly fine, no worries there.
Amazon Description

The seals are cracking. Hell will follow after, and I'm caught in the middle.

Everyone says I'm cursed. My father would've used the word evil. That's his excuse for being so strict, at any rate. Little does he know how right he is. I might look like a good girl on the outside, but deep down I'm really not.

I carry the mark on my hand to prove it.

But being good means not getting in trouble at school or he'll take it out on me. I am barely allowed to hang out with my friends, and they're starting to resent it. The safe and stable life I've been forced into is falling apart.

Then my stepbrother moves in.

Suddenly, being good doesn't seem so important. He makes friends with the local bad boys, and being around them feels like exactly where I belong. The problem is that Dad is having none of it. They're trouble, I'm supposed to be good, and the only one suffering here is me.

I'm going to have to choose what matters most. Is it the years I've spent with my best friend? The boyfriend who's my escape from this insanity? Or maybe it's the three guys who finally make me feel alive - even with all the secrets they keep.

Secrets that I'm stuck in the middle of.
Secrets that prove I'm so much worse than I thought.
Secrets that are tied directly to the scar on my hand.

Still of the Night is a slow-burn, paranormal romance where the heroine doesn't have to choose between her love interests.  This is the first in a four book series.

Some aspects may be triggering for some readers.  Includes stepbrother romance, an abusive parent, a parent lost to cancer, incidences of domestic violence, bullying, and plenty of teen awkwardness.

This series is a joint writing project between Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox, as we've teamed up under a combined pseudonym, Cerise Cole.

Amazon Description

*Please note this is the first book in a completed trilogy*

As an English major and the editor of the Literary Magazine at Denberg University, I'm fully focused on school. Struggling with being the utter disappointment of my parents--who happen to be two amazing academics--I'm doing my best to prove myself. Stranded on campus with nowhere to go this holiday season, I'm determined to stay on task.

But then, Maven Stone calls my name, and everything changes...

Suddenly, I'm on a whirlwind vacation with Maven and his two fraternity brothers, Chance Montgomery and Banyan Iburgess, chasing dreams I never knew I had.

I'm Giovanna Amsel, and this is the first part of our unconventional love story.

Thoughts from Paige
Well, no surprise here…this is another one I ended up just buying.  This is a complete trilogy, and I totally fell in love with each character.  This is another contemporary book, our characters are in their final year of college (MC has another year if I remember correctly).

Our MC has dyslexia.  I’m not sure I’ve come across that in literature before, but I have a family member with dyslexia and they mentioned several of the same things our MC does.

I’m not a fan of the prequels in each book, but I LOVED the story. Past abuse is discussed.

Available on Hoopla! 

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