Reverse Harems with a Workaholic FMC

I can’t believe it’s time for the first theme post of 2023. Where did last year go!?

I don’t know about you all, but the end of the year/beginning of the new year is always super busy at work. I felt like a workaholic, and as I scanned our theme requests and saw this theme, it felt like fate.

The week’s request is for RH books with an FMC who is a workaholic. Her men help her find balance. And with multiple salaries, hands, and a delicious suspension of reality, it can be done! 

I will admit that some of these books fit the letter of the request but not the spirit. In some of these, they are ALL workaholics. gasp. But since this is RH fiction, we can be assured they’ll all have an orgasmic happy ending. 

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

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The second is a way for you to add a new release book to a watchlist so that it’s easy to see at a glance books you want to read each month. I highly recommend removing them from your watchlist once the book is released. I’m trying to see if I can make it an automatic removal once you click on the “buy book” link.

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Phew. That was a really long and discombobulated post. Can you tell I’ve been buried in numbers and have forgotten how to write concisely? AHHH. Time for me to go read. 🙂

Amazon Description

“A hot, fast-paced reverse harem that kicks off the Clarity series with a bang! Absolutely un-put-downable!”

There are always consequences.

In a universe filled with possibilities, Karissa always chose the safe route. She’s the smart one, the workaholic, the responsible one — but for her best friend’s birthday, she’d break her rules.

Just one night, one innocent decision…
and with one sip of Clarity everything goes wrong.

Seven massive males take her, claiming her for the pack. They call her ‘Omega.’ They promise to end the pain. They say they’ll give her what she needs, but what they need… is her.

And now that they’ve found her they will never let her go.

Amazon Description

Savy’s got secrets that she’ll never tellA nobody, a nothing, all alone, she’s in hell
They walk past her, ignore her, like she’s not even there
When all she ever wanted was someone to care
No one sees her until she steps into that cage
She flutters her wings and plays her part on a stage
She hides behind her mask and dances to their tune,
terrified of the day that her secrets will bloom
When the mask is ripped away, and they rage at the lie,
the Butterfly finally stops dancing
and will learn how to fly

Dance Butterfly Dance is book 1 of a duet and will be completed in
Burn Butterfly Burn
A contemporary why choose romance set in the third year of university. Multi POV, multiple love interests, very detailed high steam scenes, No full MM but a fluid scene with her in the middle.

Savy St. James is a sad lonely girl with too many secrets to count. She hides away in her oversized frumpy clothes and thick glasses wishing she was brave enough to be seen without her mask.
One small favor backfires and forces her into a fake date deal by the school’s hot shot quarterback. Him and his three best friends treat her like a pet to play with and are careless with her until she’s had enough and breaks the deal. But when her secrets are revealed and her masks are stripped away, they will all burn for it.

Tate Valor thinks this nerdy girl is the perfect choice to use as his shield keeping all the groupies and gold diggers off his back. Savy’s a built in tutor to help him drag his marks back up so he doesn’t get benched. He never expected the make out show he forces her to put on in public to affect him more than it does her.

Jude Dixon is the wild child, f**k boy of the team. His crazy antics that match his white blond hair, multiple piercings and slightly psycho personality couldn’t be any different from the shy little doll Tate’s brought into his orbit. He’s the first to see the treasure that she is and stakes his claim when he falls hard and fast for her even when she doesn’t want to be claimed.

Beckett James had his shot at going pro blown right along with his knee. With football no longer a choice, he’s lost and depressed. Savy’s sweet heart and peach smelling hair has more than his interest stirring. He wants to peel back the masks she hides under and see the real her.

Asher James doesn’t give a sh*t about the bookworm his friends are obsessing over. He only has one obsession, the Butterfly that dances in the cage for him. It doesn’t matter that she’s never spoken to him in two years. He wants her and only her…until Savy starts getting under his skin and he sees that maybe he’s been the one in the cage all along.

Amazon Description

WANTED: Three fake boyfriends. Must be tall, ripped — and willing to teach me how to kiss.

My name is Layla Thompson, and I am undateable.
Seriously. I’m twenty-eight and I’ve never had a boyfriend. And with my thirties rapidly approaching, I’m starting to lose patience.

Lucky for me, I have three overprotective best friends who are all-too-eager to help hone my dating skills.
There’s Zack, the huge rugby player with the cheeky grin and rippling biceps.
Josh, the boy-next-door with the sculpted jaw and calculating stare.
And Luke, the silver-haired divorcee… who also happens to be my old professor.

After a bad date leaves me crying on their shoulders, the three men are determined to help me find a guy. Together, they agree to be my ‘practice boyfriends’, and come up with a lesson plan packed with fake dates, make out sessions, and classes on flirty texting. In return, I just have to make an appearance on their relationship advice podcast once a week. Easy.

But as my lessons become more and more intense, we soon find ourselves getting in too deep. Every butterfly-inducing touch lingers a little too long, and every molten kiss ends in fireworks. It’s not long before I realise that their friendship isn’t enough for me anymore. I want more.

The guys have been teaching me how to get a boyfriend, and now it’s time I put their lessons to the test.

Three times over.

Faking With Benefits is a sizzling fake dating romance featuring multiple love interests, tons of molten fake relationship heat, and a whole lot of heart. No cheating, and an ultra-sweet HEA guaranteed!

Thoughts from Paige

I have read and enjoyed every book by this author to date.  Definitely recommend!

Amazon Description

Secretary wanted.
The job description is vague, but I apply because I desperately need the money. Being a secretary for three powerful men won’t be so bad, will it?

Mark’s the boss, with a ton of money and hands that make me melt.
Hans is the lawyer with a gooey caramel centre.
And Duncan’s an accountant with unfulfilled musical ambitions.

They’re workaholics who need stress relief. And they all want one thing… me. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but what happens when I start developing feelings… for all three men at once?

HIRED FOR LOVE is a standalone Reverse Harem love story, filled with humor, sizzling fun and romance. Includes MFM and MMF… while she’s the centre of attention, swords do cross. HEA guaranteed!

Amazon Description

Three hot alien men trying to mate with me? Yes, please. 

My name is Harper. My life as a pediatric nurse took up all my time, with none left for dating. But one night, after a strange encounter I find myself abducted by a race of sexy humanoid men, my memory gone just like my inhibitions.

Interstellar travel really puts a kink in my plans, but I’m enticed to stay when I realize each of the men  seems hotter than the next.

And the fantasies they create are even hotter.

The thinking part of me knows I need to get home, but that means going on dates with these men and letting them attempt to seduce me. Now, instead of a workaholic, I’m becoming addicted to the pleasure only another species can provide.

Do I stay or do I go? And if I stay, which male will I choose?

Get your copy now.

****Content warning: For readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations, and sensitive subjects. Despite this, the story ends happily.

Amazon Description

Sabrina Colloway was perfectly happy running her father’s business and bailing out the competition. Until one deal changed everything. Caught up in a complicated relationship had never been the plan. Hell, it hadn’t even been on her radar. Not to mention, shacking up with three of the company’s most eligible bachelors is just asking for trouble…especially when they’re brothers. But nothing risked is nothing gained, and Sabrina is about to embark on a whirlwind romance of the ages.

All good things must come to an end…

A woman at the top of the corporate food chain is controversial enough. If Sabrina’s secret romance with the Hargreaves brothers comes out, not only will she damage her glowing reputation with her father, the man she’s looked up to and emulated since childhood, she’ll destroy the very thing he worked his life to achieve. So when rumor has it that she’s been having a little extra fun on the side, Sabrina reaches the only logical conclusion: there’s a snitch in her camp—or three. Will she be able to prove that her newfound lovers are loyal to her, or will she discover that four’s a crowd?

This is the first book in the Indecent Proposal Series by J.C. Valentine.

Amazon Description

Jade hated that her mother planned elaborate Christmas parties year after year and everyone’s only question for her was—”When will you be getting married?” This year, she was determined to skip Christmas and tell a little white lie to spare herself her mother’s lecture. Jade told her family that work has demanded that she go to France until after the New Year. Sure, she felt awful about lying, but it wasn’t anything that a couple of weeks in France couldn’t fix.
Roan and Beckett had been together for five years now, but both felt as if their relationship had always been missing something—or in this case, someone. When Roan came up with a crazy scheme to add a third, Beckett wanted to tell him that he lost his mind. Instead, they agreed that if they could both meet and fall in love with the same woman by New Year’s Day, they would ask her to be their third. If not, they would go home and forget about ever adding a permanent third between them.
Celebrating the holidays never felt so naughty! This book is MMF.
Kismet, by K.L. Ramsey, is part of the Chasing Serendipity Serial Anthology.
Books included in the set are:
By Happenstance
Seven Kisses
Chance Encounter
When the Ball Drops
Love Resolute
Once Upon a New Year
Midnight Kiss
All Clues Lead to Forever
Accidentally at Midnight
Sparks and Kisses
Wild Thing
Champagne Resolutions
Kiss & Tale
When Love Lasts
One Night Only

These are mmf, so there is mm in the book.  Not really a harem, but I’m counting it! -Paige

Amazon Description

Three smoldering hot men

A long “work” weekend away

What could possibly go wrong?


Turns out everything.


Neill, my boss, with his commanding presence and his bulging biceps,

has me forgetting he’s much older than me.

Isaac and his sweet, sexy, mysterious way of drawing me in caught me by surprise.

And Hudson with his bad-boy yet protective heat and how he set his sights on me has my body saying, Yes, please.


They’ve lit a fire in me that I can’t deny.

But when our business acquisition falls apart I find myself taken hostage and left in a hidden underground room.


My mind drifts to my three sexy protectors who are searching for me.

Even now, in this place, they have my body aching with desire.


I have to have them.

All of them.

But will my hot AF alpha studs agree to share me?


Or will I die down here alone waiting for them to find me…

Amazon Description

I call the shots. I’m in charge. The question is, will my SWAT team obey?

Within every large police force there’s a group of men and women with elite training, equipment, and skills who get the calls no one else can handle. I’m one of them.

Being a member of SWAT fifty-five is all I’ve ever wanted. Getting here has demanded intense focus, incredible dedication and a talent for firearm handling. And now…now I’m in charge of four men, all with similar skills, strength and passion, and that takes a special kind of woman to keep them in line – am I the one for the job?

*Previously published in the reverse harem anthology Duty Bound (no longer available).

Amazon Description

It was meant to be a business trip.

Check on the secluded mountain cabins my real estate firm had recently spent a bundle building. See if they could be turned into some sort of resort getaway for the rich and burned out.

As the high-powered female CEO, I would do everything I could to make the project a success.

But with three burly lumberjacks stomping around the forest, all shirtless and sweaty, muscles bulging, getting in my way, I can’t seem to get anything done.

I just want some peace and quiet so I can concentrate. But Caleb, Mark, and Todd aren’t about to give me any of that.

They have something else in mind.

Come to think of it, so do I…


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