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Hello! This month the snark is strong in me. I thought what better way to give us all a few laughs by having a snarky character. Hopefully there will be some books here you haven’t read. If so, maybe a re-read is in order. I know some of us could use a mood lifter. As always, Happy Reading! And stay safe. – Quare Eligere

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Academy of the Forgotten (Cursed Studies Book 1) by Eva Chase
Academy of the Forgotten (Cursed Studies Book 1) by Eva Chase
Amazon Description

Three haunted young men. A terrible curse. One girl who could break it... if this place doesn't break her first.

From the first time my parents decided that getting their next hit mattered more than keeping me fed, I learned I couldn't trust anyone—until Cade. My foster brother took me under his wing and sheltered me from the worst of the crap thrown at us.

So when he heads off on an exclusive scholarship and everyone around me starts denying he ever existed, Roseborne College has some explaining to do. I'm not leaving until I get answers.

The school I barge into isn't what I pictured. The staff claim Cade's never been here. The students glare like just looking at me offends them. The classes involve more torment than teaching, while sobs and howls fill the night. And three very different, unnervingly appealing guys—one of them a teacher—act way too invested in my arrival.

Some unnatural power holds this place in its grip. The more I dig, the more horrors I uncover. Finding Cade might not be my biggest problem after all. It's looking like none of us, me included, will escape this place alive.

*Academy of the Forgotten is the first book in a gothic paranormal trilogy with shades of Beauty and the Beast. If you love snarky heroines, damaged heroes, dark secrets galore, and romance with no choosing required, look no further! Just beware: Once you enter Roseborne College, there may be no coming back...*

I don't see a series page, so I'm listing them below. -Paige

Academy of the Forsaken (Cursed Studies Book 2)
Academy of the Fateful (Cursed Studies Book 3)

Calluna: A Plus-Sized Fantasy/Paranormal RomCom within the Silver Springs Shared Universe (Spell Library: Calluna Book 1) by Jewels Arthur
Amazon Description

Calluna is sassy, snarky, and doesn't give a crap about, well, anything. Calluna doesn't believe in all this love garbage that she keeps seeing all over the town. Nope, she is just fine keeping to herself and her pet store, Beastie Besties, spank you very much. When a goofy romance book draws her in and she is given a meerkat shifter, a fennec fox shifter, a fallen angel, and a griffin shifter -- well, Calluna's views on love might be in for a whirlwind of change.Will this whirlwind romance get in the way of the mystery she has yet to solve? There is someone in town cursing animals with dark magic, causing her shop to become a land of misfit pets. Calluna is determined to break the curses and find the culprit but she'll have to travel down a dark road herself. Calluna is a paranormal romance that is a part of the Silver Springs shared universe. Calluna will not be choosing at the end.Scroll up to read this sassy #whychoose romantic comedy today!
Newly Undead In Dark River (Dark River Days Book 1) by Grace McGinty
Amazon Description

Welcome to Dark River. Population 0. When Mika McKellen woke up in a stormwater drain while backpacking around Canada, she knew that her mother was right. If you made bad choices, you would end up dead in a ditch. But when she stumbled into Dark River, even her mother could never have dreamed up the residents of this small town in the middle of nowhere, Alberta. Oh, it had all the usual suspects. Quirky diner owners, untrustworthy outcasts and a Sheriff so hot he’d make any red-blooded woman with a heartbeat beg to be in cuffs in the back of his patrol vehicle. No, the really unusual thing about Dark River was that it was entirely populated by the Undead. Vampires to be specific. And so was Mika. As Mika adjusts to the life of a Vampire, a dark presence stalks her from the shadows. One of the residents of Dark River was her maker and her murderer. And they were determined to ensure that Mika never rested in peace. This is a reverse harem romance with a high heat factor.
Taken by Storm by Elle Middaugh
Taken by Storm by Elle Middaugh
Amazon Description

In the Kingdom of Blackwood, we are all pawns in the Storm King’s wicked game. As a peasant, my life was hard, but my worries were few. My days were filled with mining precious jewels I couldn't keep, scraping rock bottom just to afford food, and saving my accident-prone sloth from sudden death on the daily. Then, a chance encounter with a dying stranger changes everything.Suddenly, I possess the magical power of the gods. When the Storm King finds out—and trust me, he always finds out—he asserts his absolute rule and demands I marry one of his four sons. Each of which is sexy as sin with chiseled physiques that rival that of the gods. But despite my undeniable attraction to them, they are still the spawn of an evil snake. Choosing a prince feels damn well impossible, and I hesitate at the very thought. But the king holds the lives of all those I hold dear in his hands and promises to make them pay for my reluctance. If I partner with the Storm Princes, who have long resented their father’s tyrannical reign, can we find a way to escape the king’s twisted demands? Or will our lives remain his to control forever? USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Middaugh delivers swoon-worthy sizzle and griping intrigue in Taken By Storm, a medium burn, RH, paranormal romance for readers 18+.
Friends With The Monsters by Albany Walker
Amazon Description

Gather round close, for I have a secret to tell.

Late at night, while everyone is sleeping, dreaming of white knights and fairytales. I’m making friends with the monsters.

They call to me, like finds like, right? My biggest secret, I’m the scariest monster I know.

I think I’m the bad guy.

MFMM Reverse Harem novel with adult themes not recommended for those under 18.

Shadows and Shade: Tips for surviving your paranormal kidnapping (I mean rescue) inside. by Amanda Cashure
Amazon Description

When the Elorsin brothers venture onto our estate in search of a mysterious bird, just in time to catch me on the wrong end of my master’s temper, they somehow also acquire me.

Acquire, kidnap, rescue – is there a difference?

Sure, four of the scariest immortals in existence may actually have saved my life, but blending in as a servant in the Elite training castle that I now call home is almost impossible with these four powerful, dark, and broken men focusing their attention on me - and it’s not always good attention.

Not helped when the trickster among them suggests playing a potion-prank on the psychopath currently in line for the throne. He shouldn’t be in line for the throne. Pax, aka Scary Kidnapper Number One, should be. But whatever or whoever tore this distant world apart, they did so with enough ferocity to leave Pax in a permanent foul mood - and the others aren’t much better.

Either my kidnappers, I mean rescuers, leave me alone - which will mean leaving me to be discovered by a king who has a nasty habit of sucking the life from his servants.

Or they claim me for themselves and protect me from an unstoppable prophecy, a secret slowly decaying the Veil - and each other.

If you’re ever in my shoes, I recommend revenge involving food and the boots of a certain growling alpha male, followed by kicking the nearest dethroned immortal prince in the balls.

⚠ Warning: laugh out loud funny with potential drink snorting. ⚠

This is a sloooooowburn fantasy series where Shade will develop her relationships with all of the Elorsins. Books 1-3 also available as a box set with reimagined and forbidden bonus scenes. There are trigger warnings in the front of each book. Book one is single POV, two & three have dual POVs, and five & six have multi-POVs.

Phoenix Academy: Awaken (Phoenix Academy Beginnings Book 1) by Lucy Auburn
Amazon Description

I’m just a girl trying to survive. Dying? Unexpected. Coming back to life? Even more so. Now these four snarky demons are haunting me. Shirtless. It turns out you can die and live again. At least I can. When a night out goes murderously wrong, I chose leaping to my death over getting tortured. Except it turns out I don’t die like everyone else. I’m a phoenix — or so they tell me. Apparently I need training at the Phoenix Academy. What I really need is to get rid of the four demons haunting me wherever I go, showing up when my heart is beating fast — whether I’m nervous, afraid, or well... other things. But I also wouldn’t mind learning how to light things on fire with my mind or take out a man twice my size with my bare hands. All things the instructors at the academy want to teach me... if I can survive long enough. Because there’s something deadly lurking in these halls, and it’s coming for me next. Welcome to the first year at Phoenix Academy, a place where the paranormal lives — and dies — and lives again. This paranormal reverse harem contains mature themes, a few violent scenes, and no choosing. Reader discretion advised.
A Study in Seduction (Moriarty's Men Book 1) by Eva Chase
A Study in Seduction (Moriarty’s Men Book 1) by Eva Chase
Amazon Description

One female criminal genius. Three passionate detectives who stand in her way. Let the seduction begin... My family expected me to play sacrificial lamb for their supernatural cult. Through a desperate bargain with a demonic fiend, I escaped—into a criminal underworld that saw me as easy prey. I’ve proven them wrong a thousand times over. Now I rule a criminal empire of my own. What I want, I get, by whatever means necessary. But now the fiendish monster is coming to collect its fee: my soul. To win my freedom, I have to con the finest detectives in London into carrying out an intricate heist. All three have a weakness I can exploit. All three show a passion in the field and between the sheets that I can't help admiring. I answer to no one and I left my conscience behind years ago, but the more time I spend with them, the more the edges of my steeled heart soften. These men will never see the real me as anything but a villain. When the chips are down, I have to betray them—or I’ll lose myself to a greater horror than they could believe exists. *A Study in Seduction is the first book in Moriarty’s Men, a paranormal suspense series with fast-burn steam, a slow-burn romance where the heroine can have all her men, and twisted schemes that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. It includes M/M content.*
Greed (The Damning Book 1) by Katie May
Amazon Description

For hundreds of years, Nightmares have ruled the world. Descended from the Seven Deadly Sins, these supernatural creatures have enslaved and tortured the human race. I have lived my entire life fighting back against the monsters that have plagued this world. A deadly assassin and a member of the resistance, I only have one motto: kill or be killed. When The Damning commences - a fight to the death against the world's most brutal serial killers, assassins, and torturers - a twist of fate finds me as one of the competitors. Despite my initial reluctance, I find myself eagerly participating. But what I didn't count on, however, were the seven princes: Lupe, a Shifter descended from Wrath. Devlin, a Genie descended from Greed. Jax, a Vampire descended from Gluttony. Killian, an Incubus descended from Lust. Ryland, a Shadow descended from Pride. Sebastian, a Mage descended from Sloth. And, Dair, a Mermaid descended from Envy. Our love could never be. I'm an assassin, and they are my targets. But who ever said I needed to follow the rules? If only I can survive The Damning... This is a medium-burn reverse harem romance. Expect a kick-ass, snarky MC, seven swoon-worthy heroes, and a lot of bloodshed. This is book 1 in a series.
Goddess Ascending: A Reverse Harem Shifter Fantasy Romance (Gods and Guardians Book 1) by Heather Hildenbrand
Goddess Ascending: A Reverse Harem Shifter Fantasy Romance (Gods and Guardians Book 1) by Heather Hildenbrand
Amazon Description

They say I’m the danger; they haven’t met my men.

Demon-beasts claim I have a power that threatens their plans of mass destruction. Joke’s on them since I have no idea how to use it. That doesn’t stop them from coming after me, though.

Hot, broody, wolf shifter, Kol and his friend Grim are the only things standing between me and the creatures trying to kill me. They say they’re my best bet to survive. But there’s another who wants me too.

With wild eyes and a warrior’s heart, Helix hunts me relentlessly and says he won’t stop until I belong to him instead.

The elders say I can only pick one as my guardian against the dark forces who want me dead. The thing is, I’ve never been good at following orders. Unfortunately, if I break this rule, I risk destroying the entire world. How am I supposed to follow my heart when the darkness wants to rip it to shreds?

The Lost and the Chosen: Sentinel World Series 1 (The Lost Sentinel) by Ivy Asher
Amazon Description

My name is Vinna, and I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets. You would too if you'd experienced some of the weird shit I have: red-eyed monsters chasing me, markings on my body appearing out of nowhere, a strange power that crackles colorfully over my skin from time to time, and don't get me started on the weapons I can conjure up almost out of nowhere. Lucky for me, I have yet to meet someone whose ass I couldn't kick, inside the ring or out. I put that to the test when I run headfirst into a fight that brings all my secrets, and reality as I know it, crashing down around me. Now, I'm looking for answers and trying to piece together what the hell is going on. Paranormal is my new way of life. It's not going to be easy, and I'm not exactly welcome. That is, until I meet the boys, and trust me, they are anything but boyish. I'm up against elders who think I’m too powerful, a family who views me as a threat, and something lurking in the shadows that's been coming for me my whole life. There’s not a chance in hell I’m going down without a fight. I’m not lost anymore, and I'm about to show this world exactly what I can do.
Medusa's Destiny: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Monsters and Gargoyles Book 1) by Lacey Carter Andersen
Medusa’s Destiny: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Monsters and Gargoyles Book 1) by Lacey Carter Andersen
Amazon Description

Look away if you want to live...
My life is a giant crap pile with a cherry thrown on top. I'm an immortal woman cursed to kill people with just a glance. And now I've been kidnapped by three mouthwateringly sexy gargoyles, who I'm pretty sure want me dead.

But it gets better...

While I'm trying to make the best of being a prisoner, guarded by yummy eye-candy, I'm also being dragged on a dangerous mission. One that throws me right back into a world which has haunted me for far too long. And if history repeats itself, might end in some seriously twisted scenarios.

Things don't look good for me. But then, that's not unusual. What is? I think I'm not just risking my life this time, I'm risking my heart. And that's one thing that even monsters fear.

Battlefield Love: Greek Mythology Reverse Harem Romance (Operation Cupid Book 1) by Skyler Andra
Battlefield Love: Greek Mythology Reverse Harem Romance (Operation Cupid Book 1) by Skyler Andra
Amazon Description

When a sassy and disillusioned phone operator gets a hold of the power of Cupid, watch out!

Love is for suckers.
Love is overrated.
Love makes you vulnerable.

Locke Casey knows all too well about being burned by love. But Cupid’s powers are taking hold whether she likes it or not! Now she's got the feels for the sexy and broody Rane, the mischievous and evasive Mads, and Byron, her college love who broke her heart. Opening her heart to love, and tapping into her Cupid powers-the good, bad and downright ugly-terrifies her. But a girl's gotta do, what a Love God wants her to do...

Battlefield Love is the first in a slow burn series with multiple love interests that will leave you breathless, protective alphas that won’t let you go, and a second chance at love.

Thoughts from Paige

Shoot, 54% through the sample and I'm feeling anxious for our MC. I'm getting a "the call is coming from inside the house" vibe. AHHHH. Love it.

No Faerie Tale Love (Faerie Series Book 1) by Mercedes Jade
No Faerie Tale Love (Faerie Series Book 1) by Mercedes Jade
Amazon Description

The Wild Hunt. Six Fae warriors on the chase. An unruly, desperate target with weapons beyond teeth and claws who will give them the fight of their lives. That's me. I had been drowning with my head above water when they dragged me kicking and screaming to be reborn in their world. My razor wit couldn't cut them. My fleet feet couldn't outrun them. They stripped my glamour and peeled away the shadows hiding me. Now, I had no escape from their famished stares. Eloden burns to touch me. Orin mesmerizes my mind. Falin nibbles at my control. Aeric tempts me to take a sweet, forbidden taste. Kheelan chips at my frozen heart. And Dain binds them in darkness come to claim nothing less than my soul. I have to resist. There are no happy endings. ~~ Medium burn reverse harem Fae fantasy that amps up the heat in books 2 and 3 to flaming. There is a HFN at the end of the series. These books contains adult situations, violence and language that is intended for a mature audience 18+. Triggers include but are not limited to slight dubcon due to the fantasy world/culture, forceful and dominant alpha males, spanking, bdsm themes, mental health topics and allusions to suicidal ideation with no plan/attempt.
Queen of Gods (Vampire Crown Book 1) by Scarlett Dawn
Amazon Description

"Deliciously dark, Queen of Gods reminds me why I fell in love with paranormal books. The characters are both sweet and wicked, the magic jumps off the page, and the twisted storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat!" Laura Thalassa, author of Rhapsodic "Hang on to the edge of your seat. Queen of Gods is a fast-paced story of vampires and druids. This dark, decadent, delish take will keep you up at night, and you won't regret one minute." Eliana S. Peters, author of Savory Seduction Dark. Brutal. Sexy. The VAMPIRE CROWN series sets emotions on fire, as vampires and druids hunger for one thing—power. Sex, secrets, and bloodshed twist two intoxicating love stories into one wicked tale. Magic is life. Bound to S'Kir, the Unseen Gods wait to reunite with their brethren. Only an ancient prophecy keeps their hope alive. Blood is life. Locked away from S'Kir on earth, the Vampire Overlords and an Original Druid hold their crowns with brute power. The Law is all that keeps their savage nature hidden. Until one defiant vampire is awakened early from her Rest and summoned to the vampire stronghold. In her wake, all hell breaks loose... Magic always wins. But never without blood. *CONTENT WARNING: This book contains graphic language and sexual situations. It is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY* *Slow-burn Reverse Harem (for one woman) with guaranteed sexy times in each book*
Hopeless Magic (The Hopeless Series Book 1) by A.K. Koonce
Amazon Description

If life really was a fairy tale, Zakara would never be the damsel in distress. She’d be a thief, and Prince Charming wouldn’t have a clue how to steal the heart of the conniving criminal.

Zakara saves not one, but three men locked inside the tallest tower. Her first instinct is to ditch them as soon as possible, but they have one thing that intrigues her more than wealth:


Fae magic once ruled the world, until it disappeared without a trace. Only myths of the magic wielders linger in their destroyed society.

The three prisoners claim to be fae, but she doesn’t trust them.

She doesn’t trust anyone.

Can Prince Ryder convince the pretty thief to lead them to the Hopeless City? Or will she kill him before they even arrive?

This is book one in a reverse harem series. Recommended for readers over 18.

Reading Order:
Hopeless Magic
Hopeless Kingdom
Hopeless Realm
Hopeless Sacrifice


"I absolutely LOVED this post apocalyptic fantasy!"

"Absolutely loved this book. Snarky, sassy, and sexy Kara saves three fae men from a tower by accident. With her witty banter and snarky attitude Kara takes you on adventure with these three men while trying to control her feelings about them. Hilarious and laugh out loud fun. A must read!"

"I can’t wait to read book two, all the action, adventure, magic, sex, and attitude, it’s amazing!"

Four Psychos (The Dark Side Book 1) by Kristy Cunning
Amazon Description

I'm not so different from most people. Like everyone else, I have life goals. Goal #1: Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am. Goal #2: Convince the four men I've been haunting for the past five years to pick me to be their new toy after goal one is complete. Goal #3: Figure out who/what I am and why I can't remember anything past the five years I've been haunting this quad. Goal #4: Eat popcorn. See? Perfectly normal. Sort of. Gotta start small, after all. It's not like anyone else is perfect either. **Sexual situations **Reverse Harem **Dark humor galore **Language warning
Invisible (The Curse of Avalon Book 1) by Sariah Skye
Invisible (The Curse of Avalon Book 1) by Sariah Skye
Amazon Description

My name is Ava Dawson. Ever since I was young, I have had this strange “gift” of invisibility. I can’t explain it, nor can I always control it. It affects my work, my personal life, dating—all but my mother and best friend seem to be affected. No matter what I do, I seem to always be forgotten. Until I meet these gorgeous guys during a girls’ night out, and there’s something strangely alluring about them. An ancient curse brings us together, while a group of supernatural “Collectors” is threatening to tear us apart. They’re targeting people with special abilities like mine, and all four men have taken it upon themselves to protect me. But with their complicated pasts, I can’t help but feel protective of them, too. I’m trying not to get in over my head, with these men, and the magic. But I have to admit, It’s nice to be seen after years of being invisible. *Author's Note: this book is a full 100k+ words, slow to medium burn 'reverse harem' romance; meaning, one woman, multiple love interests. This series is meant for adults only. An Amazon best seller in multiple categories!

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