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Amazon Description

Can one woman love four men? Or, more to the point, can she love them equally?If history is any indicator, Bree can't. But maybe history doesn't have to repeat itself. What if she could rewind history and do it all differently this time?It's been two years since Bree Monahan left The Cave, and the conditions had been clear at her departure. There would be no going back, no second chance. Her contract was void, her relationship with all four of the brothers over. She and Laird Beaumont had gone too far, risked too much, violated clauses that should have been sacred. But when Laird calls out of the blue, Bree knows it can only mean one thing: Under the right terms, she could be theirs again. She could go back to The Cave.
Amazon Description

When a sassy and disillusioned phone operator gets a hold of the power of Cupid, watch out!

Love is for suckers.
Love is overrated.
Love makes you vulnerable.

Locke Casey knows all too well about being burned by love. But Cupid’s powers are taking hold whether she likes it or not! Now she's got the feels for the sexy and broody Rane, the mischievous and evasive Mads, and Byron, her college love who broke her heart. Opening her heart to love, and tapping into her Cupid powers-the good, bad and downright ugly-terrifies her. But a girl's gotta do, what a Love God wants her to do...

Battlefield Love is the first in a slow burn series with multiple love interests that will leave you breathless, protective alphas that won’t let you go, and a second chance at love.

Thoughts from Paige

Shoot, 54% through the sample and I'm feeling anxious for our MC. I'm getting a "the call is coming from inside the house" vibe. AHHHH. Love it.

Amazon Description

Six years ago, my world was ripped from under me, and I was taken to Cardinal Three. A place where pain has been my endless companion.

Witches, demons, shifters and humans all live under one rule.


What he says goes.

So, trying to get the hell out of here hasn’t been easy.

No one leaves without his permission.

In fact, no one leaves at all...That is, alive.

But I have a plan.

One chance to get out of this nightmare once and for all.

One month is all I need.

One month to stay off King's radar and get the last few items needed for the spell I’ve been working on.

Shouldn’t be that hard...right?

But turns out King has his own plan. One that involves trading me off to the five alphas of Manhattan.

With King's ultimatum, I have no choice but to go through with it. But I’m still getting out of here, no matter what.

Or so I thought.

Turns out the five alphas are my mates…

And also, the boys I left behind six years ago.

**Blood and Ruin is a Reverse Harem romance, meaning the main FMC will not have to choose between love interests. It also contains violence, adult themes, bad-language and content which some readers may find upsetting.**

Amazon Description

“5 bloody brilliant stars!” - Anna Rheneth “I enjoyed the story so much I didn't want to leave.” - A Farmer “Meave is a badass and so are her men! And damn are they sexy. This is unlike any other book I’ve read and I LOVE it!” - Carni C Golden One nerdy girl making a new start. One ancient castle hiding a dark secret. Five beautiful boys drenched in grief, hope, and ancient magic. In an epic showdown of fae versus witches, hopes versus desire, death versus immortality, and science versus magic, Maeve will sacrifice everything for the love of five remarkable men. Is it enough to stop the fae? Devour the steamy urban fantasy series drenched in Celtic mythology. Get the complete Briarwood Witches series by USA Today bestselling author, Steffanie Holmes for one low price + a steamy scene from Arthur's POV. Get all 5 books in the series – over 400,000 words glittering with love, heartache, hope, grief, dark magic, fairy trickery, steamy scenes, British slang, meat pies, second chances, and the healing powers of a good cup of tea. Read on only if you believe one just isn’t enough. “Sizzling hot, sexy characters, and a plot filled with magic, mayhem, excitement, suspense, and fairies. Fantastic.” - Laure Eccleston “I love all the guys and this book is hot!” - Gilda Rodriguez “Maeve is feisty and no damsel in distress. I want more!” - Stephanie Collection includes: Earth and Embers, Fire and Fable, Water and Woe, Wind and Whispers, Spirit and Sorrow, and an alternative POV scene between Arthur and Maeve.
Amazon Description

An emotional, angsty, suspenseful, second chance romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Inseparable and When Forever Changes.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…

I’m the second-most hated person in Amber Springs.

First place honors go to my twin, Ethan; however, hate isn’t a strong enough word to convey how people feel about him.

Not that I blame anyone—some days, I hate him too. Mostly, I’m just lost and afraid, drowning in a sea of betrayal and guilt, wondering how this happened right under my nose.

There’s no choice but to leave. To move clear across the country in a last-ditch attempt to start over.

Transferring to a new school midway through senior year is hellish for most people. For me, it’s a welcome relief—until someone discovers our secret and now everyone knows.

The pointing, whispering, and scathing looks follow me around again, and I’m back to square one. Except, this time, I’m not alone.

Axel, Skeet, and Heath took me under their wing from the minute I arrived here. I’ve no idea why three of the hottest guys in town took any interest in me or why they continue to have my back, but I’m so grateful to have them in my corner.

Because, right now, they’re the only reason I’m not following my brother into an early grave.

This is an upper YA/NA STAND-ALONE #whychoose contemporary romance. Due to sensitive content and possible triggers, this book is recommended to readers aged eighteen and older. Please refer to the note at the start of the book. This is a full length novel.

Amazon Description

One out of character weekend spent with Bas, Austin, and Finn, altered Savannah’s life in ways she could never imagine. Living in the moment, she never expected to develop feelings for the three Navy Seals or realized how hard it would be to say goodbye. The aftermath of their time spent together shook her to the core and changed her life forever.

After taking an unanticipated two-year detour, Savannah’s life is back on track and she accepts a job at the Still Water Pub. Her position brings with it new friends and one more activity to juggle in her busy life. However, she doesn’t realize how complicated things are about to become.

What happens when Savannah finds out the silent owners of the Still Water Pub happen to be the three men from her life altering weekend? Can she listen to her heart and open herself to the possibility of love? Can she push aside her fears and embrace the opportunity right in front of her?

Savannah can’t deny the attraction between them still burns strong, but two issues remain – the unconventional proposal made by the trio and gaining forgiveness for the secret she kept from them.

**Now contains a second epilogue (formerly Sweet, Sweet Surprise) and an extended prologue (formerly Sweet, Sweet Start).

Amazon Description

In her time, Danse has watched empires rise and fall and the world remake itself several times over. Yet, when she encounters two celestials on All Hallows Eve, Danse knows her world is about to change.
Enter the lusty world of fallen angels, ancient hedonistic gods, and ghosts if you dare.

The Grave Keeper: All Hallows Eve is parts 1 & 2 of The Grave Keeper. Part 1 was featured in Booktober: PNR Halloween Charity Anthology.

Amazon Description

My fated mate is the Dark King... but I'm going to kill him.

Apparently, ever since the Upper World banished me, I've spent my lives trying to hide who I am to stop the dark king from finding me. He hunts me in every life and it turns out this one is no different. He claims we are fated mates, but those around me think he is lying and believe he wants to kill me.

Which only gives me one option—kill him first.

To succeed, I have to choose my knights and then I must bind with them, giving me greater powers. But the Dark King surprises me by asking me to use my magic, not hide it and he encourages me. Which is hardly the actions of someone wanting to kill me. Isn’t it?

And things change between us when he saves me, when I touch him, and our connection is impossible to deny and I start to feel the weakening of the spell put on me to not feel him. But I have to resist him, and believe I have the right knights at my side to prevent myself from falling deeper for him. And once I have full power I'm going to use that to my advantage and lure him into a war and kill him.

I have to. I need to. Because if I don’t succeed soon, my live is drawing to the same wicked end, just like every life before now.

But does it matter? Am I already doomed when the Dark King saves my life?

Or is it over when I sacrifice mine?

The Lost Goddess boxed set contains all three books in the series. Titles include Reborn a Queen, Claimed by Kings, and Awakening their Goddess. Approximately, 320,000 words.

The series is a paranormal, fated mates, second chance romance, with a FMC who ends up with multiple love interests. The FMC may take some time to be happy with her knights as she learns and grows. And growing means her knights change along the way.

The series has love-hate themes, jealousy, kidnapping, death, steamy scenes, swearing, and violence throughout the series. Recommended for readers 18+.

Amazon Description

What happens when the dutiful wife is pushed too far?Rebellion and Freedom.

While the whole world searches for the senator’s missing housewife,
Zoey crafts a plan to guarantee she steers clear of their radar.

But when three gorgeous brothers and a high school sweetheart barge into her new life,
will she throw caution to the wind and potentially risk her safety for the chance at something real?

Ride along, as Zoey must decide between second chances and new romances, or remaining in the shadows—safe and unseen.

Amazon Description

Life is full of ups and downs. No one knows this better than Kendall Davis. She unfortunately learns from a young age that good things never last. With an unbearable childhood and then the death of her grandmother, Kendall turns to the only people who seem to know she still exists. Brian, Casey, and Will. But as all things tend to go in her life, they too are struck with tragedy. In her grief, Kendall decides to end it all, but what happens when fate has other plans? With no happy end in sight, she must learn to live with the loss and eventually learn to never give up on love.**Trigger Warning**This story does mention self-harm and does NOT have a happy ending. If you can stick it out with Kendall's terribly sad beginning, be sure to catch her second chance at love in the White Trash Trilogy.


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