Reverse Harems With a Harem Member Rockin’ a Dad Bod – Part 1

Hello Lovlies! This week I received a fun request. As you can see from the title, this weeks post features one (or more) of the harem members with a dad bod, soft body, or even yummy big ole bears (but not necessarily shifters). So reader beware, not all of the guys are going to have perfectly muscled bodies. I’m excited. In fact, I’ve read quite of the following books featured in today’s list. This list is to the best of my knowledge and searches. Hopefully none of them were tagged incorrectly. If so, just give me a shout and I’ll get it fixed. Per usual, the link, blurb, and phone come verbatim from Amazon. I think we need more hottie dad bods wrote about due to the fact I could only find 14 instead of my usual 20 books. Apologies.

As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

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Corsets & Quartets by Mercy DeSimone
Amazon Description

Jane Austen never had to live through the humiliation of online dating. Of course, she also died a spinster. It was probably a relief. For a single, curvy girl over 40, love is hard to find - and marriage is a myth. It's not like I'm looking for a knight in shining armor; I’ve learned to take care of myself. Especially now, as a struggling romance writer, stuck in a dead-end retail job, I thought I was done with dating. Swiping left was my default mode until three sexy men made me think twice. It started with Heath - the divorced veterinarian with a dad bod who’s into loyalty and heavy petting. He introduced me to his friend, Mark, the ambitious, local celebrity chef who really knows how to heat things up in the kitchen. Next came his neighbor, Simon, the aging expat rockstar trying to hide from his personal demons. Could I be the muse to help him regain his rhythm? Each has some very modern ideas about love and dating, if I’m brave enough to write my own story. The bottom line - I’m tired of trying to make myself small to fit someone else's ideal of what's sexy and beautiful. My days of indulging assholes who make me feel bad about myself are over. If I can’t have my HEA, I will damn well write it for every girl who needs hope. Especially if it means finding myself in the process. Is it possible to find one man to fill all your needs? I’m not so certain anymore. Maybe it’s true - corsets really do need a quartet to thrive.  What would Jane do? ChickLit with an unconventional twist? Corsets and Quartets is a standalone, unconventional romance where sometimes the best relationships are the ones in which we don't settle for one love.
Elemental Fae Academy: Book One: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Lexi C. Foss
Amazon Description

My one piece of advice: Never kiss a stranger. See, I kind of kissed this sexy man at the bar on a dare once, and it turns out he’s a Royal Fae destined to be my mate. Now I’ve been dragged to the Elemental Fae Academy to control the powers I unlocked that night. So kissing? Yeah, that won’t happen again. Nope. Lesson learned. Except, I kind of kissed Titus, too. And well, now, I’m in a world of trouble. I keep burning things down, flooding dorms, and I’ve attracted the campus mean girl brigade. This Fae Realm is a nightmare come to life. Truly. But there are dreams here, too. Sexy ones. And they’re in the form of five Elemental Fae mentors. They’re supposed to help me control my powers, but who’s going to keep the elements from controlling me? Note: This is a medium burn "why choose" paranormal romance, and book one of the Elemental Fae Academy trilogy.
Ghosted By You: Ghost U Volume One by Tiegan Clyne
Amazon Description

Miller College's Parapsychology Department has a student-run ghost hunting group that's all the rage on basic cable. The third season is about to begin filming, and the producers want to up the ante. The three macho, pseudoscience brosephs - Quinn, Tyler and Brent - are about to be joined by a very female psychic, Emma Ray. The team is instantly resentful of her presence on their show, and lead investigator Quinn has made it clear that he doesn't believe in psychics. They're going to give Emma the hardest of hard times until they can expose her as a phony. They're going to learn that Emma is the real deal, and that it's not always wise to bully a psychic when you don't know how many ghosts are in her posse...or exactly what you’ll be facing in the next haunted house. "Ghosted by You" is a medium-burn Reverse Harem paranormal ghost-hunting adventure. Not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.
Grounded (Elemental Magic Unleashed Book 1) by Serenity Ackles
Grounded (Elemental Magic Unleashed Book 1) by Serenity Ackles
Amazon Description

With electricity coursing through my veins, I am the jolt that could change the world.

Elementals are the rarest of all supernatural creatures. Their control over the elements ranks them as the most dangerous beings to ever walk the earth.

And I should know.

I’m one of them.

After spending most of my life locked up, with my elemental ability being exploited as a battery to power the Lycan village, an unlikely ally has set me free. Now, I’m running for my life.

But I’m not alone.

By my side are a trio of gargoyles, whose determination to crush the Lycans is as strong as their imposing physiques, and a seething vampire who thirsts for bloody vengeance.

A war is raging straight for us. One that I will be powerless to prevent unless I learn to ground the voltage surging through me. Time is running out. Will I be the salvation to those rallying behind me? Or the curse that costs them their lives?

Grounded is the first book in a trilogy where our heroine is trying to recover from being used as a power source for most of her life. Although she's fractured, she's not completely broken, however, this past abuse may be triggering for some readers. This is a reverse harem series with broody alpha gargoyles, twins, and an alphahole vampire. It also contains MM scenes with two members of the harem already being in an established relationship. Grounded is meant for mature audiences.

If that's not scared you off, the men in this book are the next book boyfriends you're looking for. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

Hard Limits by 	
Suki Williams
Hard Limits: Dark WhyChoose Romance (Queen of Hearts Trilogy Book 1) by Suki Williams
Amazon Description

Call girls are meant to fuck the client then go home, not fuck them up, but I never minded getting my hands just a little dirty.

Homeless teen turned prostitute turned elite call girl with some… unusual extracurricular activities was not what I’d set out to become, but survivors can’t be choosers. Now, I’ve got a life for myself, and I even like it most of the time, but a favor owed to my boss/ex-lover is about to mess all of that up.

Her husband’s become a problem, and when the team of men she’s hired can’t seal the deal, I’m brought in for some assistance. What a fucking mess. Especially since the team consists of my favorite client, his brother, my roommate, and my roommate’s boyfriend.

When the shitstorm of my present starts to collide a bit too much with my past, I’ve got to hope my skills are sharp enough to keep me in one piece.

There’s an unexpected danger that’s found me once again, but lucky for me, I’ve always thrived in the darkness.

Trigger warning: non con, dub con, BDSM scenes, a torture scene, and other adult material that people could find triggering.

Haunts and Hotels (The Spirit Vlog Book 1) by Jarica James
Amazon Description

Why work a normal job, when you can travel the world doing what you love? Brea Manley decides to do just that when her vlog takes off. Using the money her stream brings in, she decides to quit her job, fix up an RV, and travel the world doing her investigations. She's not just your normal vlogger, though, she live streams her feed, bringing her viewers along with her. So, what does a person film when they aren’t a normal vlogger? Hauntings, poltergeists, and apparitions. That’s right- ghost hunting. That extra pièce de résistance on her feed is what keeps her in the number one spot for most subscribed paranormal channel in the world. When an invitation arrives for the biggest investigation of her career, she can hardly say no. The grand prize of ten thousand dollars, isn't something she can ignore. Now Brea finds herself up against the top investigation teams in the country, one of which is her self appointed rival. It might be a problem for Brea since he’s one of the hottest guys she's ever seen... except the picture perfect fantasy is ruined as soon as he opens his mouth. He thinks she's a fraud and isn't afraid to show it, and now that they’re meeting in person, his accusations only get worse. Between investigating the Finley Lodge, navigating opposing teams, and trying to win the prize, things are about to get...spooky. The Spirit Vlog Season one is now complete This is a contemporary reverse harem romance, Brea will not have to choose between her love interests. This book is intended for readers 18 and up.
Hunted: A Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance (The Feral Souls Trilogy – Book 1) by Erica Woods
Amazon Description

The only way to escape is to die.

For eighteen years I’ve suffered at the hands of the Hunters. For eighteen years they’ve done their best to break me, to tear me open and unleash the terrifying monster that lives within.

Until the day they go too far...

When a desperate escape leads to another brush with death, I’m forced to place my trust in the hands of four formidable strangers. Wild and untamed, their feral natures call to me, their warrior hearts make mine come alive. And when they offer me a place to stay while I heal, I can’t say no.

But the secrets I carry are deadly, and my past is a twisted, evil nightmare better left forgotten.

They may think they want to know me, they may think the secrets they guard behind hard eyes and closed expressions come close to the ones I keep. But should they ever discover just who they’ve let into their home, just what I really am...their hatred could be the one thing that finally breaks me.

And if I break, the darkness inside will tear free.

***Author Note***
Hunted is the first book in the Feral Souls Trilogy, a paranormal romance featuring brooding, overprotective wolf shifters, a heroine who’s damaged but refusing to break, and sizzling slow burn romance packed with raw emotion and delicious tension.

Pick up Hunted to discover this exciting new paranormal romance today!

I’m Cursed: Disaster Zone Jones Book One by Kat Quinn
Amazon Description

Tornados, sinkholes, lightning strikes, explosions, a drain pipe full of bees… I’ve been there though them all. But it’s not my fault!My “Dizzy, time to get the heck out of dodge” senses are well-honed, so can you blame a gal for pounding pavement when a herd of hunks are hot on her trail?Okay, maybe you can. Maybe it’s your dream to get tackled by a heaping helping of beefcake; hopelessly pinned beneath them, at the mercy of multiple sets of hands and lips and eyes trapping you and demanding attention. Me? I just want to make it through the day without doing too much damage. Seriously, it's not my fault!You see, I’m cursed to always be cursed. Somebody wants to get revenge on you when I’m in town? Well TOUGH LUCK because they’re getting revenge on me instead! Thank you for that weekend of all-foods-are-extra-spicy, unknown stranger. No, that’s okay, person-who-tried-to-make-someone-else-unable-to-wear-clothes-ever-again, I don’t mind a fine breeze between my lady bits. And to you, asshole casserole who tried to literally kill me last week? Well… you can get bent. That’s honestly just rude. Usually my curse comes with a side of disaster, and after really, really hurting more than one person... well... I’ve been on a never-ending, cross-country, don’t-look-back-just-keep-on-running-away tour for pretty much forever. Sure, it’s lonely, but never setting down roots means never getting caught, or killed. At least I’ve got my furry best friend Aria-don’t know what I’d do without her.Per usual, my hotel just happened to burn down this morning so it looks like I’d best get to gettin’ while the gettin’s still good, ya get it? Just one itsy-bitsy-teensie-weensie-purple-haired-and-no-bikini problem…. I may have accidentally sort of kind of tied myself to those hunks I mentioned earlier and may or may not literally be unable to go anywhere without at least one of them. Oops! And maybe I sort of kind of like them enough to not want them to get murdered in my superstorm of chaos. Double oops.Sigh. Friggin’ Tuesdays, am I right?This is a medium burn paranormal reverse harem romance with explicit scenes of violence, sex, and abuse that may be triggering for some. There is mild M/M included in this book and will progress as the story does. All sexual situations in this book are consensual. It is the first book in a series within an overall world epic, but it does not end in a cliffhanger. Hope happily for now is your jam! Please be aware that this is recommended for readers 18+
Idol Thoughts (H3RO Book 1) by J. S. Lee
Amazon Description

Sometimes fate leads you on a path you never intended. Mine involved managing a K-Pop group with six sexy members…

I never knew my father. Then, suddenly, he appears in my life bringing a whirlwind of change along with him. Claiming I was the heir to his Korean entertainment company, he summons me to Seoul. There, I am given a job and told to keep my identity a secret. The only person who knows who I am is my devil-spawn half-brother, Sejin, who will stop at nothing to ensure I don’t receive a penny of what he considers his rightful inheritance.

With no help and no experience in the industry, I'm given three months to turn failed boy K-Pop group, H3RO, into number one stars. As handsome as they are talented, Tae, Dante, Nate, Minhyuk, Kyun and Jun need to be allowed to do the one thing they have spent their lives training for: performing.

Yet the more time I spend with them, the more I find myself tempted by unconventional desires. Falling for all six of them, I can’t help but wonder... why choose?

** IDOL THOUGHTS is a full-length, slow-burn Reverse Harem novel. There are steamy scenes, super hot Korean idols, and there may or may not be a cliff-hanger. **

Invisible (The Curse of Avalon Book 1) by Sariah Skye
Invisible (The Curse of Avalon Book 1) by Sariah Skye
Amazon Description

My name is Ava Dawson. Ever since I was young, I have had this strange “gift” of invisibility. I can’t explain it, nor can I always control it. It affects my work, my personal life, dating—all but my mother and best friend seem to be affected. No matter what I do, I seem to always be forgotten. Until I meet these gorgeous guys during a girls’ night out, and there’s something strangely alluring about them. An ancient curse brings us together, while a group of supernatural “Collectors” is threatening to tear us apart. They’re targeting people with special abilities like mine, and all four men have taken it upon themselves to protect me. But with their complicated pasts, I can’t help but feel protective of them, too. I’m trying not to get in over my head, with these men, and the magic. But I have to admit, It’s nice to be seen after years of being invisible. *Author's Note: this book is a full 100k+ words, slow to medium burn 'reverse harem' romance; meaning, one woman, multiple love interests. This series is meant for adults only. An Amazon best seller in multiple categories!
Monsters (Prodigium Academy Book 1) by Katie May
Amazon Description

As the daughter of Dracula, you would think I’d be born the perfect monster.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

As far as monsters go, I’m a screw up—if I’m not tripping over my own feet, I’m accidentally murdering someone (it’s a real issue, guys).

Left with no choice, Dad decides to send me to Prodigium—otherwise known as Monster Academy—to train me on how to be a better monster.

When bodies turn up on campus, I’m the prime suspect (not that I can blame them. I’ll be pretty suspicious too if bodies drained of blood show up right after Dracula’s daughter arrives).

With the help of my mortal-nemesis Vin, Van Helsing’s son

Frankie, Frankenstein’s son

Mason, Medusa’s son

And Jack (sometimes Hux), Dr. Jekyll’s son

I might have a chance of uncovering the truth.

If I’m not murdered first.

The struggles of being a vampire, am I right?

This is a horror comedy reverse harem with some dark elements. After all, you can’t have a bunch of monsters without some darkness. This is book one of a series.

Raven Blood (The Red Masques Book 1) by M. Sinclair
Raven Blood (The Red Masques Book 1) by M. Sinclair
Amazon Description

It only takes one death to change everything. Her death shook us to our core, reshaping how our entire lives operated. Including how my overprotective foster brothers treated me. No one in our family had come from an easy life. The concept of danger wasn’t something we feared-- it was something we instilled in others. People feared us. We took it upon ourselves to serve as the lawless justice system on our Boston college campus. Why? Because the distribution of laced drug products is what killed her, and maybe if someone had given a shit before us, she’d still be here. While I feel like we’re working towards the same cause, my boys begin to act strangely around me. It feels like they are hiding something. But I’m doing the same. What would they think if they knew about the vivid daydreams I had of the world burning? It plagues my mind and entices me into a deadly allure that only flames provide. Blood will be spilled as secrets bubble to the surface and are laid bare, but I’ll make damn sure that blood isn’t my own or my families. Because we’re the Ravens, and we won’t let anyone get in our way. Raven Blood is the first installment of the Red Masques series, a paranormal reverse harem novel. It features one badass leading lady, her possessive and psycho ravens, and a dark storyline that will leave you wanting more. Please be advised that this book contains themes of assault, PTSD, and violence. Sexual content appropriate for audiences +18.
Spirit Called: A Reverse Harem Tale (Wild Spirits Book 1) by Aeryn Havens
Amazon Description

Wiser folk than me say that home is where the heart is, but my heart hasn’t had a place to belong in years.
As an empath with the ability to sense and influence emotions, this left me on the cusp of burnout and running low on hope. Add in a world that wasn’t ready to acknowledge the gifted, or anyone else with extra abilities as full citizens, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go on without coming apart at the seams.
When a guest ranch in Montana offered me a place on their staff, I leapt at the opportunity to make a fresh start. I was not prepared for the wild magic that stirred in my blood the instant I arrived. The land itself recharged my spirit, the horses I had been hired to work with gave me purpose, and the three cowboys determined to charm me filled my heart to overflowing. Sharp Caleb, soft Tad, and reserved Oren made it impossible to choose between them, each deserving all of my devotion.
However, even my natural optimism wasn’t so naïve to think I could get everything I never let myself dream of without making some hard choices. When a company of sadistic hunters encroach on our newfound peace, we must band together to preserve the sanctity of our new home. As our closely guarded secrets are laid bare, will we all come together? Or will everything fall apart…
This series is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a slow burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose?

Wolf's Bane (Wolves Next Door Book 1) by Auryn Hadley
Wolf’s Bane (Wolves Next Door Book 1) by Auryn Hadley
Amazon Description

The things that go bump in the night are supposed to be headboards, not monsters.

Leaving my husband was hard. Trying to face the world alone with my teenage daughter is the sort of thing nightmares are made of, but I caught a break. My best friend just hired me for a great job. It's not anything special, simply managing the leasing office of this very fancy and highly exclusive neighborhood, yet the perks mean I get my second chance.

Speaking of perks, my rent-free house is right beside not just one handsome man, but five! Each one is hotter than the last, and all of them seem interested in me. Maybe I can't remember the last date I was on, but if I want to master being a strong woman, then this is a good place to start. It's just dating, right?

Normal life stuff.
Not so much.

Everyone around us has these strange golden eyes. Then there are the questions no one will answer. And who cares if there's a lot of wildlife running around at night? I do, especially when a wolf keeps sneaking into my backyard. I have a kid to worry about. Things have got to change before someone gets bitten!

Normal is going out the window, and fast. My neighbors say I don't belong here, and they don't mean because I'm Hispanic. Never mind that I just heard a man growl. Now they're talking about fated somethings, and I'm pretty sure they mean me.

I feel like I'm going crazy!

Because when I said I wanted to learn how to be strong, this wasn't what I meant at all. Still, when it comes to taking care of my little girl, I will definitely learn how to be the biggest bitch on the block.

I just hope that doesn't become literal.

Wolf's Bane is a 136,000 word, full-length novel with multiple love interests.  Note: Wolves Next Door series contains profanity, consensual sex, and one adult woman who

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