Reverse Harems with a goddess like woman

My friends! Sorry for the sporadic posts; this is the busiest time of the year for me in real life. Gotta love year-end…not.

The request for the post is a combination of a few I’ve gotten. The main focus is goddess-like female main characters. This could include someone with healing powers, resurrection abilities, or someone who is self-sacrificing for those they love.

I’ve tried to pull some lesser-known (to me, anyway) books. I hope that you are all able to find something fun to read!

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Be well, and happy reading!

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Briar: A Sleeping Beauty Dark Fairy Tale Retelling (Happily Never After Book 5) by H.P. Mallory
Briar: A Sleeping Beauty Dark Fairy Tale Retelling (Happily Never After Book 5) by H.P. Mallory
Amazon Description

Awakened by a kiss, by not by the prince I’d hoped for…

My name is Briar, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty.

When I wake from a kiss, the prince isn’t the man I expect.

Instead of a knight in shining armor, Prince Payne is a cursed vampire responsible for killing my entire family!

And it’s not as though Prince Payne wants to be here any more than I want him to—he was forced into waking me by my fairy godmother, Maura LeChance.

Maura then forces Payne to protect me on an upcoming journey. If he refuses, he’ll never have his vampire curse removed.

Begrudgingly, he agrees and our journey begins…

Once we leave the castle and embark on our mysterious voyage, I learn I can raise the dead.

Shortly after discovering this new ability, I raise two dragons, Nouille and Veseo—both as hot-blooded and sexy as they were when alive.

But my necromantic abilities come at a cost—my own life.

I keep dying, and the only way to stop me from dying is to bond to Payne, someone I absolutely detest.

The choice is clear: either bond myself to the man who destroyed my family or suffer the consequences.

And what will that mean for my two dragon suitors?

The Happily Never After Series of Dark Fairytale Retellings: 10 Champions destined to defeat an evil that threatens to wipe out the land of Fantasia...

Featuring: Snow White, Goldilocks, Rose Red, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Little Bo-Peep, Belle, The Little Mermaid, and Red Riding Hood

PLEASE NOTE: These books are meant to be read in order, although each story features a different princess, their stories are all tied together so it's best to read them in order.

Crown of Stars by K.A  Knight
Crown of Stars by K.A Knight
Amazon Description

The Crown Princess of Zyria was born to wear the crown….but what if she wants more? My life was organised since birth until the carefully constructed plans exploded like a supernova. The lick of flames began when I decided to sacrifice myself for my planet and my people. Abducted into the stars I dreamed of, I have no choice but to embrace the part of me I have always hidden—the fighter, the warrior, and the imperfect, crass woman who doesn’t resemble the impeccable princess I am expected to be. Instead of using my silver tongue to fight my battles, I now hold true weapons, and for the first time since the crown was placed on my head, I feel whole. Evil is flooding the galaxy, and for some reason, destiny has chosen me to stop it. The only problem is, I don’t know how. Luckily, I meet some men along the way who are willing to follow me on this mission. If the king could see me now, draped in leather and wielding pistols and knives rather than wearing ballgowns and reading old scrolls, he would collapse onto his golden throne. Now, I fight my way across the cosmos to try and stop the destruction of everything we know. I was ready to give up my life, my future, and my body, but I never expected to lose my heart along the way. Stars, don’t let me fail now. Please Note: This book contains explicit content and darker elements, including mature language and violence. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. Crown of Stars is a Reverse Harem read complete with a HEA.
Fate's Fools: An Epic Dragon Shifter Reverse Harem Romance by Ophelia Bell
Fate’s Fools: An Epic Dragon Shifter Reverse Harem Romance by Ophelia Bell
Amazon Description

When I tamed a feral dragon, I didn't expect him to fall in love with me.

My impromptu guitar duet with a cute guy in a music store turns catastrophic when ethereal Fate hounds crash the party. They've been stalking me and my music is their lure—but they don't attack me, they go after him instead. Now it's my fault he's stuck in his enormous golden dragon form and on the verge of turning feral.

Taming a feral dragon is a commitment I'm not sure I'm prepared for, but if I don't, the entire human world will be in danger. Even worse, the presence of the higher races won't remain secret for much longer. So I give in for the sake of humanity, sharing my body and my healing magic to protect us all.

But the hounds are still out there, attacking other innocents in the name of Fate. My dragon lover's band mates are in danger too, and the only way to protect them means making them my mates. I'm the last person they should be with—girls who don't have souls don't get to have soul mates. So why are all five of these men looking at me like I'm the answer to all their prayers?

Fate's Fools is the first book in the highly erotic reverse harem series set in Ophelia Bell's dragon world. It features heroes of various races and a powerful heroine who captures their hearts. Each book has a happy-for-now ending. Read the full series for the ultimate payoff!

Half-Breed (Taming the Elements Book 1) by Hickory Mack
Amazon Description

Alice Eustone was born to hunt demons. The top candidate for an apprenticeship under a senior hunter, her future was secure. Until her father sold their home without warning and moved them to Tallow, a place where brilliance and standing out is not only discouraged, but punished. Her dreams dissolving around her, Alice doesn't know who she is anymore. Tormented and broken by her peers, Alice gives into their violent manipulation and does the unthinkable. Venturing beyond the barrier wall, seeking death at a demon's hands. She finds an ill-tempered, outcast fox, who refuses her request and makes her question everything she knows. When her magic awakens a lifetime of lies begins to unravel and Alice must choose between loyalty to the Hunter Clans, or a new life, with a Demon. Set in a post apocalyptic world with Japanese shinto influence, Half-Breed features fae, witches, goddesses, a myriad of demons and one gorgeous incubus. Half-Breed is an 18+ novel due to adult themes of violence and language. Trigger warning. Slow burn #whychoose UPDATE from Hickory, 3/5/2020: Concerning editing errors, I have worked with some amazing Beta readers to address these issues. I have also added a character index, as we have a full cast of characters for this book. These changes are submitted and the Amazonian gods willing will be going live today!
Kingdom of Storms: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Legend of Tariel Book 1) by Jada Storm
Kingdom of Storms: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Legend of Tariel Book 1) by Jada Storm
Amazon Description

One powerful woman. Three sexy heroes. A reverse harem fantasy full of magic, adventure, hot sex, and much, much more... As a half-breed with no family name and illicit magic singing in her veins, Tariel has spent her entire life trying to hide who she is and fighting the forbidden desires in her heart. But when Tariel's warden tries to foist her onto a man with a reputation for killing his wives, she realizes that all her efforts have been for naught. If she is to survive, she will have to embrace her magic and fight for her freedom--two things women in Fjordland have always been forbidden from. Thankfully, Tariel is not alone. With a desert spirit to guide her, a fierce knight to protect her, and a handsome scholar to advise her, she might just have what it takes to escape death and seize her destiny. That is, if they can find a way to defeat the deadliest witch hunter in history… Don't miss out on the decadent pleasure of this brand-new reverse harem romance. Scroll up and grab your copy today! IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a TRUE reverse harem romance, meaning that the heroine does NOT have to choose between her men. Expect to find danger, intrigue, hot sex, action, and magic between the pages of this book. For 18+ readers. You have been warned!
Love and Bonds: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance by Liz E. Cooper
Love and Bonds: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance by Liz E. Cooper
Amazon Description

I’m faced with four gorgeous men, handpicked by my late father to be my alpha mates.Sounds great, right? Only one problem, they're a pack with violent pasts. There’s Kai, the crazy incubus demon with all the sex appeal. Ty, the sweet but morose vampire. Lance, the unfriendly but captivating were-wolf. And their leader, Daniel, the cocky but dangerously handsome fae. Seriously, dad, what were you thinking? I spent my whole life using witch magic to stop the change to omega from happening, but when my father dies, my spells dry up and my heat is coming. Fast. I refuse to be a weak omega who gets abused by an arrogant alpha. However, when I’m forced to fight off increasing attacks from demonic forces, I find myself having to rely on the very men I fear to help find out who’s behind the attacks and stop them. And, as if I didn’t have enough stress, I’m running out of time to make a decision on the alphas. I definitely don’t want my quickly approaching omega heat making the tough call for me. The guys seem kind of trustworthy, but they could also be behind these attacks to push me towards them. Sigh, what’s a gal to do? 18+ Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. Warning: Violence and LOTS of Smexy Time.
Lovestruck (Rock Goddess Reverse Harem Book 1) by Romy Lockhart
Amazon Description

Rock star. Billionaire. Goddess.

She’s all of the above, but only one of those things is the key to mending her broken heart.

When infidelity shatters her perfect L.A. life, Eden Rose Masterson heads home for some small-town recuperation. Only fate has other plans. Instead of nursing her wounded pride, she’s bombarded with the discovery that she’s a Goddess of Love and that Cupid is her new BFF.

Reconnecting with multiple men from her past, she discovers just what she’s been missing. Who knew rebounding could be so much fun? But being a goddess has a dark side, and she soon learns that not all men are willing to share.

Lovestruck is the first book in the Rock Goddess Reverse Harem series. One-click your copy of this high-heat low-fantasy read now.

Succubus Bargain (The (un) Lucky Succubus Book 1) by L.L. Frost
Amazon Description

Times are tough for Adeline Boo Pond, a succubus newly arrived to the human plane and unhappy with her allotted place in life.

Created to feed on sex, Adie wants more from life, and she’s devised a plan to achieve her dreams while not harming humans. She can handle working long hours, and self-preservation has given her a love of baking, so why not combine those two skills and open a bakery? Humans love dessert, and Adie’s happy to provide a service that allows her to skip the more dangerous activities of feeding in place of a more peaceful option.

Only problem? Three sexy demons are determined to stand in her way. They want Adie for themselves, and they have one hell of a bargain to offer her in exchange for helping her to reach her dreams. But will she accept it?

Succubus Bargain includes the Succubus Harem Serials 1-5, plus a bonus chapter!

The Darkest Wolves (The Secrets of Shifters Book 1) by A.K. Koonce
Amazon Description

My goddess has endless aspirations for my future. I just don't think tricking the Prince of Hell to fall in love with me was one of them... Three sinfully sexy hellhound shifters plot the Prince's murder while using me as their pawn to earn the trust of the royals. It’s a fool proof plan really. Too bad it's what they don’t know that will kill them. Because I'm no ordinary shifter. My secrets are the deadly kind. For now, I'll be their greatest asset. But in the end, I'll be their imminent demise. This is book one in a tension filled enemies to lovers, MMF MFM reverse harem novella series. Recommended for readers over 18.
Warrior Hearts Academy: Phoenix Fall by Ellie Horn
Warrior Hearts Academy: Phoenix Fall by Ellie Horn
Amazon Description

After a horrific accident stole my life, I found myself adrift. Until one night a crazed man, if you can even call him a man, attacked me. Who’d have thought that random event would set my new life in motion? Because it seems I am not fully human myself. I have powers that will either grant me an amazing future—or destroy me and everyone I have grown to care about. So I land on the doorstep of the Shades Academy, and it feels like home—a place where I belong. The only problem is, to stay, I need to discover the power hidden within me. Not an easy thing when I’m surrounded by gorgeous men and cagey beasts. But which is which? And what will happen if I fail to embrace my talent? The Warrior Hearts Academy Seriesmasters a blend of romance, adventure, and mystery into a fantastical read. It is a fated-mates, reverse-harem love story. Be warned: 1. Don’t expect all sunshine and roses. 2. Book one ends on a captivating cliffhanger, but the next books aren’t far behind. 3. Suitable for mature readers only. The trilogy will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.


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