Into the Dark: Unconventional Paranormal and Alternate Universe Romance (Genesis Series Book 1) by Evelyn M. Grey

Reverse Harems with a Female Added – Part 4

Hi all!

I have an assortment of books with a female added by reader request.

Authors, take note! I have received two requests for books with a female added in less than thirty days… and I can’t find many! If you have a book with FF in it that we haven’t listed, please ping me!

Ruth, one of our readers, posted a comment in the Part One portion giving more detail about Reverse Harems. Ruth says:

In a Reverse Harem, it focuses on FEMALE PROTAGONISTS who are being courted by males and/or queer females, usually three or more. The only thing that comes to deciding whether the harem is a “true/valid” regular harem or a “true/valid” reverse harem is who the “focus” of the harem is in the case of reverse harem its a female. (Ruth, source)

I had no idea there were so many facets to Poly->Harems. The comment sparked my interest in learning more about the word’s Etymology, and I found this excellent paper detailing the history. If you are interested in the root of names, I recommend it!

Okay, enough chitchat. Since I struggled to find books not already highlighted by the illustrious Quare Eligere, this list only has six new books. So if you haven’t seen the older posts, I suggest you look there for a read with FF in the harem.

As always, images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Broken Silence: A Young Adult RH Coming Of Age Romance (Shattered Dreams Duet Book 1) by Jarica James
Broken Silence: A Young Adult RH Coming Of Age Romance (Shattered Dreams Duet Book 1) by Jarica James
Amazon Description

One broken girl with a dark past must find not only her voice, but the strength to move on.

After tragedy strikes Charlie’s family, she loses herself in her grief. With her family’s murderers on the loose and cops who refuse to listen, Charlie learns the hard way that she is alone in the world.

Three years pass, and still Charlie will not speak. Out of options and ideas, the judge sends her to a different foster home. Faced with a new town and a new life, Charlie must learn to live again. Surprisingly, she meets a group of friends that welcome her into their fold.

Of course, the past always has a way of coming back to haunt you, and Charlie is no exception. With the support from her new family and friends, she tries to find the answers the police couldn’t… or wouldn't, find.

The closer they get to the answers, the more dangerous it becomes for Charlie. Can she survive long enough to be truly happy? Or will the evasive murderers come back to finish the job?

*This book was previously published by the same name, but has since been rewritten with over 18k in additions and re-edited
**This is a reverse harem, ffmm young adult romance/mystery. The main character will not have to choose who she dates. There is some violence that readers may find triggering.

Clockwork Dragon: Poly/Reverse Harem Steampunk Fantasy by Kaye Draper
Clockwork Dragon: Poly/Reverse Harem Steampunk Fantasy by Kaye Draper
Amazon Description

Blythe Li is a wellspring—a vessel containing magic that can only be used by a magi. The only problem is, women aren’t supposed to be wellsprings. In a world where powerful female magic workers rule, and vulnerable male wellsprings must follow the rigid social norms meant to keep their magic pure from corruption, Blythe doesn’t fit in anywhere. She can’t actually use magic, the way a woman should. Wellsprings can’t own property and have very little in the way of basic rights. And Blythe has no hope of making a fortuitous match and becoming a magi’s favored lover and pet, the way a male wellspring would. Instead, she’s an embarrassment and burden to her parents, who already have a house full of normal boy wellsprings to marry off. Blythe’s world is turned upside down when a commission for a clockwork dragon ends with a proposal she never could have imagined—and leaves her bonded to the future queen of the Imperial American States. But this is no Cinderella story.

Blythe’s future wife, Raina, is engaged in a quiet, deadly battle of politics and power with the current regent as she approaches her coming of age and her ascension to the throne. Blythe soon finds herself fighting alongside Raina for every freedom she’s ever dared dream of, as they try to completely remake a kingdom. But will Raina’s efforts to gather the support of a misfit court with the magic of only a pair of newly bonded wellsprings be enough to save them all from accusations of treason, murder, and all-out war?

Clockwork Dragon is an “outside the box” romance of monarchy and mayhem. It is set against a rich steampunk regency backdrop in an alternate world where magic has influenced the development of technologies and nations, and where Regency and Victorian era gender norms are reversed. It features a clockwork dragon guard dog, an irreverent and intimidating future queen, a metal-worker-turned-consort, and a poly relationship with a vessel of fire and air. Oh, and airships…plenty of airships. This story includes diverse characters and LGBTQIA elements, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, and poly romance, as well as reversed and fluid gender norms.

Author's Note:

This isn't your usual reverse harem. It isn't your usual steampunk book. And these aren't your usual victorian/regency gender norms....

*99,000 words without any extra "fluff" at the end.

*This book is not a serious historical book. It is a fantasy and liberties have been taken!

*The initial/main romance in this book is F/F, however it later develops into a poly relationship with M/F, F/F, M/M, and M/F/F scenes.

*There may be mentions of trauma, though this isn’t explicit on the page stuff.

*There is some mild-moderate violence.

*No, I can’t send you your own Sparrow. Sorry.

*This book is intended to be a stand-alone story for now. Whether there are any more books in this world will depend entirely upon demand and the graces of the writer muse.

Into the Dark: Unconventional Paranormal and Alternate Universe Romance (Genesis Series Book 1) by Evelyn M. Grey
Into the Dark: Unconventional Paranormal and Alternate Universe Romance (Genesis Series Book 1) by Evelyn M. Grey
Amazon Description

Among the pine trees and mountains the unthinkable happens: The Caldera in the Pacific North West erupts and along with it Fey's normal and stable life. On the eve of her 18th birthday, she emerges from her tranquil life seeking out the mystery of her past- and her future.

Nothing about her future is entirely what it seems, however; and she has to pick her loyalties carefully or risk starting a war between all the races.

Unraveling all the pieces of her new identity will take Fey from coast to coast and in the arms of her chosen mates: a dragon, a wolf, and a vampire. The only question is, will their love be able to stand up to the darkness or will it drive them all apart?

Note to readers:
This is my first published book. If you see any errors please message me on any of my links. (Facebook, contact page inside book, email, etc.) I am not offended by your suggestions and I love hearing from any of my readers. This helps me improve!

From Paige: Although the book doesn't indicate it the author indicated the second book is Poly, so I'm taking a stab that it has or will have FF.

Kraken the Case: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Kraken's Cult Book 1) by Kaye Draper 
Kraken the Case: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Kraken’s Cult Book 1)by Kaye Draper
Amazon Description

Half kraken, half fae Environmental Police Agency enforcer Iolani Lionheart has everything a person could ever want—looks, money, family connections, power, more degrees and certifications than she can count…. Too bad that’s all anyone ever wants her for. Io is a fling, a means to an end, an asset to be used and tossed aside. Too intimidating, too arrogant and eccentric, she’s not someone you keep. But what her clingy kraken and indulgent fae natures want more than anything is a mate (or mates) to hoard.

After her most recent power-hungry lover betrays her, Iolani is fed up and desperate to get away. An ocean-side investigation in Florida sounds like a great way to get her mind off her moping and get some much-needed saltwater rest and relaxation. She might even find a fun partner to help her forget the latest disaster of a relationship. But of course, nothing is that easy.

The simple pollution case she’s investigating turns out to be more complicated that she had hoped, one of her exes returns to haunt her, and the cute water nymph barista she’s been wooing might be unable to accept Io’s fluid gender and intimidating family—just like so many others before her.

Would anyone blame her if Io just started eating everyone who pissed her off?

Lilacs and Leather: Pack Saint Clair Book 1 by: Thora Woods
Amazon Description

She's safe as long as she's hidden.

Lydia Anderson is an unbonded omega who left her life behind to escape a family more interested in their status than protecting their daughter from an alpha who won't take no for an answer. It took everything, but Lydia managed to break free, running as far as she could. Now she lives with her head down, avoiding attention.

Her past is still on the hunt. And she can't get caught again.

Pack Saint Clair is everything Lydia has been taught to want. They're rich, influential, and beautiful. A chance encounter sets her on a collision course with the three alphas and their beta, and instincts long ignored flare to life, setting fire to all of their carefully laid defenses. But Lydia knows that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Pack Saint Clair has a secret, one that could destroy everything they've worked to create. And that skeleton in their closet has set its sights on Lydia.

When the past comes to call, can the pack keep their omega safe?

Lilacs and Leather is the first book in the Pack Saint Clair series, which will feature MM, MMF, FF, and poly relationships. This story touches on subjects that may be triggering to some readers, including descriptions of past abuse (see content warning for more details). While there will be bumps in the road, this series will end with a HEA.

Maritime Ties: Sara by Elle Joraco
Maritime Ties: Sara by Elle Joraco
Amazon Description

When Sara's mom died, her estranged Aunt Dottie moved to Toronto to take care of her. High school is done now, and the cost of living in Toronto is too much, so Sara agrees to move back to Aunt Dottie's home town in a small town in New Brunswick.

She quickly makes friends with Gwen who is dating Liam and Aarav (who are also dating each other), and Nik. The problem is, Sara is attracted to all of them. After getting to know them all, she realizes it may not be as big of a problem as she though, but can the five of them make their unconventional relationship work? Or will someone get in the way of their happiness?

This is a reverse harem-esque, polyamorous, bisexual/pansexual story of young adult exploration. There are mild sexual scenes. All characters are 18+. It has a HEA, is standalone and has no cliffhanger.

There are references to sexual assault and child abuse in the story.

**This is the second edition of this book. Content has been added, updated, and it's been edited**

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