Reverse Harems Overflowing with Men – Large Group RH Part 7

The requested theme of the week is drum roll….. large group harems! 

I get this request a lot. A LOT; this is part 7, after all. It’s also one of my go to tropes to read. 

But ya’ll; I’m running out of books we haven’t included on one of our lists! Gasp. So unless there is a bevy of new releases or you all have some gems hidden up your sleeves, this will be the last large group harem post for a bit. sob

Seriously, if you have any recommendations for this theme, please hit me up. I cannot believe I’ve found all the large group harems. Right? Right???? 

Well, folks, here we go. The last ten books I can find that fit the large RH theme. I hope you find a new to you book below.  

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

Six elemental mages. One elven princess. A magical bond they can neither allow nor resist.

For twenty one years I have hidden away in our castle, guarding a secret. A secret that could incite a war. A secret that could change the fate of our world. A secret that could destroy everything I hold dear.

Joining Elven Mage Academy is meant to be my chance to step out of my brother’s shadow and prove to my father that I am queen material. All I have to do is stay under the radar and ace my classes until I graduate and become Queen. My future is already planned out. It is meant to be easy.

All is going to plan until my bonding ceremony where everything blew up in my face.

Now I have six men who arouse forbidden feelings in me and threats from a mysterious source. Somebody has figured out my secret and it puts everyone I care about in danger.

Can I identify the threat before it is too late? Or will I bring death and destruction to everything I cherish?

Amazon Description

As the daughter of Dracula, you would think I’d be born the perfect monster.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

As far as monsters go, I’m a screw up—if I’m not tripping over my own feet, I’m accidentally murdering someone (it’s a real issue, guys).

Left with no choice, Dad decides to send me to Prodigium—otherwise known as Monster Academy—to train me on how to be a better monster.

When bodies turn up on campus, I’m the prime suspect (not that I can blame them. I’ll be pretty suspicious too if bodies drained of blood show up right after Dracula’s daughter arrives).

With the help of my mortal-nemesis Vin, Van Helsing’s son

Frankie, Frankenstein’s son

Mason, Medusa’s son

And Jack (sometimes Hux), Dr. Jekyll’s son

I might have a chance of uncovering the truth.

If I’m not murdered first.

The struggles of being a vampire, am I right?

This is a horror comedy reverse harem with some dark elements. After all, you can’t have a bunch of monsters without some darkness. This is book one of a series.

Amazon Description

Ira is a Fixer, a child raised and trained to “fix” broken fairy tales by an organization the Fixers refer to as DeadEnd. Because once you enter a fairy tale, there’s no getting out.

Ira has been assigned to Neverland. You know Neverland, where Peter Pan lived because he didn’t want to grow up. Neverland, with fairies and pirates. Neverland, which has consumed thirty-one Fixers before Ira and has been dubbed “toxic” by the Operators of DeadEnd. But Neverland needs to be fixed. It’s been toxic so long that every Neverland story in the real world is being transformed into something entirely not child friendly.

Ira comes from a long line of Fixers. Every female in her family for four generations had been Fixers. She’d been at DeadEnd since she was seven. And when she was assigned her world, Ira was ecstatic. She studied every rendition of Neverland, loving the new adult twists. She was psyched to see what was in store for her.

But when she enters Neverland by falling endlessly through the stars, she is not at all prepared for how dark and broken it is. There are some children, but the violence far outweighs the lighthearted, fun, make-believe world she’d imagined. And Peter Pan… well, he was not at all a child anymore.

She was equally disturbed to find that pirates, fairies, and mermaids were the least of her worries. And disheartened to discover that she has no idea what the true problem is. Where the toxin comes from. What had broken their fairy tale. Never mind how to fix it.

However, Ira was not at all disappointed to be surrounded by wonderful men. All of which were big, gorgeous, and interested – except for the elusive Pan. But who should she choose? Can she trust them? Will they help her fix their world, or are they only interested in climbing into her bed? And why was there a weird lack of women in Neverland?

Everything seems endlessly messed up and is getting less clear as she moves along. It isn’t for quite some time that she realizes the fairy tale she’s been sent in to fix has actually been infected by another…

**This is a full-length, new adult, reverse harem, dark romance novel with a ‘why choose’ ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man. It contains magic, demons, shifters, cursing, explicit sex scenes, blood, murder. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some MM and MMF in here, too). This is a book 4 book series.

Thoughts from Paige

This is a polyamorous series, meaning that there are multiple relationships amongst an agreed amount of people.  Our FMC is not the nuclear of a group.  Instead, she is part of relationships with others, who are part of relationships with others separate from our FMC.  There is MM.  This was one of my first (I think) forays into a truly polyamorous read.  I liked it.  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve read this series.  The book summaries make it sounds like there are four men in the harem, but it sure reads like a heck of a lot more than that.  I’m including it for that reason.

Amazon Description

**This book has been professionally edited since its first release**
**Updated version live 11/16/2022. Please make sure you update to the newest version**

When Dad died, he made me the leader of the Italian Mafia. That position was unheard of for a woman until me.

Ryder, Dex, Gage, and Holden are my team, my closest friends. Then Leo waltzes into my life, turning it upside down, along with everyone in it.

One lie. One secret.

That’s all it took to bring it all burning down around me. Jealousy and hidden desires from the four guys I thought only saw me as a friend and their Boss stoke the flames even higher.

With a new guy in my life, four guys vying for my affection, a past flame that refuses to be blown out, and threats lurking in every corner; I have to fight like hell to come out of the fire alive.

Especially since I have a secret of my own.

**Riches To Riches is Part One of a duet and will end on a cliffhanger. It’s a reverse harem/polyamorous romance intended for mature readers only. It’s set in a fictional city in California, Abbs Valley, and will be the first of this world with more to come. Be sure to check the content/trigger warnings in the front of the book before proceeding.

Thoughts from Paige

This book was recommended by one of our lovely readers. Thank you!


Amazon Description

Now a complete series!

Hi! I’m Belle. I’m just about to turn 18 and you know what? I could not care less!
Being stuck in this loop of taking care of my mom and working nonstop to pay the bills that only seem to pile up – I just cannot handle anything else going wrong.

Unfortunately for me, my life is about to change forever. Turns out that I am the prophesied Holy Warrior that will prevent Lilith (yeah, THE Lilith) from starting the apocalypse and taking over the world. Some higher being decrees that it’s up to me, and my oh so tasty seven mates, to take down Lilith before it’s too late. Now not only will I have to find my scattered mates, battle a horde of demons, and fulfill the prophecy – these men have seriously awakened my libido, which is both fun and problematic.

Needless to say, I am struggling to keep my head above water. Let’s hope I can beat the apocalyptic clock and save the world. Should be easy, right?

Saintly Virtues is the first in The Seven Sins and Saints trilogy. It is a full length Paranormal RH where the main character doesn’t have to choose. 18+ for sexual situations, swearing and mentions of abuse.

Amazon Description

Molly grew up in a small town in Montana, and she knows she’s different. Stange things have been happening for years, and there’s no way out of her current predicament with her ‘parents’. She’s tried.

Otherworldly men show up to try to take her from her home, and she finds out she isn’t human at all. She’s the heir to Hell, and her twin has finally found her.

Fated mates. Magic. Wars. Action. Fights. Will she get past her trauma? Can she survive this new life?

Demons. Witches. Warlocks. Vampires. Shifters. Angels. Oh, my.

Sudden Succubus is a 107k word stand-alone novel. This is a reverse harem, meaning the main character has more than three love interests and doesn’t have to choose. Why choose, anyway?

This book is intended for readers over the age of 18. There may be triggers for sensitive readers, including, strong language, mature adult content, traumatic memories, abuse, and neglect.

Also included in the series: steamy scenes, hot men, m/m, and magic.


Amazon Description

Mess With The Demon, Suffer Hell’s Burn.

I’ve been on the run my whole life. Hiding didn’t feel real until my fathers disappeared, and my mother sent my brother and me to Earth. By ourselves. At age eight.

Regardless to say, I was a little messed up. My fear of Lucifer enslaving me was crippling. Talking to strangers, yeah right. Showing emotions, not if I can help it. Protective instincts for the weak, on fucking steroids. Relationships, not going to happen.

Did the Light Souls council care? Nope. My demon side made me a Dark Soul. Someone not worthy of rights. Even worse, if they knew what kind of demon I was, they’d kill me. So, I shut my mouth and followed the enforcers into a place of nightmares. Hell.

I was now a prisoner… a student at Dark Souls Academy for half-demons. My main goal was to survive, but my secret made it difficult. Power was everything in the demon world and demons would do anything to climb up the ladder of power.

Thankfully, I had a few people on my side. Two lower leveled demons I have to take care of and two outcast men that feel right in every way. Even three off-limit brothers, but I didn’t count them. They had a mate, and I wouldn’t go there.

But can I really trust these people, though? Or would they be more power-hungry demons waiting for the perfect opportunity to betray me? If I survived, anyway.

Urban Fantasy 18+
This is a full-length Why Choose Paranormal Romance novel. There are Trigger Warnings. This book happens in Hell with demons, so it contains violence, adult language, and strong conduct. There’s also abuse, murders, mental health disorders, illnesses, lite cheating, and ends on a cliffhanger. See more in the author’s note.

Thoughts from Paige

I think that this is a large harem.  It sounds like there will 7 in the harem, but I can’t really tell.  I have not read the book, so everything is conjecture form reviews.

Amazon Description

Morrigan has nothing left to lose until she meets the heirs.

In a perfect world…

…the heirs of the royal families would get to choose a Starr each to Blood Bond with.

But the world isn’t perfect, and Morrigan is the only Starr left.

She wasn’t raised to be a Bonded Starr. Her life took a different path. A darker path. The last four years have been in preparation for this moment, for what’s inevitably to come, but even the best-laid plans can have unexpected consequences.

The elders sent her to King’s College to pick one—a royal to bind her life to.

The seven heirs of the royal families aren’t anything like she expects. They want things from her she doesn’t know if she can give. She’s drawn to all of them in a way she shouldn’t be, and her attraction to Valentin Stirling, the school’s delicious Student Services Officer, just complicates things.

Her year at King’s College was supposed to be easy, but things aren’t what they seem. The elders need inside information, and Morrigan is thrown into the middle of a struggle between Valentin Stirling, the Chancellor, Maxen King, and the students.

Morrigan’s future hinges on her choice, and now her very life is dependent on who she chooses to place her trust in.

*Author Note – The Last Starr is intended for a more mature teen audience. It includes sexual situations and darker themes that might be disturbing to younger readers.

Thoughts from Paige

The blurb was enough to get me interested in the book, and the sample sucked me in.  I’m so curious to find out how her harem will work and how many will be in it.

Amazon Description

My name is Nilsa.

I am the Shadow of the Moon.

A lunar witch.

A divine assassin.

And they will tell you that I am a traitor.

Framed for the murder of my own high priestess and with nowhere else to go, I’m forced to seek refuge amongst pirates. This mismatched crew of immortal males thinks I’m a solar witch; a harmless, goody-two-shoes, celibate priestess of life.

But it’s hard to keep up the charade with a cursed fae, two broken shifters and an overprotective vampire tempting me at every turn.

It’s even harder when I have to constantly restrain the urge to murder their asshole captain.

All I need to do is live long enough to exact vengeance and reclaim my place in my coven. There’s no place for men in my life. Not even the siren haunting my dreams who claims I’m his mate.

This is a slow/medium burn reverse harem novel intended for readers aged 18 years and over. Book 1 of 3 in the Deadwood Series.

Amazon Description

Pack healers have three rules:

Never mix magics

Never fall in love with a pack member

And never forget that you will die young


I try not to think about that last one. The healer burden is one I gladly bear–my wolves need me. Even if our jackhole alpha won’t let me touch him to do my job. Oh, he’ll bring a wounded pack mate to me, but we’re forbidden to touch.

Which is probably for the best because I’m his omega. We’ve known since, well, forever. But we can never be together.

See rules one through three.

But everything changes when a powerful new wolf storms into our small town, bringing secrets and danger and everything I never knew I wanted with him.

And Alpha



Wolves of the Midnight Stars is the first book in the Healer’s Pack Series and there might be a cliffy. This is a RH omegaverse romance with plenty of sexy times, nesting, AB/o dynamics, and other filthy things. You’ve been warned.

Thoughts from Paige

This book was written differently than what I’m used to, and it totally worked for me.  I couldn’t believe it was over when I saw the #sorrynotsorry note from the author. Made me chuckle.  Looking forward to book 2


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