Reverse Harems/Non-RH With Aliens…Part 1

Oh my. I thought I heard you were looking for a close encounter. The 4th kind? *Heh* Humanoid? Non-humanoid? No judgement here. Alien RH novels are actually great. The authors who write them have to literally come up with a different species for the MC to meet. A reason that could be plausible for them to meet. You know the old movie term. A meet cute. However, with many alien novels there is a captive mc trend. Then the author has to paint a world you can envision and properly suspend your reality until you finish the novel. I don’t think I could do it. That is amazing talent. In fact, it sounds impossible. Then again, one could say the same thing for fae type novels, but I digress. As always, happy reading! -Quare Eligere

Our sassy mc falls into a portal into another dimension where she’s immediately chased by an angry red demon. How is she going to survive this strange new terrifying world? RH.

<—Ha, they look like the characters from the movie Avatar. M/M. Dub/con. A crew makes an emergency landing on an uncharted planet. When the group encounters the natives they appear nice. Looks can be deceiving.

Our mc hijacks a stolen cargo ship to head back to her home planet. Only, she’s not alone on the ship. There’s a giant, beastly alien slave on board. She’s not responsible for protecting him from pursuing pirates. And not fall for her own desires. not rh

Some of the books in the series are RH, MF. All standalone, 9 different authors for each book. Book 1 the mc is sent to a prison ship and experimented on. The ship crashes and some of her new abilities turn out to be useful. The tribe that takes her captive, doesn’t seem to mind.

Our male purchases our mc female as his personal slave. His species is dying out and her kind is compatible for breeding. He must teach her to yield his will, accept his discipline, and accept him as master. Trigger warning for rough sex and spankings. not rh

“Abducted by aliens. The alien abductors have ship trouble, and they’ve left their cargo of human women – including me – on an ice planet. And the only native inhabitant I’ve met? He’s big, horned, blue, and really, really has a thing for me…” M/F From Amazon- not rh

Dark RH. Triggers for strong D/s themes, public humiliation. Part of a group in hiding from the race that took over the mc is caught by four fierce warriors. She is to be made an example of. They use her body and it betrays her. As does her heart.

A princess stranded in her escape pod. An SOS sent out. And an alien that won’t let her leave her pod. She’s running low on food and water. And now he’s approaching her pod…M/F not rh

Accidentally abducted by alien poachers. She finds herself in a cage surrounded by monsters. Unexpectedly the poachers drop her off on a planet to fend for herself. Luckily there’s 3 aliens who find her, and save her before the planet floods. RH.

Waking up in a cage at an auction to be bid on by monstrous aliens. Purchased by Kagen to be his pet. She’s unlike anything he’s ever seen. Strong when she should be weak. Will she find acceptance and love, or be nothing more than a pet? M/F not rh

RH. Dub-con. Mc leaves Earth to get away from fanatics. Decided to live on planet in peace with another race. That race is dying out and 3
Kalquorians kidnap her and hold her prisoner because they want her as their mate.

Our mc is strong and sassy. She is kidnapped. Then she is kidnapped from her kidnappers. The alien who takes her is hot, scarred, pierced, and once a proud warrior. Now they’re trapped on his ship together fleeing from the original captors and of course fighting attraction to one another. Not rh

An alien race and humans have prejudice again one another. The mc and work assigned guardian must work together to find their missing charges. He knows she’s his fated. She finds him attractive, but will prejudice they both have stand in the way? Not rh

The mc is an assassin sent to an outpost on a refuge planet for criminals and bad guys to kill 3. The leader of the outpost doesn’t trust the mc and her intentions she shares. He doesn’t trust her, but he wants to fuck her. Makes sense. Not rh

A mc with a deadly secret denies she’s the fated mate of a injured Chamele warrior pilot. She’s also the one being that can help him. Not rh

The world ended, and came under attack by purple bat like aliens all while our mc and her bestie were trying to enjoy coffee. It just so happens that the commander of the purple bat aliens thinks our mc is his fated mate. Our mc thinks…like hell. Shenanigans ensue. I know, my descriptions are fabu. Not rh

A crashed space ship on a planet with lethal predators. Luckily two sexy bronzed aliens that turn into dragons say the mc is their mate. Menage

The mc is kidnapped from her planet and auctioned off. She is to become a slave to the slaves. An enslaved gladiator and his nest mates are her only hope. Rh

A scavenger is kidnapped by space pirates. They just so happen to be five of the most powerful rulers in the universe. Oh, and they decide that the scavenger is the Oath Forger. One who is foretold to fuse their royal houses together. She plays along,  and hopes they don’t figure out she’s lying. Rh

While investigating her brothers murder by the hands of aliens, the mc and her partner are attacked. Her partner is knocking on deaths door. A murder suspect, alien, has the power to heal her partner. Our mc just has to give into his forbidden seduction. Not rh

The mc is kidnapped from a frat party by an alien. He’s supposed to deliver her to his king. Except, he can’t do it. She belongs to him…Not rh

Suffering from terminal cancer, the mc is put into stasis while there’s a search for a cute. Except she awakes to a foreign planet with giant 7ft tall dragon men instead of her cure. Rh

Years ago the world was attacked by alien dragons. Running from the law our mc finds herself as bait in dragon territory. The only way out of this is if the mc can tame herself a dragon. Well…that obviously doesn’t go as planned. Not rh

Mc is on the run from the brotherhood. Now trapped
Trapped on a derelict space station with the very ones who chased her. An emperor who wants her love. Complete power exchange in this book. It’s dark. Rh

m/m An engineer captured by bug aliens and thrown into a cage. His cage mates are naked, muscled, strong, and he has to depend on them for food and warmth. They seem safe…Menage

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