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Friends! Today’s theme post is NOT a reader request. Gasp! That’s right, I’m picking my own theme today.  

My kiddo and I brought home a new dog around the end of last year. My little pupper is so precious, and my hubby didn’t even complain that his only warning was a text asking him to bring our current dog to meet her. Way to go, Hubby! So in honor of our new fur baby, this post is dedicated to our animal companions.  I’m focusing on our FMCs that have an animal friend, but I’m not excluding furry companions to our men either.

I hope you can find a book that will bring you fond memories of animal companions you’ve had.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. The Academy of the Devil is waiting, and there will be no mercy.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the girl who didn’t fit in, the girl who collapsed in the middle of class, just because my brain decided to turn on me. I can’t really complain, though. We don’t live in the Middle Ages, so I have yet to be subjected to an exorcism. I can get treatment for my condition. Epilepsy aside, I can mostly be a normal person and have a normal life.
There’s just one problem. I’m not a normal person. I never have been. And the first time I find this out is upon receiving an exclusive invitation to The Academy of the Devil.
Unfortunately, The Academy of the Devil isn’t like other schools and the current princes of the school have a lot of experience in ripping whatever contender they have to shreds. First, there’s Callum, incubus extraordinaire and leader of the house of Lust. He thrives on making students fall in love with him and then breaking their spirits. Then there’s Mikael, the envious cambion, rumored to enjoy feeding students to the school’s dragon. And last, but not least, the leader of the house of Wrath, the hell hound Stefan. I hear he doesn’t bother with the dragon and just takes care of pests himself.
All of them despise humans. All of them sneer at anyone who displays any kind of weakness. All of them hate me and everything I stand for. That’s fine. I don’t need friends, lovers, or even valued mentors. All I need is to survive my school years with my soul, my sanity and my brain intact.
It’ll be a challenge, but I’ve dealt with worse. I might not be ready for the Academy of the Devil, but they’re not ready for me either.

The Academy of the Devil is a 74k paranormal bully reverse harem romance. All characters involved in the pairing are 18+ years old. But be advised! The series will contain dark themes, including violence, ableism, bullying of a character suffering from an invisible disability, and other similar content that may be disturbing for some readers. Approach with caution. Once you enter The Academy of the Devil, you will never be the same.

Thoughts from Paige

I LOVED book one.  I alternated between listening and reading, and I thoroughly enjoyed both. I am looking forward to the rest of the series!

Link to Overdrive/Libby

Amazon Description

Three wolves after one girl’s heart.

Ridge, Chase, and Grayson are wolf shifters living on the fringes of society and sticking by each other to survive.

But everything changes when they cross paths with Cheyenne, a beautiful Native American girl each of them finds irresistible .

As their mating instincts are aroused, the wolves are pitted against each other in a race to claim her as their own.

With three gorgeous shifter men chasing after her – the wild and free-spirited Ridge, the handsome and endearing Chase, and the stoic and loyal Grayson…Cheyenne has to make her choice.

Or does she?

A wolf can have more than one mate, and three hot men are definitely better than just one.

Claimed by the Packis a stand-alone, slow burn, steamy paranormal romance meant to be enjoyed as a quick escape.

Content Warning: Love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences. No cheating and no cliffhangers.

Amazon Description


In the last few generations, only one in a hundred female witches are born with power. So when I came into mine, my grandmother helped me hide it so I wouldn’t be swept away by the ISC, our magical government.

The price of discovery was steep; becoming an ISC drone and being paired with their choice of mate for my coven. So I hid in plain sight working days at Maggie’s Pet Wash, and nights piecing together the mythical Words of Power.

The only thought that keeps me going is figuring out a way to beat the ISC and hopefully fall in love with a coven of my own… maybe even raise a few little witchlings.

So when my familiar, a pug named Mrs. Pig, screws up my one shot at obtaining the Words of Power, I figure everything is ruined. That is until Pierce, Sam, and their own talking dogs walk into my life. Now that I have them, can I give them up? Even to save magic?

The ISC is coming for me. What they don’t know is:

(NOTE: This is the beginning of an RH series. Which means our sassy heroine may not get all the guys just yet, but be patient!)

Thoughts from Paige

I am really liking this book. I started reading the sample, ended up downloading it, and am almost through chapter two. Really great premise, and I love how the author is feeding us breadcrumbs instead of laying it all out for us.

Amazon Description

A sorceress with dark magic who’s a threat to the kingdom. Three powerful men from the royal courts sworn to protect her. And a pet dragon with a secret.

This box set contains the complete Daughter of Shadow series. Four full-length books filled with spellbinding fantasy romance. This series is ready to be devoured!

The dragons are dead, the Ebon Queen has destroyed the elven realms, and the courts are at war. The queen’s dark magic is growing in strength, and the human kingdom is losing the battle against her. Three men are sent from the Silvercrest stronghold to seek others who can aid their cause.

Leander, a domineering High Lord. Rohan, a fierce knight of the realm. And Galen, a powerful High Elf. Their task: recruit the most potent magic users from the shire towns and train them to join the crusade against the Ebon Queen.

They never expected to find a daughter of shadow.

Calla’s time working at the apothecary in her small town is about to end, but not how she expected. On the day her magic skills are tested, she is revealed as a shadowmancer—dark Ebon magic banned throughout the kingdom. A confused Calla faces a death sentence, but the three men smuggle her from town.

With no other choice, Calla journeys to the stronghold with the three mysterious men. As they fight their way through enemy territory, the men discover that Calla’s power is more dangerous than they realised—and so is the bond this creates between them all.

The four find themselves embroiled in politics and intrigue as magic and might fight for supremacy. Outside the courts, the Ebon Queen continues to ravage the human and elven lands as her shadow and decay move through the kingdom.

And she’s looking for Calla, her last remaining daughter of shadow and the magic she needs.

When secretive elven assassin Devin joins the group, he reveals the truth about Calla’s origins and the difficult journey she must take. With unexpected aid, the group search for the rumoured lost dragons who can help the kingdom defeat the Ebon.

Can Calla and her allies face the Ebon Queen and defeat her? Or will Calla’s own shadow consume her first and create something much more dangerous?

The Daughter of Shadow series is a slow-burn and slow-build RH romantic fantasy. Perfect for lovers of unique worlds filled with elves, humans, and dragons, where courts and kingdoms are at war. Featuring a strong magical heroine and fiercely protective men who will give everything to protect the woman who’s the centre of their world.

This set contains the books:

Dragon Soul, Silvercrest Guardians, Ebon Queen and Shadow Throne. Binge the series today!

Please note: This series is written in British English so has British spelling and grammar.

Amazon Description

I have huge man problems.Literally, since one of my mates is a T-Rex.

Things are about to get interesting, because my day job happens to be in a museum.
A museum full of dinosaur bones, if you know what I mean.

It turns out my bloodline is older than dirt, and an ancestral matchmaker decided to send me some gifts…aka, men. And not just any men, but dinosaur shifters from the past.

I’ve read enough paranormal romance to know all about fated mates, but I’ve never heard of fated dinosaur mates. These men are supposed to be my perfect match, here to help me learn about my magic. Rawr. Yes, they are as sexy as you are imagining.

My life had been a routine of working and spending time watching TV with my pet pig, Albert Einswine. Now I needed to learn to control the magic I never knew I had, learn more about my family line, and help these sexy dino shifters adjust to modern society.

All while hiding a T-Rex sized secret from the world.

To make matters worse, detectives are looking into the explosion I may or may not have caused when my blood mixed with some magic-infused ancient dust, which is a serious problem since the sexy green-eyed detective has my heart flip-flopping in my chest.

Dinosaurs & Disasters is a light-hearted romantic comedy with a whole lot of steam! This isn’t a save-the-world type of story, but rather it focuses on Arizona’s coming into her hidden abilities and tracking down each of her fated mates.

*This is a paranormal series, not a serious true-to-science series. So, if you are hoping to learn about dinosaurs, this probably isn’t the read for you. If you want to giggle hard enough that the people around you think you’re crazy, then this might be the book for you!

Thoughts from Paige

I laughed out loud reading this.  Can’t wait for book 2!

Amazon Description

What exactly did dear old mum get up to before I was born?
I was supposed to be going to Harvard on a full ride. I’ve always been excellent at chemistry. Turns out my knack for chemicals was because my mum is a witch and a potions master. Did I mention she summoned a demon for a ritual and Lucifer himself came? Can I tell you how weird it is to go from card carrying atheist to finding out Satan is your dad? Harvard is out. My magic was bound when I was a baby. Apparently, now I’m going to Fortuna Conservatory instead because once I’m unbound, I can cause hell on earth. Something about being the princess of Hell.

I’m engaged to be married to who I thought was my mother’s cat and a boy from my high school I’ve nicknamed Cockblocker. Oh, he’s actually a hellcat and I hate him. I’m trying to get out of it. My high school ex is a hellhound and he’s at Fortuna with me. He’s unusually interested in who my father is and would have known what I was when we were dating. In fact, there are two hellhound leaders here that are just a little too interested in dear old dad. I’m woefully behind in everything since I was raised as human. A green haired warlock has taken me under his wing to help me with magic. A vampire tutor was arranged for me by the woman who foretold my birth.

All the answers about me came in a vision to the hellcat’s mother, Lilith. She’s the one moving pieces in the background. She’s arranging marriages, choosing my classes, and putting people in my path. She’s also avoiding giving us any answers.

Can I navigate a magical school when I have no training, not kill this hellcat I’m engaged to, manage my crushes on the warlock and vampire, and still survive with two huge hellhounds sniffing around? Something big is happening. My birth wouldn’t have been foretold if it wasn’t. I need to unlock all of my gifts as half angel half witch because whatever is going on, I’ve only scratched the surface.

Amazon Description

I’ve always been able to talk to animals. Apparently, I can hear monsters too.

Hades kidnapped me. Yeah, that Hades. Greek mythology is real and I’m learning the gods are real dicks. I’m tasked with caring for the monsters in the Underworld. Oh, yeah, Demeter is pissed about the whole Persephone thing. She’s kidnapped her daughter and making the monsters fight for sport. Persephone is quite happy in the Underworld according to Hades pet dog…who has three heads and is kind of a goof.

I’ve met a Kraken, a minotaur, a phoenix, and a black widow spider. I’ve also met Hephaestus, the God of the Forge, who has been abused by his family.

Frankly, I’m tired of these gods thinking they can just hurt everyone. I’ve found out why I can hear animals and monsters. And I’m coming for them.

Amazon Description

Hell is just a place on earth, right? For Lucy, this couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Stuck working in another dead-end job in another unremarkable city, Lucy’s adapted to life on the run by arming herself with a smokescreen of snarky humor. Sometimes though, her filter-less sasses land her in hot water, especially when it comes to triggering her unruly magic.

After a trip to the pound, where a small, scrappy black cat befriends her, a rapid series of events thrusts Lucy—literally—into the complicated world of Hell.

Lucy will need to learn to rely on others and use the help offered to her by an alluring demon and a ragtag team of misfits in order to save Hell before it’s ripped apart by all manners of depraved, ruthless enemies.

Join Lucy on her adventure through hell as she battles to protect the people she loves. Can she prevail, or will she lose part of her heart forever?

This is a why choose fantasy adventure!

Amazon Description

“I am obsessed with this series! Easily top 5 of Academy RH that I have read.”- ★★★★★

This academy is like no other…

My name is Lexi Cameron and until three weeks ago, I thought I was human.
It was all a lie.
I’m a demon, and I’m signed up to attend The Demon Academy.
I soon find out it’s the darkest, cruellest school around and not many survive a full year, let alone three.
Welcome to DA, where unless you are a high demon, you can expect to be treated like trash.
My plan?
To be invisible and get the hell out of this academy, but it doesn’t work out that way…

I have one angel teacher trying to get rid of me, the students of DA making sure I know what a demon can do and I’m not going to survive Demon Academy for long.

That is until the Lucifer sons see me.
They want to break me,
they love to play games with my heart,
and even if I wanted to run from them…I can’t.
I’m apparently their mate.

And just like their father’s home, hell can’t be escaped.

RH Dark Bully Academy Romance. 18+

Amazon Description

My yearly gift-wrapping fundraiser gets a lot of volunteers.But I’ve never had helpers like these three guys.

Riley, Harper, and Logan are Rangers for the National Parks Service.
They’re as charismatic as they are handsome.
And they’ve got their eyes on me.
We’re getting hot and heavy during the holidays.
Wrapping gifts and unwrapping each other.

Not to mention taking care of all the dogs at my shelter.
And when Harper uncovers a major problem with my charity’s finances?
I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Can we avoid a holiday disaster,
Or will there be a romantic Christmas miracle?

UNWRAPPED is a sizzling, stand-alone Reverse Harem love story filled with mystery, suspense, and boatloads of holiday cheer. HEA guaranteed!


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