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Reverse Harem the Military Way – Completed Series Edition

Happy Friday, my friends!

I don’t know about you all, but I am experiencing series burnout. So I think I’ll have one more completed series post before calling our first round complete.

February has kicked my butt, so why not read a book about people who kick some butt?? Hence our completed series theme today is anything Military related. Not saying Military folk are all about kicking butt and blowing stuff up…but that’s really what I want right now!

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I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Be well, and happy reading!

A Gaming Girl Series (3 book series) by C.B. Jean
A Gaming Girl Series (3 book series) by
Amazon Description

From Book 1: When loner and infamous video game streamer Remi gets stuck inside a brand new video game along with three insanely gorgeous men, she finds out that there is more than just the game she has to escape from.

When the one who hurt her is doing everything to hunt and steal her away, her new protectors aka ex-military hotties find themselves falling for her hard and willing to protect her from her past at all costs.

As she learns to overcome her fears and opens up to these protective men, she finds herself wanting things she has never had before.

Will Remi be able to overcome her hardships and trauma and find herself worthy to love again, or will it threaten to destroy her and everyone she loves?

An 18+ Reverse Harem. Includes references to sexual scenes, abuse, foul language, possible triggers with hot action and adventure.

Alpha Unknown (3 book series) by Penelope Woods
Alpha Unknown (3 book series) by Penelope Woods
Amazon Description

From Book 1:

Every girl wants a beast. Not all can handle three.


On Earth, I was a curious explorer and government research scientist, but I was always looking for more. But when I stepped through an ancient gateway portal, I didn't expect savage beasts to claim me as their own.

There is nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run. They own me now, and they won't stop until they all get a turn. And though they’re driven to inflict pain for their pleasure, they promise to love me. Forever.

There is no going back. Out here, love is primal.

*Dark gateways and portals to different realms. HOT alien beasts set on taking and claiming the only woman to step inside their natural habitat. Primal is a full-length, dark sci-fi reverse harem romance. Note: this novel is downright filthy, wild, and contains a HEA you won’t want to miss!

Basic Witch: A Why Choose Academy Romance (Academy of the Dark Arts Book 1) by Nikki Dean
Amazon Description

Hide your magic.
Never admit that you're a witch.
And never, ever trust a hot guy with a gun.
...This witch is about to discover that some rules are made to be broken.

All sassy witch-in-hiding Mallory Serra wants is to go to work and live a normal life. After all, magic is illegal--not that she can totally control her powers, anyway--and any witch who's been caught casting spells is forced into the elite Academy of the Dark Arts, then drafted into the military after graduation.

Slinging coffee for cranky commuters is bad enough for Mallory, but actually being shot at? No, thanks.

But when a friend needs help, Mallory breaks her rules and performs one teeny, tiny spell. What could go wrong?


Matt, a hot-as-sin soldier, catches her in the magical act. Taken by the government, Mallory is forced to enter the Academy, where she's surrounded by three sarcastic, mouth-watering students teachers who are more interested in pushing her out of their special ops program than helping her succeed.

Until she learns their dirty little secret, when they have no choice but to give her a hand. Or several.

This book is part 1 of a 4 book series, and has more than a little steam with the romance. Happy reading!

Dreamland (5 book series) by Cheryl Dragon
Dreamland (5 book series) by Cheryl Dragon
Amazon Description

Dreamland Book 1

Dr. Meg Lyle is a classic geek working on a top-secret project deep within a military research base. Being stuck on a project over the holidays sucks, but when three hot members of security make her the center of their attentions, she knows there’s more to their story than they’re revealing. Are these sexy military studs men in black or aliens? Either way, they’re out of this world!

Power of Love (4 book series) by Roma James
Power of Love (4 book series) by Roma James
Amazon Description

The ultimate fantasy becomes a heart-pounding reality in the Power of Love steamy RH series from Roma James. With alpha military males as edgy as they are protective, it's perfect for fans of strong heroines who don't have to choose and men who vow passion and protection in an unconventional relationship.
Quadruple Duty - A Military Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf
Quadruple Duty – A Military Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf
Amazon Description

Needed: Community Girlfriend for (4) Army Ranger Specialists at incredible lakehouse estate. Wife material. Long term only.

The ad was ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous! Yet for Sammara Madsen, bored in life and unlucky in love? The concept made her stomach do a sexy barrel roll.

After a chance encounter with a gorgeous soldier reveals the opportunity of a lifetime, Sammara goes along out of simple curiosity. Yet when she falls in love with the beautiful mansion as well as the three other handsome Rangers who live there? The idea of being shared between them as their girlfriend doesn't seem so outrageous anymore.

Kyle is the charming, sculpted epitome of the perfect man. Dakota, the beautiful giant - and quintessential country boy. Ryan is the brooding, motorcycle-riding bad boy who shares Sammara's lonely past, and Briggs is the mysterious mercenary, dark and enigmatic, with wounds only a lover could heal.

Yet satisfying the physical and emotional needs of four strapping, powerful soldiers is not without its share of problems. Sammara is plagued by the woes of her dying business. And the four brothers-in-arms have a puzzling secret all their own... one that could easily put them - and their eager new girlfriend - in mortal danger.

Four Army Rangers... sharing the same woman, mind, body, and soul. The ultimate fantasy becomes heart-pounding reality as Sammara is taken into each of their beds - and hearts - one by one, two on one... and more.

Can Sammara succeed in fulfilling her role to each of her beautiful new boyfriends; that of friend, lover, and so much more? Or will sinister unknown forces crush their budding 5-way relationship before it can even begin?

QUADRUPLE DUTY is a sweltering, stand-alone reverse harem military romance filled with humor, drama, pulse-pounding excitement, and enormous amounts of love. Sweet and sizzling, it's full of action plus scenes so molten they're bound to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed.

Thoughts from Paige

I really enjoyed this! I've read it and listened to it.  I don't usually pick favorites in a harem, I am 100% team #whychoose, but there is one in here that I particularly liked.  Definitely worth a read!

Link to Hoopla

Sold to Serve: An Enemies to Lovers Dark Romance (The Dark Brothers Book 1) by Kyra Alessy
Amazon Description

A woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. Three cruel mercenaries who could be her saviors … if they don’t kill her first …

Kora ran away to start a new life where she was in control of her own destiny and her own body. Instead, she was captured and auctioned to the highest bidders: Three former mercenaries with black hearts.

Mace is their leader; ruthless and unforgiving. Kade lives in the shadows and, if his growls are anything to go by, may not be a man at all. The third one, Lucian, seems to delight only in wine and tormenting their new possession until she breaks ... and she might. Kora wasn’t a slave before and she must keep that secret at all costs. If they learn who she is, she’ll be forced to marry a man who scares her far more than her harsh masters.

Can she escape these three dangerous Brothers who have begun to show her that there is more to them than their tragic pasts? And if they find out her secrets, can she trust them not to throw her to the wolves?

Sold to Serve is the first book in the Dark Brothers Series of dark fantasy RH romance. If you like enemies to lovers, deliciously dark antiheroes and your love stories with bite, you will adore this book by Kyra Alessy.

Unlock the first standalone adventure in this amazing series today!

Author’s Note / DISCLAIMER: There are aspects of bullying in this, dark, why choose romance as well as dubcon and violence. 18+, my friends! If you like that sort of thing, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this story. Although the road to happily ever after might be a rough one, arriving there is guaranteed (Also, no cheating and no cliffhangers. Not ever!)

Thoughts from Paige

I'm 100% cheating on this inclusion.  The final book releases on Feb. 24, 2022.  I'm considering it close enough to mark this series as complete.  Just read slowly. 🙂

The Code Series (5 book series) by Elaina Jadin & Bethany Jadin
The Code Series (5 book series) by Elaina Jadin & Bethany Jadin
Amazon Description

From Book 1: Being pursued by five powerful men is the last thing I expected...
As former marines, they're used to facing down formidable opponents and getting the job done no matter what stands in their way. Now, they run a prestigious tech firm together and they're at the top of their game—seductively handsome, dangerously smart, and extremely wealthy. But they're determined to win more than just the bid for my new program—they've set their sights on me.

The Code is a reverse harem romance series with irresistible chemistry and a romantic suspense storyline that builds in intensity throughout the series.

Publisher's Note: The new anniversary edition of The Code has been redesigned as a five book series. It includes all the content of the original six novels as well as expanded scenes and additional content that was previously available only through limited-edition anthologies. Please be aware that the individual books cannot be mixed and matched between the original edition of the series and the anniversary edition, as there are significant content and chapter layout differences.

The Twilight Court (14 book series) by Amy Sumida
The Twilight Court (14 book series) by Amy Sumida
Amazon Description

I met him at the end of my sword.

Not the most romantic of introductions but it suited us. We're both warriors; he's a lord of the Wild Hunt of Fairy, and I'm an extinguisher—a psychic soldier trained from birth to protect our world from his kind. Attraction arced between us like lightning. I saw it in his eyes, watched them shift from frigid silver to molten metal. Despite all of that, I knew it could go nowhere. Fairies killed my mother and her death nearly destroyed my father. Then there's the fact that extinguishers don't date outside our society. A human would be bad enough, but a fairy? That's not just frowned upon, it's forbidden. We cannot be together. It's impossible. And that's fine. I've got bigger things to worry about. Like my new charge: a dryad who just informed us of a fairy plot to exterminate the human race. I'll focus on her and ignore the wild thrumming of my blood every time I look at him. I'm a professional; I can handle one arrogant, annoying, stubborn, dangerously sexy fairy hunter who won't stop staring at me as if I'm already his. I'm not one of his delicate, Fey ladies, longing to swoon into his arms. I carry an iron sword and iron is poison to Fairies. If he gets too close, he'll be the one swooning.

The Twilight Court is a slow-build Reverse Harem, Urban, Paranormal, Fantasy Series full of Fairies, psychic warriors, witches, and shapeshifters!

Their Shifter Academy (6 book series) by May Dawson
Their Shifter Academy (6 book series) by May Dawson
Amazon Description

From Book 1: By the time I walk through the doors of the academy, where the born shifters of every pack are trained to fight and lead, I’m famous. Infamous? One of those.

I’ve already fought a battle or two. And my family’s complicated relationships with magic, which has been long forbidden to wolves, isn’t popular with all the packs.

I guess I should’ve said this is the place for born male shifters. There aren’t a lot of shifters like me, with flat irons and skinny jeans packed in their bags.

There’s quite the welcome committee waiting for me.

My cadre, who want to break me down and build me back up again.

My enemies, who just want to break me.

My patrol, who rises or falls with me.

They don’t expect me to make it to graduation in four years.

But I know I will.

Who’ll be standing with me at the end?

Their Shifter Academy is a complete reverse harem romance series, set in a military academy for shifters.

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