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Reverse Harem Standalone – Paranormal Edition

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I hope you are all well.  The theme for this post is standalone paranormal reverse harems.  I tried to select a variety, so hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy!

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

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Amazon Description

They call my family a cult.

I'm not allowed to tell anyone what happens behind closed doors.

Our Sect worships the Old Gods. Our little community is surrounded by the Never Forest. A place neither Here nor There.
"The people that can dance with the dead will make their homes with the Demons."

My family can do wondrous feats. Animate corpses, and see the future through the eyes of the dead.
I can do none of those things.

But the Gods have set their eye on my virtue.
There is one for each of the Seven Sins.
And I am theirs.

**Blood Sugar is a standalone, Reverse Harem, paranormal romance with dark themes.**
***Trigger Warning: contains scenes of sexual, mental and physical abuse as well as cult activity.***

Amazon Description

Nevie, a waitress has been having the strangest dreams. Dreams that awaken desires that she didn't know she had.

When wolf shifter, Derrick, slips into her booth she gets the feeling she’s met him before.

Talon has fallen in love with his best friend. He's doing his best to keep her safe and keep his past hidden. Once his past comes knocking will he be able to protect his love or will it put her in danger?

Omen has a secret but will he be able to keep it hidden or will it come out in the most dangerous way possible?

Amazon Description

They think they can take what's mine and face no consequences.
They think they can kidnap my hellhounds and not face my wrath.
They're about to find out how wrong they are.

Someone has stolen my hounds from right in front of my face- in the middle of an argument no less!
I don’t know what they were thinking, but I’m coming after them.
No one takes my gorgeous hounds and gets away with it.

This isn’t a story about a damsel in distress. No. This is a story about the time I, Evelyn Morningstar, daughter of the Devil himself, raised Hell on Earth with a sexy vampire and two gorgeous-but-annoying as Hell guards to get my guys back.

It may also be a story about torture, romance and a little bit of violence- oh, and don’t forget the traitor, too.

This is a medium-fast burn, why choose romance with friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers and instant-attraction between one woman and her many men, meaning that she gets all the guys at the end. Please note that this is a darker reverse harem story, and as such there are scenes of violence, torture and death which are depicted throughout the book, as well as regular use of profanity and scenes with sexual content. For this reason, this book is recommended to readers aged 18+ and is not intended for a younger audience or those with triggers.
This book is a standalone, and the over all story arc is completed in this book. However, since the Devil's daughter has a life full of fun and drama, there is always room for a little more! As such, minor side plots may be unfinished, but they do not affect the conclusion of the main story.
Please also keep in mind that this book is written by a British author and is about British characters. As such the spellings are in British English, and some of the sayings/phrases may seem unusual if you are not from the U.K.

Amazon Description

I fell to my death during the middle of my birthday party...While being live-streamed to my million followers online.

On my 21st birthday.

Little did I know, my deadbeat dad forged my signature on a soul contract with the devil.

The fricken devil!

Luckily for me, ole Lucifer has gone out of business, but the metaphysical powers that be have no idea what to do with me.

I'm given a choice, don a black cloak and start collecting souls, Or go back to the primordial ooze. My time on earth isn't finished.

I need answers. Namely, who fricken killed me! But, I'm a fledgling Reaper.

My scythe is well and truly supervised. By four dark and mysterious Reapers that seem determined to get me to hang up my cloak and call it a day.

If I want to catch my killer, I've got to play by the rules (for now).

Unfortunately, there are no rules when it comes to falling in love...

**Finders Reapers is a #whychoose, Reverse Harem, Paranormal, and Bully romance with multiple love interests. It is a Standalone novel with scenes of M/M sex, multiple partner sex, bullying, and violence. It is a slow-burn novel.**

Amazon Description

Every century, 26 Alpha males compete to marry the Bear King’s daughter—and I get to capture it all.
Two bear-shifting men from the twelve Zodiac Clans compete in the Astro Games, an extreme sports competition consisting of motocross racing, parkour, and MMA fighting.

Each man fights to marry the Bear King’s daughter and take over as Bear King. This year, the thirteenth, Unaligned Clan is taking its first steps into the arena for a show that will rock the ages.

Only the best reporters from The Morning Show were sent to cover this: myself and my partner in crime, Ben. Covering this show can mean social life or death for me as a reporter, so I can’t mess this up.

But I’ve got a problem or two already..

Four of the sexiest, most charming men have their eyes on me, and I can’t help but focus on them.

Because we Geminis struggle with our emotions, it makes it hard to understand how I feel about them. Every time I get one of them alone, my feelings shift.

Alek -Alpha of the Gemini Clan - have known each other for years, and we’re familiar with each other’s… needs.

Rory - the wildcard who infuriates me, but I can’t help but long for him.

Chase - the oldest son of the Virgo clan is best friends with Ben, so it’s easy to run into him, and don’t I want to.

Hatcher (a sweetheart Sagittarius) and I hit it off immediately, almost like we both knew we needed each other.

I’m caught in a spectrum of familiarity and exciting unknowns.

If the games don’t keep me busy enough, these rugged men certainly will.

Gemini Alpha is a HOT shifter reverse harem standalone with HEA.

Amazon Description

They turned me to save my life, but damned themselves in the process.

My life has always been a morbid test, seeing just how much I can endure before I finally break. So when I'm abducted and shoved into some psycho's trunk, it really shouldn't come as a surprise. Yet even the mercy of death is torn away from my grasp, three men sinking their teeth into me and refusing to let me go.

Now I'm drawn to them in ways I've never experienced, and it’s as terrifying as it is thrilling. A blessing and a curse, I escaped my old life only to replace it by three sets of chains forged in blood, binding me to these strangers that feel like home. With the bond forcing my hand, it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s not where they’re concerned, if I’m only drawn to them because their venom is coursing through my veins.

Or if they only bit me because they couldn’t stop themselves, my blood a siren’s call for shifters.

One hit and they're faster, stronger, and hopelessly addicted. If I thought I was being hunted before, it’s nothing compared to now, when turning me into one of them amplified the draw of my blood enough to turn men feral. All I want is a quiet life and the chance to explore this bond with the men who saved me, who look at me like they’ve waited a lifetime to find me.
But will they be strong enough to stand between me and a world that would bleed me dry the first chance it gets?

*This is a darker themed standalone where our heroine gets all of her men.
*Shifters with blood kinks
*Overprotective, devoted men
*Damsel in distress

Amazon Description

I’ve had a crush on Lucas Harley, the alpha’s son, since fifth grade. So when one moonlit night reveals Lucas and I are fated mates, I think I’m lucky. I have no idea my happy life in the Northwoods pack is about to crumble.

Lucas isn’t the only one drawn to me. When I’m attacked by a stalker with supernatural powers, I do everything I can to save myself… and I accidentally reveal my abilities to the human world.

Lucas rejects me. My pack turns on me. And I find myself kidnapped by surly shifters and taken away to Reject Island, where the unwanted—and unstable—wolves are both abandoned and guarded, until they can prove themselves worthy.

My stalker is still out there, still hunting me. Now he thinks I’m an easy target. But I’m determined to redeem myself by destroying him.

And as I get to know my grouchy but gorgeous guards, I realize I need more than redemption.

I need revenge on not only my stalker, but Lucas and the pack who wronged me. And I need a second chance at love.

Shameful is a standalone reverse harem romance that is part of the Reject Island shared world, which can be ready in any order. If you don't enjoy rejected mates, cocky shifters, snarky heroines and hot scenes, back away now.

Thoughts from Paige

This is a shared universe, so the series link takes you there.  This specific book within the shared universe is a standalone. Some of them are pretty dark, and I haven't bene in that kind of mood, so I didn't read the sample on this one.  The reviews are quite positive, though!

Amazon Description

I made a mistake and I’ve learned from it.

After being humiliated during a one-night stand by a handsome wolf shifter, I swear off all men. Especially one in particular.

But then I make another mistake.

I step in front of a bullet meant for the state prosecutor and now I’ve made myself a target.

I’m not safe and the only place I have left to turn is into the arms of Christopher Rogue, the wolf shifter who I swore I never wanted to see again, and Darion Nightshade; the sexy incubus I saved.

Both men vow to keep me safe, and I believe them. The thing is, now that I’m stuck under the same roof as my mate and an incubus whose devilish smile can melt snow, I’m finding it hard to resist the attraction I feel to both men. Add in a foul-mouth ex-marine and a real storm begins to brew.

Not only is my life in danger but so is my heart. I should be worried about the target on my back but instead, I’m consumed by the passion these three men ignite in me.

This is a standalone reverse harem novel with multiple POV. It includes mature content such as: foul language, graphic sexual encounters, and some violent scenes. This book is for those +17 and older.

Thoughts from Paige

I got sucked in from the sample, so ended up downloading this book.

Amazon Description

When death comes on the wings of a Crow, she never leaves empty-handed.

Aoife Kelly has always lived in the shadow of her twin brother's magic.
Who could compete when your brother has been chosen by the Gods, after all?

They may be siblings, but Aoife's twin is at the head of the Order, while Aoife is trapped in a life of drudgery amongst the other servants of the very same Order.

Samhain approaches and a strange prophecy claims that the Morrigan-- goddess of Death, Darkness, and War--is due to arrive on the heels of this year's Wild Hunt, desperate for a Fae vessel.

When the respective leaders of the Fae in the Human Realities come to celebrate the arrival of the goddess, Aoife finds herself in the path of four of the most powerful men in England.

Aoife has no idea why these dangerous and elusive Fae have started to pay attention to her, but she has a feeling that there is more than meets the eye.

How will Aoife handle her four new suitors? Especially when the Morrigan has set her sights on them for herself?

**Wild Hunt is a Standalone Fae/Paranormal romance. This book contains schemes of MFM as well as MM. It is set in Victorian London in the late 1800s. This novel is a slow-burn

Amazon Description

The Royal Water Fae I’m in love with just hired me to be his intern.Oh. My. Fae.I only applied for the job because of a dare, and now I’m packing my bags for the North Pole.No big deal. I can totally be professional. I haven’t seen him since the Academy anyway. Maybe he’s gotten fat from all the Winter Fae sweets?Except, no. Kalt hasn’t gotten fat at all. He’s still perfectly chiseled and even more gorgeous than I remembered. And worse? He has two equally hot friends.A royal elf named Lark.And a sexy-as-sin selkie named Norden.I am so screwed. And I mean that literally because the elf and the selkie seem to think I’m their mate. Only Kalt completely disagrees.Oh, and not only am I dealing with these three hotties, but my water magic is also on the fritz. I accidentally stirred up a snowball fight in the middle of Santa’s workshop, then ice tinsel started shooting from my fingertips like confetti.It’s a problem.One I’m not sure how to solve.So, yeah, wish me luck! And send warm vibes. I really need some help melting all this snow…Winter Fae Queen is a quirky paranormal romance featuring a Water Fae from the Elemental Fae universe and her three potential mates.|


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