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Friends! I did it, I randomly chose the theme of the week.  I was all set to do something obscure and difficult, something different.  I got… slow burn.  So instead of something new we get…part 4? 

I hope you find something new to you! 

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Amazon Description

Azzie Vokaty is living a perfectly normal life in a perfectly normal small town in the midwest, dealing with a rare blood disorder alongside rude classmates and distant foster parents.

Except there is no “normal” anymore, not since the JANUS-23 pandemic decimated the world’s population.

And it isn’t a town, it’s a military base.

And Azzie isn’t exactly thrilled with the golden cage she’s living in.

The same day that sketchy, middle-aged men in cheap suits show up at her door, new faces appear in her orbit: a set of gorgeous, identical triplets at school, and a nosy new tech at the hospital…

All incredibly handsome faces. All of them seeming to pop up wherever she is.

Seriously, do they think she’s stupid?

Amazon Description

A Seductress Demon, a cute Reaper, a hot Angel & the Devil himself
They are tested to their limits, but will love conquer all?

Imprisoned by the Devil for crimes committed on Earth, I suddenly find myself the center of his attention. He wines and dines me, but something sinister lurks under his intentions.
When the hot Reaper who can’t resist me, helps me escape, an intriguing Angel decides to risk everything for me.

Will I manage to flee the pits of Hell with my Reaper to meet the Heavenly creature who claims he can save me? Or will I be stuck in the Devil’s idea of happily-ever-after?

Start to a hot, dark Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance Series, with a sassy FMC and gorgeous creatures willing to do anything for her.

Amazon Description

Love is more fun when it is Forbidden.
My first kiss happened at a party and the lights were turned off, so I’ll never know who kissed me that night.I just know that no one ever made me feel like my mystery guy, no matter how many I kissed.
That summer, I fell for two hot twin brothers: Chase and Reid.
Everything fell apart when they became my stepbrothers and things between us had to change.
Our friendship ended and was replaced by indifference and distance.
Three years later I’m back in Star Cove and so are Chase and Reid with their two hot and friendly best friends Bryce and Parker.
This is the summer before college and I’m stuck in the past, between my forbidden stepbrothers, the boy I’m dating and a kiss that’s lost forever.

Warning: this book is part of a trilogy and ends in a cliffhanger. This is a story where the heroine won’t have to choose between her different love interests and has hot scenes, swearing and mild violence. Suitable only for readers aged 18+

Amazon Description

Wolves? Check. Magically floating books? Check. A bloody mystery years in the making? …uh, check?

All Addie ever wanted was a normal life—to graduate college and get a good job so she can support her fortune-telling, tarot-card-reading mother. Her plans are shot to heck when she finds out her mother has been keeping a very important secret from her.

As in, Addie is a shifter. A wolf shifter. And not only that, but she’s special because female shifters are rare, prized in most packs. Unique because shifters as a whole are a dying race, and it’s up to females like her to further their kind.

Thrown into pack life, Addie knows she’ll be able to walk away from it anytime she wants, which is what her mother did twenty years ago, but after meeting the pack—more specifically the wolves she’s supposed to mate with—things get complicated. Maze, Dylan, and Landon. Three very different shifters, yet each one of them stirs Addie’s inner wolf.

When one of her intended mates goes missing, Addie realizes the pack is caught up in something dark and sinister. Someone or something is hunting the wolves, taking them one by one. Death is not the only thing to fear in Crystal Lake…

Limitless is the first in a magical, action-packed shifter trilogy, where the heroine will not have to choose between love interests. This is a slow-burn, new adult why choose novel.

Amazon Description

By the time an agathos woman reaches 25, she’s supposed to be one thing, and one thing only:

I’m zero for four soul bonds, a disgrace to my family, and the black sheep of my community.

It had me feeling reckless. Impulsive. Daring. In a moment of weakness, I let the darkness lurking inside of me rule, and it changed everything.

I was supposed to embrace the light, but how could I fear the dark, when it brought me Riot?

Run Riot is the first book in the State of Grace series. It is a slow burn reverse harem (MMFMM) romance suitable for readers 18+

State of Grace reading order:

Run Riot
Silver Bullet
Wild Game
Dare Not
Saving Grace

Amazon Description

Thief. Runaway. Assassin. What happens when your rumoured name destroys your life? When the very runes engraved on your skin since birth, are a death sentence?

Evie doesn’t remember a life before she was on the streets, a life before thieving to live and killing to stay alive.
When a royal family she didn’t know anything about go missing, Evie finds herself thrown into the royal court of the protectors, and they demand her help.
Help in exchange for a chance at freedom and the name that’s haunted her, forgotten. A name she can’t even read, a name she doesn’t understand.
But when three Royal protectors are tasked with helping her, her demon ex who is literally from hell, stalking her…will Evie ever be free?

17+ Reverse harem romance.

Amazon Description

You’d think that basically being in charge of love would be an epic job, right? Wrong. Sure, I can blow some Lust into people’s faces and watch the show, but I can’t actually participate. It gets old, trust me. Same goes for love. I can pass it out like sugar-free lollipops at a dentist’s office, but I can’t get any love for myself. It totally sucks.

I used to consider myself a hopeless romantic, so why wouldn’t I choose to become a cupid? Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong again. They don’t call us stupid cupids for nothing. I’m stuck in this never-ending afterlife where I’m invisible, lonely, and bitter as hell. And yeah, I’m probably responsible for some terrible matchmaking out there. Sorry, not sorry.

All my bad cupid’ing might be why I was exiled from the human realm. You can only do so much before the cupid bosses get all huffy. Unfortunately, my bitterness carried over into the new realm, and then I attacked a fae prince with Love Arrows. Accidentally. Okay, not accidentally. But hey, he deserved it. What I didn’t expect was for him to retaliate and hit my ass with some crazy magic mojo strong enough to push me into the physical realm. Whoa.

That’s right. This cupid just got a real body. And you know what that means…Now, it’s my turn to get some. Love, I mean. Get your head out of the gutter. Wink, wink bitches.

Author’s Note: This is a medium-burn reverse harem story. It includes explicit language and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18 years and older. As this is a series, there will be a cliffhanger.

Amazon Description

Wiser folk than me say that home is where the heart is, but my heart hasn’t had a place to belong in years.
As an empath with the ability to sense and influence emotions, this left me on the cusp of burnout and running low on hope. Add in a world that wasn’t ready to acknowledge the gifted, or anyone else with extra abilities as full citizens, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go on without coming apart at the seams.
When a guest ranch in Montana offered me a place on their staff, I leapt at the opportunity to make a fresh start. I was not prepared for the wild magic that stirred in my blood the instant I arrived. The land itself recharged my spirit, the horses I had been hired to work with gave me purpose, and the three cowboys determined to charm me filled my heart to overflowing. Sharp Caleb, soft Tad, and reserved Oren made it impossible to choose between them, each deserving all of my devotion.
However, even my natural optimism wasn’t so naïve to think I could get everything I never let myself dream of without making some hard choices. When a company of sadistic hunters encroach on our newfound peace, we must band together to preserve the sanctity of our new home. As our closely guarded secrets are laid bare, will we all come together? Or will everything fall apart…
This series is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a slow burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose?

Amazon Description

I am a dragon who hates dragons.

The dragons murdered my family. The dragons stole me. The fae purchased me. My mates saved me.

My mates imprisoned me.

They think they’re keeping me safe. They think they know what I need. What all delicate, feminine, gold dragons need. A comfortable den. A well-stocked pantry. Twenty children.

That’s not what this gold dragon needs. This gold dragon needs blood. This gold dragon needs revenge.

The (Not) Cursed Dragon is book one of the Deadly Dragons Duet. It is a slow burn, reverse harem romance for readers 18+

TW: Flashbacks of abuse

Amazon Description

After my parents’ deaths, I lost everything: my reputation, my home, and my bright future.I was framed, treated with contempt, and rejected by my mate. Now, I’m ready to fight back.
Over my dead body will they steal my only chance to attend Camdine Academy and prove my innocence.

Amelia Byrne has been to hell and back in the Mcnarty pack.

She has been accused of heinous things and ostracized by her pack members.

The only chance she has to prove her innocence and get her life back on track is by attending Camdine Academy. There, her goal is to clear out the negative points on her Supernatural Council file, get into any of the big three supernatural organizations, and get back at those who plotted against her.

But Amelia’s Alpha will do whatever it takes to prevent her from proving her innocence so she doesn’t reveal the pack’s secrets.

So Amelia has to race against her fears, her terrible reputation, and the setup that might just ruin her life, to prove her innocence.

And what’s this business about being a Fae Omega and having multiple mates? Amelia doesn’t want it. She wants what her parents had. A stable family, one mate, and a few kids.

As if things weren’t bad enough, a series of unfortunate events reveal that Camdine Academy is not as safe as it seems.

‘The Pack Outcast’ is the third book in the exciting rejected mates standalone series: The Fae Omegas Series. Amelia’s story is a slow burn reverse harem/why choose ya paranormal romance. Get ready for unexpected twists, turns, and danger.

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