Reverse Harem Review Contest

Friends, it’s that time of year for goodness and cheer. But, unfortunately, it’s also a hard time of year for many people, on top of the hard last several years. I’ve been trying to find a way to spread some cheer to you, my internet buddies.

I found Reverse Harem books at the start of the pandemic. They helped me through the incredibly tough years we’ve all endured. I owe the authors of these books a massive debt of gratitude.

So, to show my gladness and gratitude to both you, dear readers, and Reverse Harem authors, I bring you a fun little challenge for the next few weeks.

I will be gifting ten $10 amazon gift cards. To enter the contest, you need to write a review for any Reverse Harem novel with less than 100 reviews on Amazon. It is an honor system; I don’t need to see your review. Please let me know the name of the book you reviewed so I can make a cute little montage at the end of the contest.

And that’s it! No strings, no gimmicks. The contest isn’t sponsored, and I am in no way affiliated with any authors or the publishing industry. Winners will be selected randomly. I will delete your email address after the contest closes; I will not sell any data and will not automatically sign you up for the blog.

I want to spread cheer and make people’s December a bit brighter.

You can enter the contest up to five times, one for every review.

And that’s it! Write a review, and enter the contest up to five times. Chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

I hope you all have fun reviewing some lesser-known books.

Be well, and happy reading!

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