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The theme of the post is Completed Series Bully Reverse Harems. A lot of these seem to fall under YA/NA. Interesting… I guess it falls more under the dark/horror category when it reaches the ‘adult’ level.

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Ghosted: a paranormal academy romance (Manderley Academy Book 1) by Steffanie Holmes
Ghosted: a paranormal academy romance (Manderley Academy Book 1) by Steffanie Holmes
Amazon Description

From the author of Kings of Miskatonic Prep, the Amazon top-20 bestselling bully romance series, comes this chilling new gothic paranormal romance.

Ivan, Titus, Dorien.
These Bad Boys of Baroque may play like angels,
but they’re determined to make my life hell.

When my mom got sick, my dreams of a career in music imploded. That is, until Madame Usher wafts into my life like a ghost from the past, offering me the chance to study at the exclusive Manderley Academy – a music school for the most gifted and wealthy.

It’s an offer I can’t refuse—free room and board at the gothic mansion where elite students immerse themselves in mastering their art. But there’s a catch, and it’s a big one.

I’m her slave.

I clean the rooms. I polish the piano keys. I serve her and the three pretentious a-hole guys who rule this school.

I must endure their bullying in silence. Even when they destroy my things, sabotage my performances, and try their best to drive me from Manderley.

Rich. Arrogant. Cruel.
They won’t have the poor little charity case ruining their fun.
They’ve heard me play.
They know I’m a serious contender for the prestigious Manderley Prize.

These broken muses aren’t used to losing, especially to the help.

But they’re not the only ones haunting me.

Something twisted and evil shrouds Manderley Academy. Maybe my bullies are the least of my problems. Maybe Dorien, Ivan, and Titus aren’t the ones behind the strange noises in the walls, the warnings scrawled on my mirror, and the gruesome murders on the school grounds.

Maybe...maybe Manderley’s ghosts are real.

A dark mystery unfolds around musician Faye de Winter in book one of this gripping college reverse harem bully romance by USA Today best-selling author Steffanie Holmes. Warning: Proceed with caution – this tale of three spoiled rich boys with unsettling secrets and the girl who refuses to put up with their shit contains dark themes, a creepy house, a smoldering second-chance romance, college angst, cruel bullies and swoon-worthy sex.

Her Shame: A Dark Bully Romance (The Forgotten Elites Book 1) by Eden Beck
Her Shame: A Dark Bully Romance (The Forgotten Elites Book 1) by Eden Beck
Amazon Description

I was a good girl until I met them. Until I got here. Warren. Chase. Sterling. Ridgecrest Reform Academy was basically built for boys like them. And, apparently now, girls like me. Girls with a past. Girls with a secret.
A secret, it seems, that someone at Ridgecrest already knows--and whoever it is plans on using it against me. One misguided word from me, and suddenly keeping my secret isn’t my only problem. Not when I’ve angered the three boys who’ve run this school from the moment they stepped inside it.I might as well have painted a target on my back, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Bullied. Blackmailed. Broken. These are the things that have already happened to me, and I’ve only just arrived.This is only the beginning.I didn’t think things could get worse than being thrown into a school for delinquents, but I was wrong.It can get so, so much worse.I’ve made sure of that. Her Shame is a full-length reverse harem bully romance with multiple love interests. It’s the first book in The Forgotten Elites trilogy, a contemporary enemies-to-lovers series where the main character has no intent to choose between the boys she loves to hate.

Ruin Me by Angel James
Amazon Description

I don’t belong here. Twin Falls Academy — a seething hub of overprivileged trust-fund babies and indulged elite — and my new alma mater. I’m an orphan. I am the unwashed masses that they can’t stand and they never miss an opportunity to grind that message home. Especially Rosalie Evers, the queen bee who rules with a manicured grip wrapped around the throats of everyone trapped beneath her. But I don’t care what they think. I’m just doing time at Twin Falls until I can get back to California for college. Except I’ve attracted the attention of the three hottest — and most dangerous — guys at Twin Falls. Preston, Maddox and Quinton are my weakness. I don’t know if anything is real or I’m getting played like countless others before me. Are they lying to me? Or have they changed? I shouldn’t risk my heart when the stakes are so high but I can’t seem to make myself walk away... Even when I should. RUIN ME is part of a four-book series that ends with a massive cliffhanger and must be read in order. The books are: RUIN ME, SHATTER ME, WRECK ME, DEVASTATE ME. Contains foul language and mature themes. Enjoy!
Serpents: A Dark College Bully Romance (The Serpents of Cinderhart Academy Book 1) by Logan Fox
Serpents: A Dark College Bully Romance (The Serpents of Cinderhart Academy Book 1) by Logan Fox
Amazon Description

They call them the Serpents.

Knox, Mason, Silas.

These sick, twisted psychos are the untouchable elites at Cinderhart Academy.

I'd never get involved with such dangerous guys despite how gorgeous, rich, and influential they are.

But after I witness them committing a sadistic crime, I'm dragged kicking and screaming into their dark, depraved world.

If they plan to break me, they're late to the party.

Nim Winters isn't the same girl who stumbled onto their crime scene a few months ago.

I have nothing to left to lose.

The Serpents? They have everything...but not for long.

Serpents is a dark college bully romance where the heroine has multiple love interests…and gets a HEA with all of them in book three.

TW: This book contains scenes depicting graphic violence, mature content, and plenty of triggers.

Sinners: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance (Pawns of Patience Book 1) by Cassie James
Amazon Description

A lost heiress finds her way home. She’s about to wish she hadn’t. The town of Patience is home to the privileged, the elite, and the ruthless. Everything Juliet is not. After spending the first sixteen years of her life in a dead-end town, she’s thrust into the spotlight of a legacy she never knew she had. With it comes a decades long mystery about a hidden family fortune. But if Juliet wants to claim the treasure her grandfather left behind, she must survive a curious game of cat and mouse with four guys that are equally as hot as they are cruel. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing. Not everyone will survive. There are two types of people in Patience: The sinners. And the pawns. Sinners is the first book in a series of full-length reverse harem high school bully romances. Some scenes portray subject matter that may be difficult for some readers. Enjoy at your own risk!
The Angels: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Raven River Academy Book 1) by Ruby Vincent
The Angels: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Raven River Academy Book 1) by Ruby Vincent
Amazon Description

My parents forgot something when they ran… me.

After scamming most of our town out of their life savings, my folks disappeared in the middle of the night.

Forced to take me in, my estranged aunt and uncle shipped me off to Raven River Academy the first chance they got.

In my town, the line between the haves and the have-nots is actually a twelve-foot gate that keep the unwanted where they belong. Nothing could unite the two factions until I set foot on campus.

For the first time in our history, they all agree on one thing:

I must pay for my father’s sins.

But why should I care?

The joke is on them because I have nothing left inside. No part of me that isn’t already broken. I invite them to do their worst.

Until The Angels enter the game.

The most dangerous gang in town has a score to settle with my family, and Cassius, Clay, Hiro, and Royal are here to collect.

Raven River soon becomes a battleground of lies, deceit, and violence, and I stand at the heart of it.

The gorgeous otherworldly Angels will remind me that there is one thing left that I care about… and they’ll destroy it in heavenly fire.

The Angels is a contemporary high school bully romance.

The Replacement: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance (The Thorns of Rosewood Book 1) by Cassie James & Christine Kelsey
The Replacement: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance (The Thorns of Rosewood Book 1) by Cassie James & Christine Kelsey
Amazon Description

Piper Hawthorne just walked through the front doors of Rosewood Academy.

The problem?

Piper Hawthorne was supposed to be dead.

She was one of Rosewood Academy’s most beloved students until a post-prom accident took her life. Now, with the help of an eccentric tech entrepreneur, her parents have managed to bring her back.

A version of her, anyway.

But The Thorns, the kings of Rosewood Academy, don’t want Piper’s replacement. She might have the same speech patterns and mannerisms as their lost friend, but they’ll never see her as one of them.

Jude. Tyler. Brennan.

Handsome, but cruel. This is their world, and there’s no place in it for the girl they deem Piper 2.0.

They’ll do anything it takes to break her. To tear her down until she can’t take any more. Everyone has a breaking point, and The Thorns are going to find hers.

Piper 2.0?

She wasn’t programmed for this.

A note from the authors:
Though this story features some AI technology, this book is light on the science and heavy on the petting. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

Traitor: A Bully RomanceHattie Jude
Traitor: A Bully Romance by Hattie Jude
Amazon Description

I've lost my family, my wealth, and the place I called home for the past five years. Now I’ve moved back to where it all began… With the guys I thought I’d never see again. Abel, Ronan, Wells, and Bishop were my friends at one time. The only girl they would let into their inner circle. Now they hate me. They think I’m a traitor. And I don’t know why. But I am bound and determined to find out. The problem is, there is a super fine line between hate and lust. What happens when we all cross it? Traitor is the first book in the Loxley Prep reverse harem series.
Vengeance: A Reverse Harem Revenge Romance (Vengeance Series Book 1) by Crystal North
Vengeance: A Reverse Harem Revenge Romance (Vengeance Series Book 1) by Crystal North
Amazon Description

A suspicious death.

A school full of secrets.

And a student hellbent on uncovering the truth, no matter the cost.

What you’re about to witness comes from a dark place. It’s taken a lot of planning, but you should know that every single thing I’m about to do is deserved. More than deserved, it’s owed, tenfold. Nothing I could do to these people will ever be enough to get even.

Charlotte McLintock has a new identity and a new look as Raven Deighton. She needs it so that she can infiltrate the elite private school that’s covering up her twin’s death. They claimed it was suicide, but she knows better. Her plan’s been almost two years in the making.

What started off as a desire to know the truth has turned into a burning compulsion for vengeance. However, she soon finds that life at Westchester Preparatory Academy’s not what she expected and that everyone’s hiding secrets – even the four hot guys she’s rapidly falling for.

Her one mission is to uncover the truth about what happened to Lizzie so that she can make everyone involved pay, and she’s not about to let anyone or anything – even her own torturous heart – stop her from burning them all to the ground.

Vengeance is a contemporary New Adult reverse harem bully romance, with dark themes and a twist. It ends on a savage cliffhanger but is book 1 of an already completed trilogy with closure at the end of the series.

Who Breaks First (Clearwater University Book 1) by Eva Ashwood
Who Breaks First (Clearwater University Book 1) by Eva Ashwood
Amazon Description

Once upon a time, I fell in love with three best friends.

This is the story of how they became my enemies.

Trent, Reese, and West.
The Icons.

Those three names are seared on my heart, imprinted on my soul. I gave a piece of myself to each of them before lies and betrayal drove us apart.

But when I’m offered a full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Clearwater University, I can’t say no… even if it means facing down the demons from my past.

Even if it means being drawn back into a world of obsession, vengeance, and desire.

Even if it means the Icons will do everything they can to break me.

But I’m not the same girl I once was, and if they think I’ll be an easy target for their wrath…

We'll just see who breaks first.

This is book one of the Clearwater University series, a new adult enemies-to-lovers romance. It contains foul language and high steam.


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