Reverse Harem Books With A Second Chance for a Childhood Friend

Hello, my dear friends!

Today’s request was second chances, a-la childhood friends. I love this twist! 

There aren’t as many on KU as I usually select, so read the samples and check your libraries before buying! 

I think I’ve marked all the below as books I want to read; that’s somewhat unusual for me! Hopefully, you all find something you are interested in as well.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

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Amazon Description

Eloise Taylor is waiting. Having made a childhood promise that she intends to keep she is now one of the oldest unbonded omegas at the San Francisco Academy of Omegas (or SFOFA). As her heats become more and more unmanageable and dangerous she refuses to even consider a pack.
Pack Russo is notoriously anti-omega. At least its pack leader Leon Russo is. Eric Zhao, Gage Larson, Dominic Dubois, and their beta Owen Samuels don't really understand it but follow their pack leader.

When faced with an ultimatum on both sides Eloise and Pack Russo are suddenly operating in very close quarters. Will they be able to move on from their past or will their past come back and finish the job, never allowing this pack to move forward?

Always waiting is an 18+ omegaverse reverse harem featuring MM, MFM, MMFMM, and other sexual situations. Be warned omegaverse isn't for everyone and it does feature knotting, heats, and other omegaverse features set in a contemporary setting.


Thoughts from Paige

Here is another cover I don't love...but the sample was well written.  I'm adding this one to my TBR pile as well.

Amazon Description

The queendom is in great peril. Can a spoiled princess and three commoners save it?

Zirconia is all set for her grand coronation when tragedy strikes. Something horrid has befallen the people of Silvania, and Zirconia, despite her sheltered upbringing, finds herself teaming up with the most unlikely of commoners to save her queendom:

- Her sexy best friend, a bunny shifter

- A hulky bear shifter mercenary

- A royal prince on a mission

- An eccentric, devilish vampire who has a flair for the dramatic

Romance blooms, allies are made, and Zirconia finds she’s gotten more than she bargained for with her hot as hell companions.

Can her unlikely companions help her save her people, or will this quest prove futile?

Love Blooms is part of Spell Library but can be read as a standalone. Like the cover, this book is a crazy fun read, written especially for readers who love our sense of humor.

Thoughts from Paige

I must admit, I am not digging this cover.  This is much-beloved series of standalone.  I'm not sure it fits my brand of humor, but I did end up reading the entire sample and am probably going to end up reading the book. 🙂

Amazon Description

Noah, Bryce, Lucas, and I grew up together, and while I was forever just one of the boys, I never had a problem with it. I never saw them as anything more than my best friends... until one dry spell stretched for way too long. That was when I started to learn how they really felt. There was just one problem… how was I supposed to choose between the three of them? I felt something for all three of my boys, and I had to find an answer that made everyone happy. I couldn't stand to lose one of them in favor of another. Luckily, as things fell into place, I quickly learned that I didn’t need to choose between them.

Thoughts from Paige

I toyed with not including this.  We are more on the friends-to-lovers path than the second chances, but I ultimately decided it is worthy of inclusion.

Amazon Description

Salem's magic has always stayed hidden...until now.

Salem Public Library’s own Cas Marston has a secret. With the blood of countless Ley Line Guardians running through her veins, there are certain expectations on her shoulders…expectations that have nothing to do with cataloging books.

For centuries, Ley Line Guardians have kept Salem's magical ties a secret from the outside world, but when ley energy begins blasting out over Salem, Cas finds herself with a bit of an issue. One she needs to put a stop to—and fast. With her brother missing and the city nearing disaster level, the local coven offers a solution. Torn between family and duty, Cas is faced with an impossible decision that will seal fates…one way or another.

Will Cas find a way to fulfill her duty as Salem's Ley Line Guardian? Or should she heed her brother's last message…and run?

Reawakened is a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat Urban Fantasy that packs a punch! If you like to read the work of Annie Bellet and Patricia Briggs then you will love E. M. Moore and her hot new series Chronicles of Cas!

**This is a slow burn Reverse Harem!

Thoughts from Paige

I am so excited that I found this book! It seems right up my alley and not something that has come across my radar. But, alas, this is not available on KU. Our MC is a librarian. My grandma was a librarian, and I've always LOVED the idea of being a librarian. Alas, real-world reasons led me to my current career, but I hold librarians dear in my heart. And this MC librarian seems quite kick-ass.

And for those reading the sample, FUBAR means fucked up beyond all repair. 😉

Amazon Description

Perry has one goal: to find the best friend she lost when the world ended.

Even after five years, she's not given up hope. When a sudden change in the weather finds her more than she bargained for, she might find some answers, along with unexpected allies and a chance to finally stop running from the ruined world.

If only the apocalypse wasn't so complicated.


Rise Of Night is the second book in the Return Of The Fae Series, and is Perry's complete story. It is a paranormal apocalyptic book with a low heat reverse harem romance. It was previously titled Fae Blessed. Only the title and cover have been updated.

Thoughts from Paige

It looks like this is a series of standalone, so I assume you can read this book without finishing the first in the series.

Our MC mentions her missing best friend within the third paragraph, so I hope they'll find their way back together. I quite liked the sample and ended up buying the book. Do read the sample before you decide, as reading enjoyment varies. 🙂

Amazon Description

What do three scorching hot Navy SEALs have in common? Me and they're not stopping until I give them everything they crave.

You see, I loved them once. And then they pushed me away. Said I was too young. The daughter of the wrong woman and too naive for their darker tastes.

The trio of gorgeous men were right. But it broke my heart when they turned me away.

Because of them I'm different now. Stronger and little more jaded.

Six years is a long time to harden a woman's heart. I've tried the dating apps, double dates and blind dates. All that got me is a relentless stalker and a worried friend who thinks she knows what I need to brighten my holiday spirit.

A single night at Club Sin. Should I dare to step into Room One the rules are simple—no inhibitions, no names and the promise of having the wildest night I'll ever experience.

I'm game until my three SEALs walk through my door with an ultimatum and looking like my best worst idea come true. They give me my first everything and in return I give them until Christmas eve alone in the mountains with snow, roaring fires and unlimited amounts of the BIG O.

Seems doable. But this time I'll be the one doing the walking out come Christmas morning.

*a dark forbidden second chance reverse harem romance* Fans of Krista Wolf, Shayla Black and Ivy Smoak will devour this forbidden second chance reverse harem romance filled with suspense, forbidden desire and a shared love so strong nothing will stand it its way.


Fantasies are meant to come true and the men of Club Sin will see to your every kinky desire. This November, 22 of your favorite steamy romance authors take you inside Club Sin, a forbidden place where you’ll find love and pleasure with multiple hot men in these Reverse Harem novellas. Can you handle the heat?

22 rooms, 22 fantasies…Which door will you step through?

Thoughts from Paige

In addition to friends-to-lovers, this book also boasts the stepbrother trope and age-gap trope.  Seriously, I'm going to read this book just to see how many tropes we can get.  The writing seems good, so count me in!

Amazon Description

When college football star Graham Lawson is given one last Hail Mary chance to pull up his GPA or lose his spot on the team, he turns to the sweet but shy bookworm from his hometown – the girl who saved his ass back in high school.

Skyler Sutton is beyond stunned when her longtime crush asks her to come stay with him for the entire summer. She’s even more surprised when Graham’s two incredibly hot, fun-loving roommates decide to educate her with a lifetime of firsts she’ll never forget.

Charlie and Tyson show Skyler friendship, compassion, and love that knows no limits. They even try to protect her from having her heart broken when they convince playboy Graham to keep his hands off of his sexy, little tutor.

But can two amazing guys really replace the one man who Skyler would give anything to be with?

After Graham caves and can no longer resist Sky, will she have to choose between her unconventional relationship with Charlie and Tyson? Or will Graham decide to team up with his roommates to give Sky everything she’s ever dreamed of and more?

Thoughts from Paige

I have already read this book, and it seems to fit the theme.  I did read all of it but don't remember loving it or hating it.  So take that for what you will.  Definitely read the sample.

Amazon Description

A lifelong friendship that became a rivalry. Three gorgeous specters of my past, hellbent on winning me back. Who knew coming home could be so deliciously complicated?

When the funeral of a childhood friend brings Kayla back to North Glade, she's forced to face the very reasons she left. And when three sizzling exes reveal they still harbor feelings for her? The men come up with a very unique way of determining who gets their shot.

There's Warren... her first in every way. Whiskey brown eyes. A lady-killing smile and a roguishly handsome face, set upon shoulders to die for.

Then there's Luke, tall, blonde and perfect. Warren's best friend... at least up until he and Kayla shared that smoldering hot summer together, just after their breakup.

Finally there's Adrian, the brooding tattooed god. Thick black hair with mountains of muscle; a friend with benefits so raw and savage Kayla could never hope to resist - nor would she ever want to.

Choosing between them becomes an impossibility... until a very unorthodox solution presents itself. One that leaves Kayla breathless and filled with butterflies, while fulfilling every last one of her far-flung fantasies.

But North Glade still harbors its own share of mysteries, as outside forces begin aligning against their tight-knit little group. Will Kayla stay long enough for one of her suitors to win her heart? Or will a more unconventional arrangement present itself... one where she gets to eat her cake and have it too?

THE BOYS WHO LOVED ME is a sweltering, stand-alone reverse harem love story filled with suspense, humor, new adult romance, and enough molten hot action to melt your kindle (author not responsible for molten kindles). HEA guaranteed!

Thoughts from Paige

This book is probably the one that is closest to the original request. I usually love Krista Wolf and haven't read this one yet.  I enjoyed the sample and have already downloaded it.

Amazon Description

Struggling to fit in at her university, Kim decided to go to a frat party. She never expected there’d be unforeseen consequences.

Rescued from peril by a childhood friend, she’s brought to his room and looked after by him and his suitemates. Boys she’s known her whole life.

They’d do anything to keep her safe, but Kim has grown bored with her studies and is eager for new experiences. Experiences her childhood friends are happy to offer.

This is a steamy reverse harem romance with one sweet girl and four jocks determined to bring the heat! No cliffhangers. But definitely a happy ending…several…

Thoughts from Paige

Unfortunately, there isn't a sample. But don't worry! I took one for the team and returned one of my KU books so I could read the first bit.  In my opinion, the first chapter pulled me in, and this seems to be a good option for a quick read. It is definitely a novella.

Update: I'm about 50% of the way through and I'm cracking up at this group text exchange. Super funny. Upon further reading, this is more of friends to lovers than second chances, but it is super cute and light.

Amazon Description

My father is dead. My brother is missing. And I’m trapped on Whispering Isle with three Fae men who make me want things I shouldn’t even think about.

When my whole world falls apart, the three Thorn men are there to help me. There’s Aidan, who stole my heart as a child. Liam, who I know would do anything to keep me safe. Finbar, the mysterious charmer. There’s no one else for me to turn to. No one else who can help me rescue my brother.

But they all want something from me - and they are all keeping secrets. Deep, dark secrets that could change everything I know about myself. Whispering Isle isn’t as safe as I hoped…

Thoughts from Paige

I'm digging this cover. But OOF, that beginning was fast and furious.  I am definitely going to be reading this one.

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