Reverse Harem Book Release Schedule for September 2022

Hello, hello!

Whew, what an end to summer! Lots of books are coming out this month in a series I’ve been reading, so I’m super excited. I hope you are all looking forward to a few!

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Be well, and happy reading!

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6 thoughts on “Reverse Harem Book Release Schedule for September 2022”

  1. Not sure if this the right place, but some additions (in no particular order):
    – Charismatic by TS Snow
    – seeing sound by Albany walker
    – battle of witches by JB Trepagnier
    – vexy and chaos by Amanda Cashure

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I have added these to the release calendar. Can’t believe I missed Charismatic, I’ve been looking forward to it FOREVER (it feels like). Thank you!

  2. Haunted Tides: A Spirit Vlog Standalone (Spirit Vlog: Haunted Histories Book 1) by Jarica James comes out Sep 16

    1. Thank you so much! sounds really good! 🙂 I just blew threw The Forgotten series by Jarica James and Suki Williams, Jarica James is quickly becoming a must read author for me!

      1. So on Amazon Unbroken Bonds by J Bree comes out in Oct. 28 just a heads up is that the release date or is it September 28?

      2. Drat, it got pushed. So did a few others, including Kings of Underland. Unfortunately I have to update the release calendar manually, so I’m not 100% live time. I try to update a few times a week, but we do have quite a few books that move around each month. I don’t have the inside track :). Thank you so much for letting me know, I appreciate it! I rely on the calendar too for getting excited about books. 🙂

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