Reverse Harem Anthologies & Collections – Part 1

Hello lovlies! I have another reader request for us. It will feature current anthologies, collections, and a couple pre-orders. They are considered current due to the fact that some anthologies become discontinued after a period of time. These will not be trope specific other than they will have RH stories in them, but I cannot guarantee all of the stories within each collection will be RH. These are all fantastic because they give us readers a chance to find new authors to read. It also gives us a chance to find new authors we might not wish to read. A double edge sword. I enjoy them because I do not have to download a bunch of samples. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

**Note: The majority of Anthologies are available from authors for a limited time. If you find a link has a book removed, let me know and I will find you some new anthologies to read. Thank you for pointing out the invalid ones once they are removed by the author. Updated: 2/20/21

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Tool Time: A Collection of Ménage and Reverse Harem Romances by Jayne Rylon
Amazon Description

What could be better than five men with powertools? Four books about them, their hot friends, and the women they love! Grab this collection of four steamy multi-partner romances by NYT and USA Bestselling Author Jayne Rylon. From ménage to reverse harem and other polyamorous stops in between, the Powertools universe is filled with unconventional love in every combination. Come see what this vast world has to offer with the first installment of four completed series within the same why choose world. This collection includes: ★ Kate's Crew (Powertools: The Original Crew, Book 1) ★ King Cobra (Powertools: Hot Rods, Book 1) ★ Wild Ride (Powertools: Hot Rides, Book 1) ★ Screwed (Powertools: The Original Crew Returns, Book 1)
Dirty Hot Valentine: Valentine’s Day Romance Collection (Rock Star, Teacher Student, Mafia, MC Biker) (Forbidden Cruel Italians) by N.J. Adel
Amazon Description

Happy dirty Valentine's Day!
Have fun with this collection of sizzling V-Day stories. Erotic suspense and Mafia and motorcycle club erotic thrillers, rock star, billionaire, teacher student, MF and why choose, spicy hot and dirty.
Get it now to warm up your Valentine's Day.

In this box set you'll find:
1- The Italian Valentine (exclusive content not published anywhere else)
Extra POV from the dark Mafia romance, The Italian Obsession
2- All the Teacher's Valentines (exclusive content not published anywhere else)
A why choose forbidden teacher novella
3- Dirty Beats
The Italian Heartthrob Prequel. Rockstar romance. The spicy story of Maggie and Viktor before Mike
4- Nine Minutes Xtra
Part of the Nine Minutes Trilogy, a dark and gritty motorcycle club romance. The Night Skulls MC

Warm up your Valentine's Day and don't be alone with over 80000 words, 300 pages of Valentine's love. Spend it with the best date ever and get your copy now of Dirty Hot Valentine.

Enemies to Lovers: A Collection of Series Starters by Brittni Chenelle
Amazon Description

Will they give in to their deadliest desires? Box set: 750+ pages of angsty enemies-to-lovers adventures with daring heroines and their foes destined to become forever partners. Princess Charlotte’s whole world changed one morning over breakfast. With her mother announcing a rushed arranged marriage to a humorless prince, she’ll do anything to stop the wedding – including shooting him with an arrow. But after the kingdom is invaded and a sinister plot to capture her discovered, can she convince her unwanted suitor to help keep her out of enemy hands? Reina Bennet won’t stop believing that she’ll eventually get her abilities. But when her childhood champion grows up into a smug superpowered bully, her escalating rivalry with her ex-friend gets them both kicked out of school. And after he ends up in a rebel group at their new academy, can she put aside her grudges for a chance at a fresh beginning? Princess Sinna of the Shadow Court fears her fated mate means certain death. So when a magical ceremony reveals him as the powerful vampire king, she’s eager to prove she can be a worthy Hunter by killing him. But can she stop herself from falling hard as she tries to seduce him into a fatal embrace? Enemies To Lovers: Series Starters Set is a kickass collection that includes the YA fantasy Kingdom Cold, the new adult fantasy The Fae & The Fallen, and the adult paranormal romance Chaste Blood. If you like strong women, diverse characters, and emotionally-charged conflicts, then you’ll adore Brittni Chenelle’s bestselling sensations. Buy Enemies To Lovers: Series Starters Set to turn animosity into passion today!
Bitten: A Vampire Romance Collection by Sophie Stern
Amazon Description

**Four paranormal vampire romances for your reading pleasure.** VAMPIRE KISS The vampire hunter has been seeking her prey for years. Desperate to get revenge for her friends who were lost, she vows to kill him using any means necessary. Then she learns his secret, and everything changes. CHAOTIC WILD She wasn't supposed to screw up his order of blood from the hospital, but she did. Now, the vampire says that Juliet has to serve as his personal blood doll to replace the missing blood. ETERNITY She wasn't expecting to be kidnapped or stolen away into a world of vampires and magic. She wasn't expecting to like it. BITTEN BY THE VAMPIRES Vampire mates are just fairytales...just least, that's what she's always believed. Then she's rescued by a group of vampires so handsome, so menacing, so horrifying beautiful that she finally realizes they're her mates whether she wants them or not. BITTEN: A VAMPIRE ROMANCE COLLECTION is an anthology of four novels by Sophie Stern. This collection includes: Vampire Kiss, Chaotic Wild, Eternity, and Bitten by the Vampires. Each story includes steam, biting, and a happily-ever-after.
Backstage Girls: Reverse Harem Collection by Roxanne Riley
Amazon Description

What happens when all these hot rockstars take a girl backstage? Rockstar life is known for getting a little wild, but Anna, Serena, and Diana never expected this. When Anna's best friend drags her out to a local rock show, she's expecting a night of booze and awful music, but ends up finding an electric connection with four rock stars! Will she be able to take all four of the band members' big pieces of equipment at once? And can they handle sharing her curves? Serena has always had a passion for music, but stage fright keeps her caged. So when her brother records her, drunk and singing her heart out at karaoke, all she want to do is hide. Until it goes viral and her favorite band, Ritual Riot, finds the video of Serena singing their song. Their singer just quit, and they want her. In more ways than one. But will the rising sexual tension and jealousy break up the band? When the front man for Dangerous Testimony, the hottest rock band on the scene right now, calls Diana to book an appointment at her tattoo parlor, you'd think she would jump at the chance, right? Well, it's not that simple. Because his best friend and band mate also happens to be her ex. But she gives in, and before long, she's tangled up in the middle of the most twisted love triangle she could possibly imagine. Because it turns out there might be more than friendship between the band mates. Diana isn't the only one wanting to the sexy singer. And both of them want to enjoy her. Can she choose between them? Or will they choose each other and send her packing? These rockstars want to make more than music. Can the girls handle it? Find out in these three unconventional love stories! Backstage Girls is a menage/reverse harem romance collection with high heat MM and MFM scenes (swords do cross in Drawn Together.) This box set includes Deal Breaker, Discovered, Drawn Together, and a box set new and exclusive story Dramatic Discovery, which is a follow up story for characters previously featured in this collection. The books have no cliffhangers and no cheating, but they do have a very happily ever after and lots of steam.
Twisted : A Rejected Mates Series by Alexis Taylor
Amazon Description

My whole life I have been alone. On the run from those who hunt me everytime the moon is full I thought I knew pain. Nothing could prepare me for the agony of being rejected by my mate. The one person who was made for me is here to kill me. Little did I know that would only be the beginning of my heartbreak. Is it possible for someone like me to have my happy ever after? Find out in my story Twisted A Rejected Mates Reverse Harem Story.
Hot Shifter Nights: A Hot Shifters Steamy PNR and Fantasy Romance Collection by Casey Morgan
Amazon Description

Something about him is out of this world. My parents have always sheltered me. They never let me date. So needless to say, I'm a virgin. On one rebellious night, I meet Stellan. He's strong, charming and super hot. And he wants to claim me for my very first time. Soon, though, I realize that things aren't all what they seem. Maybe Stellan isn't just a man. Is he hiding something from me? And will being with him reveal things I never knew about myself? Hot Shifter Nights is a box set of paranormal romance containing the following books featuring hot alpha wolf shifters and the curvy, feisty virgins they fall for: The Spell of Three: Luck's Hollow Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance, Alpha's Birthday Virgin: A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance, and Sold to the Wolves: Paranormal Ménage Romance.
Dark Shadows 2: Voodoo and Black Magic of New Orleans (An Authors on a Train Short Story Collection) by J. Thorn
Amazon Description

Voodoo and black magic has always been part of the mythical lure of New Orleans. Join us on a journey through the historic French Quarter where shamans and the spirit of Marie Laveux linger. Four mysterious and thrilling stories from eight authors guaranteed to send a chill up your spine. Dark Shadows 2 represents the culmination of the second “Authors on a Train” experience led by Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn—a writers’ retreat beginning with an overnight train ride from Chicago to New Orleans and ending with a five-day residence in the French Quarter where authors collaborated on stories inspired by the history and culture of the Crescent City. All proceeds donated to Covenant House New Orleans, a shelter and safe place for homeless young people. For more information visit

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