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Return to Omegaverse – Reverse Harems

Hello, my friends!

What a busy week. I wasn’t planning on our Friday post since I’ll be publishing the May release schedule soon, but you all have such great theme ideas I can’t help myself! 

This request is a follow-up to the recent Omegaverse post. As I mention in that post, I have a love/hate relationship with Omegaverse books. But I keep coming back to them, as it seems plenty of readers do if the number of upcoming Omegaverse books is anything to go by.

For this post, I include some upcoming Omegaverse books and some that have already been published. I won’t have a sample to go off of for those not yet published, but I’ll have the descriptions at least. 

As always, images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission for qualified purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

P.S. For those of you new to the site, welcome! The community is entirely devoted to Reverse Harem books, sometimes including other poly relationships.

Tuesdays are reserved for reader-requested topics, while Fridays tend to be more laid back and geared to genres/ general tropes. Sunday’s list books making it on an Amazon Bestseller list for the first time. Hope you find something new to add to your reading pile!

Blair: A Forbidden Love, Omegaverse, Reverse Harem Romance (Get Knotted Book 1)Evie Ellis
Blair: A Forbidden Love, Omegaverse, Reverse Harem Romance (Get Knotted Book 1) by Evie Ellis
Amazon Description

I felt my life ended when my omega designation showed a little earlier than expected. I had ambitions that meant being a beta would suit my life better.
I didn’t relish being claimed, mated, knotted.

No, I never wanted to live a submissive life around raging, rutting alphas.

But my father now controls my life. Luckily for me, he didn’t want his precious daughter to go the Omega College route. No, his daughter is too good for that. But being the dominant alpha that he is, he wants to find my alpha. The only good that comes out of it is he allows for me to take suppressants and continue my education while he finds him.

I’m now living with my stepbrother Dylan, and his friends Jacob and Nico. Apparently, my father thinks they’ll protect me, not sure what is going on in his head when Dylan and Jacob are alphas. Luckily, sweet Nico is a beta, but hey it’s my father's decision and apparently they’re going to take me to my alpha dates and give me the security I need.

But I realise one alpha isn’t what I want. And I tell my father I want a pack. That’s not what you say to a lone alpha, especially not my father. He thinks his business associates are perfect for me, or at least one of their sons will be.

But how do I tell him what I really want?

Maybe I don’t, maybe I decide.

Yes... my father can get knotted.

Blair is book one in the Get Knotted Omegaverse, a series of standalone, fast-burn reverse harem romances. Each book will have reluctant omega and her own possessive, purring alphas and a guaranteed HEA.

Thoughts from Paige

I'm not sure how to feel about this book. I did end up borrowing it, but there seems to be a communication issue between the love interests, which isn't my favorite trope to read. But I think it gets dealt with reasonably quickly. Unfortunately, I can't tell and have set it aside for now. The writing is great and has wonderful descriptions. I have the next in the series in my tbr pile and plan to pick this up again.

Dual Nature (Omega Assassin Book 1) by Elizabeth Knight
Dual Nature (Omega Assassin Book 1) by Elizabeth Knight
Amazon Description

I’m a killer.A trained and skilled assassin, and I’ve never missed a target.My newest hit is human, a New York socialite, with a reputation for keeping supernatural beings as pets. Caging them and performing unspeakable acts on them. Even the United Senate wants her dead. Which is where I come into play. I’m given the contract for killing her.Only nothing goes to plan. In the midst of a violent and bloody attack, I’m bitten by a wolf. An omega, who’s the complete opposite of me, in everything. By the laws of the Senate, I’m no longer a human or an assassin. I’m a werewolf.Dual natured, my life will never be the same. I need to quickly learn how to balance my years of experience as a detached killer with my new submissive side. The side that needs the care and nurturing of my pack.Colt, Lane, Zander, Morgan, Noah, and Elias are my new Alphas and Betas. They run the largest Tennessee wolf pack. They treat me like I’m a rare, and precious wolf, but it's in my nature to fight my own battles. Danger is coming at me from all sides. I need to claim my place and accept who I am while trusting them with the truth of who I used to be.Book 1 of the Omega Assassin SeriesThis is a reverse harem which means that the lady does not choose between her men she gets them all. The main character is an assassin and does kill people throughout this book. This is a fast burn series with possessive alphas who go through rut and omega in heat. Dual Nature is an 18+ book that has strong language, sexual situations, physical & verbal abuse with brief dub-con (not involving the main character) and ends on a cliffhanger.

Thoughts from Paige

This isn't the typical book I read, and I found myself having to skip over bits in the sample. But I am pulled in, and I desperately want this bitch to get her comeuppance. So I'll be reading this one.

Fortune Fae Academy: Book One: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance by J.R. Thorn
Fortune Fae Academy: Book One: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance by J.R. Thorn
Amazon Description

I never asked to be an Omega.

I’m a Fortune Fae—I see the future. But I didn’t see this coming.

My Alpha will stop at nothing to possess me until he drags me all the way to Fortune Fae Academy to join the other wide-eyed Omegas-in-training. He believes I’m strong enough to survive—and I hope he’s right.

He also believes I’ll kneel at his feet.

He couldn’t be more wrong about that.

I don’t need three broody Betas and an asshat Alpha telling me what to do. I’m going to keep running until he realizes he’s chasing the wrong girl.

Except there’s one slight problem. My Alpha has seen the future too… and he knows something I don’t.

Whatever he thinks is going to happen, his cruel smirk says I’m not going anywhere.

Fortune Fae Academy is Book 1 in a Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. Be warned there are obsessive males who will stop at nothing to claim their fated mate. Trigger warnings include dub-con, strong language, and violence. As this is a series, book 1 ends on a cliffhanger.

Indiana Arcane & the Obsidian Gods: Reverse Harem Omegaverse by Rae Stapleton
Indiana Arcane & the Obsidian Gods: Reverse Harem Omegaverse (Captive Love Book 1) by Rae Stapleton
Amazon Description

Take a walk on the wild side. A powerful Alpha Kingdom. A time-traveling Omega. An extinction only I can prevent.

Jane Stinger finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse after being attacked on an archeological dig in the Lacandon Jungle when she stumbles over a rare Obsidian chamber revealing a prophecy about a lost people and a lost Alpha-Omega connection.

Unlucky in love, I travel the world in search of my true mate.

And then I find him, but bonding is tough when you’re the world’s last Omega and your treasure hunting mate doesn’t know he’s an Alpha. It doesn’t stop me from submitting though. And in my true Omega nature, I agree to join him on a dig only to find myself transported five hundred years into the past—to an ancient Mesoamerican Kingdom.

Shocked and bewildered, I’m thrown into a carnal new world where I learn I’m just moments away from mating the Obsidian Kingdom’s most fearsome Alpha rulers in order to bear them shifters.

Whether I like it or not.

Much to my surprise my attraction to the Alpha rulers is immediate.

Unfortunately, that's where it ends.

And the feeling is mutual. Displeased with how willful his new Omega is, the eldest sets out to break me.

If I want to survive, I’ll need to find a way to slip back through the Obsidian. But the King’s obsession has me all locked up.

My Alphas have the key to set me free, but will they use it.

Indiana Arcane is the first book in an all-new blistering hot RH captive romance series featuring an unbreakable Omega heroine, faithful alpha anti-heroes, and an adventure that takes you into the jungle of true bonded love.

Will the eldest ruler’s bold arrogance and alpha dominance break the triplet’s only chance at a true Alpha-Omega connection? Enter the dark and carnal world of the Aztec and Mayan Gods and find out. Cliffhanger included. However, this series is complete. Includes romance and situations of a dark nature.

Knot My Style (Tied In Knots Omegaverse Book 1) by Vivian Luxe
Knot My Style (Tied In Knots Omegaverse Book 1) by Vivian Luxe
Amazon Description

Fifteen years ago, I fled my country, hiding the truth of my identity: I’m an omega. I came to America to make a new life, burying my old one deeper than the suppressants that inhibit my heat. But hormones are sneaky little suckers. Even when subdued, they have a way of cropping up at the worst time—like the night of my debut runway event. Everyone thinks I’m a beta, but when the deal of a lifetime presents itself and I’m forced into close proximity with some very alpha males, I don’t know how much longer I can hide who I am. And the cost of revealing my true self could be deadly. *This is the first installment of a five-part omegaverse serial with growly males, knotty omegas, uncontrollable heat, and defying the odds to find true love.*
Power of Fate (Mystic Harbor Book 1) by Suki Williams
Power of Fate (Mystic Harbor Book 1) by Suki Williams
Amazon Description

My name is Ella Vance, and I’m not crazy.
Supernaturals are real.

No one believes me, especially my family who would rather lock me away for it.

Now I find myself in Mystic Harbor looking for a fresh start and that’s all in the past. This is my opportunity to find out who I am. No pretending to be the perfect daughter or worry about being committed for good.

Any hopes of flying under the radar are quickly dashed when I realize that I’ve caught the attention of quite a few residents, including the most eligible alphas Mystic Harbor has to offer and a few betas for good measure. Fate decided that mating an inexperienced omega with not one or two, but eight mates was just what I needed to help me find myself.

As I start collecting mates, magic I never knew I possessed starts surfacing. Of course, it’s as chaotic as my life and I have no clue how to control it. When my mates call for help it quickly becomes apparent that me being a witch is only the tip of the iceberg. However, even those secrets don’t help us solve the mystery of who and what I am.

Time is ticking, the town is in chaos, and my magic is only getting more tumultuous by the second.

Can we figure out what is going on in time or will my past come back to haunt more than just my dreams?

Mystic Harbor is a PNR omegaverse world featuring relatable characters, a crazy supernatural town, and lots of steam. This reverse harem series will include poly relationships.

Thoughts from Paige

I devoured this duet. This doesn't seem to follow typical omegaverse books, at least not the ones I am used to. I liked the differences; I also like when our MC collects mates from different 'species'.

Restless Omega: An Omegaverse Romance (Fur-eign Exchange Book 1) by Helene Gadot
Restless Omega: An Omegaverse Romance (Fur-eign Exchange Book 1) by Helene Gadot
Amazon Description

Book 1 in a new omegaverse series of standalones. Aurora Williams is restless. She has no desire or intention to settle down with a pack, especially with an alpha controlling her. She has other plans. Plans that include putting her degrees to use and building a career. But those sort of plans are difficult for an omega. Especially one in the Fureign Exchange program, where she travels from town to town, introduced to the most eligible alphas. When she meets several people with too-delicious scents, including another omega who already has a pack, Aurora is tempted for the first time to give up her wandering ways and stay. She'll have to choose between her goals and the ones who refuse to ask her to stay. This book is a why choose romance, meaning the main character won't have to choose between love interests. There will be MM and FF content in this series. Content Warnings: past abuse, misogyny, kidnapping, verbal assault, violence, etc.
Safe Haven: A Reverse Harem Contemporary Omegaverse by Jarica James
Safe Haven: A Reverse Harem Contemporary Omegaverse by Jarica James
Amazon Description

Who knew that two words could shatter every hope and dream Briar had for her future.
You’re pregnant.

Most omegas dream of this, but the only thing Briar can think about is that awful night. While she suffers alone, her attacker gets to flaunt his perfect life in her face.

Until his assistant finds out her secret.

Now she finds herself being exiled from not only her dream job, but her home and city. The betrayal cuts so much deeper when her family is the one to put the final nail in the coffin that was her life.

Her brother, and only ally left, calls on his best friend. She knows no pack will want her, she’s carrying another alpha’s baby, she’s damaged goods. To her relief, the pack agrees.

But when she tries to get them to drop her off at the omega shelter, they refuse. Instead they offer her a temporary place to stay while she decides what to do next. The problem is that with each passing day she spends with the pack, she gets more attached.

When she agrees to be their date to a charity event, she didn’t expect it to change their lives. Secrets are revealed and when her attacker crosses her path again, she quickly realizes that her happy ending may be ripped away for good.

Will her new pack claim her as their own, or will she be forced to live a life she never wanted?

This is a contemporary omegaverse romance where the main character will not have to choose between her six lovers.

Thoughts from Paige

Sorry ya'll, this one comes out the end of May. I am intrigued, but the description and have enjoyed previous books by the author.

The Bounty: A Dystopian Omegaverse Romance by Liliana  Carlisle
The Bounty: A Dystopian Omegaverse Romance by Liliana Carlisle
Amazon Description

Everything’s gone wrong…all because I’m an Omega.
My once normal, relatively happy life has been stripped from me.
There's a bounty for my capture.
The government wants to keep me in a gilded cage, a prize to be enjoyed by other Alphas.
But I refuse.
Until three Alphas find me, each more intimidating and handsome than the last.
If they turn me in, I'll never be free of the lust and greed of powerful men.
But if they decide to keep me…
They may steal my heart as well.

This is a FULL-LENGTH REVERSE HAREM dystopian romance with Alpha, Beta, and Omega dynamics. Featuring one Omega with THREE growly yet sweet Alphas. HEA guaranteed!!

Content warning: The book contains sensitive content that may be triggering to some readers. Please read responsibly.

The Knotty Girls Club (Saint Vista Pack Regimes Book 1) by Ginna Moran
The Knotty Girls Club (Saint Vista Pack Regimes Book 1) by Ginna Moran
Amazon Description

Omegas without a pack have no rights. We’re only as worthy as the alphas we mate with, and my uncle killed mine before I had the chance.

I’ve been making it fine on my own...until now.

After I’m caught taking illegal suppressant pills, allowing me to pass as a beta, I’m sent to be an entertainer for the most notorious alphas in the Pack Regime.

Except I never make it.

The Gilded Sands pack princes accidentally abduct me during a contraband heist. The last thing these possessive, hot men need is an unbonded omega in their household, but I stumble across a secret—one they’re willing to kill for.

Now, they won’t let me leave.

To survive a brewing war, I must do whatever it takes to ensure their secret remains safe. An omega is only as powerful as her alpha, and these princes will be mine.

This enthralling contemporary reverse harem Omegaverse contains growly men, a feisty female lead, and no shifting. Please read the author’s note for content warnings.

Thoughts from Paige

This book was recently released, and has almost 100 positive reviews already.  I've added it to my TBR, but definitely take a peek at the sample before buying.

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