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Update Friday, December 10, 2021
Results are in! The winner of the reader nominated 2021 RH is… a tie! Both Gilded Mess and Sanctuary tied for first. 

Thanks for voting!

P.S. The super-official winner of the Naughty Book Box ranking for Bestsellers is WITSEC, followed closely by The Bonds that Tie. I have updated the original post, which you can find here.

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Gilded Mess: Three Bears Duet (Cheeky Fairy Tales Book 1) by Colette Rhodes
Description from Amazon

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Goldilocks, who innocently wandered into a home owned by a family of bears…

Okay, my name is Ria. And I may have broken in, but I was high and it was cold outside. Oh, and the bears were actually shifters.

Potayto, potahto.

The point is, I’m kind of a wreck. Plus, I robbed my cheating, lying a-hole of an ex-boyfriend on my way out the door and he’s not thrilled about it, so I’m stuck with these three distractingly attractive men for the time being — one of whom is weirdly hung up on the whole breaking and entering thing. What could go wrong?

Gilded Mess is book one of the Three Bears duet. It is a medium burn, reverse harem romance for readers 18+

Sanctuary: Refuge Found Book 2 (Seeking Asylum Series) by SM Olivier
Description from Amazon

If you had told me that the world would turn to crap a year ago, I would have never believed you. If you had told me I’d be living with my cheating ex and my manipulative twin sister, I would have laughed. Had you informed me I’d be in a relationship with five men, I would have asked what meds you had forgotten to take.

Yet here I am at Sanctuary.

With most of my family surrounding me and my guys, we strive to build a community the living could take refuge in. We continue to make our lives a semblance of what we once knew. Unfortunately, we never anticipated that the infected weren’t the only ones we would have to protect ourselves from: we would have to survive against the living as well.

Our story isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re survivors, learning to adapt. And as a survivor, I’ve learned that sometimes the only way to fight the monsters, both living and dead, was to become a monster.

Cute But Psycho: Paranormal Asylum Reverse Harem by Beatrix Hollow
Description from Amazon

I’m certifiably insane. Just ask my amazing therapist. He’s my soulmate and a vampiric serial killer. There’s no one I’d rather stalk more.

Except no more late night slinking for me. I’m in The Asylum, committed as a danger to myself and others. They tell me I’m delusional, which they aren’t wrong…except about what.

See, this place is made for supernaturals too dangerous to let roam free. The doctors, the staff, the family members that helped put us here are all in on it, trying to convince us magic is just another delusion. They plan to keep us here forever–sedated and docile.

Aren’t we all just perfect test subjects for inhumane experiments? Well, the doctors think so at least.

Yeah… it’s time to bust out of the loony bin. Unfortunately for our zookeepers we’re the most dangerous supernaturals there are and we haven’t been taking our medicine.

A genetically modified super alpha wolf monster. An ultra rare basilisk, so venomous he can’t leave any skin exposed. My dreamy serial killing vampire therapist.
Oh, and me. A genetic marvel, one of the few dhamphyr to ever exist and probably, just a little… more crazy than most.

Nighty, night Asylum. Don’t let the nightmares bite.

Author Note: Full-length STANDALONE! This is a why choose/reverse harem dark paranormal romance where the female lead does not need to choose between her three male love interests. There are m/m scenes, steam, and mature themes including: violence, language, and etc..

Within Obsession and Lies (A Court of Gilt and Shadow Book 1) by Stacy Jones & Harper Wylde
Description from Amazon

Within Obsession and Lies is the sexy, action-packed first book in A Court of Gilt and Shadow Series by bestselling authors Stacy Jones and Harper Wylde.

Power. Obsession. Lies.

Other people dream of being special. They wouldn’t, if they knew what a nightmare it is.

Arawyn would give anything to be ordinary and rid herself of the power that lives inside her. Dangerous and alluring, it’s caused nothing but pain and horror, making her the dark obsession of anyone who gets too close.

After years of barely containing it, Arawyn thought she had control… until the night it bursts free and pulses like a beacon.

As threats emerge from the shadows, each one more fixated on her than the last, she finds her life infiltrated by three mysterious men.

A mafia boss, a psychopath, and a killer.

Rathe, Viper, and Fear are much more than they seem. They taste of power and feel impossibly familiar. They call to her soul in a way she’s never experienced and might have answers to questions she’s been asking her entire life.

But darkness and secrets surround them, ones covered in blood and mire.

When the monsters stalking her endanger not only her power but her life, she’ll have to make a decision: take a risk and let these dangerous men in, or do what she’s always done—walk away and try to survive on her own.

Trusting them would be a mistake. Yet, she may not have a choice.

The monsters hunting her aren’t human and they’re out for blood. Rathe, Viper, and Fear might be her only chance of making it through this alive.

There’s only one problem. They aren’t human either…

From bestselling authors, Stacy Jones and Harper Wylde, comes a darkly seductive new series that blends romance, danger, and the supernatural into an unforgettable read.

Wrath of the Fallen (4 book series) by Elizabeth Blackthorne
Description from Amazon

From Book 1:

*Now a complete series*

Two angels, a wolf shifter, a vampire and a demon walk into a bar…

Sounded like a bad joke to me too, but no, these are the sinfully hot guardians I have watching my back as I try to track down my missing mother.

Turns out she was a witch, and a guardian as well, helping to maintain the balance between Heaven and Hell on earth and protect humanity from their inhabitants.

The punchline? Apparently I’m not human either, but no one seems to be able to tell me what I am. Certain possibilities mean my soul could be condemned to eternal torment just for existing, and when the lines between good and evil start blurring, how will I know who I can trust?

If you like strong female characters, sexy supernaturals, and dark, steamy romance where the heroine never has to choose between love interests, you’ll love this series that combines all of these into a fast-paced thriller that will leave your head spinning and your heart racing!

Merciless King (A Reverse Harem Dark College Bully Romance) (Blackmoor Heirs Book 3) by: Ivy Thorn
Description from Amazon

These boys weren’t born cruel, savage, and merciless. Someone made them that way.

The boys who started out as my tormentors saved my life.

From who? None of us are quite sure. But when I wake up, somehow alive and mostly in one piece, I wake up to a changed house.

Cayde and Dean seem to have turned over a new leaf. Instead of hurting me, they want to protect me. Instead of terrorizing me, they want to make me feel safe. And instead of punishing me—well, actually, I’ve learned to like that part.

But even if they think the game is over, I know it’s just begun. There’s still people out there who want me dead, and secrets I need to uncover. Secrets that will shake the very foundations of what I’ve always believed—and if I keep going down this path, Blackmoor itself.

There’s just one more piece I need in order to win.

Jaxon King.

Merciless King is the third book in the Blackmoor heirs series. It contains material that may be sensitive to some readers. There are no heroes in this series, and it will get much darker before the dawn. This book is for those who like their men cruel and damaged, their romance dark and questionable, and their emotions toyed with until the very end.

Dead Wolf Walking: Bad Moon Academy by Rory Miles
Description from Amazon

One bite changed my life.

I was living life to the fullest when a wolf attacked.

Now I’ve been ripped from my home and shipped off to Bad Moon Academy, a place for changed wolves. Or so I’m told.

There’s something sinister lurking within the confines of the academy, and I’m starting to think I was brought here as a sacrifice.

This is a dark academy reverse harem with dangerously possessive shifters.

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