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Hello, my friends!

Today’s post features Reverse Harem books where our men are possessive and super protective of their woman. 

I’ve pulled from a few genres, so hopefully, there is something below that will tickle your fancy. I’ve downloaded some to give them a try.

It’s been an odd time for me; I feel like I’m in a bit of a reading slump. Many of the series I’d been reading finished up the last couple of months, and I haven’t been sure where to turn.  

Have you all played any virtual novels? I love the Romance Club app, and I’ve been playing some on Choice of Games, but I need me some Reverse Harem virtual novels! Does anyone have recommendations? 

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!


Amazon Description

662 – Days since the dead rose up
413 – Days since I’ve spoken to another living human
4 – Men who have climbed my fence looking for safety
1 – Last chance for Love

Kelsey survived the start of the apocalypse and thrived in the new world with help from her friends but now they’re gone. Alone for over a year and mentally broken with high anxiety, she pushes through every day trying to find the will to keep going. Until three sweet, sexy men and one hot a**hole climbs her fence looking for sanctuary.

With her best friend, Tara haunting her with outrageous antics, she needs to decide if she wants to keep dying a little bit day by day or if she can grab on to what these sexy men offer her and maybe find love.
Also, zombies make a few cameos.

This isn’t a blood and gore zombie novel. It’s full of comedy, over protective men that just want to take care of her and a ton of sexy steam that happens behind a set of double fences.

Linc – Tall and broad with too many muscles to count, he carries the crushing weight of responsibility to see his brothers through safely. Kelsey give him the chance to lay his burdens down and her sweetness and crazy quirks has his body burning to be with her.
Oliver – Calm, cool, in control of his emotions until Kelsey flips all that control on its head and tangles him into knots. Only her sweet, sexy mouth can smooth out those knots so he can find peace.
Grayson – A hard, cut body and dimples a girl would want to lick. His sweetness and charm hides a darker side that takes Kelsey’s desire to the next level.
Devin – Is a dick. Long black hair and ice blue eyes, his attitude hides the devastation and guilt he lives with every moment of every day. He recognizes the darkness in Kelsey and wants her in any way he can have her. Hate sex will work.
The Hens – Snookie, J-Wow, Cardie and the rest are firmly on Kelsey’s crazy train and flock it up every chance they get. They also throw a hell of a dance party. Admiral the cock watches over them all.

Amazon Description

One year ago…

My family is gone. My parents. My twin sister. All of them murdered by the man who has stalked me for years. He nearly killed me, too. But I got away and he’s still out there, searching for me. He won’t find me. At least, I hope not. Thanks to WITSEC, I’ve been given a new life with a new identity.

The present…

My uncle, my only living relative, has helped me glue myself back together and given me the tools I’ll need to survive. I’m not fixed and my grief is heavy, but I’m at a point where I can put one foot in front of the other to try to move on.

I know my future will be hard and lonely. I must stay strong and focus on the good. I’m getting a second chance at life. I am safe. My new home is beautiful. The four brothers who live next door are even more so. Little do I know that Colt, Creed, Keelan, and Knox will soon become my everything. It’s as if my lonely heart screamed out for someone good to find me. Four answered back.

***WARNING This is a reverse harem romance. Contains violence, graphic killing, foul language, and sexual content. Some parts may be triggering.***

Amazon Description

When angels fall, Hell will rise.

Lucifer isn’t Hell’s only devil. When a powerful angel purposely abandons Heaven, their descent creates a new level of torment in Hell’s Kingdom. If only it didn’t take me nearly dying by the hands of my ex-fiancé to discover this. I could’ve begged for a miracle or at least mercy.

Now, the best I can hope for is a crappy deal with Hell’s most notorious ruler and some twisted help from my new devil soul keepers.

Lucifer, Kase, and Dante need me to force the rest of their traitorous brethren to fall from grace and take their rightful places to bring Hell’s Kingdom to its intended glory. I’m the only one who can complete the task—whether or not I want to—because of my angel-kissed soul. I unknowingly made an angel fall in another life and am the perfect angel bait.

Corrupting some angels sounds easy...right? Unfortunately, the divine brethren aren’t the sweet, innocent angels I’ve heard about. These guys are fierce and won’t think twice before smiting me. To survive the power struggle between the angels and devils and save my soul, I need to embrace my wicked side or summon a miracle. If I can’t, my eternity is over. The rulers of Hell and the saviors of Heaven will rip me apart. My soul will burn.

This is a dark and addictive romance with possible triggering situations, gore, violence, and M/M. If you like psycho, protective men, fast-burn goodness, and a woman who doesn’t shy away from embracing her devilish side, Her Personal Demons is a must-read. Enter Hell’s Kingdom and meet the devils

Amazon Description

Riley Thomas has made some mistakes in life. She took a few wrong turns and has no idea what to do next. There's a blizzard baring down on the island and Riley is alone with two kids under the age of four. She's out of options, exhausted, and overwhelmed.
An omega on her own always has to be on guard, but with her two daughters counting on her to keep them safe, there's no time for a pity party. Seeing no other choice, Riley accepts an invitation to ride out the storm with one of the locals.

Little does Riley know, everything is about to change.

This is a contemporary reverse harem omegaverse with four growly protective alphas, one unexpected snow storm, an omega who has been through a lot, but isn't bitter, and two adorable girls who could melt the heart of even the most hardened alpha.

You'll find lots of tender moments, humor, & knotty goodness! It's low angst & high on cuteness.

This book is set in the same world as the Ruined Records duet. However, Riley's story takes place four years in the future. There are a few things that will likely make more sense if you read Left in Ruins and Madness first, but it was designed so you can jump in here if you prefer. There are a few crossovers, but this is an entirely new cast of characters.
More info can be found in the Author's Note

Amazon Description

I’ve walked the streets of Phoenix Valley for twenty two years knowing exactly who I am - an orphan, a human, a nobody. Summoned by The Hex to test my humanity, I was prepared to fail, destined to be the same mundane girl … I was wrong. Pandora’s Box called to me, sensing a magic I never knew existed. With my world turned upside down and full of possibilities, I must now call Paradise Heights home. To live amongst supernaturals, attend Saints Academy, and find my place. Curiosity has me willing to give this a try, but the Elites of Saints Academy tempt to distract me, and that’s something I can’t afford. Xander is gruff, Khaos cold, Zen soothing, and Adonis … lives up to his name. Angel, Demon, God, Vampire, Shifter. I could be anything, anyone. I have three years to figure out who I’m meant to be… Let the countdown begin. A paranormal/fantasy reverse harem series.
Amazon Description

A thrall is supposed to be a grateful, willing servant, and constant source for their Vampyre Lord. I am not willing and I despise being in his presence. The days have blurred together ever since he forced his blood down my throat. This is supposed to be illegal in society, but the laws don’t apply to the Vampyre King. It doesn’t matter how much I fight him off and refuse to bend to his will despite his blood running through my veins–it only makes him want me more. Apparently I’m an anomaly. No one has ever refused the call of a Vampyre’s blood. I try to keep my hope alive that someone will step in and right the wrongs of my injustice…But no one does. There’s nothing I can do to escape this misery. I’m paraded around in front of the King’s Lords at a banquet, freely offered as a source to whoever wants a taste. Until Vampyre Lords from distant lands threaten a war for my release from captivity. While I should fear them, I find myself drawn to them instead. They light the spark of hope within my soul that I thought was long extinguished. Perhaps this isn’t always how my life will be. Perhaps I’ll find my freedom. From the authors that brought you Monarchs of Hell and Dark Imaginarium Academy… Ruthless Blood is book one in the Vampyres’ Source trilogy that features a strong-willed but wounded FMC and her possessive Vampyre Lords that will topple empires for her freedom. Content is intended for mature audiences, featuring characters 18+. This book includes violence and mature sexual content.
Amazon Description

I screwed up... Every demon hunter knows the rules. The most important of which is to never leave a personal object in a demon realm. But somehow, I did. That means the demons who found my ring own me. They can use me. They can command me. I'm at their mercy. But what if everything I've ever known about demons is wrong? And what if I'll need three sinfully sexy demons at my side, or else fall to an enemy I never imagined? SECRET MONSTERS is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance. It has sexy demons, a tough demon hunter, and a mysterious enemy. But be warned, this book might make you wish for possessive demons of your own. (This book was previously released as Renegade Hunter.)
Amazon Description

They turned me to save my life, but damned themselves in the process.

My life has always been a morbid test, seeing just how much I can endure before I finally break. So when I'm abducted and shoved into some psycho's trunk, it really shouldn't come as a surprise. Yet even the mercy of death is torn away from my grasp, three men sinking their teeth into me and refusing to let me go.

Now I'm drawn to them in ways I've never experienced, and it’s as terrifying as it is thrilling. A blessing and a curse, I escaped my old life only to replace it by three sets of chains forged in blood, binding me to these strangers that feel like home. With the bond forcing my hand, it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s not where they’re concerned, if I’m only drawn to them because their venom is coursing through my veins.

Or if they only bit me because they couldn’t stop themselves, my blood a siren’s call for shifters.

One hit and they're faster, stronger, and hopelessly addicted. If I thought I was being hunted before, it’s nothing compared to now, when turning me into one of them amplified the draw of my blood enough to turn men feral. All I want is a quiet life and the chance to explore this bond with the men who saved me, who look at me like they’ve waited a lifetime to find me.
But will they be strong enough to stand between me and a world that would bleed me dry the first chance it gets?

*This is a darker themed standalone where our heroine gets all of her men.
*Shifters with blood kinks
*Overprotective, devoted men
*Damsel in distress

Amazon Description

Two years ago, I lived a hellish life where happily ever afters happened to everyone else, never me. Until he came.
He was an alpha wolf shifter, rich, the most handsome man I’d ever seen in my life…and a monster a million times worse than the past I left behind.

His years of abuse finally break me, but when I least expect it, I’m impossibly free when I should be dead.

Keep running, Saige, I tell myself. Maybe then you’ll find a safe place to hide.

I never expect to run into three men with secrets, shadowed eyes, and damaged souls. With them I can almost believe they will protect me from a past that continues to hunt me.

With them, maybe I’ll be safe.

**This is the first book in a slow burn adult paranormal romance. The heroine will end up with multiple love interests who fall hard for her, one by one. Due to darker themes that may be triggering for some, please see preface for list of possible triggers. Recommended for readers 18+

Amazon Description

I was the girl no one looked at twice. Until they saw me.
My whole life, no one has had my back. My parents are dead, my adoptive mother is a drug addict, and the mean girls on campus mock me for my scars.

So when I end up desperate for money and out of options, I agree to sell the one thing I have left: my innocence.

On the night I’m meant to give my body to a brutal Russian mobster, three men storm into the room like dark shadows and kill him before he can claim me. When they drag me from the blood-soaked bed, I’m certain they’re going to kill me too.

They don’t… but they don’t forget about me, either.

These three dangerous brothers will do anything to make sure I keep my mouth shut about what I saw, even if it means stalking my every movement. I’m a loose thread to them—but somehow, I’m becoming more than that too.

I’m becoming an obsession.
A temptation.
A craving.

And no matter how much I try to deny the terrifying attraction that pulses between us, I know if I don’t find a way out of this tangled web soon…

Their darkness will swallow me up.

Twisted Game is a full-length new adult romance with dark themes, damaged anti-heroes, and high heat. It is book one of four in the series.

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