Paige’s Reverse Harem Picks – Mar. 3

Friends! I don’t know about you, but dang, this week sucked.  I hope you are all doing well! I was super excited for the third book in the Wake the Gods series to release.  I have loved this epic fantasy/ancient historical RH, and if you are interested in either of those I highly recommend this series! 

I have a lot of series on my TBR pile, and I feel so behind.  Hopefully I’ll have some time during kiddos Spring Break to read (hah).  Hope you are all enjoying some delicious books! 

As always, all descriptions and images are from Amazon.  Aa an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!


Amazon Description

I hate losing and I appear to be on some streak.
Dorian Gray’s painting was never in the vault of the library. We currently have no idea where it is and the only person who can track it is probably being held hostage in a storage yard with all kinds of cursed objects. Balthazar’s dick is still cursed and there’s no easy way to remove it. I already made it worse once. I hope it doesn’t fall off this time. I was totally against marrying Reyson when he woke up and announced I would be his new wife, but my resolve on that is starting to weaken. I’m starting to care for the damned god.

The only people who know where Dorian’s painting is at are Dorian and Bram’s demon master. Even if we find Dorian, we can’t kill him without his painting. I know better than anyone that when a witch really doesn’t want you getting into their things, the results are usually fatal. I get we need the demon overlord, but if we are all risking our lives to get him out of that trap, he’d better grant Bram his freedom because I like having that Hellhound around.

I’m starting to care for all these people that have crashed into my life and library, but I miss the normal days here of helping with curses, spells, and territory disputes. I’d like to disappear into our erotica section for a little while and pretend Dorian Gray isn’t building a supernatural army.

Paige's Perspective

Progress finished

Prospect: will listen to book 3 as soon as it is out

Positives: LOVE the narration.  The different voices is chefs kiss.

Problems: For some reason I cannot get into these books reading them.  Listening to them is entertaining and engaging, but I can't seem to just sit and read it.  shrugs


Amazon Description

Nightmares and desires have more in common than you’d think.
Or at least they do if you’re a broken Succubus.

I should be making bank, delivering fantasies to my clients and feeding off their lust. Instead, a night with me leaves them with a lifetime of nightmares.

Even the damn seedy strip club that had been all too happy to hire me kicked me out the door when they started losing regulars. Apparently, the no touch policy isn’t enough of a safety net.

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.

Destined to be an outcast, it seems.

Until I run into two men who have dark sides of their own.

Maybe our demons match. Maybe they’re punishing themselves by embracing my violent gifts.

All I know is that I don’t want them to stop.

Even if I kill them in the process.

FANG ME HARD is a high heat, dark paranormal rockstar romance featuring a Fire Fae, a Succubus, and a vampire! If you enjoyed Gaja J. Kos’s ICRA Files: Berlin, Succ, and Shade Assassin, then you’ll absolutely adore this one! The Saints of Sinners Duet merges the most delectable vibes from those micro-worlds and infuses them with darker, sinful undertones that will keep you turning the pages!

Get your copy today!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will definitely read the next book.

Positives: Devoured the book, really like all the characters and what is happening in their world.

Problems: Not a problem per-se, but I think this is mfm, not a reverse harem. I still liked it, and will keep it on the site until the second book comes out and I can confirm either way.

Amazon Description

Welcome to Fate Hollow Academy, where supernaturals blessed by the Fates cultivate their manifested powers and master ancient magic.Fate Hollow is the academy of the elite, where supernatural beings with special magic train for war against humans.A big-hearted, naïve arctic fox shifter like me couldn’t have prepared for the treachery lurking within the walls of the academy. Students were going missing or turning up dead on campus and rumors circulated about humans infiltrating academy grounds.Seeds of fear bloomed within the student body. To make matters worse, the mate that rejected me was hellbent on painting a bright red target on my back with the help of his new girlfriend.Against all odds, I found refuge with seven irresistible supernatural men, each one more different from the last.Would the bond of my mates be enough to manifest my hidden power? Without it, I was vulnerable. And with a dragon cult attempting to wage war on humans, I had no choice but to fight.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished, re-read

Prospect: Love this book.

Positives: This is a nice comfort read/listen for me.  It hits the spot for a large harem, and deals with some hard issues without making me have to think about it too much.  

Problems: You can read reviews if you want to see what others say about problems. For me, this is a standard re-read.

Amazon Description

Life has a funny way of putting you exactly where you need to be. But in my case, life decided the place I need to be is between a few good men…

I’m a hacker by trade, but I try to keep myself as much on the straight-and-narrow as I can. The vast majority of my income comes from honest consultancy work and debugging software and networks.

But the minority of my work…? Well, let’s just say that it’s a little “crooked-and-wide” by comparison.

And, when someone breaks into my home after a wild, amazing, toe-curlingly steamy Saturday night with Colton and Micah, two handsome Marines turned security contractors, I begin to worry about the fallout from work I’ve been doing on the side.

Now, Micah, Colton, and I are in a race to find out what my burglars were searching for, while we all simultaneously try (and wonderfully fail, thank God!) to keep our own undeniable attractions and urges in check.

To get my two new lovers’ help, though, I’ll have to approach their handsome, deadly, cranky, grouch of a boss, Travis, for protection. And the Dallas-area head of Trinity Security Solutions manages to complicates matters even more by being not only as sexy as them, but also five or six times as judgy.

Funny thing is, he’s not that judgmental about how I blow off my steam with his two employees. No, he’s only got a bone to pick with me about how I make my side money. Apparently, having more than one lover is just fine, but dealing with criminals as a side hustle is totally off limits!

Soon though, things begin to escalate with both my burglars and my three smoldering hot bodyguards, and what started out as a home invasion quickly becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse across the city, as a shadowy international mercenary organization brings all its forces to bear on my three Marine protectors, and me.

Before you can say “mercenary” five times fast, Micah, Colton, Travis, and I are in a race to uncover why they’re after a little nobody hacker like me, all while the four of us are holed up together in a tiny safe house.

Can we manage to stop whatever plan is in motion around me? Or will I have to be as mercenary as everyone seems to think I am, and accept the sizable, life-changing payoff my enemy is offering me to back off and leave well enough alone?

Most importantly, though… Can I keep my hands off these three men, even while someone is trying to kill me? Or will the mercenaries hunting me find us all before we get our happily ever after?

This is a reverse harem romance with three sexy heroes and one beautiful heroine! No cliffhangers, guaranteed standalone, and 100% guaranteed HEA!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: On hold - 48%

Prospect: I've come back to this series over the years. 

Positives: I like the characters, they seem well rounded and have a good backstory.

Problems: I can't seem to get into this book. It's well written, I like the plot, but it just isn't doing it for me right now. 

Amazon Description

Winter break wasn’t supposed to turn into a whirlwind romance for Charlotte Hodges. She finds her dream pack landing in her lap, just a year before she’s due to graduate.
But life is never that easy, especially when the men she falls in love with are all getting drafted to different hockey teams. Long distance is hard. It’s even harder when the people you trusted the most aren’t there for you in your worst moment.

Charlotte thought she could move on. They would never put her over hockey and Charlotte knows her worth. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to forget about the three men she fell in love with on the ice. Especially when they’ll do whatever it takes to make this pack work and prove they are the right Alphas for her.

This is a standalone why choose omegaverse romance.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: finished

Prospect: undecided - the angst was a lot!

Positives: I finished it, interesting idea and I liked the hockey theme.

Problems: The level of angst here was totally off the charts.  If you are looking for an angst filled book with character you want to shake, this is the one for you! 

P.S. I did finish it, but dang they all needed to grow the heck up.

Amazon Description

When my two gorgeous best friends offered to give me lessons in seduction, I couldn’t say no.
How could I? I’m an almost 30-year-old virgin with zero bedroom experience.
Not to mention, I’ve been secretly crushing on my best friends for goodness knows how long.
I’ve always fantasized what it would be like to kiss them.

But still, the lessons were a huge mistake.
Because when Knox and Aiden taught me how to kiss, I couldn’t get enough.
And stupidly, I asked them to take my v-card.

Cue major hyperventilation.
I just broke the number 1 rule—never sleep with your hot-as-hell best friends.
Especially when they also happen to be your roommates, and your bosses.

To make matters worse, Colt, their equally hot triplet brother who’s also my best friend, had zero clue what went down that night.
And a lot went down, alright.

Knox, a cocky wide receiver, is fun and has a wicked tongue made for sin and pleasure.
Aiden, a defensive player with a protective streak, has big, rough hands. But when he makes love, it’s slow and gentle.
Colt is a grumpy star quarterback who performs as well in the bedroom as he does on the football field.

All three men are the only family I’ve ever had.
And my heart can’t afford to lose any one of them.
But when they find out I’m pregnant with their twins, will it be the end of our beautiful friendship?
Or the beginning of our happily ever after?

Secret Babies for My Best Friends is a spicy sports reverse harem romance with a HEA.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: finished

Prospect: I'll read this author again when I'm in the mood for a light hearted/fluffy read.

Positives: The synopsis is basically the entire book. However, I enjoyed it for what it was and finished it.  It was a nice fluffy read, exactly what I was looking for. 

Problems: I can't remember a lot of it, and I just read it this week. 


Amazon Description

Evangeline borrows her roommate and best friend’s bow and quiver of arrows for her sexy Cupid Halloween costume. She doesn’t realize is that her smoking hot bestie is, in fact, the real deal–and so are the arrows. When she accidentally trips and falls at a Halloween party, spilling arrows everywhere, she finds herself dangerously attracted to three fearsome looking bikers, who have a secret of their own.With the Akuns alerted to the use of Cupid’s arrows, Evangeline and her new mates have only one choice: Make it to free space before they are taken in to intergalactic jail. Will they break free of the aliens hot on their heels in time? And what other secrets is Caleb–Cupid–still keeping close to his chest?

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Interesting concept

Positives: I liked the premise of the book.  It was a really cool take on gods in the science fiction genre.

Problems: This is not available on KU, so even though it was not expensive, I still expect more in terms of editing when I have to pay for a book.  Basically, I'm more critical of non-kindle unlimited books.  This felt like it could have been a really good book if it had undergone more editing and polishing.  There were some grammatical errors that could have been caught, and characters could have been fleshed out more. I think this could easily be a fully engaging book, just needs a bit more depth and polish. 

Amazon Description

Even after visiting the Oracle, Adrienne still can’t quite believe the prophesy. But whether she believes it or not, there is no denying the strange power building within her, or the bond forming between her and her men.
Now, after making her daring escape from Knossos, Adrienne’s enemies have only grown more dangerous, and everything she has come to love is at risk. Faced with a power-hungry god and a greedy queen, Adrienne has a decision to make. A decision that will change the very course of history.

Will Adrienne learn how to wake the power within before it’s too late?

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: I will read this author again.

Positives: This was an amazing series!! I love the history, fantasy, and science fiction elements.  I don't want to say too much, but if you like ancient history I cannot recommend this book enough. 

Problems: I want mooooore reverse harems from this author! Sounds like her next project may be FF, I know there are a lot of you that read RH and are always looking for some FF, so this may be right up your alley! Unfortunately I really need the peens in my books, but maybe I'll give FF another shot.

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