Only the Devil Knows: Criminal Delights- Serial Killers Book Review

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— I don’t paint with ink. I paint with blood. —

My name is Max, but people call me The London Whipper. I’ve been silent for many years. Now I’m ready to make my final move.

Nathaniel Harris, a psychologist who works with the criminally insane.

Genevieve Knight, the Chief Inspector determined to find me once and for all.

Wyatt Pearson, the beautiful boy who believes I’m a hero instead of a cold-blooded murderer.

Each of these people has one thing in common—they all want me. But what happens when my whip tangles around them and distorts everything they believe to be true?

I’ve kept my identity under wraps… until now. It’s time to show the public what I’ve been working on. After all, what’s a serial killer if he doesn’t have some artistic flair and his favourite boy at his side?

* * * 

Max doesn’t kiss very often, but when he does, he burns me to ashes every time. I’m putty in his hands, and he knows it. He revels in it.
And so do I.

Themes: D/s relationship, forbidden love, BDSM, forced proximity
Genres: Dark M/M Thriller, Psychological 
Heat level: Scorching explicit scenes, rough, consensual 

This book is part of CRIMINAL DELIGHTS. Each novel can be read as a standalone and contains a dark M/M romance. 
Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.”

Only the Devil Knows is book 3 in the Criminal Delights book series. Please, do not read any of the following Criminal Delights books with the expectation of a normal happy romance, or a happily ever after for any and all characters. These are labeled dark books for a reason. They ARE DARK. And for myself, delightful.

Why do I find a novel about murder, mayhem and serial killers delightful? I used to study killers in college. Their modus operandi, signature, and motive. Their childhood, adulthood, and everything about them. In Criminal Justice, and Psychology we’re taught how serial killers and mass murderers become what they are, and why. Then life became a little less interesting as I chose to pursue Business with a minor in English. But let’s face it, we’re all a little curious and a little morbid when it comes to death and mayhem. Don’t act like you’ve never rubber-necked as you drove past a car accident. You’d be lying. 🙂

I found that I enjoyed this novel immensely. I also am thankful that The London Whipper is NOT a real person. It would be truly terrifying if he was. For men at least. If I am correct, I believe The London Whipper would have been responsible for 30 deaths. 2 of which did not occur until after the completion of the novel. And 2 victims I am adding because I am not sure if Max already counted them in his “dissertation.”

Max is The London Whipper. He is angry, mean, a sexual deviant, sadist, and serial Killer. And I can understand how, and why he became the way he was. Do I condone what he does? No, but I understand it and where it comes from. I guessed the truth about Max’s identity about 22% into the novel. And after certain facts came to light. It made complete sense. It was heartbreaking, but it made sense. If you know anything about some serial killers and the contributing factors that lead them to become what they were, you’ll understand after reading the novel.

Wyatt Pearson, is a masochist. Those are rare (the true ones), but they do exist. The why’s, now that is something I would love to study. It was hard to read about how much Wyatt enjoyed and needed pain for both sexual and physical gratification, but hey I am not one that will ever kink shame. Therefore, it is understandable he would find himself devoted to a sadist. Or in a subservient position to a harsh dominant.

Nathaniel Harris, a psychologist that works with the criminally insane is sought after by Chief Inspector Genevieve Knight to help identify and profile Max. Genevieve and Nathaniel have been working together to try to find Max for the past 20 years. As a reader you can’t help but feel for these two characters and what they go through.

A truly dark, twisted, and depraved delight! I hated Max, was appalled at Wyatt. And yet, I loved them for the exact reasons I hated them. I pitied Nathaniel, and Genevieve but I felt for Nathaniel the most. No spoilers here, but there were two victims in particular that I felt zero sympathy for whatsoever. I believe they were the catalyst. Only the Devil Knows, and it’s true. I supposed you’ll just have to read it, to see what only the devil knows.

Thank you authors Katze Snow, & Tiegan Clyne for that suspenseful, hell of a nail-biting psychological thriller, and the resulting exposure to Criminal Delights. Which I am now a member happily subscribed to their newsletter. As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

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