Omegaverse Reverse Harems – Part 4

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This week’s theme focuses on Omegaverse reverse harems, which showcase stories about rescued/rescuing omegas. The majority of the books listed are non-shifting RH, but there are a few shifter stories included as well. 

Although researching this topic was difficult due to its proximity to the darker side of Omegaverse, the reviews for all the books are mostly positive, which is encouraging. I couldn’t bring myself to read all these samples, I’m in a light and fluffy kind of mood at the moment. 🙂

I’m not going to be able to do a Friday post this week, so I’ll catch you all during our Sunday best-sellers post.

Have a great week!

P.S. As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Amazon Description

Rejects… Outcasts… Motley Crew..

Our brotherhood is forged in steel and blood. Thousands of miles ridden together have changed us from club to family. Ride or die isn’t just a catch phrase it’s a way of life for us.

One call from Leviathan has turned our world upside down. A string of Omega abductions has finally caught the old dragon’s attention. Summoned by the Wyrm himself we are sent out on what could possible be our last ride.

Will we save the females or die trying? Only time will tell. I pray Fenrir is on our side.

Amazon Description

Finding out I am an omega in a world ruled by betas is only the beginning of my troubles…


Alphas and omegas are considered non-humans. We’re considered animals, some of whose traits we share. Furry ears and tails, anyone? Oh, and also mating cycles.

That’s right.


Not something I thought I had to worry about. See, I thought I was a beta. I thought I was human. I thought I was safe.

And things only get worse from there.

My parents are killed by a pack of rogues and I run away, heading to the city—but there I’m captured and sent to the Golden Cage.

A place where omegas are kept to be sold to an alpha pack.

To the highest bidder.

I came to the city to find a gang of boys I met many years ago, to beg them for help, but instead, I’m being sold to an unknown pack, the choice not up to me.

What are the odds that the gang of boys I once knew, all grown-up now, would bid for me?


* CAGED is a full-length Reverse Harem Omegaverse standalone novel. No shifting happens in this book. It contains M/M and steam.*

Amazon Description

One omega for five alpha’s to share.

I don’t know how long I’ve been in this darkness. I don’t know how long I’ve been seeing with eyes that can’t open, speaking from a throat incapable of making sounds. All I have are my thoughts and how weary I’ve grown with nothing else to listen to. Perhaps I am nothing more than a state of mind.

I want to die.

Understanding is slow to arrive but when it does, nothing will ever be the same again. Now, with a form that moves, I uncover the meaning of my existence and the purpose for my extended solitude.

I’m an omega. A rare breeding mare for the likes of alphas.

With the decrease in fertility rates in able omegas, less pups means a crippled society overrun with beta’s. Omega’s, now born sickly and broken, are found wanting in a population steeply dying out. I’m just the beginning of change and by no means the last.

Created, not born, I’m slave to the will of my makers … and my mates.

Will I survive or be torn apart by five hungry alphas?

Creature of the Dark contains graphic sexual content and dark situations that may not be suitable for everyone.
♥ Reverse Harem (two of the five are brothers)
★ Experiments and an artificially created omega
♥ Pair bonds
★ Nesting and pregnancy
♥ Dark dystopian
★ Book one ends with a cliffhanger but series completes with a HEA

Amazon Description

Surely, an omega wouldn’t have been so careless with her whereabouts if she didn’t want us to take her.
Finders keepers, right?
We thought the talk in the town about the crazy cult that lived in the woods was just a bunch of close-minded gossip, until we realized there was more to the story. So we angled ourselves inside their compound, let them take one of my pack brothers, and in turn, we took their prized omega.
Only, she doesn’t know what being an omega means.
She’s never seen a male, and doesn’t quite know what to do with us. She is thoroughly brainwashed and in need of some serious real-life education, and we’re just the alphas to give it to her.

This is an omegaverse, stand alone, reverse harem. There will also be FF scenes (that stop before the harem forms) and possessive alphas that will stop at nothing to teach their omega how to be theirs. Some dubcon and a close-call SA scene, though mostly you will find a low-angst story about an omega that learns how to fall for her alphas.

Amazon Description

Maia wants no part of her role as an obedient princess at the Omega Palace, refusing to submit to a society that takes away her choices and rights. She’s a rarity amongst the rare, the only omega who can deny a dominant alpha. When the Crash comes, the country descends into chaos, and Maia seizes her chance to escape. On the run, exhausted and alone, she glimpses hope through a gated fence. The people she finds inside challenge everything she knows about alphas and omegas. Damon, Hunter, and Leif are three gorgeous, dangerous alphas who have shunned society. Together, with their best-friend Max, they have learned to hold each other’s broken pieces together. But when Maia is hunted, bonds are tested. Do they dare face their demons and become a pack in a corrupt world that forbids it? Can they tear their crumbling world down and build a new one out of the rubble? Knot Your Princess is a sweet, reverse harem, omegaverse romance. It features growly, protective alphas, a hot, nerdy beta, and a rebellious omega. Maia’s story will be completed in book one and can be read as a standalone. Books two and three will focus on new packs and continue the background story of the Crash. The story is written with multiple POVs and contains MMFMM steamy scenes, including a MM relationship. It also references past abuse, but there is no current abuse or abuse within the harem.

Amazon Description

I am among the last of my kind. In a world run by alphas, omegas are a rare and precious commodity…

Seven years ago they captured me and stuck me in a glass box. Now they broadcast my every move to the unmated packs of the world to watch whenever they desire. Good behavior grants these alphas the right to choose my outfits, meals, and even how I touch myself.

But I am so much more than my biology. And when an unfamiliar pack sneaks into the compound to break me out, I willingly go with them. I don’t know these strangers, but they know me well after years of watching. They want to claim me as their own…

But what do I want?

This is a dystopian Omegaverse reverse harem romance that includes an FF relationship, but does not feature any shifting or magic. If you liked Hunger Games and the Truman Show but also wished they’d been a whole lot sexier, then the SHARDS OF SIN DUET is for you. Please read the author’s note for possible triggers and content warnings, and enjoy!

Amazon Description

The Omega War made every omega the property of the government. Now, my body doesn’t belong to me. I need permission to eat, to sleep, to breathe. The only thing I have left is my heart. But when the Winter pack save me from a dangerous situation… they might take that from me too. For Harper, joining the Winter pack is a risk, one she doesn’t have a choice in. Being owned by an alpha pack means following the omega creed, a set of laws to prevent omegas from having any influence. For the Winter pack, Harper is a complication they’re not sure they need. After all, omegas are notorious for manipulating alphas. That’s why they’re under the strict control of the Omega Compound. It’s for the good of society. But as Harper settles in, it becomes clear that the government have been hiding the truth. About omegas, and about the mating bond they feel growing every day. Medium burn Trigger warning: Contains references to assault, sexual abuse and suicide that may be disturbing

Amazon Description

How do you stop running when you can’t remember why you started?

My name is Sloane Hanley, and I’m just a girl who needs to keep moving. Bad things happen when I stop. I come out of blackouts covered in blood. No memory of what happened.

Then, I’m saved from an attack, sent through a portal to a hidden town, and the blackouts stop. I discover I’m a shifter, a wolf. A rare one, too. An Omega.

I have true mates, Alphas, and they want to help me. I just need to stay in one place long enough to let them.

Omega Outcast is the first book in the Claiming Her Alphas trilogy in which a wolf shifter heroine claims multiple mates while attempting to uncover the cause of her blackouts. This book contains violence, explicit language, and sexual content recommended for readers 18 years and older.

Amazon Description

I’m trapped with an alpha, and my heat is coming on.
In a world where omegas have no rights, I’ve managed to carve out a respectable life in the glittering world of beta politics despite the odds. I thought maybe I could do some good here—make things better for our people. But now, after years of hiding my omega status with a toxic cocktail of black market heat blockers and pheromone suppressors, my time is finally up.

When my fellow omega-in-hiding and I are kidnapped by terrorists a week before my heat is due, our only hope lies with the misfit pack of subjugated alphas assigned as our security detail. Jax, Alex, and Flynn are as much slaves to the beta ruling class as we are—but they value omegas the way we’re meant to be valued. They’ll do whatever it takes to rescue us—though it still may be too late to protect my deadly secret.

If I give into the temptation they represent, my fragile house of cards will come tumbling down. And if I fall that far, will they be able to catch me?

Either way, my life as I knew it is over.

* * *

Secret Pack is a ‘why choose’ classic non-shifter omegaverse trilogy. The series contains NO non-con or dub-con. HEA guaranteed. What happens between now and then… not guaranteed. 😉

This collection contains the following books:

Hide or Die
Fight or Fly
Truth or Lie

Amazon Description

An Omega raised as a normal human girl…


Something never felt right with me.

I have to take these mysterious pills my mother gave me.

Until one night, my life turns upside down when my parents reveal the truth about me.

That I was an omega.

When I feel my heat coming on, I start to panic.

…and maybe throwing away the mystery pills wasn’t such a good idea after all.


I’m on a mission to find the lost virgin omega. To return her to Howl’s Edge immediately.

When I lay eyes on her, I want to claim her. And my pack wants her too.

But she’s not ours.

Tiana’s feisty, and I can’t keep my eyes off her, especially when she goes into heat during the cruise ship wedding.

She’s stranded with me. And my pack of alphas.

Either we mate with her, or she’ll die.

Stolen by The Pack is a fast-paced reverse harem romance duet with protective male alpha partners, a #whychoose story. Sit tight, grab a coconut drink and enjoy the ride! Guaranteed HEA with all the steam you’re looking for. Each book can be read as a standalone, sharing the same world.

♥ Heat Level: Scorching (knotting, possessive growly alphas & omega heat)

♥ Burn: Medium/Instalove

♥ Pregnancy & Birth? Yes

♥ High school? No, for grownups only

★ Grab your copy now for only .99 cents while it lasts! LIMITED time only! ★

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