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Omegaverse Reverse Harems Part 3

It felt like I just completed an Omeagverse-themed post. When I got this request, I initially thought perfect timing; there are a lot of omgaverse books coming out. 

Well, surprise, surprise, self, the last time I did an Omegaverse-themed post was in August. How is this possible? It feels like this trope is exploding at the moment.

I may need to do a part 4 here soonish; there were a lot of recent books I couldn’t include in this post. So drop me a line if this is of interest! 

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!


Amazon Description

Life as an omega can be pretty great.
We’re pampered, cared for, and desired.

Especially an omega who has a good pack.

That’s not me, though. I’m flying solo.

That’s why I started working at Allure—an exclusive omega-only club that caters to lonely alphas.

The perfect place to meet a pack that will get me through my heat.

Because it’s fast approaching, and I don’t want to face it alone.

Not again.

But should I pick the alphas that are perfect on paper…

…or let my heart decide?

Authors’ note: Allure Part One is the first book in a sweet Why Choose Omegaverse duet. This book contains adult language, lots of knotty puns, and sexual situations not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Thoughts from Paige

If you are familiar with this blog, you’ll know T.S. Snow is one of my favorite authors.  I read this duet right when it came out.  I can’t really remember now if I loved it.  I recall feelings of the FMC being TSTL at some bits, but I believe that overall I liked it. I remember some scenes quite clearly, and remember liking them.  In fact, I think I”m going to re-read this.

Amazon Description

Previously published as “With My Brother’s 3 Best Friends” by Charm Harlow.

My first attempt at overcoming trauma was a fun encounter with an alpha in the dark.

It was only when the light shone on his gorgeous face that I realized he was off limits, and I had to flee pregnant with his baby.

Years later, my packless son and I have been through hell, and we pounce at the first chance to escape our ordeal. Little did I know I would reunite with not just my son’s father, but two other wealthy alphas from my unhappy childhood, and the three of them are looking right at me. The last thing I need is more heartache but maybe this alpha pack is just what my broken, unbonded omega heart desires…

This is an omegaverse reverse harem romance with spicy scenes, a traumatized omega heroine and the three sweet, caring alphas she drives crazy.

Thoughts from Paige

This is such a sweet book.

Amazon Description

I don’t need a pack. I’m doing just fine on my own.
Until one tiny mistake has me perfuming enough to draw every enforcement officer in a ten block radius.

I know what awaits me if I go into custody as an unclaimed Omega, so when a blazing hot and surprisingly kind Alpha throws me a life raft, I grab hold with both hands.

Only problem? He didn’t exactly clear his claim on me with his pack. They don’t want an Omega. Especially Thane, who seems to be calling the shots.

At least they’re letting me stay until they find another pack to take me. I should be grateful, but being trapped in a mansion with four unbonded Alphas that smell like heaven is pure torture.

Fox, Miles, Levi, and Thane are everything an Omega could ever want, but there’s a reason I was in hiding.

I have to remember… I’m Knot Their Omega.

CAPTIVATE is a standalone Omegaverse romance told in multiple points of view. It includes MM and MMFMM and a happily ever after is guaranteed.

Amazon Description

The dragons are gone.
That’s what everyone believes at least.

I watched the last stronghold fall fifteen years ago and now I’m forced to hide in plain sight. A gift from a loved one is the only thing saving me from meeting the same fate.

As the only one of my people left, I resigned myself to a life of solitude and loneliness. There was no one to rely on but my inner dragon and the crazy old man who took me in. He gave me a job and a misfit family that I adore.

Then four strangers come into my life and see right through my defenses. After that, all I can hope for is that the things I’ve intended to keep secret stay that way.

Of course, skeletons never stay hidden for long and suddenly ours are all on display in an unfortunate twist of fate. All of our pasts are colliding and we have to learn to lean on others for the first time in our lives.

Between snowstorms, mates I never expected, strangers seeking me out, and a heat fast approaching, will I be able to let down my walls and come out of hiding for good?

Welcome to the Knottyverse: A series of books set in the same ABO world. This is an omegaverse book intended for readers eighteen and up. There is steam, a sassy plus sized main character

Thoughts from Paige

There is a book one listed in this ‘series’.  But the book states it is part of a shared universe, and book 1 doesn’t seem to be all that connected to this one. I haven’t read either book, so cannot confirm or deny that book one is required reading.

Amazon Description

Born as a beta, I grew up on the scraps left behind by Delilah, my older sister, who was always treated like a queen in our home.Despite the adoration my omega sister received from everyone, I was okay with the life of a hardworking beta. Posing and preening in beautiful gowns wasn’t my thing anyway.
Mastering taekwondo and getting my hacking algorithms to work were the greatest priorities of my life.

Everything changes the day mercenaries from the notorious Solveig Pack charge into our home, claiming my parents cheated them.

My parents took a huge loan from the Solveig alphas. Their contract says they’d have to hand over Delilah to them if they failed to pay back their debt.

My parents abandoned me when they fled with their precious omega daughter. I’m captured instead and brought to the pack’s den.

Things take a worse turn when I realize the effects the Solveig alphas are having on me. Turns out the “vitamin” pills my mother was feeding me were suppressants. I’m an omega and in pre-awakening!

I can’t let them know of my secret.

There’s no way I’ll ever be an omega to the alphas who destroyed my family.
I’ll fight my raging omega instincts until I can find an escape.

They’re wrong if they think they can own me. I’m not the meek beta they assume me to be.
I’ll never surrender to them because they’re knot my pack.

This is part one of the Solveig Pack series and takes place in an omegaverse universe with no shifters.
Contains MM, frequent cursing and growling, possessive alphas.

Amazon Description

Ember Nestor lost everything that mattered to her in one night. Her true mate was taken from her, and her mother decided to send her to Goldcrest Omega Academy where she must stay until she’s claimed by an Alpha.

She isn’t interested in finding a new mate while she’s in mourning. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get over her loss, but a dangerous Alpha wants to claim her, and his persistence pushes her to go on the run.

Escaping from the academy, she finds herself drawn to the two Alphas and their Beta who immediately recognize her as their true mate. Love was the last thing she expected to find in the middle of the woods, but it comes at a cost. Can she let go of her past to open her heart to her rescuers, or will she forever be lost to her grief?

Lost Omega is a standalone sweet omegaverse romance with college-aged characters, serious steam, and an HEA.

Amazon Description

My name’s Candi Cane and every eligible male in my pack is looking to get a lick this year.I’d rather die.
Let’s have a Christmas hunt, they said.
It will be fun, they said.
What ‘they’ didn’t say was who they planned to hunt… or what the prize would be.
Oh yeah, that would be me on both accounts.

By ‘they’ I mean my father, Alpha of the Evergreen pack. He’s taken things too far this Christmas Eve. My pack is obsessed with Christmas. Humans come from all over to see our Christmas village with no idea they’re celebrating with werewolves.

None of the Evergreen wolves are my fated mates, so naturally, I turn tail and run… right into the arms of the, erm, Anti-Christmas leader of the Brimstone pack, Alpha Coal. He’s not known for his love of people. Who can blame him, though?
The moon goddess must have a twisted sense of humor… because it turns out he’s my fated mate.
…And so is his beta.
…And his third in command.

Just when I think things couldn’t get worse, my attempt to shimmy down a chimney winds up with me stuck. How the heck does Santa do this? With wolves hunting me, three fated mates who hate Christmas, and my life falling apart, I’m not sure I can handle the secret that is about to be dropped on me… it just might be a Christmas Miracle.

Mistletoe Mates is a steamy holiday story with a sassy werewolf female and her drool-worthy mates. It features a happy ending!

Thoughts from Paige

Sedona Ashe is quickly becoming one of my favorite RH authors.  Strike that, she IS one of my favorite RH authors.  I love the humor infused in all of her books, and this is no exception.

Amazon Description

I was raised to live a pampered life, and now it can never be mine.
As the omega who never manifested, I became the family secret. That is, until a wealthy alpha makes me a deal: Marry him and pretend to be his pack omega so he receives his inheritance. After six months, I’ll get my money and live out the rest of my life in peace.

But the deception is wearing thin—someone knows I’m not who I pretend to be. The threats to expose us get more intense, bringing my temporary mates and I even closer.

And as I start to see just how hard they’re willing to fight for me, I find myself asking: Is this the happily ever after I’ve been searching for?

Get ready to meet the Steele sisters in the Bonds of Steele omegaverse series world. Each book is a standalone and can be read in any order. Scent of Deception features brooding, protective men, a feisty, reluctant female lead, and smoldering-hot knotty times. Please read the author’s note for possible triggers.

Thoughts from Paige

I’m pretty sure I read this book.  I know for sure I read the sample, and the idea is intriguing.  I can’t remember past the sample though, The entire series sounds quite interesting, and I’m adding them to my TBR.

Amazon Description

Theo has never wanted an omega. Becoming addicted to estrous and blood isn’t appealing to him in the least. But the choice has been taken from the alpha, and now he’s bonded to a wisp of a woman who only reminds him of the invisible chains tying him down. He’s determined to keep her at a distance, to treat her like an unwanted pet until he can sever their bond and free his pack from her clutches.

Little does he know that Anna doesn’t want him either.

Abducted and forced into her heat, this omega will do anything to reclaim her freedom from a pack that despises her. She wants nothing more than to return to her old life and forget the nightmare of their forced bond ever happened in the first place. She wants a life devoid of imprisonment and isolation.

But she hasn’t realized yet that not everyone in the pack wishes her gone.

The Damned is book one of three in the Hunted Trilogy:
♥ Three alpha males
★ One omega female
♥ Forced heat
★ Twin alphas
♥ Dark vampire omegaverse
★ Revenge
♥ Ends on a cliffhanger but I promise you a HEA at the end of the series

Amazon Description

Pack healers have three rules:

Never mix magics

Never fall in love with a pack member

And never forget that you will die young


I try not to think about that last one. The healer burden is one I gladly bear–my wolves need me. Even if our jackhole alpha won’t let me touch him to do my job. Oh, he’ll bring a wounded pack mate to me, but we’re forbidden to touch.

Which is probably for the best because I’m his omega. We’ve known since, well, forever. But we can never be together.

See rules one through three.

But everything changes when a powerful new wolf storms into our small town, bringing secrets and danger and everything I never knew I wanted with him.

And Alpha



Wolves of the Midnight Stars is the first book in the Healer’s Pack Series and there might be a cliffy. This is a RH omegaverse romance with plenty of sexy times, nesting, AB/o dynamics, and other filthy things. You’ve been warned.

Thoughts from Paige

This book was written differently than what I’m used to, and it totally worked for me.  I couldn’t believe it was over when I saw the #sorrynotsorry note from the author. Made me chuckle.  Looking forward to book 2


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