My Reverse Harem Book Marathon: 14 Books in Two Weeks

Hi friends!

This is a big post since it’s combining two weeks. So I’m going to keep this intro short and let the books speak for themselves.

Hit me up if you’ve read anything good lately!

Be well, and happy reading!

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Amazon Description

I really shouldn’t be doing this…
But how do I say no?
When I turned 25 everything starts falling apart, and the ones who help me pick up the pieces are pulling me in four different directions.
My step brother Antonio…
My step brother’s best friend Isaiah…
His younger twin brothers Zachariah and Jerimiah…
My new boss, who is very much off limits.
But when my abusive ex storms back into my life, they will be the ones to hold all my pieces together, especially when things get even more complicated.

Those two little pink lines are about to change everything for us…

This is a Why Choose romance. Sapphire will end up with all of her men, and HEA is 100% guaranteed. (There are no triggers, this is a light and fluffy romance, where the only darkness is in their pasts. They will find a way to be happy, after all the heartache they’ve faced. Sapphire is the glue that holds them all together.) Also, yes, this book is very trope-y… That’s the whole point.
If you love quick and steamy reads, with lots of spice, dirty talk, and hearts mending with love… this book is for you!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect:  I'm undecided about this series

Positives: I liked the storyline

Problems: I think we could have done without the beginning, I actually think it could have been more emotional.  As it was, I think we could have just skipped ahead and had it summarized as a prologue. 

Amazon Description

After centuries of war between Heaven and Hell, the veil to Hell opened, and chaos was unleashed on the Earth. Amidst the destruction, my family fled to the military bunker under the command of my father. Underground, I spent my childhood training to be a Hunter, the elite force who slaughtered demonic monsters night after night.

The demons from Hell were my enemies, yet I should have been looking at my colleagues, those I called my friends.

Kidnapped and brought to Hell, I learn the truth behind the fall of Earth, yet there’s so much left to uncover.

I am more.

More than just a Hunter or a human. But no one knows what I am, not even my captors, the enticing monsters I’m inexplicably drawn to. I know our bond is impossible, our union a betrayal of everything I stand for. I’m reminded of it with every glint of their horns, flash of their wings, or flick of their tails.

When the truth is uncovered, will I be the one to save humanity or be their destruction?

In this gripping apocalyptic, why choose romance, the forces of darkness and light collide in a battle for the fate of humanity, and the bond between two demons, a fallen angel, and a human may be the only thing that can save them all.

No animals are harmed in this series.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Currently reading, 86%

Prospect: I've set it aside, but plan to finish. I'm so close! 

Positives/Problems: It's honestly been a bit since I read this, and I can't remember.  Something must have happened to get me to set it aside a bit while reading it.  But I didn't return it, so that means I want to read more. 

Amazon Description

Hexes were meant to be broken.
All I wanted was to live my life peacefully alone within the Allura Empire.
But my serene existence was put into jeopardy when five mages barged into my adventurer’s guild uninvited. Their orders came from the Lethium Empire, and they were clear; I had to free them of their curse or replace them as the shield of the empire.
The problem was, breaking their curses wasn’t the only thing on my mind when it came to these mages.
Casper and Jasper, the psychotic twin mages, one light and one dark, that shattered my resolve every chance they got.
Aimon, the caring earth mage that broke down my walls one meal at a time.
Bastian, the quirky potion mage who stole my breath with each failing concoction.
Silas, the insufferable dual-classed mage that annoyed the spirit out of me with every empire-damned opinion he spouted.
It started out as breaking a few curses, but their curses were only a fraction of the true threat looming over us all.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: DNF 🙁

Prospect: I usually love this author, but this book just didn't do it for me.

Positives: I liked how it picked up right away, although I was confused at first.  But I caught on, and I love it when an author doesn't spoon feed me.

Problems: I guessed the plot pretty quickly on, and ended up just skimming to see if I was right.  I just didn't feel the chemistry between all of em.

Amazon Description

My ex-boyfriend is meeting my cousin at the altar. My solution?
Persuading one of my three BFF’s to be my fake date…

My name is Poppy Jo Summers, and I’ve broken the golden rule:
Never sleep with any of your best friends, let alone all three of them.

My proposition seemed innocent enough.
One of them would be my fake date for my evil cousin’s wedding.
In return, I’d do a favor for all three of them. No big deal, right?

Accept Jude needed a fake date to his company’s party; to my surprise, Mr. hot-as-sin CEO couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off me the entire night.

Then Cyrus took me out so I could teach him how to be more romantic. Stubborn, dominant, and built like a tank, the only lesson I learned from him was that romance can be overrated.

And when my charming next-door neighbor Sam agreed to a double date so I could set him up with a co-worker, I burned up in flames when it was my thigh he grabbed under the table.

We hadn’t just broken our rules, we’d thrown them out and crossed the line from fake to real.
And with my heart on lockdown from my ex; I know this is a dangerous game to play.
I might think I’m broken now, but I would shatter like glass if I ever lost my three best friends…

18+ Only. Fake and Don’t Tell is an extra spicy laugh-out-loud why choose romance. HEA guaranteed!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read more by this author

Positives: This was a super cute book, I loved the characters and how they crossed that line, all bumbling, together.

Problems: N/A


Amazon Description

It’s just my luck when it takes a turn for the worse and I trip, falling head-first into the lap of the star player of the Coe Bay Titans. It’s like fate wants me in the spotlight with him, but I don’t want that. If anything, I want his best friend and teammate, and he wants me.

When I start dating the six-foot-five hunk, the next thing I know is that they’re winning every game I attend with record-breaking stats, and now it seems like all eyes on me. But I know how this goes. Is it possible that they’re actually interested in me, and not just as their one-woman cheer squad? Or are they simply sticking around to keep up their good luck streak?

Who knows where this will lead, but one thing’s for sure, I don’t trust fate. Not with my heart, anyway.

This is a light-hearted whychoose romance standalone where the woman ends up with more than one love interest and ends in an HEA

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read the next one

Positives: Cute book, I liked the FMC

Problems: I'm not sure it needed to be a duet

Amazon Description

How am I supposed to keep my guard up when there’s nowhere to hide?
My best friend signed me up for a dating show, and now, I’m on a tropical island with four other gorgeous ladies and five hot-as-sin men, being recorded 24/7 for six weeks.

Oh, and the audience is voting on our love lives like some new version of American Idol. FML.

This is both a dream and a nightmare come to life. I’ve never felt so desired, with not one, but three of the guys vying for my attention. The Caribbean nights are hot, but the passion is hotter. And as the competition heats up, so do the housemates’ desires.

I’ve never been one to play games, but with the pressure mounting and the producers throwing surprises at us left, right, and center, I have to decide whether to risk it all for what my heart wants.

But can I trust my heart, or will it lead me astray?

Welcome to Season One of Love on Display, a new live-streamed dating show, where the audience has the power to vote who earns time together without the cameras, and who wins the cash prize.

New bonds will be tested, alliances formed, and hearts broken as these ten singles navigate the show and learn to let go of their inhibitions and invite love, and lust, into their lives.

Features a curvy FMC, a bestie who always has her back, an emotional support iguana named Norbert, three guys who tempt like it’s their side gig, and challenges to prove everyone is worthy of love.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read the next one

Positives: I love this story line.  One of the readers on here had requested books that are similar to the bachelor, this is the second one now that I've found.  Yay! 

Problems: It seemed to drag along ever so slightly, but I wouldn't be surprised if the two producers of the show end up in a polyamorous relationship. If so, then it was nicely set up.

Amazon Description

Melody Webber spent ten years waiting for bonds and babies, but she learned the hard way that her ex was never going to get his act together. Needing a change and aching for something more, she signs up for The Omega Exchange.

Nikolas Vincent, Oliver Turner, and Maxim Miller make for the most unexpected pack in existence.

Nik spent years getting paid to throw around a football, but he’s bored in retirement. Oliver is a genius alpha on the edge of going feral, and Miller is desperate for a family of their own.

When Nik’s brother finds his omega, they’re called to take over the family business Nik spent years severely neglecting.

Things seem to be coming together when they meet the omega of their dreams. But as it turns out, Melody has baggage of her own that could derail everything.

This is a standalone title in a new The Omega Exchange location with no cheating, no choosing, and a guaranteed HEA!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: I finished

Prospect: I will read more by this author

Positives/Problems: This one I wasn't loving, and I did wind up forcing myself to finish it.  I liked it, but it just wasn't my cuppa.

Amazon Description

“You’re nothing.Just a nobody that wasn’t wanted.”

Those words have played in my head since I was five years old.
Every night when I close my eyes, I relive that moment. The heat, the smoke, and the cruel smile on her face. For the longest time, I believed them. All I wanted was to find a place to belong, to be needed. But who could ever need me, a prey shifter? How can a rabbit be useful, especially when I lack elemental magic?

The guys saved me that night and every day since. They refused to let me feel useless, instead teaching me to be strong and use what I thought was a weakness to my advantage. With Lyle, Blair, Pike, and the twins, Sol and Storm, I found what I never thought was possible. People who wanted me, people who value me. They may be Alpha predators, but they make me feel like I belong.

I found a pack.

But nothing is forever, and one day I’ll have to watch them leave, to pick mates to spend their lives with. The thought haunts me, but I can’t let it rule my life.
I don’t want to be alone, not again…


Sometimes my thoughts are not my own. I feel like someone else lives inside of me, full of pain and while I don’t know the reason for the pain, I can feel it as if it is my own. Every day the feeling is stronger and with it comes chaos, my life has become a delicate balance and something inside of me can’t wait for it to snap.

Fear keeps me holding onto what I know. Whatever is inside of me is waiting to get out, but it’s dark and dangerous and I refuse to let those around me be hurt by it.

I’m just not sure I can hold it in much longer.

Shaped by Destiny is book one in the Beasts of Extinction Series and ends on a cliffhanger.
This is a full-length shifter romance that has some darker elements.
Please read the Trigger Warnings.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: 42%

Prospect: I'm not sure, will probably finish

Positives/Problems: I can't remember much about it. I'm assuming since I didn't return it I want to finish. 

Amazon Description

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine falling so hard for SEVEN wild, protective, and untamed men.

Thanks to the world’s most hateful stepmother,
I took a well-deserved retreat to the mountains.
A magical place owned by seven powerful, and undeniably attractive men.
Rough, rugged, and wild.
And they want to make my wildest dreams come true.
I can’t even believe they all want me – but can I handle all seven myself?

The Magnificent Seven
A tale as old as time,
A beauty traveled far, far away, right into our protective arms.
Her skin, pure as snow.
Eyes that outshine the night sky.
And lips as red and enticing as cherries.
She possesses the strength of a lioness,
And we know it’s her we’ve been waiting for.

A darkness wants to take her away.
But they’ll soon discover nothing can come between us and our precious Snow…
Or the miracle growing inside her.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: 41%

Prospect: I'm not sure, will probably finish

Positives: I like the idea of a resort where people can get it on, lol

Problems: I'm not all that invested.  I don't get the immediate attraction our FMC has, and I'm struggling to remember which man represents which dwarf. 

Amazon Description

As the future Night Queen, Lyra must hide her identity until her fated mates prove themselves worthy of the title Knight.

Traditionally the Night Queen has at least one mate from each seasonal court. So what happens when Lyra’s first mate rejects her outright?

What does this mean for Lyra and the future of her realm? How will she survive being around him when they both attend the same academy?

Lyra must move forward, but how will she learn to trust again after her first mate broke her heart?

This book series is an Adult Fantasy Romance not intended for young readers. The characters in this book have multiple partners and fated mates. (Why choose) These relationships are inclusive.

**This book will end on a cliffhanger!**

If you are not comfortable with LGBTQ+, multiple partners, open relationships, or poly, please avoid this book series.

**Themes and tropes in this book include: bonded, bullying, cliffhanger, enemies to lovers, fated mates, inst-love, love triangle, multiple pov, other-women-drama, second chance, secret identity, slow burn, smut/sexually graphic scenes with explicit language & description, soulmates, steamy/suggestive scenes, unrequited love

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read the next ones

Positives/Problems: Same as the other book

Amazon Description

There are beings in this world that are the embodiment of fear itself – we call them Terrors.

Already an outcast shunned beyond the edge of town, I’m regularly ridiculed for my ungainly appearance. In this time of darkness, I simply do what is necessary to survive—like inviting in strangers who come knocking.

Which is what happened with The Unwanted—a Terror so cruel that if you turn him away, he will rip out your eyes before eating your heart. My act of kindness has entrenched me into an even darker world of monsters like no other. It’s made all the more terrifying because I don’t understand the language the Terrors speak.

As the Order of Ipsom launches a campaign to end the Terrors, the world turns medieval as fear grips the land. Fires burn the forests, screams fill the air, all while the Guardians try to kill the unkillable.

But I’m not immortal. And I might just become collateral damage.

If you would like to stay up to date on this series, join my Facebook group to get teasers and information first!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: will read more by this author

Positives: LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. Loved our FMC and her journey. 

Problems: I needed more chapters towards the end to get to know everyone equally. 

Amazon Description

An unbreakable bond. An ancient curse. A monster to ruin kingdoms.

We survived the outliers, but now Kade, Asher, Darian, Locke, and I are in the fae kingdom with a tortured prince in our grasp. The fae hold the secrets to breaking the curse over Katakin, and I intend to find out what they are. But the fae realm is as perilous as Katakin, and those secrets? Yeah, we’ll have to pay for them with blood.

As I get closer to finding my sister, I learn to accept the magic that runs in my veins. But I’m about to discover that I’m not immune to the curse like I thought I was. Those four monsters of mine? Yeah, they’re about to find out just what kind of monster they’re bonded to. Turns out, I might not be the Katakin monsters’ salvation. I might just be their downfall.

This is the third book in the Her Cursed Protectors series and a fun reverse harem fantasy romance for mature audiences. **Language warning **Multiple POV

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read the next one.

Positives: Ya'll, I DID NOT see the ending coming.  I guessed part of it, but not the big revel.  Bravo author

Problems: Is the harem complete? I keep wondering if we are going to add anymore.


Amazon Description

From international bestselling author J Rose comes an angsty, small town reverse harem romance full of spice, second chances, found family and sizzling hot mountain men.

I’m on the run.

Desperate and afraid.

After breaking free from the gilded cage of my abusive marriage, I have nothing to my name but a letter from a long-lost relative.

Come home, Willow.

Your family is waiting for you.

I sacrificed everything to flee for the tiny town of Briar Valley and its promise of a better life for my young daughter.

Hope often takes the unlikeliest of forms, but I didn’t expect to find it nestled among the rugged, snow-capped mountains.

Nor did I intend to surrender my heart to three tortured mountain men, hiding from their own grief in the thick forest of pine trees.

Briar Valley offers a home to all lost things, but at what cost?

I have to make an impossible choice.

Do I spend the rest of my life running from the demons in my past, or should I risk it all in the name of love?

Author’s Note: Where Broken Wings Fly (Briar Valley #1) is a spicy small town reverse harem romance and book one in a duet. It does end on a cliffhanger. Full trigger warning available inside the book.

Paige's Perspective

Progress Prospect Positives Problems P.S. 

Amazon Description

Lyra’s Summer dreams come true, but her first rejection sparks doubt: is he a villain or a victim?

Lyra has found the happiness she once thought was only a dream with her Summer Mate. He is everything she could have hoped for, and with his unwavering loyalty, she has finally found peace and restored her faith in fate.

However, the shadow of Axel’s rejection still lingers, and his unrelenting presence sparks questions about his true intentions.

As a dissenting coalition emerges in the kingdom, Axel’s involvement comes into question, forcing Lyra to confront her feelings and decide whether he is truly the villain or the victim.

This book series is an Adult Fantasy Romance not intended for young readers. The characters in this book have multiple partners and fated mates. (Why choose) These relationships are inclusive.

**This book will end on a cliffhanger!**

If you are not comfortable with LGBTQ+, multiple partners, open relationships, or poly, please avoid this book series.

**Themes and tropes in this book include: bonded, bullying, cliffhanger, enemies to lovers, fated mates, forced proximity, inst-love, love triangle, multiple pov, other-women-drama, second chance, secret identity, slow burn, smut/sexually graphic scenes with explicit language & description, soulmates, steamy/suggestive scenes, unrequited love

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read the next ones

Positives: Really unique story, a different take on an undercover FMC.

Problems: These are short, and I found out they were originally published on Kindle Vella.  Or whatever it's called.  

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