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The requested theme was to find RH books where either the MC or Harem Members already had children.  In the US Mothers Day just occurred, so this seems to be a relevant post! 

I’ve got to say, the idea of having several extra pairs of hands around, especially during the baby stage, sounds amazing. 

So without further ado, let’s meet our families of the week. 

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Be well, and happy reading!


Billionaire Brother's Nanny by Rebel Bloom
Billionaire Brother’s Nanny by Rebel Bloom
Amazon Description

Three billionaire brothers chasing after one nanny...
What could go wrong?


The list of problems they bring into my life is even bigger than their bank accounts.

They seem like innocent fathers, wanting to spend a summer in the Hamptons with their kids… but nothing could be further from the truth.

Along with a generous salary, they offer me an arrangement that’s impossible to decline.

I can be with all three of them and take my pick when summer is over.

Griffin, the older brother has dimples to die for. But he’s also the bossiest one. His word is law, and his grasp around my waist is as firm.

Ezekiel knows exactly how to make me feel desired. His buttoned-down shirts are such a turn on, and his possessive touch impossible to resist.

Conrad, Ezekiel’s twin, holds me in his muscular arms with so much love that I can barely contain the warmth in my heart. And then there’s the secret history we share…

There’s no way I’d ever pick just one of these men.

It’s either all three... or none of them.

And it’s obvious I’ll have to go with the second option after finding out that they’ve placed a damn million-dollar bet on me...

Thoughts from Paige

I LOVED this book. I ended up buying it after reading it on KU.  Sweet read.

Broke Down: My Over the Top Possessive Alpha Harem by Sharan Daire
Broke Down: My Over the Top Possessive Alpha Harem by Sharan Daire
Amazon Description

My car broke down on an icy road in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve got no money in the bank, no place to stay, and no food for my kids. Can it get any worse?

Sure. A police car pulls up.

The county sheriff calls his twin brother to tow my car for repairs that'll probably cost more than the beater is worth. They say don’t worry about it. They only want to help.

Sure they do.

These gorgeous guys just happen to have two friends who own a luxurious motel called Little Cypress Lodge. I walk into this incredible hotel and it's like I've entered a new fantasy world. It's warm, there's plenty of food for my kids, and they say I can stay. For free. As long as I need a place.
The four of them even want to hire me to do some modeling work for their new fashion line. Crazy, right?

Me. The broke down, homeless single mom.

If I can keep up the act long enough to make some deposits on a new place, I can start a new life for me and my kids. If I don't lose my heart first.

Thoughts from Paige

I quite liked this book.  I did read the second, but haven't yet read the third.

Broken Pieces (Leaving You, Finding Them Book 1) by Tammi Lynn
Broken Pieces (Leaving You, Finding Them Book 1) by Tammi Lynn
Amazon Description

Contemporary RH

Mia is a single mom from Arizona who has been stuck in an on again off again relationship for the past fourteen years. Knowing she has to get away from her ex Andreas(Dre) to fully be free of him, she packs up their thirteen-year-old son and moves states away to Sammamish, Washington.

Her intent to start a new life and better things for her and her son Miklo are the first things on her mind. But when they arrive at their new home to be greeted by four hot new neighbors? She can only hope for it to be a good sign she is on the right track. Or it will at least make things a lot more fun!

Can Mia mend the broken pieces of her heart, or will Dre continue to hold onto it? And what role will her new neighbors Jayson, Roman, Jesse, and Cade play in her new start?

Broken Pieces is book one in the Leaving You, Finding Them series. It’s a fast burn contemporary RH with possible triggers of emotional abuse, swearing, and adult content 18+ appropriate. Book one will have a small cliffhanger to bring on the progression of the story.

Thoughts from Paige

I gave this one a try, but it just wasn't my cuppa.  It has a little over 100 ratings on Amazon though, and the vast majority seem to have loved the series, so definitely give the sample a try on for size!  This is a completed series.

Life as She Knows it: Learning to Love Again by Ali D Jensen
Life as She Knows it: Learning to Love Again by Ali D Jensen
Amazon Description

And just like that I decided I was done, done with the ugliness of the world, and done existing amongst people who only pretended to love me the way I deserve to be loved.

No longer held down by the weight of my life, I find freedom from the monsters that plague my own mind. No longer held down by the abuse of my spouse, I find freedom from the monster in my bed. Finding inner strength I didn’t know I had, to break free from the shackles that have kept me prisoner to my own life, I made the decision to get away and let go of the toxicity drowning me day to day.

Doing my best to navigate through life as a newly single mom, I keep my head down and work hard to keep my daughter safe as we start our new life tucked away in a small town. I would have never expected to find happiness in three men who love my daughter like their own, but I should have known that I could never truly find contentment in life as long as my ex is still alive and breathing.

He finds us and now none of us are safe.

WARNING: Life as She Knows it is a slow burn reverse harem romance. Meaning the FMC is in a relationship with three or more men. This is the first book of the Learning to Love Again series and does result in a cliffhanger. This book features dark themes, potential triggers, foul language, and sexual scenes so it may not be suitable for everyone. This book is recommended for readers eighteen years of age or older. The rest of you, ENJOY! #WhyChoose

Thoughts from Paige

I love love love the book dedication.  

Additionally, the writing is fantastic and I was immediately sucked in. 

This feels more like a fiction book featuring a woman rebuilding her self rather than a romance. We don’t meet the potential harem until 50%. The author is thoughtfully dealing with what our MC went through, and it is truly a beautiful story. 

My Irish Billionaires: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Forbidden Fantasies) by Sofia T Summers
My Irish Billionaires: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Forbidden Fantasies) by Sofia T Summers
Amazon Description

I thought my life was over until I met three Irish men that took my breath away and made me feel alive…
Flynn, the hot single dad I work for.
Declan, the athletic doctor I wouldn’t mind breaking the rules with.
And Connor, heir to a family fortune and a ruthless teacher.

Not a single moment goes by when I don’t fantasize about them.

And I’m not the only one that’s obsessed.
They are too.
I know it.
I feel it.

They make me feel safe…
Protecting my body while letting themselves have me.

I sure as hell can’t imagine my bed without them.
But can they imagine having to share me forever… now that I’m pregnant and have nowhere else to turn except for in their arms?

A scorching hot standalone reverse harem romance that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, sweaty and breathless. Loaded with all things taboo, Sofia promises to bring ALL your dirty fantasies to life with these outrageously naughty stories from her Forbidden Fantasies collection.
Warning: Adults Only.

One Bride for Three Single Dads: A Reverse Harem Romance by Jess Bentley
One Bride for Three Single Dads: A Reverse Harem Romance by Jess Bentley
Amazon Description

Three s*xy single dads changed my life. And not the way you might think.
When I took this nanny job, I never thought I could fall in love with three men.
But they tantalized me, treated me and took me.
And now they're mine. All mine.

Being a nanny was never on my bucket list.
But when I walked in to my job interview and saw three men, each hotter than the next,
I knew I couldn't turn back.
I love taking care of the babies during the day,
but being babied every night is even better.
First there's Ambrose, who's always hungry for me.
Then Harrison, a take-charge alpha who protects me and pampers me.
Boone, who worships every inch of my body.
When we all leave for Ireland, I worry we can't hold back our passion.
And when we get there, I know I never want to.
Can a romantic tangle turn into something more?

This is a steamy standalone 55,000 word novel with a HEA, and no cheating!

Thoughts from Paige

I've got some weird book hangups, and sometimes no matter how hard I try I just can't get past them.  One such hangup is when the prologue is actually the end of the book, and then the book is about how they get there.  I'm assuming that's the case for this book, or at least something similar.  I really did try to read after the prologue, but I ended up setting it aside.  I may return in the future and just skip the prologue.  Writing seemed good and I recognize the authors name, so I'll do my best to give this another shot down the line. 

Returning to Everton (Everton Ever After Book 1) by Scarlett Philips
Returning to Everton (Everton Ever After Book 1) by Scarlett Philips
Amazon Description

Ten years ago, I left the men I loved for another man.

My husband took everything from me. My home, my family, my friends, my magic. The one thing he gave me was my sweet little girl.

Now that he’s gone, I’m finally ready to start over. It’s time to move back home and teach my daughter it’s okay to have magic. I only hope I can undo the damage he’s done.

But going home means I have to face the men I left behind. Am I ready to see them again?

Will they be able to forgive me for the way I left? Or will returning to Everton be just another mistake?

Returning to Everton is the first book in a completed duet. This book ends in a cliffhanger, but the next book is already available. Buy this steamy romance where the FMC doesn't have to choose between the men she loves.

Thoughts from Paige

I remember reading this one, I think I liked it... There may have been some bits I skipped, but I remember liking the story and I believe I read the next book as well.

Sliding Into Love (The DeWitt Sisters Book 1) by Quinn Arthurs
Sliding Into Love (The DeWitt Sisters Book 1) by Quinn Arthurs
Amazon Description

After recently returning to her hometown, Emily—a thirty-something, divorced, mother-of-three—is determined to find some semblance of normalcy or happiness in her life. Her plans to spend the summer working and lazing with her sister are derailed as she meets her gorgeous neighbor, Alex, and his incredibly sexy friends, Troy and Max. A relationship that begins as a steamy summer fling is destined to end, but Emily wonders if they could end up as something more. However, not everyone is happy with their relationship in the small, Pennsylvania town. With jobs and children on the line, is Emily doomed to strike out in the romance department? Or will she be Sliding Into Love?

**Please note this book has been republished with a new cover and title, though the content remains the same. The book was previously titled - "A Work in Progress"

"18+ Why Choose Romance.*

Thoughts from Paige

This was a very thoughtful book.  It gave me fiction vibes more than Romance, as it was a lot about family and the woman's growth into herself.  I wasn't in the right frame of mind for it, so I ended up pausing about halfway through.  I can definitely see this being a hit with people though. 

Succubus Soccer Mom: A Reverse Harem Tale by Jacquelyn Faye
Succubus Soccer Mom: A Reverse Harem Tale by Jacquelyn Faye
Amazon Description

You know that bitch from hell everybody talks about? That's me. I mean that literally.

I was born in the seventh circle of Hell to two demons of noble lineage. Know what that means? Squat. My brimstone birth certificate and five bucks might get me a cup of coffee from Starbucks. The minute I was born, they handed me off to a wet nurse, sent me to earth, and left me to fend for myself. I suppose, I should thank them. They taught me at an early age that there is nothing in either world more important than self-sufficiency.

To survive, I needed money. So, naturally, I became a stripper.

Don't judge, it paid the bills. A lot of them. And it provided a solution to my particular dietary requirements. I'm a succubus. We eat lust for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. What better place to get it than a seedy, smoke-filled bar full of horndogs shoving dollar bills in your thong?

Life was good.

Then, I met Ryan and fell in love. He knew what I was and loved me anyway. I loved him so much that we got married and I gave him twin children. And then he died.

And left me alone.

Okay, not completely alone. He left me two kids to raise and a crippling sense of loss.

So, I did what any demon would do, I loaded up the kids and moved a thousand miles to start a new life.
Now, my Hell is in suburbia and the most evil things in my life are my home owners' association and the PTA.
Maybe it wasn't too late to go back to Hell.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains graphic language, sexual situations, and inappropriate humor. This is a fast burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Contains M/M and F/F scenes.

Thoughts from Paige

I devoured this book.  There is a little MM and FF. I wish it had been longer or there was another book.  I LOVED our MC!

Our MC is a succubus and was a stripper up until a year ago when her husband died.  I love her inner monologue and her interactions with her kids.

Three Times The Trouble: Single Dad Reverse Harem Romance (Dirty Coyote Series Book 2) by Pepper Swan
Three Times The Trouble: Single Dad Reverse Harem Romance (Dirty Coyote Series Book 2) by Pepper Swan
Amazon Description

I need to get closer to Austin Sentry and his country band.They need a nanny. What can possibly go wrong? I’m determined to sign the Austin Sentry Band to the talent agency I work for. This commitment has caused me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. Including acting as nanny to their lively, sometimes downright mischievous children. Austin Sentry is a dedicated father, and a sexy-hot country singer who melts my heart every time I see him perform. Kasey West doesn’t know how drop-dead, deliciously gorgeous he is, nor does he care. He’s too busy raising his adopted niece, writing the next hit song, and giving his fans, what they want... more of Kasey West. Boon Rivera is all ripped, hard-body, and muscle with a smoldering smile that could stop a train. He’s a single dad with a soft-spot as big as an ocean for his spirited young son. What begins as a means to my triumphant end-game, turns out to be oh-so-much-more. Especially when we each share all the dirty little bedroom secrets, we’d been reluctant to confess to anyone. Now we’re sharing everything, even our hot, sinfully-wicked nights. I’m falling hard and fast for these three, downhome, country stars, and admitting I have an ulterior motive, just might ruin everything… Is this a risk I’m willing to take or do I simply hold my personal dreams in check and enjoy my new life? Three Times The Trouble is a sizzling, small-town, country music, reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes, all done with a touch of humor, and a spark of heat that just might melt your Kindle. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed…Thanks for reading!!

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