Must Read Reverse Harem books.

Whether you’re new to the Reverse Harem (RH) book scene, or know your way around the world of whychoose, you have to start somewhere to grow your to be read (tbr) list. I’ve compiled a list of must read RH’s. There will more than likely be a secondary post, third, fourth, and so on because let’s face it…MORE BOOKS! Thank the world for Indie authors. They are underappreciated, and are the backbone (IMO) of the RH (and other genres) world. Indie authors struggle to get into local stores and libraries. The internet is a different kind of animal, but I digress.

This list is going to be for everyone just dipping a toe into the RH world, to our seasoned cannonball jumpers (#Whychoose ladies) who just can’t get enough. Heh, enough dick. (M/M will be included in some of these selections, but not all. Click the links to be rerouted on a new tab to the Amazon book and it’s blurb to see if it’s for you. Let’s face it, we do judge a book by its cover on occasion. Without further adieu, enjoy these recommendations. I will provide links at the bottom to go with the book cover number listed under each book cover.

Hijinks Harem (3 Books) Funny! RH. Elementals. Obscene amount of puns. Yes, she’s a barista.

Their Champion. Book 1 of ? Dystopian. Mad max era type. RH.

Their Vampire Queen. Book 1 of 7 and counting. Paranormal.
MMFFM+ polyam series.

Harem of Hearts book 1 of 3. Fantasy. RH.

Kit Davenport Series. It’s complete. RH. Paranormal. Trigger warning for past abuse.

Rock Hard Beautiful Book 1 of 3. She decided to write a 4th book. Release date unknown. RH. Some M/M. Rock Band Contemporary. Buy kleenex, you might ugly cry. I did.

The Academy of Spirits & Shadows Book 1 of 3. RH. Paranormal.

Grey Witch Book 1 of ? RH. Paranormal.

Briarwood Witches Complete Series. RH. Some M/M. Paranormal.

Finding My Pack Book 1 of ? RH. Shifter. Paranormal.

The TriAlpha Chronicles Book 1 of 6. Book 6 should be out at the end of this month. RH. Shifter. Paranormal.

Phoenix Rising Series Book 1 of 3. RH. Shifter. Trigger warning for abuse, and past rape.

Chosen Series Book 1 of 3. RH. Alien.

Quintessence Book 1 of 7 Completed Series. RH. Contemporary.

Heart Hassle Book 1 of ? RH. Cupids. Fantasy. Comedy.

Curse of the Gods Book 1 of 5 + 1 novella. RH. Fantasy. Gods. Comedy.

The Redemption Saga Book 1 of 5. RH. Paranormal/Urban Fantasy. Trigger warning for past abuse and rape.

Rise Of The Iliri Book 1 of 8 and counting. RH. Fantasy.

The Code Book 1 of 5. RH. Contemporary. Completed series.

The Dark Side Series book 1 of 4. RH. Paranormal. Comedy.

The Hopeless Series Book 1 of 4. RH. Fantasy. Fae.

To Tame a Shifter Book 1 of 3. RH. Some M/M. Shifter. Fantasy.

Sisters of Hex Book 1 of 3. RH. Paranormal. Fern.

Sisters of Hex 1 of 3. RH. Accacia. Paranormal.

Infernal Descent Book 1 of 3. RH. Paranormal.

Power of five book 1 of 4. RH. Fantasy.

The Lost Sentinel Book 1 of ? RH. Paranormal.

The Redeemable 1-4: Arcadia’s Story. RH. Paranormal (7 deadly sins)

The Curse of Avalon Book 1 of ? RH. Paranormal.

Lies Trilogy Book 1 of 3. RH. Dark Contemporary. Fucking brilliant.

The Bullets Book 1 of 3. RH. Dark Contemporary.

Revel & Rot Book 1 of 3. RH. Zombies.

Hell Hounds Harem Book 1 of 3. RH. Paranormal.

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  1. Briana Michaels’ Hell Hounds Harem series was amazing! I can’t believe it took me this long to find it. I am counting the days until the next trilogy is released…

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