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Misery Undone is book 3 of 6 in the Unlocked Series by Indie Author (and resident cat wrangler extraordinaire) Lana Kole. If you’re just joining me as a new reader, I’ll have both links and synopsis for both Chaos Unlocked and Betrayal Exposed at the bottom of the post. Don’t worry, no spoilers!


Description – direct from Amazon:

Misery loves company… or does he?
Daria’s reeling from the secrets she unlocked about her family, but at least she has her five demons by her side. Or so she thought. Misery has mysteriously disappeared, and Daria can think of little else.
Between pouring drinks, spinning creative tales to cover her unexplained absence to her coworkers, and getting to know her new house mate, Daria has to somehow track down the first demon who managed to worm his way into her heart. But when they’re reunited, he isn’t the same Misery she’s grown to care for. This is a stranger, one who’s given in to the darkness that plagues him.
Now Daria has to find a way to pull him out of the anguish he’s lost in, and one he doesn’t necessarily want to let go of. Can she bring him back from the brink?


Forewarning. My husband almost died from natural causes due to multiple attempts to carry on a conversation with me while I was engrossed in this novel. Smothering with a pillow. Pushing down the stairs. Gravity is natural. Just sayin’. Kidding aside. If you read like I do, disruptions while reading can drive you crazy. Especially during important scenes. Funny scenes. Emotional scenes. Sad scenes. Happy scenes. Sexy times scenes. Action scenes. Fighting scenes. Lol, all scenes. Again, no spoilers. However, if you don’t wish to blow a gasket…seek a reading nook for chapters 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 2… you get the picture.

Actually, you know what? Clear your schedule. This book requires you undivided attention. My little heart. *clutches place in between breasticles* You won’t be able to put Misery Undone down because emotions are high, relationships are developing, the bad guy is still a royal asshat. AND we still have 3 books and 3 more demons to cover!

Upon completion of this book, emitting a squeee doesn’t begin to cover the excitement I feel for the next chapter in Daria & her demon’s lives. I’m invested. I’ve got my heart set on a manwich. Or would that be a demonwich, Lana? Pleaaaaase! Misery Undone did not disappoint!


Description – direct from Amazon

Secrets kept, betrayal exposed…
With five demons to look after and a murder to solve, Daria’s life just got a whole lot more complicated. After defeating chaopados, Daria tries to settle into life with Misery, Truth, Betrayal, Hope and Death. Not so easy when there’s one bathroom between five men and a woman.
Life seems to have other plans than working out a bathroom schedule, when she and Betrayal are kidnapped and held hostage by someone least expected, Daria has to make a choice. Lock the demons back up, or else work with Betrayal to get themselves out of the mess they’ve been unwillingly forced into… before someone gets hurt.
As the others frantically search for their friends, secrets will be brought into the light, mysteries will be unlocked, and suspicions will arise. When the ultimate betrayal is discovered, Daria must decide if it’s all worth it.
Can trust be earned?


Description – direct from Amazon

Some might know her as a moody bitch. Which is understandable. Daria Locke earned that title when her mother died and passed down the maternal legacy—Pandora’s box.
She puts a new meaning to split personality disorder. It’s hard enough starting the day without coffee, never mind creation’s most dangerous secrets whispering in her ear. That’s right, the box is no longer a real box. Hasn’t been for centuries. Instead, the demons once trapped in darkness now live inside Daria, listening to her every thought, seeing her every action. So, yes. You could say she’s pretty close with Hope, Betrayal, Truth, Misery and Death.
When ancient hunters discover her secret and let the deadly cats out of the bag, will she be able to corral five demons with the ultimate case of cabin fever? On top of wrangling the world’s worst behaved man-children, Daria has to fight for her life as an ancient foe rises to bring destruction to the Earth.
Can she keep the family secrets safe? Or will the enemy turn her lovers against her and bring chaos to the world on an apocalyptic scale?

*This book is a Reverse Harem Romance containing adult themes, and therefore is only appropriate for those 18 years of age and older.

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