Mile High City: Books And Bounty Pairing Event

I can happily say that this is a massive get together for reverse harem & non-reverse harem authors for a book signing event. Not only is it a book signing event and meet & greet, but it has so much more! This books & bounty pairing event will also have games, wine tasting, a costume party (vintage, yo!), and a burlesque show.

Personally, this year has been the first time I have heard of the event. I saw the event shared on Facebook and decided to check it out for myself. There is both a event page and a group page that readers and authors can like, join, and follow. Maybe you haven’t heard of The Mile High Books & Bounty Pairing event either, but now you have! The question is, are you going?!

I checked into ticket prices and room rates. The about page gives you all the information you need. The event even has a limited amount of rooms blocked off for attendees at a discounted rate. This is great because hotels can be expensive. If you’re from Colorado, it won’t be too bad on your wallet. I’m from down south, so I will be in the hotel with everyone else. Tickets to the actual event are $40 for VIP admission. There is the also the options for General Admission, the wine tasting & Burlesque show. So, you can pick and choose what you want to participate in. I already purchased my tickets, hotel, and my costume is in the mail. I’m ridiculously excited.

Since this is the first book signing I’ll be attending, I decided to do a few giveaways. At the responsibility of myself, and no one else, I am giving away 3 free e-books. The e-books must already be published, and chosen from the list of attending authors. I will also be giving away 1 free General Admission ticket to the event! General Admission is from 12pm – 4pm. *See bottom of this blog post for rules for entry.

Mile High City: Books And Bounty Pairing Event group page:

Mile High City Books And Bounty Pairing Event Facebook Page:


The following information is from the event page set up by the lovely author Kristina Canady:

-This is an adults only, 1920’s-1940’s themed event, costumes are encouraged for the signing and after party! 18+ may enter the event, 21+ with ID to be able to wine taste

-Themed Costumes are welcome all day long! (following traditional burlesque custom/ rules, you must wear at least pasties and thongs for the ladies and pasties and codpieces for the men lol.)

– Doors will open for set up at 9am, VIP guests enter at 11am. Event ends at 4pm. General admission 12-4pm.

– Yes there will be finger foods like last year

– Tarot and astrology readings will be available during the day but a signup list will be set up for each one.

– Parking lot is available but limited, there is street parking and we will be arranging another lot if needed

– Wine tasting bracelets will be availible for purchase at the door if needed

Have I mentioned book cover men will be there?! HAWT.

-Afterparty is 6pm- 8pm and it is a cocktail hour/ burlesque show for your enjoyment. The Burlesque show begins at 645pm, please be in your seat and ready as the performance set up is quite intimate.



– EVERYONE interested in attending the after party must buy a ticket to attend, a portion of the proceeds go to our selected charity, The Gathering Place.

– Event Tickets can be purchased at the following link:

This burlesque show looks like it’s going to be amazing. Hell, this whole event looks highly entertaining when I looked at photos from previous years. I love Halloween, so I’m game when there is a costume theme. I went ahead and found the RH authors I wanted to get books signed from and filled out their pre-order forms. This is going to save me time, and probably a little bit of money. By getting my books ordered now it guarantees a copy of the book I want will be ready for me at the authors table. Some authors do a pre-order, others will have copies of their novels available for purchase at their tables. Ridiculously excited over here!

Did you look at the names in the above photo at the beginning?! SQUEEEEEEEEE! Coralee June, Kaydence Snow, Ann Denton, Ivy Asher, Raven Kennedy. I guess you can tell whose book tables I will be stopping by. Lol.


Here is your options on how to enter the e-book(s) & ticket contest:

  1. Click subscribe to this site via e-mail. Found on the home page where it mentions stalking me. Already stalking me? Great! If you’re not stalking I can’t email you if you’re a chosen winner!
  2. Want to enter on Facebook? I have this posted on my Naughty Book Box Facebook Group, as well as in Ivy Asher, Raven Kennedy, Kaydence Snow, CoraLee June, & Ann Denton’s groups. You can comment ebook, ticket, or both on the Facebook postings.
  3. For entry directly on here: Leave a comment below on this post! If you want to win a chance for an e-book? Comment e-book and tell me which of the listed author’s is your favorite! Want a chance to win a General Admission ticket? Follow step 1 & 2, but comment TICKET and if you plan on going to the burlesque show! Want an entry for each? Follow step 1 and directions for the e-book & ticket comments.

*Winner will be randomly chosen based on internet random name picker. You may enter as many times as you like. Contest ends MIDNIGHT, OCTOBER 5th. Winner will be contacted via email, or a Facebook pm from me.

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