Love and Survival: 10 Reverse Harem Books That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

So…this is actually not a randomly chosen theme. I keep getting swayed by your recent requests! I was all set to do one where the harem grovels (sorry!) when I got this request for a survival/stranded-themed reverse harem. Ya’ll know my kryptonite! Survival books are my jam; only beaten out by ZOMBIE survival books.

I have either read or plan to read most of the books below, so take that for what it is worth. 🙂

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

Shipwrecked! Stranded and alone… Harper Davies thought a solo vacation on her brand-new, shiny yacht was a great idea. After all, she wasn’t really alone. She had her whole crew who would take care of her every need, day and night. When a storm comes rolling in, Harper realizes her crew isn’t as experienced as they lead on. With the yacht on the ocean floor and Harper washed up on a deserted island, she’s certain her life is over! Especially when she realizes she’s being hunted by big-bottomed gremlins! What ever will she do? Capybara Island is a #whychoose shifter novella.

Amazon Description

Three gorgeous men and the producer of a reality TV show… What could go wrong?

With debts piling at home, there’s no way I can say no to the proposition.
Spend thirty days with a bunch of hot men on a deserted island…
Sounds good to me.

Until a past flame shows up unexpectedly and complicates everything.

Is a million dollars worth the drama?

I doubt it, until I meet the guys I’m sharing a camp with.

Zane is a protector with abs of steel.
Colin won’t take no for an answer.
And Brad has me wound around his finger before the camera man shouts action.

Will the past take what’s left of me, or will the future shine bright? Either way, these men are going to give me a run for my money.

Steam that leaves you buzzing.

Amazon Description

Stranded on an island with 4 hot guys.

When Rose Wilson, a successful, beautiful model, boarded a plane in California bound for her home in New York, she never guessed that she’d be waking up only hours later on a deserted island, surrounded by four of the hottest men on the planet.

But all is far from fantasy.

Dazed and confused the group begins to realize that they may not be the only ones on the island.

Rose’s burden only becomes more difficult to bear when she’s visited by characters who seem to have walked right off the pages of a Greek Mythology textbook. Unfortunately, they leave her with more questions than answers…

Rose has three days to figure it out, or face living out her days on a deserted island with four hot men…and that might just pose another question, would that really be so bad?

Thoughts from Paige

It’s not often I mentally ding a book for formatting or grammar, but I had a really hard time visually reading the first paragraph.  It’s almost the entire first page. It could have been the fact I was reading the sample on my computer, but I had to work really hard at reading it. One reviewer actually mentions it being tough to get into, but the number of positive reviews indicates it is a good book.

Amazon Description

My world is forever changed when I’m stranded with three irresistibly hot mountain men. A jealous rival orchestrates my kidnapping, and I’m left stranded and unconscious in the unforgiving wilderness. My fate takes an unexpected turn when three mysterious mountain men come to my rescue. Unaccustomed to life away from civilization, I must learn to survive in an isolated cabin, while my rescuers struggle to adapt to the presence of a woman in their secluded world. Brooks knows how to make me smile, but he holds his emotions close to his heart. Earning his trust is a challenge I’m determined to overcome. Knox is my fierce protector, and his bad-boy reputation is rightfully earned. Ryder is the most mysterious, and a dark secret makes him keep his distance. I’m determined to get past his tough exterior to discover what lies beneath. As we all grow closer, I uncover parts of their pasts that could make it impossible to be together. The stakes heighten, and the fragile foundation we’ve built crumbles. I’m forced to confront the painful truth that our relationship might not survive the weight of their secrets. *18+ ONLY. STANDALONE REVERSE HAREM/ WHY CHOOSE ROMANCE WITH A HEA.

Amazon Description

Four sexy men and one princess that steals their hearts. What’s a girl to do?

Stranded on a deserted island, it’s either the start of a bad romance or every woman’s fantasy. The sexiest men I’ve ever met want me in their bed. I’ve heard of a harem before, but being part of a reverse one? Maybe this is the reason I’ve waited so long to discover what everyone is talking about.

I’m your average book nerd, who also happens to be a polyglot. I can speak eight languages but when it comes to romance, I’m clueless. After overhearing a conversation most people wouldn’t understand, a foreign terrorist group endangers my life. Big brother comes to the rescue and calls in his former black-op friends to protect my body. One look at these mouth watering hunks, and my virtue is the last thing I want them guarding. I’ve always considered myself a good girl, but for the first time in my life I want to be very bad. Would it be terribly wrong to give into my hearts desire and enjoy a fantasy that most women can only dream about?

Amazon Description

As soon as I saw the place, I knew I had stumbled upon paradise. I couldn’t have picked a better vacation spot myself. That is, if there was a hotel and I hadn’t just fallen out of the sky.

But there was a silver lining to my less-than-graceful arrival: three gorgeous men. Eye candy of the highest order. Sure, they seemed a bit grumpy and rough around the edges, but I was willing to look past that for a chance to escape this “paradise.”

As I got to know them better, I couldn’t resist their seductive charm. With each touch and kiss, my heart raced and my body ached for more. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was falling in love with all three of them.

But now all I can think of is how easy this would be if we could shut out reality and go back to the island.

Amazon Description

Winter is coming but luckily I’ve got four bears to keep me warm. All I wanted was a little rest and relaxation after a hectic week of keeping the peace. Unfortunately the guys I’m meeting aren’t exactly law abiding citizens. Drugged, captured and stranded on a deserted island with zero survival skills, I’m as good as dead. Until a Coast Guard Cutter comes to the rescue, but these men harbor a deadly secret of their own. Can I tame the beasts inside Captain Josh and his crew before things get even more out of hand? Taming Her Bears is a stand-alone, fast burn, reverse harem paranormal romance meant to be enjoyed as a quick escape.  Content Warning: Love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences. No cheating and no cliffhangers.

Amazon Description

I owe my sister big time, but seriously, isn’t there any other way I can repay her?
My identical twin sister is currently dominating the “Champion of the World” leaderboard, a year-long TV reality show that spans the globe. But now, she’s broken her leg and needs me to become Brooke ‘Action’ Jackson for one installment of the program.

But while she’s all about CrossFit, I’m more of a cross stitch girl.

And here I am, heading off to a tropical island for a week of mental and physical challenges. And right from the start Brooke is giving me extra problems. Seems she conveniently “forgot” to mention her steamy affair with the show’s host, and her escapades with the sound guy.

So when I’m marooned on a deserted island one day later with five (exceedingly hot) men and a nine-year old girl, I guess it’s time to tell everyone my name is not Brooke Action Jackson, I don’t have a ton of survival skills and…

…I’m just Daisy. The children’s librarian.

♥Fans of Lily Gold and Emily Rath are sure to love this wild reverse harem adventure filled with titillating turns and suspenseful twists.♥

Amazon Description

I’ve just been abducted from the streets of my city. When I wake up, I find myself on a deserted island with other captives. We’ve been stripped of all our possessions and humanity. As for my captors? They’re werewolves. Brutal, territorial, wild men who want to claim me.

I still can’t believe it.

They declare I’m the one who will save their species. They want to break me. They want me to bow. All I want is to get off this island alive.

Whether these ruthless men plan to hunt me or force me to submit as their mate, I can’t say. My only chance of survival seems to dwell with five devastatingly handsome men who are stranded with me. We must rely on each other and an unexpected ally who claims I’m his soulmate to figure out how to escape the island. If we can’t, we’ll succumb to the call of the moon. We will never see the human world or each other again.

Discover a world with dangerously hot shifters and morally ambiguous men who will do anything for their woman. This heart-pounding survival story will linger for days. Get lost in this addictive paranormal romance today!

Amazon Description

Shipwrecked. Stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

After a year of isolation, Gunner, Finn and Jamison never expected to be rescued.

And they certainly never expected a beautiful woman to crash-land into their lonely existence.

Rose is the only ray of light in their dark storm, and they’ll do anything to protect her.

But can the four of them survive without becoming completely wrecked?

Wrecked is a standalone reverse harem romance. It contains adult situations for mature readers.

Thoughts from Paige

Let’s just ignore the fact that our MC crash-lands on an island with three men she doesn’t know and never once is concerned for her safety…I almost think this could have been two books. Usually, I’m all about shortening a series (let’s be real, my attention is generally gone by book 4), but I wanted to see MORE of the deserted island! Let’s get some crazy animals attacking or something. I’m all for a disaster trope, though, which this is not. It is 100% sweetness, and I ended up reading the entire thing.

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