Lera of Lunos Book Review

Book 4 focuses on the quint completing their final trial. Tye coming to the realization that if he wouldn’t have had his head in his ass, Lera wouldn’t be in the trouble she gets into during their final trial. And the team finalizing their plans to stage a coup against Rivers father so that they can protect the land from the Mors and the King of Slait. ***Possible spoilers, but vague as hell.***

Blurb from Amazon-

“With the quint squaring off against the king of Slait, Lera is running out of time to tame her feral magic. Worse still, just when the quint must weave together to survive, demons from Tye’s past surface to tear them apart. Demons he fears facing himself, let alone sharing with Lera.

But when Griorgi makes a move that no one expects, throwing River’s, Shade’s, and Coal’s lives into question, the clock runs out. Lera and Tye have no choice but to fight their battles within—or risk losing Lunos and their quint forever.”

Lera of Lunos marks the final book in the Power of Five Series. Is this the end for Lera and the guys? Yes, and no. Yes, as the Power of Five story has come to a close. No, because the author has plans for the characters in a spin off episode type series. Lera and the guys will attend a school undercover as teachers and students. The sitch is that some of the characters will lose their memory and think they’re actually human. Interesting.

But I digress. Lera of Lunos was the final book that this series needed. It tied up the many questions I had, and tied the lose ends for the story line in a nice little bow. A great HEA. As a reader you get to see Lera’s transformation from self doubting mortal to self assured and 100% kick ass. Lera is finally wearing the pants in this RH.

As for the guys character development, there’s quite a bit on Tye and Coal’s end. Finally!!! The readers get to see Coal work through his issues of hurting Lera physically, and his lack of control. Of course, Coal erects his stupid wall of indifference and Lera knocks it down with her tiny mortal wrecking ball. You’ll have to read the stable scene for yourself to read how that one goes.
(**bites first two knuckles) Whereas Tye’s sad story of what really happened during and after the blaze tournament comes to light, and his tiger enters the story as well. Another scene you are going to have to read because why would I spoil that sexiness and tender shit of how they work it out.

River grew from the other novels to this one because the prince and commander, finally listens. Sorry real guys. Book boyfriends listen. Shade’s character takes a backseat position in this novel. He has been front and center in the MC’s spotlight for the majority of the story anyway. No character is completely tossed aside, but River and Shade were more in the other novels than this final installment for character development. Above all, I enjoyed this series. Lera and the guys went on one hell of a journey.

If you aren’t familiar with Alex Lidell as an author, check this series out. Currently, Alex Lidell has The Power of Five as her only “Adult” series. The rest of her works are YA. RECOMMENDED: YES

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