Larger Group Reverse Harems – Part 3

Welcome to the reverse harem list where there are at least 5-6+, or more guys in the harem. We like em’ big. We’re also talented because we can keep all the guys separate without mixing them up. Most of the time. Well, in well executed novels. Why? Well, because we like a little variety in our men, quite a few flavors. And no, I don’t mean Baskin’s 31…but close. Hopefully I did not make any mistakes in the harem size listing the following books.

HUGE shoutout THANK YOU to authors Katie May, Kris Butler, and Elle Middaugh for throwing their books at me to share with you on this list, and past lists (and possible future options) by filling out my Author form in the home page section. The following books will have blurbs verbatim from Amazon, photo cover is also from Amazon. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

Updated Post

Hi all, Paige here. This post has been updated with new links, new covers (where applicable), and the removal of no longer available books (sadness). 

As always, images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

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