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I did another randomly selected theme for this week’s post: large harems! A big harem is one of my favorite themes, and I was really excited to find these books. Lots are new to me!

I hope you can also find new books to add to your TBR. 🙂

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

I live a normal, boring life.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. The only joy I get is the brief rushes of adrenaline that only come when I’m on my motorcycle.

All that changes when five strangers walk through the door of the diner I work at. The connection between us is instantaneous and undeniable. That is until they tell me I’m their Alpha – the first female Alpha in over a thousand years. That breaks the spell pretty quickly.

Naturally, I laugh in their face and don’t believe them.

But after a suspicious death of someone close to me, and when I’m attacked by a man who turned into a wolf right before my eyes, I have to reassess what I know of my world.

Then I’m saved by the five men who seem unperturbed by the whole incident, I can’t pretend that wolf shifters don’t exist anymore.

With their help and guidance maybe I can navigate this new world.

Hopefully in time to stop whoever is after me.

Amazon Description

When Chaos reigns, April Fool’s is no joke.

April Vincent knows she’s Bloodline, but has yet to learn what it means. All she knows is her glassblowing skills are more on point than they’ve ever been. It’s as if the fire itself obeys her every whim.

But on April 1st, the universe turns her world upside-down. First, her gambling-addicted father shows up out of the blue, on the run from an angry casino owner. Then all her new projects begin to systematically break before completion. When sexy dragon shifter Gray Verro wanders into April’s gallery, his presence is the first taste of calm she’s had in days.

For Gray, the beautiful artist embodies everything he desires in a mate, but despite being a former bodyguard, Gray is barely enough to protect her from the otherworldly thugs hunting her. Hell, he may not be enough for her, period.

Forced into hiding with Chaos at their heels, April’s dragon guardian has no choice but to call in his five closest friends and fellow bodyguards for help. The six are tasked with protecting her against an enemy they all know well enough to fear, but for April, the presence of six enticing shifters begins to awaken dormant powers, and along with them desires far too powerful to deny.

April’s Fools is a standalone novel in the highly erotic “Fate’s Fools” reverse harem series. It features six shifter heroes and a talented glassblower heroine who captures their hearts and ends with a happily ever after.

Amazon Description

Five gorgeous firefighters. A touch so hot it’s bound to burn…

The last place I ever wanted to end up was this small-town fire department in the middle of nowhere. But after I blew the whistle on the big city fire chief—the mentor who got me into this business in the first place—my old crew turned their backs on me. I’m blacklisted at home. This is the only place left that will take me.

The betrayal I suffered still stings bitterly. I walk into my new assignment determined to do my job but keep my distance.

Right up until I meet the five sexy alpha males I’m going to be working with.

Immediately, they draw me in and make me one of their own. There’s the leader, Walker, with his quiet but firm hand. Flirty Jaquan and soulful Sal. Corey, the fresh-faced rookie. And a scarred, gruff loner who goes by Street.

I try my best to resist their invitations—and the intense attraction sparking between us. But working long shifts in close proximity makes it hard to stay away.

Finally, an out-of-control fire brings everything to a head. In the aftermath, adrenaline runs high, and the passion I feel for these men finally flares out of control.

Together, they bring my body to new heights. As individuals, they help to heal my heart.

They say they want to keep me. But my past is bound to catch up with me.

Can I really have forever with these five incredible men? Or will what we’ve built burn us all to the ground…

Five Alarm Forever is an over-the-top, full-length, standalone reverse harem romance, filled with sexy firefighters, lots of Christmas lights, and even more naughty words. It is approximately 100,000 words. HEA guaranteed!

Amazon Description

Working on a ranch with my enigmatic childhood crush has never been more complicated, especially when I find myself falling for his four smokin’ hot bandmates too.

After my disastrous breakup with a music producer who thinks he’s the king of the world, I vow to never let another man control me. But when my record label offers me the chance to work with a rising country band in my hometown, my resolve is put to the test.

I went back to my hometown and reunited with Ryder, my childhood best friend’s brother. Ryder is still the passionate artist I remember, and the man I’ve always had a thing for. He left after that sinful night, and we haven’t spoken since. As we worked on the single together, our chemistry ignited like a wildfire.

But here’s the catch: Ryder is already in a relationship with another woman. It feels like we have some unfinished business between us, and the thought of a second chance with him has left me feeling achy and needy.

And then there are his bandmates, each offering something different….
Wyatt, with smoldering eyes and rough hands, has a primal edge that leaves me yearning for his touch.
Carson, the charismatic bad boy, has a way with words that leaves me breathless.
Jesse, the devoted single father with rock-hard abs, inspires me with his selflessness and passion.
And then there’s Amos, the laid-back lead singer, whose playful nature and sensual voice have me falling under his spell.

Put them all together, and my body is on fire. The thought of experiencing them all at once has my heart racing with excitement – and my imagination running wild.

But my heart is torn in a million directions. I don’t know where I belong.
The thought of leaving the these five captivating men behind is unbearable, but I have a life back in the city.
And the more I indulge in this fantasy, the harder it becomes to ignore the painful reality: Ryder is already with someone else, and I am just a temporary guest on their ranch.

Can I really have it all – the music and the love, the city and the countryside – or is this just a fleeting moment of passion and desire?

Amazon Description

Ready… Set… Oops…

I thought entering the Elven Games would be the best way to free my father from his Fae prison… Turns out, someone else already signed me up, and I can’t refuse to play, even if I wanted to.
Whoever it is, wants me dead, and they’re not fighting fair.
With a lost prince, a cocky Elf, a dominant Phoenix that I love making burst into flames, and a crazy murder snake that’s definitely stalking me, I might survive… Maybe. Probably. Well, hopefully.
The last thing I expect on top of all the other drama, is to have men fighting over who my true mate is. Apparently I’m Heart Bonded to all of them.
Just when I think I’m figuring things out, the man I’ve called father for 25 years might not be who I thought he was… and I might be something more than just a Witch….

Why choose Romance, 8 plus love interests, light hearted read.

Thoughts from Paige

I was laughing while reading this. The FMC is awesome. 

Amazon Description

My name is Danica Knight and I have a secret… a life changing, whisper worthy secret that will more than likely get me killed. Trust no one. Is the singular phrase my mother had whispered to me when she abandoned me in a small hospital at the young age of eight. It was the only memory I could remember before I came to live with my Aunt and Uncles here in the largest wolf pack in North America.

After graduated High School and having been accepted into one of the most prestigious Paranormal Universities in North America. Black Veil University. Everything is finally going as planned. Or so I thought before four insanely hot men crash their way into my life. Each with a unique connection to me, whether they want it or not. We are tied together.

Lives are turned upside down, hearts are torn and shattered and those deep dark secrets that I have held hostage start to slip. But when the dark shadows of my past come knocking, I may need every little bit of help I can get.

Knight Ascending is book 1 in the Black Veil University Series which DOES end on a cliffhanger. This is a university-aged, slow burn, slow build Paranormal RH romance which means there will be no choosing between love interest at the end of the story.
This series has darker elements that readers should be aware of such as, strong language, PTSD from kidnapping, assault, and violence.

Thoughts from Paige

I have this marked down as having a demon, but I cannot remember! I loved this book and have the third on pre-order, but I’m in a bit of a book haze, so I cannot provide more clarity.

Amazon Description

She was an Omega, one of the few and the highly desired. Not that she’d ever wanted to be one. She’d have been thrilled to be normal, to be a Beta who could settle down with whoever they chose and live a normal, peaceful life.

Instead, Agnes Polly was besieged by her Heats and was on a constant mission to stay away from Alphas who would Bond her against her wishes. She was terrified of losing herself to her Aspect and no longer being herself anymore. So, she suffered grimly as the fever of her Heats slowly killed her. She lived solitary life, running her interior design firm, and waited for the inevitable end which awaited every Omega who refused to Bond.

The Pack
One of their Alphas had fallen through the cracks and found himself Undone by an unsuspecting Omega. While he didn’t need the one his body craved above all others to survive, his life wouldn’t be worth living without her. He would be a shell of a man without her.

So, loving their friend like a brother, the rest of the Pack hunted down the Omega who plagued him and brought her to their home. Only, a Pack Bonded as a unit. A harem of five Alphas for one Omega. And the one Omega in the entire world who seemed content to live and die alone, rejecting her Aspect like it was a fatalistic plague, just so happened to be the one their brother needed more than any other. She was the only one who they would ever be able to accept as their Bond.

Would they be able to win Agnes’s heart and change her mind – accept herself – before it was too late for all of them?

Amazon Description

My life and reputation are a total mess.
My new label wants to resurrect my career by sending me on tour with the smokin’ hottest rock band on the planet. That includes the lead singer, Zeke, who I ‘met’ in a dark corner of a club the other night.

Getting stuck in a terrifying situation with a man wielding a gun, barely counts as getting to know one another, but it soon becomes clear none of the members of this band are what they seem.

Now I’m getting tangled tighter with six attractive guys. They all have difficult pasts. And powerful families who want them back at all costs.

Each of these dangerous guys holds a secret darker than the next.

Will their secrets destroy us before we find out whether or not the feelings we have are real?

**This is a reverse harem, rock star romance with big instruments, mm and mafia families.**

Amazon Description

Everyone is supposed to have a soulmate, right? As it turns out, I have seven.

I created an algorithm that would help connect people to their soulmate. It wasn’t like traditional dating apps that were designed for nothing more than hooking up. It was meant to find a genuine connection that could last a lifetime. I ran thousands of tests that proved it worked until I entered my information into it. Then I got the shock of my life. It didn’t match me with one person. It matched me with seven.

Ethan Prince, the billionaire software developer that financed my project. How could he be my soulmate when we had spent so much time together already without realizing the sparks were there?

Boyd, a mechanic from a small town that looked like a thug and didn’t seem to have anything in common with me. He wasn’t my type at all, even if he was hot-as-sin.

Miguel, a former cage fighter from Sin City that seemed sweet when I met him, but clearly had a dark side to his passion. Why did he intrigue me so much?

Gary, a guy with his heart bleeding it was so gashed from the betrayal of the woman he thought was his soulmate. He was wounded, but I felt like he deserved happiness.

Kurt, a former television reality star hiding in the shadows of fame that went wrong when his mistake went viral. I used to laugh at him…

Alex and Ben, twin football players that were superstars in college and destined to be legends when they went pro. They’re favorite activity off the field involved one woman between them.

Kelli’s Note: This is a steamy standalone Reverse Harem romance. If you can’t handle insta-love x7, then this probably isn’t the book for you. The sparks fly as soon as lips meet and if you forgot to leave your panties at the door, then I promise this will make them melt. Oh, and there’s a dog. His story might make you cry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. <3

Amazon Description

When destiny becomes reality…

Born a blood demon, Olivia Martin’s sole purpose is to become a blood slave to a vampire. She is nothing more than a blood bag.

With a vampire as her master, she would want for nothing, her every need and whim catered to, but becoming a prisoner was not the life Olivia would have chosen for herself.

At least, until she met Jared and his four brothers-at-arms. Giving yourself to one person was easy. Having fun with two, exciting. But a harem of lovers? It was more than Olivia ever considered possible.

Need, lust, and blood drive Olivia to find a strength inside herself to not only accept her five sexy-as-sin vampires, but to also protect herself from an evil hell bent on claiming her for its own.


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