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Large Reverse Harems – Completed Series Edition

TGIF my friends!

I’m combining a reader request with our latest installment in our Completed Series posts. The request was larger harems. I’ve been craving larger harems myself lately, so selfishly, this got bumped right to the top of my post list. #sorrynotsorry

I tried my best to include series that haven’t been featured too often on the blog; hopefully, you can all find a new series to binge this weekend.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Let me know if there are any specific types of books you are looking for, and I like the challenge.

Be well, and happy reading!

P.S. Authors! Do you have a recently completed series? I’d love to include it on the appropriate list! If you add it to the book submission area and include keywords, I’ll make sure to add it when applicable. 


Amazon Description

One, two, things are changing for you. Three, four, monsters at your door. Five, six, no one could predict. Seven, eight, you learn they're your mates. Nine, 10, it's time to fight again.

Paige Alice has changed, but she's not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

The good. Four annoying and different types of men, who she trusts with her life. A scary but faithful sidekick, and of course, her crazy family.

The bad...Everything else.

Contains mature themes.

Thoughts from Paige

I love this series so much I ended up with it in kindle, audio, and paper format. I've re-listened to this trilogy quite a few times. It's even better on the re-read. So get ready to hold on to your seats. You are dropped right in. Our MC gets a large harem, but I can't remember the final count. Love the relationship between our FMC and her sister, LOVE. 

Available on Hoopla! 

Amazon Description

From Book 1:

Nobody warned me these men are hot as sin.

It makes sense, I guess. They are the Seven Sins, after all.

And what’s a fallen angel doing hanging out with guys like this, you ask? Well… that’s a long story that starts with me breaking a teeny-tiny rule and ends with me getting kicked out of Heaven.


But now I’ve got a chance to go back! There’s just one little catch: I’ll only be allowed to return to Heaven if I can bring the Seven Sins with me.

Yup. You heard that right. I have to redeem them. All of them.

It shouldn’t be so hard. I’ve got a plan of action all set.

Step 1: Stop thinking dirty thoughts about them.
Step 2: Recruit their help to close up the strange demonic portal that just opened in Manhattan.
Step 3: No, seriously, stop thinking dirty thoughts about them.

Uh oh. This might not be as easy as I thought…

Note: Dark Kings is the first book in the Feathers and Fate series, a reverse harem paranormal romance featuring a feisty fallen angel and seven delicious, devilish men.

Thoughts from Paige

The sample wasn't enough, I had to download the book, I needed more.  Seems well written, and I usually like books by Sadie Moss.  Seven men in the harem, yes, please!

Amazon Description

Monster. Demon. Killer.

Adrianna has been called all of the above and worse. A fey-born succubus able to drain a person's life force with a single touch, her time in the human world has been met with fear and hatred, and now, as the King's Assassin, she's given a task that would force her to break a promise to the only person who ever showed her true compassion.

One heart. That's all the King asks. It shouldn't be so difficult. It's not going to be her first kill. But when her mark is the son of the woman who took her in when her mother died, she's left conflicted. Tracking the Prince down is simple. Her feelings when she finds him make doing what she has to impossible in more ways than one.

The heart of a vampire may not beat, but the moment she meets her Prince and his men she knows that she can't go on any longer as a killer. Opening her heart up to seven vampires, she begins to realize what she's been missing living amongst humans her whole adult life.

It might just be the happy ever after she never thought she'd get, but if she doesn't bring back what the King asked for, there's going to be hell to pay...

Devilry is a supernaturally twisted reverse harem version of the classic fairy tale Snow White. One click today for a suspenseful and steamy harem ever after.

Thoughts from Paige

So, this isn't technically a series (or really a series at all) but I'm including it anyway.  The books are all retellings of fairy tales, and all have large harems (I think). I can't tell if they are connected or not.

Amazon Description

Why choose one rock star when you can have FIVE?

When image rehabilitation expert Kelsey Lambert is called in to help save the reputation of world-famous rock band Harem, falling in love is the last thing on her mind. After all, her career’s on the line, and keeping untamed musicians out of trouble is a massive undertaking. But when the gig puts her on a tropical resort island with the sexy, unrepentant bad boys, she struggles to remain professional as her inhibitions rapidly melt away. Although getting romantically involved with five rock stars at the same time was definitely NOT part of her business plan, Kelsey soon begins to realize she’s fighting against the very thing she craves most. She was sent to save Harem, but maybe they’ll end up saving her.

Her Harem is a steamy reverse harem romance with scorching graphic sex scenes and a deliciously happy ending.

Thoughts from Paige

I have read this book but cannot remember much.  I definitely read both books, and I don't remember any glaring errors. This is a five-man harem, and I'm not seeing any indication of MM.

Amazon Description

Crazy Psycho Ex? Check.

Massive Imprint Tattoo appearing and taking my total up to three now? Check.

Five deliciously gorgeous new guys at school and secrets galore? Check.

I have a feeling everything is about to change. Sage is just done, done with the abuse that her mother puts her through daily, done with always being so alone and done with being one of the youngest humans to get an Imprint Tattoo.

Only a small percentage of the human population over the age of eighteen ever receive one and they only appear when a soul changing event happens in that person's life.

Sage's first one showed up when she was nine, yey for being weird. She's been fighting for so damn long and she's just tired of it all. when she's almost fully given up, hope comes in the arrival of five new guys at her crappy high school, the guys are shrouded in secrets but it's not like she's being completely honest with them either. If Sage doesn't let her fear control her, then she has the chance to be a part of something amazing but fate throws them all a curve ball when they realize that their lives are more intertwined than any of them could've imagined and as secrets about her past come to light and her psycho ex makes a reappearance she can't help but find comfort in the five guys who give her hope.

This is a slow/ medium burn paranormal Reverse Harem.

Warnings: please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, memories of abuse from when she was a child, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.

All sex is consensual.

Thoughts from Paige

I read the first book and never continued.  I recall the heroine seeming pretty naive, but it could have also been the time period during which I read it.  I did read the entire first book, and I do like another series by this author, so I think I'm going to give it another go.  This is listed as a slow burn, which I do recall it being (slow).  I have to be in a certain mood for slow-burn new adult books.

Amazon Description

From Book 1: Zombies and Sacrificial Slayings. That’s pretty much the news headline every single day now. Like most people, I have no freaking clue why the dead are rising, or what’s causing it. All I know is that my mother is missing, and I want her back. And if this supernatural team of monster hunters can track her down then I will do anything—absolutely anything for them. Even if it means, sharing my soul to do it.

Oh sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Evangeline Midnight, and just one month ago I was just your average teenage girl. Just an aspiring tattoo artist ready to graduate high school and go to university. Then we botched a séance, my mother went missing and some powerful necromancer flooded the streets of New Orleans with zombies. It’s a lot, right?

Well, buckle up because it’s not over. In an effort to find my mother, I find a squad full of bodacious hunters. They may think I’m just a sweet and innocent girl who shouldn’t get involved, but that would be naïve of them. I’m going to find my Mama, even if it means putting down the necromancer who stole her and using my inherited ink magic to do it. But just who is this evil man intent on ripping my life apart?

Spoiler alert, the truth hits very close to home.

All alone in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, what could go wrong? The shifters growl, the music throbs, and the magic—the soul of the city—intensifies, revealing a dark and dangerous world where the undead monsters and their makers roam the streets. So, what if I’m one of them?

Warning: This is book one in a steamy reverse harem urban fantasy romance series where there are six guys—well, five guys and one demon, and no choosing required! Expect laughter, sexy polyamorous situations, and kick-ass action with everything from faeries, vamps, dragons and shifters to demons, ghosts and witches. *Kitchen sink excluded. Vivid sexual content and language. Scroll up and click that button, baby!

Edited Version - This book has been re-edited and uploaded so if you're still seeing errors, please contact Amazon to update your Kindle's version or contact me with location and errors and I'll contact Amazon. Thank you!

Thoughts from Paige

I could have sworn I just featured a book from the series, but maybe I'm just in need of more caffeine.  At any rate, this is a harem of 6 and sounds really interesting to me.  I love Zombie books, so I am definitely ready to give this a go.

Amazon Description

From Book 1:

I never expected to fall in love.
And with not just one man…
But SEVEN filthy rich and hunky…drillers. At least that’s what they told me.

Sasha Snow
I was sent to Iceland on behalf of Mirror, Mirror Inc. as a scientist.
Unfortunately, my jealous and evil manager, Queenie was there with me, and she literally turned this magnificent journey into hell.
The only thing that made me feel better was Hunter Davis, my handsome co-worker, was gonna be there too.
But what I didn’t know, was that on this isolated island, there lived seven even stronger and sexier men.
Dan, Graham, Harry, Seth, Bash, Stevie and Jim.
Rough, rugged, and wild, their bodies were to die for and they were all ready to share.
The question was: was I ready to handle seven giant…um, drills?

Snow and the Seven Men is a reverse harem romance with a fairy tale twist, with seven protective alpha male. No cheating or cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After guaranteed.

Thoughts from Paige

I did read the first book.  It was cute, but I haven't read the rest yet.  I have a vague recollection of a TSTL MC, but it's based on the fairytale so I think it's a requirement for certain story plots. I recall it being well written. It looks like each book features a new MC, but there is an overarching plot.

Amazon Description

I was only going to the small town of Granite Falls to handle some family business. I was a timid virgin with a damaged heart when I arrived. What started as a date with a man who helped me when I had a flat tire quickly spiraled into something I never expected. Seven men who craved me. Seven men who wanted to take care of me, protect me, and provide me with everything I ever dreamed of. What I didn't know at the time was that Granite Falls was filled with secrets and I was the key to unlocking them all.

Axe, the bad boy with a heart of gold.

Sheriff Jesse James, the peacekeeper who left my mouth watering when I first laid eyes on him.

Steve, his amazing brother -- a small town mechanic with a smile that could melt my heart.

Major, an Army veteran who left everything in the desert, including a piece of his humanity.

Blue, the local bartender who could quench a whole lot more than just my thirst.

Luther, a preacher who put his faith in God, but lost his faith when his world fell apart.

Mayor Joe Danvers, a young politician trying to hold everything together.

Kelli's Note: This is a steamy standalone novella with a HEA and no cheating! I'm a girl that likes wild and crazy romances, so that is exactly what you get from me. My heroes might be a little over-the-top with a touch of caveman and you'll get some angst along the way, but I promise that the good parts will give you a plenty of reasons to read this all by yourself!

Amazon Description

Callie Jensen has always been a little bit different. She was made fun of for being a math-whiz in school up until she was kidnapped. Growing up in the crime world from a young age, she was turned into a language savant and a hacker-expert. She tried to do what she was told and keep her head down...but...that was easier said than done. Trouble seems to follow her like it's her middle name. Eventually, things come to a head that puts her in the sights of a secret government organization. She finally has some allies in the form of several muscular, irresistibly handsome and talented guys. Callie wonders if she'll be able to find peace at last, but the struggles only keep piling up as she is shuffled around, wondering when or even if she will ever find somewhere she feels like is safe. People who she thought were safe might not be. And not only that, but her kidnapper is not willing to give her up without a fight, and he shows her all too well that he will go to some very dangerous lengths to get her back.

Thoughts from Paige

I debated myself about including this series but ultimately decided to include it because it does contain a large harem and is a complete series.  This isn't the type of book that calls to me, but it does have a lot of positive reviews out there.  I do want to point out that later books indicate it is a relatively tame RH, sexy-time wise. Since I haven't read the books I cannot confirm. Reviewers seem to love the final book, some indicating it is one of their favorites. It is a spy/thriller and the consensus around this genre seems to be almost completely positive.

Amazon Description

For over three hundred years, Arden's very existence has been hidden. Until one night, when the latest assassination attempt fails and the third Killian blade makes its appearance.

A powerful witch with little knowledge of her heritage, Arden's first step on the path of destiny is The Abbey. A place of sanctuary and power, it's a haven in a sea of unknowns and where she hopes to find an ally.

An Elven prince, a Fae lord, the First Vampire, a warlock, and the King of Dragons make up the Imperium Cadre, one of the most powerful cadres in existence. Owning and managing The Abbey for over a thousand years, they're not known for taking in strays. But Lord Theron's life debt paves Arden's entry into the formidable sphere of their protection.

As the sweeping winds of change blow, Arden and the cadre will navigate the path of destiny together. Secrets are revealed, heritage found, and alliances forged and lost.

Warning: This is a why choose, reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, with FMMMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.

Thoughts from Paige

I devoured the first two books in this series, but waiting for the final book cooled my jets a bit and I haven't yet completed it.

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