January 2023 Reverse Harem Book Releases

Happy New Year, my friends!!

I am SO EXCITED for this year.  I wish you and yours peace, health, and happiness.  

And now…Reverse Harems Books that release this month. YAY! Cannot wait to delve into what’s coming.

I hope you find lots of books to read this month.

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Be well, and happy reading!

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3 thoughts on “January 2023 Reverse Harem Book Releases”

  1. Hey Paige! The Necessary Murder of Rose Briarwood is actually by LC Allen, not LC Taylor. Happy reading everyone!

    1. It’s strange since if you look up the title some say LC Taylor and some say LC Allen, so maybe both are right? I’m not really sure but Amazon says LC Allen. Maybe you could just put both names down :’)

      1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I willl update to LC Allen, maybe the author had a change in pen name? I appreciate you telling me!

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