Ice, Ice, Baby: Reverse Harem Hockey Romances

Have you all noticed the huge influx of sports reverse harem books that have been released recently, specifically hockey? What’s going on? We are in pre-season. Was there a craze around the Stanley Cup playoffs, and books are just now hitting the shelves? I have no idea what has sparked this, but I am here for it.

I’ve read a few of the books on the list, most I enjoyed a lot. I hope you find some fun sports romance to lighten up your week!

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Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

It wasn’t easy growing up with three gorgeous male friends, each so hot it should be illegal. But as a trio, it kept things honest. I couldn’t have any one of them without making the others jealous. That is… until the day I could have all of them. Tyler was the ripped, beautiful boy next door; the unachievable best friend with whom I shared an innocent first kiss. Axel was the hottest hockey prodigy this side of Seattle, surrounded by adoring puck-bunnies, and Zane was the sizzling but brooding goalie; a man with whom I shared a secret chemistry that was off the charts. I’d grown up with these three best friends, watching them skate the edge of glory. Until one sweltering night when the sparks between us ignite an explosive powder-keg of pent-up longing; one that promises the bliss of fantasy-fueled oblivion… while also threatening to burn down everything we built together. Or, if I play my cards right, perhaps even begin building upon something else. There’s no logical reason I can’t have all three of them, right? Especially when they make it crystal clear they intend upon sharing me, exactly as they’ve shared everything else, and in every possible way… Can I pull off a hat trick with this trio of gorgeous teammates and best friends? Or will the perils of being passed between three scorching hockey stars land our lifelong friendship in the penalty box? BEST FRIENDS NEVER KISS is a sexy, stand-alone reverse harem hockey romance filled with laughter, excitement, friends to lovers hijinks, and enormous amounts of love. It’s also hot enough to blister the fingers holding your kindle! HEA guaranteed.

Amazon Description

Halston University was supposed to be my fresh start, my chance to prove I can stand on my own, except it’s not only passing classes I have to worry about.
Secrets…Desperation…Shattered Dreams… my life is one big balancing act. But what happens if I fall?

And then there’s them – three guys, each with their own darkness and allure. My demons.

There’s Logan, the golden boy on the ice, who believes in soulmates and love at first sight. He sees me, really sees me, and I can’t help but feel drawn to him.

Royce, the brooding one. He’s like a storm, unpredictable and dangerous, pushing me to confront parts of myself I’d long buried and awakening something dark within me. Every interaction is charged with venom and desire, a twisted dance that’s both enthralling and frightening.

Then there’s Grayson, my estranged stepbrother, dead set on revenge. Plotting my demise in the shadows of his ire and resentment, even as it threatens to consume us both. But what do you do when you can’t deny the lingering feelings of attraction, of something more?

No matter how far I run, there is no escaping my past.

And, if my trauma doesn’t swallow me whole, Grayson Van Doren surely will.

As the scars of the past come knocking on my door, I’ll need to embrace the darkness to forge a path of redemption, maybe even love. A future for myself, one where I survive my demons.

Frozen Hearts is a dark and seductive romance with multiple love interests that will grip your soul and leave you yearning for more. A dark, college, hockey, stepbrother romance. Frozen Hearts is the first book in the Halston U duet. This series does contain trigger warnings. Please see front of book for specifics.

Amazon Description

This Omega doesn’t do drama, drugs, or hockey players. The first two for obvious reasons. The last because I don’t shit where I eat. As the daughter of the Phoenix Heat’s owner, I know better than to dip my toes into that particular pool. The league is way too small a world, and I am a drama-free zone. When my daddy strongly suggests (read: insists) I come home for a visit, how can I say no? But without my besties by my side, there’s no one to stop me from making an epicly stupid decision when I discover the Heat’s captain in a compromising position. I’m suddenly in the one place I swore I’d never be…a hockey player’s bed, forging pack bonds I had no intention of having. When scandal erupts around us, I vow to do whatever it takes to save my new pack, even at my own expense. In a moment of desperation, I lock lips with their nemesis right on the kiss cam. Now, I’m the one in desperate need of saving from the grumpy center of the Chicago Storm. Can this Omega bridge the gap between these mortal enemies, or have I just doomed us all? For Trigger Warnings, please visit my website. He’s So Slick is book one in the Knot Pucking Mine Omegaverse Universe, a series of fast-burn reverse harem romance standalones. This book includes MMFMM. Each book will end in an HEA and lead into the next book with a new feisty omega and her own rough around the edges, hockey playing alphas.

Amazon Description

My name is Jewel, and I’m an orphan Omega. My first heat is coming, and the only pack who I want to spend it with are forbidden. Growing up in foster care in the billionaire King pack, I was chosen as a companion for the gorgeous, abandoned Alpha. He’s everything that an Omega would ever want. My other foster brothers are my best friends: an alluring, blind male Omega, who smells like heaven, and a hockey player Beta who takes care of us all. Together, we’re each other’s first loves, home, everything. But then, the Alpha is given the ultimatum to bond with a wealthy Omega…or else. My best friends and I find ourselves fighting for our lives, futures, and love. But will they still choose me, when they discover my secret? A jewel. Her kings. A pack bond that changes everything.

Amazon Description

One dating disaster, one Kiss Cam catastrophe, and a trio of hockey team hotties who are used to scoring big… I don’t do casual hookups, so I have no idea what to expect when I meet not one, but three hot guys who are into me. I’m an introverted, failing-book-shop-owning, romance-writer wanna be. But after my dating disaster at a hockey game—all caught on the jumbotron—I somehow have the attention of three men. Nathan Armstrong is the hot, older, sophisticated billionaire owner of the team. Why does this man want a night with me? I’m baffled…but I’m not saying no. I should also say no to the romantic, suave, brilliant team doctor, Michael Hughes. And the team’s new hot-shot all-star player Crew McNeill. But I don’t. And I’m loving every minute. Especially the minutes they decide we should all spend together. Golden Retriever Crew is all in, bossy, broody Nathan is reluctant (to say the least), and sexy, confident Michael knows what we all need. They’re all here, promising to make every one of my fantasies come true. And they do. Night after headboard-banging night. But it can’t last. Good thing I was okay with a short-term fling because as soon as the fans find out what we’re doing, our lives–and my heart–are going to be all pucked up. Puck One Night Stands is a steamy, fun why-choose rom com! No cheating, a guaranteed HEA, and the guys are all about her. If you like Lily Gold, Emily Rath, and Lauren Blakely, welcome to the world of Emma Foxx!

Amazon Description

She thought her heart was frozen for good, too bad these hockey players are experts on ice.
After Macy escapes an awful situation, she’s forced to go back to the town she left behind.

Going back to help her dad run the hockey rink he owns wasn’t how she saw herself rebuilding a future. Especially not with the three hockey players she meets that are absolutely obsessed with her.

Her ex warned her that no one would want her extra pounds and now extra baggage. But Brock, Tate, and Elias disagree, and they aren’t afraid to fight for what they want.

And they want Macy.

When Macy finds out about an offer to buy the rink, she realizes just how bad things have gotten. Add in the vandalism and lack of support, there’s a real possibility that they won’t make it another season.

Can Macy and her players go for the goal and save the life they love, or will they miss their shot?

Pucking the Players is a whychoose hockey romance. Be ready for delicious MM, A plus size main character learning to love herself, and plenty of sweet and spicy moments along the way.
(There is DV that the FMC escapes from in this book)

Amazon Description

Release will be brought forward to late summer 23 Three hot hockey players to take me on dates. This is my sister’s recipe to help me rebound from a broken heart. The kicker? She bought those dates for me at an auction. There’s the left winger playboy prince, followed everywhere by gaggles of adoring puck bunnies. The scholarship goaltender who has as much ambition as he has muscles. The friendly enforcer, scary on the ice but the life of the party outside the rink. These elite athletes are hot and very competitive and I’m the new prize they’re determined to win. I’m caught in a whirlwind of hot dates as it becomes clear that the stakes are much higher than just their pride. I’m no puck bunny and I call the shots in this game. Can I even choose just one? The beginning of the seasaround the corner and the fight is on for a place in the draft and for a shot at my heart. Attention: this is the first book of a hockey college romance duet and ends in a cliffhanger. The heroine won’t have to choose between her different love interests. This story has hot athletes and scenes and it’s intended for readers 18+.

Amazon Description

Three sizzling hockey stars leave me skating on thin ice! I didn’t think I would see them again after middle school. My parents got divorced, and I moved to another state. What were the chances of seeing the triplets ever again? Ethan, Caleb, and Gabriel Thompson confronted me in the changing rooms while I was at the ice rink, telling me that I may have changed my hair color, and my body had expanded in all the right places, but they remember me—every sordid detail. They threatened to expose my secret if I didn’t do what they say. With only one year left in high school, I find myself at their beck and call. How hard can it be? I can do this for one year. What do I have to lose? But as the ice begins to crack beneath me, my secret might ruin more than just my last year of high school. Author’s Note: Triple Puck is a second chance, reverse harem, forced proximity novella. It may be short, but for sure, it’s very steamy.

Amazon Description

My college hockey player ex cheats on me with my best friend. So I hook up with his heroes who rule the NHL team that rejected him. When my best friend loses her voice because my boyfriend made her — and I quote — “scream so much”, I’m done with dating, not to mention very done with hockey players, and one of the first things I do as a single geology student is sit alone miserable in a bar, drinking a mojito. Enter Sean Campbell, Brady Hayes and Noah Hughes, this year’s giant, sexy NHL finalists, and my night does a complete 180 to the ire of my ex. The Toronto Icy forwards help me forget my troubles and leave me wanting more, so I find myself agreeing to fly down to Chicago with them for their final game. It’s nothing serious because in this house, we don’t let hockey players in anymore, let alone popular NHL players who have women constantly throwing themselves at them. But I melt like butter with each look that burns, with each kiss they give and I know I’m risking having three more cracks in my heart the more I let them call me their wonder… Tropes Hockey romance Why choose/reverse harem Insta-love They fall first and hard Golden retriever men Palate cleanser novella (short, sweet and spicy)

Amazon Description

Have you ever been punched in the face by a hockey player?
Imagine… 6’1” all chiseled goodness, accidentally punching you out into unconsciousness because this girl right here couldn’t let the pucking douche of my ex hit the fine goalie in the face. That’s exactly what happens when you decide to jump into an explosive brawl between two rival teams, thinking they’ll stop if the coach’s daughter gets involved.

Yeah… that didn’t work.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how I, Mikayla Cross Johnson, ended up in this predicament.

Let’s rewind.

After graduating with my best friend and becoming certified registered nurses, we decided to go outside the box regarding healthcare. Where did that land us? Getting a sports internship in the hopes of being the team nurse of one of the many NHL hockey teams across North America. Everything goes all fine and dandy until we have to choose different teams.

It shouldn’t be a problem until I realize the star players of each team are my exes.
Cue the theatrics.

Picking the more tolerable ex-boyfriend is one thing, but digging up old wounds is another. These two used to be my best friends—my Heartbreaker Crew—who tore themselves apart. Now, I land on the rival team while my sweet father, the newly hired coach, is assigned to the other. This is the definition of messy, but it can only go downhill from here.

Despite being sandwiched between two professional teams, fighting to be the winners of the NHL championships, and attempting to not fall in love with four players, I’m coming to realize one striking thing.

I might be wearing the wrong pucking jersey.

WRONG PUCKING JERSEYis a spicy 200,000 words ‘why choose’ hockey romance. This book stands alone as the first in a brand new hockey romance series.

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