Howling Holidays Review

This YA novel contains 4 parts as it occurs over 4 holiday’s. It has A Werewolf Christmas, A Werewolf New Year’s, A Werewolf Valentine’s, and A Werewolf St. Patrick’s. It is available for free for Kindle Unlimited members, or can be purchased for non-KU members.

This is not a reverse harem. It is a PNR(paranormal romance) story of two young people(and werewolves) in love. As much as two 16 year old’s can be. Here is the blurb from Amazon,

“My parents have ruined my life.
And not like last time, when they gave me the birds and the bees talk.
This time, they’ve really done it. According to my mom, I’m a werewolf.
Also, my lycanthropy is inherited … but can be passed like an STD.
How gross is that?! How am I supposed to survive pack politics, wolfsbane tea, and faerie princes on top of the holidays? I’ll tell you how: my boyfriend, Josiah. But what’s a werewolf to do when her mate’s mom is a werewolf hunter?”

This book was cute. That’s as far as I can go with it on liking it. C.M. Stunich is an awesome author. This is one of her earlier works. I am not a fan of YA, only because i’m middle aged, and I’d rather not read about 16 year olds having sex. The writing and story structure is solid. The story line is unique. The couple is cute to the point of gag me. Ha, they’re adorable.

I recommend this novel to those who enjoy PRN YA. To those who do not enjoy it, I suggest you take a pass.

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