Hot For the Teacher-Book list for Reverse Harems + Non-RH involving a Teacher, Or Person of Authority. Part 1

It’s taboo, but it’s so hot to read about. Hell, maybe you’ve lived the student teacher fantasy. I can’t say I ever have. I did have find our school police officer ridiculously hot. Damn it, he was sexy. Not one hot college professor in my 4 years of college. And high school…well there wasn’t a hot one per se, but I did get a fun proposition from a nice looking one. This might be a TMI moment, but you’ll be alright. Just roll with it. I was 18. I got the bright idea to get my nipples pierced. (Yes, it hurt.) One of my teachers somehow or another heard about it a few months later. He approached me after class, while no one was around. He said, “So I heard you got your nipples pierced.” I was a little red faced because I was NOT expecting him to say that. I laughed a bit and said to him, “Yeah, you heard correctly.” He thought about it for a moment as I waited to see what he was possibly going to say after that. He said to me, “After school is out, and since you’re 18, can I see them?” Needless to say I was shocked. I mean he wasn’t hot by any means for me to want to push the envelope to want see how far I could push him, but he wasn’t bad looking… Enough about me! You came here for books! As always Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

Is being marked with just one of the powers enough? Is being marked with six? What about being marked with all twelve?

When Mackenzie’s seventeenth birthday comes around, she planned to spend a few years at the school for the marked learning about her new powers, and then leaving and living her life. But nothing goes as planned when she attends the marking ceremony and all twelve marks appear. Kenzie lives in a world where being marked with six powers is normal, being marked with seven or more is rare. But being marked with twelve? Well, that’s unheard of. With learning about her new powers, the last thing Kenzie needs to worry about is falling for her hot teacher. Not to mention the unneeded distractions of the sexy twins, the jerk in all her classes, and her older brother’s best friend who finally seems to notice her. Romance and marked powers are never a good mix, not when there are people who desire her for more than her heart. Kenzie may not know, understand or want her twelfth power, but someone does.” -Amazon (Teacher) RH

“Brynn of Haversey is a spirit whisperer—a person blessed with the ability to see and speak to the dead. In the country of Amerin, she’s one of a select few with magical gifts known as whisperers.

Every year, the Royal College accepts a small number of new students, all magically inclined, all whisperers. Competition is brutal and the classes, nearly impossible to pass for a half-breed angel with two left feet and a massive pair of black feathered wings.

Oh, and especially if she brings her six ghostly boyfriends with her to the academy (including the recently deceased crown prince, a master thief hanged for his crimes, and a former student of the Royal College). What kind of spirit whisperer is Brynn of Haversey if she can’t exorcise her own soulmates? But Brynn isn’t attending the most prestigious academy in the world to become a better exorcist—she’s searching for a way to bring her lovers back to life …” -Amazon (Teacher) RH

“Seraph Black used to think that she was prepared for anything. She could last days without eating and she always walked away from the violent altercations with her father relatively unharmed. She survived working at the club and the drive to school every day in her mother’s rust-bucket of a car… but it all changed when Noah and Cabe came bulldozing into her life, careless of the precious secrets they picked apart in their quest to take over her world. She was even less prepared for the mysterious Miro and Silas, and nothing could have prepared her for the bond. The connection. The reason for it all.

Someone wanted her to stay away from her new friends, but she wasn’t willing to do that. Everyone had secrets. She wanted to know theirs. They wanted to own hers. And the stalker? He seemed to know everything already. -Amazon (Teacher) RH

“When Evelyn Maynard receives a scholarship to the exclusive Bradford Hills Institute, she’s determined to make a fresh start. The Institute is world renowned for educating and training Variants – the 18% of the population fortunate enough to have superhuman abilities. As a human, she’s lucky to be admitted.

She’s done with fake identities, running and lying but once again she finds herself surrounded by secrets. Some she’s been keeping her whole life. Some have been kept from her. Some she finds herself dragged into…

Ethan, Josh, Tyler and Alec have some of the rarest Variant abilities Evelyn has ever seen. They fascinate, intrigue and attract her, but is it their abilities, their own secrets or something more that Evelyn can’t seem to stay away from? The secrets they keep could drag Evelyn so deep into their dangerous and exciting world that she’ll never be the same. And the answers she finds could get them all killed.” -Amazon (Academic Advisor) RH. Goddamn he’s hot!

“I messed up. I broke two of the Arcane Council’s laws in one day. I swear it was an accident—but try telling that to the Arcane authorities.

Before I could catch my breath, my simple gypsy life of peddling potions with my guardians is wrenched away. I’m forcibly enrolled into the prestigious and supremely snotty Arcane Arts Academy, given shackles under the guise of mercy for my crimes. As if that weren’t enough, my volatile magic bound me to two infuriatingly overbearing shifters in the woods near campus, making me an instant pariah.

At least the history teacher is helpful—not to mention insanely gorgeous. And besides giving me a dangerous distraction, there’s something else he can provide—a way to finally find out more about my father and unravel the dark mystery surrounding his death… but some secrets have claws, and if I’m not careful, knowing the truth could get me killed.” -Amazon (Teacher) RH

“Eve Carmichael can’t wait to graduate from college and move on with her life. Loner, outcast, and enemy of the dean, she tried her best to fit in, but all the money in the world can’t buy genuine friends—or anonymity.
Then things take an unexpected turn when she witnesses a murder on campus. Especially because there’s no evidence a crime ever happened the next day, and the five men responsible disappeared into thin air. 
As she tries to unravel the mystery behind the phantom homicide, she finds herself on a dark and familiar path. With no-one else to trust, she seeks the help of an unlikely—but alluring—group of men. A group of men with one thing in common—an undying interest in her.
For better or worse, the rocker, the wanderer, the student, the therapist, and the adviser all have a part to play in fulfilling her destiny. Hopefully they can awaken her to the danger closing in before Eve gets herself killed.” -Amazon (Adviser) RH

What’s the worse thing that could happen when you place the goddess of death’s soul into a human? 
Well, just about everything… 

For Helena Hunt, college couldn’t get better with her perfect degree course and her shifts at a wolf rescue in her spare time. That is until she catches the attention of the sexy new guys. Only problem? They say they are gods and apparently that Helena is one of them. They want Helena to remember her past life. A life where Loki, Poseidon, Apollo and Hades were her lovers and she was the goddess of death.

They aren’t the only new gods at college this year…” -Amazon (Teacher) RH

“Bearing the tattoo of a snake on her wrist says Luna was born into the Serpent Brotherhood; a sinister organisation that abuse supernatural creatures to harness their power. Problem is she has no memory of that life, and rumour has it no one leaves alive. That might explain why she and her family have been on the run for as long as she can remember.

When the demon who murdered her parents returns to finish her, shit gets real. Like all her past coming back to haunt her. Assigned three guardians, Luna must navigate the strange, new world of the Guild of Shadows to unlock the mystery. If only she can keep her head in the game, and not let her sexy companions distract her.” -Amazon (Instructor) RH

“My name is Peyton, and I have a charmed life. I live in a beautiful mansion on top of a hill and want for nothing. My father’s successful, and my mother’s devoted to seeing me and my siblings succeed… Oh, wait…that’s not my life at all. That’s my half-sister’s life.

Until recently, I had no family, aside from my mom and dad. My life consisted of secrets, escape, two best friends, and most importantly, dance. But when my mom drops a bombshell on me, that we’re moving to her hometown hours away, all the secrets come out, including the fact that the man who I’ve called dad my whole life, is really my uncle.

So now it’s a new school, new life, new town. And let me tell you, this town hates me. My life has never been a bed of roses, to begin with, but being here? It’s hell. My best friends are far away, my dance career is on hold, and the family drama is movie-worthy. The only thing that’s worth getting up for in the morning is my new friends, a group of guys who have made it their mission to put me under their wing. They bring me into their circle, determined to protect me and help me on my new path. But sometimes, we get in our own way. Sometimes, you can’t walk alone. 
Sometimes, the only way to live your life is to lean on the ones who love you.” -Amazon (Guidance Counselor) RH

“Three trials. Three weeks. Three Royal Princes.

It should have been an easy task, for a skilled mercenary like Rybet Waise. Simply break into the royal palace, and rescue her friend from the executioner’s block. But when Rybet accidentally qualifies for the Trials, she finds herself with little choice but to see them through.

A thin veil of etiquette, elegance and glamour hides the true nature of the Trials. Behind closed doors, they are brutal and bloody, and to fail means to forfeit her life. Thrust into the limelight and forced to compete with the Kingdom’s elite sweethearts, unlikely allies emerge and bonds are formed. But someone will stop at nothing to see her fail. After all, she’s nothing but a dirty pond-dweller. Rybet will do whatever it takes to survive until the Golden Ball, Princes be damned.

** IMPOSTER is book ONE of the ROYAL TRIALS trilogy, so does end with a cliffhanger. **” -Amazon (Teachers) RH

“I’ve always felt like an outsider. Until my eighteenth birthday, I didn’t know how true that was. First, I started seeing strange things. Then, the tips of my ears began to shift. Now, even touching something made of iron makes me sick.

Am I losing my mind?

When four mysterious fae males corner me in the street, they bring terrifying news: I’m not human. I’m a changeling, a fae swapped at birth. Under their powerful yet infuriating guidance, I return to Otherworld to train at their academy and determine to which of the four faerie courts I belong. But there’s something much more dangerous than the four fae vying for my attention. And if I don’t unravel the fae’s secrets, none of the changelings will survive. Including me.” -Amazon (Teachers) RH

“Rachael Bennett is a book nerd.
A serious, hardcore book nerd. 

She has spent most of her life hiding in the stacks, making her way from adventure to adventure. Never leaving the pages to take any of her own. 

Until she discovers a new genre that opens her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities: Reverse Harem.

When an old crush, cute skater, and broody art teacher come into her life will she be able to put down her books long enough to write her own love story or will she stay safe behind the pages she knows so well?

Their Book Nerd is a contemporary reverse harem/poly novel. It is the first in the Midland Springs Series. Each book will take place in the fictitious small-ish town of Midland Springs, Florida. And each book follows a new love story. This series is interconnected but each book can be read as a standalone.” -Amazon (Teacher) RH

“She may be pure, but she’s not innocent.

Her name is Bethany Lewis.

She’s a nightmare in heels and while she’s never been touched, she definitely isn’t innocent. She left my twin brother’s life in ruins, but now I’m back after a three year stint in prison, and I’m going to show her that things are about to change. She needs discipline and I’m the man to give it to her. Then she becomes more than just a brat over my knee. She haunts me. It isn’t right, but I don’t care. I want her. I will have her. She has used her gorgeous body to get what she wants long enough. She’s teased the wrong man and now she’s going to be mine.” -Amazon Non-RH (Principle…or is he.)

“***warning possible triggers
My name is Blake. Most girls my age are worrying about prom, senior pictures, and colleges. I’m not. I worry about taking care of my sister, dodging my stepmother’s reprehensible boyfriends, and earning enough money to keep the roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food in our bellies. Sometimes when I’m angry or afraid, strange things happen. Things I can’t explain. Recent events have thrust me into a new world. With the help of my connections I learn about my gift. Unfortunately there are others that covet my gift. There are others who want to make sure I don’t make those connections.” -Amazon RH (Teacher)

“Four dark and dangerous spirits haunt me.
They’re black magic manipulators, voodoo masters—and they say they’re here to be my teachers.
But can I really trust a man who turns into a cat? A motorcycle riding jerk with a bag of souls? How about his top hat wearing friend or the weirdo that lives in the tree in my backyard?

Don’t think so. Then again, I might have little choice but to accept their help. Somebody murdered my grandma and now that same somebody wants me dead, too. These four guardians borrow their powers from mine:
Kriminal LaCoste. Samuel Baron. Sebastian GranBois. Zandor Red.
If I reject them, I’ll be left alone in a world of monsters, magic, and madness. My destiny is within reach … as long as I don’t die before I get there.

***VOODOO KNIGHTS is a full-length young adult reverse harem (four love interests for the one female main character) novel. This is book one of three in the “Black Magic Harem” series. Contains mature language, violence, and sexual situations.” -Amazon RH (Teachers by technicality, lol)

“They’re twice my age and hit the triple D’s in spades: Dominant, dirty and delicious.

But they’re untouchable. Forbidden. That’s the rule. If I’m honest I’ve always followed the rules. Until them.

When a dare from my best friend lands me in nothing but a red thong and f*ck-me-heels in front of these possessive, gorgeous men maybe all my sweet, dirty fantasies will come true. And you want to know the sexiest and dirtiest secret of all? They want to claim me as theirs in ways I’ve never imagined. But at what cost? I might have won the dare, but I could lose my heart and my scholarship if anyone finds out I’m the professors’ forbidden sweet treat.

Author’s naughty note: This steamy virgin romance novel contains a set of wicked, dominate, and deliciously possessive professors who are hot and hard for their forbidden student and will stop at nothing until her sweet little body, and heart, is theirs. This menage student teacher romance is safe with a HEA and NO CHEATING!” -Amazon MENAGE (Professors)

“The sun is Briar Hale’s enemy. All her life she’s been in the shadows, sheltered and protected, warned and smothered. Not anymore.

Briar is ready to take control of her life, and step out into the sunlight for the first time. A newly enrolled graduate student at Boston College, she’s determined to discover why her body betrays her. And she knows just the scientist to help her. Professor Hudson Nors has secrets of his own—secrets he’s kept for eternity, and which he never wants to see the light of day. No matter how wonderful Briar smells, and how important she feels, Hudson decides the best thing he can do for her is stay away. Suddenly, Briar, with her strange condition and boundless curiosity, turns the world Hudson’s spent centuries perfecting, upside down. But this pale, fragile girl has a spine of steel, and if Hudson won’t help her, she’ll find someone who will. 

By a luck, or fate, Briar meets Hudson’s brothers, Marcus, Valen, and Sylvain. Like Hudson, they can sense this human girl means something important to all of them. But what could four, vampire brothers possibly have to offer a human? Unwittingly, Briar brings together these immortal brothers, and teaches them, eternity is too short to give up on hope. 

***Briar is the first book in the Midnight’s Crown series. A slow-burn reverse harem romance***” -Amazon RH (Professor)

“Rose has always been alone, so when six sexy men suddenly claim she’s destined for them, can she trust they’re telling the truth?

Tossed from one foster home to another, Rose has never found a place to truly call home. She puts all of her focus into running from her past and chasing her dreams. But when a fateful encounter with an entirely too attractive professor sparks her in more ways than one, Rose finds herself with more attention than she knows what to do with. From loner to dealing with the advances of six men, Rose must decide between trusting them or staying where she feels comfortable and safe. But if she waits too long to make up her mind, the choice may be ripped from her and they will all face disaster.

A new adult, whychoose romance featuring one tough heroine and six sexy men with special abilities.” -Amazon RH (Professor)

Rapid release episode novellas. They are short, so if this will drive you crazy wait until they’re all out.

“Travel back in time. Find a Viking. Take him back into the present so he can help save the world. Easy, right?

Before she can travel back in time, she needs to go back to school to learn Old Norse, decipher runes and try not to fall for the sexy Runology professor who’s hiding a dark secret…

Lainie had given up hope on ever getting out of the slums of New London. Applying to the prestigious Time Travel Academy seemed like a waste of time, but when she’s accepted and assigned Vikings, her life changes forever.

A time travel reverse harem full of action, intrigue and hot Vikings. Part of the Time Travel Academy world.

This is a serial split into five episodes, perfect for sweetening your lunch break or as a quickie before bedtime. Episodes will be released every two weeks.” -Amazon RH (Professor)

“You want to share me… as a girlfriend?” My stomach did a sexy backflip. “All three of you?”

Broke and lonely, adjunct professor Claudia takes an on-campus renovation job to make ends meet. So when three gorgeous hunks show up, mistakenly assigned to the unfinished frat-house? Letting them live in the old Victorian in exchange for free labor seems like a no-brainer.

But having three beautiful college athletes as roommates might be more than she bargained for. Especially when sexual tensions reach a fever pitch, and one of them breaks their only rule: no one goes after her… unless theyall do. As the house devolves into a powder keg of jealousy and restraint, the guys come up with an interesting idea: sharing her as a girlfriend. No secrets, no limitations, just three powerful ex-fraternity brothers acting as Claudia’s three beautiful boyfriends… one by one, two on one… and more. Together they fix the house as they fix each other; Brandon, the sexy football star about to lose his scholarship. Colin, the lithe swimmer struggling to get past a dark betrayal. And Hunter, the charming, sometimes brooding alpha who harbors his own personal secret. Can Claudia satisfy the needs of three strapping college athletes who worship her as a goddess, mind, body, and soul? Or will the awakening of her own seemingly insatiable sexual appetite ultimately be their downfall?

SHARED is a sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with fun, humor, and tremendous amounts of love. It also contains blistering hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes so molten they’re bound to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed.” -Amazon RH (OHhh, a FEMALE PROFESSOR & male students)

Oh… Were you wondering how that ended? Lol, that would have been a dick move to leave you hanging. I was 18, and a wild child. Yeah, we’ll go with that. Clearly. *Ahem. So, on the last day of school for us seniors, I did it. I flashed my English teacher (in his classroom) before I left for my last day of high school.” He wore a cat that got the cream smile, and I grinned and walked out of that building for the last time. True story.

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