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Amazon Description

Six years ago, my world was ripped from under me, and I was taken to Cardinal Three. A place where pain has been my endless companion.

Witches, demons, shifters and humans all live under one rule.


What he says goes.

So, trying to get the hell out of here hasn’t been easy.

No one leaves without his permission.

In fact, no one leaves at all...That is, alive.

But I have a plan.

One chance to get out of this nightmare once and for all.

One month is all I need.

One month to stay off King's radar and get the last few items needed for the spell I’ve been working on.

Shouldn’t be that hard...right?

But turns out King has his own plan. One that involves trading me off to the five alphas of Manhattan.

With King's ultimatum, I have no choice but to go through with it. But I’m still getting out of here, no matter what.

Or so I thought.

Turns out the five alphas are my mates…

And also, the boys I left behind six years ago.

**Blood and Ruin is a Reverse Harem romance, meaning the main FMC will not have to choose between love interests. It also contains violence, adult themes, bad-language and content which some readers may find upsetting.**

Amazon Description

The Library of the Profane has everything your black heart desires. But we don’t just allow anyone to get a library card.
Need to summon a demon? Raise the dead? A clan of vampires bothering you? Do you like the really nasty werewolf erotica? The Library of the Profane has all of that, but not everyone can handle the contents (Some people can’t handle their werewolf erotica). I’ve been a librarian here for five years and when I say I killed to get this job, I’m not being facetious.

You can’t check out our books. Some of the books are sentient and don’t like it. We have rooms to perform the spells in or hell, we do have a copy machine (copies are extra). When a witch came in and said they needed to do a little necromancy, I didn’t question it. They wouldn’t have been given a library card if they were going to raise someone really bad. I helped with the necromancy because it’s just my job as a librarian.

Except it wasn’t a normal resurrection. It was the physical embodiment of Chaos and when he woke up, he saw me first and now he’s attached. Chaos personified is a horrible library guest and he won’t leave with the witch who raised him. He’s constantly getting into things he’s not supposed to and he’s really into the werewolf erotica.

It’s not like I can let him out because the Library of the Profane is meant to contain Chaos. The rest of the world isn’t. He’s awful about keeping his identity secret too. A warlock, a Hellhound, and a vampire know he’s here and they are bugging me to let Chaos have a little fun.

I just want a normal day of summoning demons, cursing people, and telling people to be quiet in my library. This is too much.

Newly revised and edited copy uploaded 2/19/2021

Thoughts from Paige

I am digging the audio version of this book. It has different voices for each harem member; I love that! Hopefully, the rest of the series will be released on audible soon.

Amazon Description

There aren't a lot of things that scare me. I'm the descendent of Aphrodite and have the ability to control anyone I want. But when I meet a sexy man who is able to resist my powers, suddenly I'm terrified. And intrigued.

But something magical is in the air when I start to feel a fiery bond with him and his long-time friend, discovering that not only are they vampires, but they all claim a mate.

And apparently, so do I. But in my case... I can claim more than one.

Amazon Description

Zombies and Sacrificial Slayings. That’s pretty much the news headline every single day now. Like most people, I have no freaking clue why the dead are rising, or what’s causing it. All I know is that my mother is missing, and I want her back. And if this supernatural team of monster hunters can track her down then I will do anything—absolutely anything for them. Even if it means, sharing my soul to do it.

Oh sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Evangeline Midnight, and just one month ago I was just your average teenage girl. Just an aspiring tattoo artist ready to graduate high school and go to university. Then we botched a séance, my mother went missing and some powerful necromancer flooded the streets of New Orleans with zombies. It’s a lot, right?

Well, buckle up because it’s not over. In an effort to find my mother, I find a squad full of bodacious hunters. They may think I’m just a sweet and innocent girl who shouldn’t get involved, but that would be naïve of them. I’m going to find my Mama, even if it means putting down the necromancer who stole her and using my inherited ink magic to do it. But just who is this evil man intent on ripping my life apart?

Spoiler alert, the truth hits very close to home.

All alone in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, what could go wrong? The shifters growl, the music throbs, and the magic—the soul of the city—intensifies, revealing a dark and dangerous world where the undead monsters and their makers roam the streets. So, what if I’m one of them?

Warning: This is book one in a steamy reverse harem urban fantasy romance series where there are six guys—well, five guys and one demon, and no choosing required! Expect laughter, sexy polyamorous situations, and kick-ass action with everything from faeries, vamps, dragons and shifters to demons, ghosts and witches. *Kitchen sink excluded. Vivid sexual content and language. 

Thoughts from Paige

I loved this book, but I didn't love the change in tenses when the POV changed. But happy day! The author indicated in the updated blurb that the POVs are now aligned so I will dive in for a re-read.

Amazon Description

My name is Danica Knight and I have a secret… a life changing, whisper worthy secret that will more than likely get me killed. Trust no one. Is the singular phrase my mother had whispered to me when she abandoned me in a small hospital at the young age of eight. It was the only memory I could remember before I came to live with my Aunt and Uncles here in the largest wolf pack in North America.

After graduated High School and having been accepted into one of the most prestigious Paranormal Universities in North America. Black Veil University. Everything is finally going as planned. Or so I thought before four insanely hot men crash their way into my life. Each with a unique connection to me, whether they want it or not. We are tied together.

Lives are turned upside down, hearts are torn and shattered and those deep dark secrets that I have held hostage start to slip. But when the dark shadows of my past come knocking, I may need every little bit of help I can get.

Knight Ascending is book 1 in the Black Veil University Series which DOES end on a cliffhanger. This is a university-aged, slow burn, slow build Paranormal RH romance which means there will be no choosing between love interest at the end of the story.
This series has darker elements that readers should be aware of such as, strong language, PTSD from kidnapping, assault, and violence.

Thoughts from Paige

I have this marked down as having a demon, but I cannot remember! I loved this book and have the third on pre-order, but I'm in a bit of a book haze, so I cannot provide more clarity.

Amazon Description

Your dead are our business.

Got a loved one who’s passed? Want to ask your dead aunt where she hid that elusive will? Head over to Necro city and look no further than Soul Savers Inc.

One day the world was normal, and the next, it was filled with ghosts. And then the reapers came. Blood-sucking hot dudes with wings and wicked scythes. They took control, and now we have a system.

Now we have Necro city, the hub of all things untethered.

As a soul relocation agent, it’s my job to rehouse the dead until the reapers come to collect, but with so few of those dudes about, the wait isn’t pretty. Thank goodness for decent coffee, frosted donuts, and a pending promotion.

Things are looking good until they’re not.

One bar fight and a dead reaper later, I’m left holding the scythe.

Not just any scythe, but a scythe belonging to one of Lilith’s four favored sons—the most powerful reapers in the world.

For some reason, it’s chosen me.

Now, three very large, very pissed off reapers are on my case.

It looks like that promotion is going to have to wait.

A kickass Urban fantasy Romance with multiple love interests. Vampires, ghosts, angels, and demons. Perfect for readers who enjoy forbidden romance, enemies to lovers, or friends to lovers.

Amazon Description

Death calls, I answer.Quite literally.

Every time I close my eyes, I see those who are about to die,
And I’m unable to do anything to stop it.
Until one day, when I try to save yet another victim, something inside of me just…flips.

The shadows rise, and they’re hungry.

All I ever wanted was to be normal,
Instead, I found out just how different I am.
I must learn to control my powers, to take charge of my life.
Because if not? Well, there are angels out there hunting me.

I’m told demons are safe, demons won’t care about what I am.
But if an angel ever finds out…. They’ll kill me on sight.
They think I’m a monster, something forbidden.

They can never know the truth.

When I stumble upon a group of men at a club, two demons and an angel, I don’t know what to do.
I should run, but something about them calls to me.
Something deliciously wicked.
Something I want to explore.

But giving into temptation might just bring my downfall.

Author's note: Darker Shade is the first book in a series of stand-alone books where the main character will not have to choose between her men. Due to mature content, it should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Content warning: This book contains cursing, violence, and sexy times between multiple people, including people of the same sex. It's a darkish book that explores the thematic of death, so if that makes you uncomfortable, please skip this book. I promise there will be other, lighter books in the future.

***Release date might be moved forward!***

Thoughts from Paige

I feel like we are going to have a larger harem with some fated mate themes going on here, but I'm no 100% sure yet.  Some parts made me slightly uncomfortable, but that is common with lust demons using their powers as a weapon/defense. I'll keep an eye out for the next in the series; I would love a series about her mother!

Amazon Description

I thought I was signing up for a luxury retreat on a lonely, windswept island. I didn’t realize that I would be the only guest of three sexy demons hungering for a mate...

Social media addict Edie can’t remember when she last spent time in the sun or hung out with anyone but her geeky roommates. The curated life of her feed is so much better than reality. But after getting trolled by an online creep, she's determined to detox. Her summer vacation spot has no phone service or internet--just ocean views and the old-fashioned charm of Marchcliff Manor--plus, three smoking hot guys that weren’t listed on the brochure.

Scholarly Alister, rugged Van, brooding Dante: ferociously protective demons who can take monstrous forms and offer unimaginable pleasures…with a catch. They're cursed, bound to protect the island unless they can find a bride strong enough to handle more than her fair share of sexy supernatural men and surrender her human life.

Well, the love of three demons might be just the thing to distract a girl from the internet, and the ferry won’t return for two weeks. Edie will have to decide…is a human life worth keeping if you barely had one to begin with?

Tempted by Demons is a standalone reverse harem romance with plenty of steam on the way to happily ever after.

Thoughts from Paige

I am totally sucked in from the sample. Definitely reading this one. I was chuckling while reading. It will be interesting to see how demons come into play in this seemingly contemporary setting.

Amazon Description

Mara is a Drude, a nightmare Demon without a body of her own.

When a dark force sweeps through Hell, turning Lower Demons into dust, Mara makes a choice.
Jumping to the Human Realities, to piggyback on the bodies of unsuspecting people, Mara is determined to live her immortal life to the fullest.

Mara finds herself surrounded by Hunters, neck-deep in a conspiracy between the Fae and a homicide.
Undercover, where one wrong move could see her torn apart, Mara discovers something horrifying!
The Hunters that want to kill her?
They're her mates.

*The Dead Ringer is a 120k word count, paranormal RH romance novel with morally bankrupt Demons and more than one romantic partner at the same time. It is a standalone.*
**Contains MFMMMM**

Amazon Description

I'm not who you think I am.
My enemies aren't who you think they are.
Welcome to Wraithwood Academy.

My father is dead. And my mother's enemies smell opportunity. To save us both, I’ll have to navigate the troubled waters of Wraithwood Academy, seeking allies and outsmarting enemies among the heirs to the country's most powerful mage families.

The vicious, gorgeous Nightfeld brothers think they know me. Cly Redbriar, the weak daughter of a powerful father. A spoiled, scared little girl hiding behind her bodyguard. Nothing but a new plaything for the kings of Wraithwood.

They know nothing.

Because I’ve been forced to live a twisted lie.

See, I’m not really Cly Redbriar…

Note: This is a dark university age academy reverse harem novel with magic, mayhem, secret identities, slow burn romance, and a kick-ass heroine on a mission.

No cliffhanger guarantee! While this book is part of a larger tale, it tells a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Thoughts from Paige

I LOVE this series. There are so many delicious themes, tropes, and character types that I cannot get enough. I'm not going to say much because I can't remember what happens in what book, and I don't want to spoil anything.

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