Genre Feels

The following (which can be updated as I go) are genres that will be on my blog. Be advised, there will be a shit ton of RH on my site. I’m selfishly living vicariously through my books, so my characters should be too.

  • Reverse Harem aka WHYCHOOSE
  • Menage
  • Shifter
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Slow Burn, even though it drives me up a wall at times.
  • Sci-fi
  • M/M and M/F/M (male on male, male with female and another male.)
  • Fantasy
  • Erotica
  • Romance
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dark
  • Mafia
  • Military
  • BDSM
  • Historical
  • Steampunk
  • Biker/MC
  • Angels/demons/heaven/hell
  • Horror/Suspense/Hauntings
  • Superheros/villains
Hi Reader! Key order for below: Series Title. Author, Genre
Kit Davenport Series-Tate James   Urban Fantasy. Shifters. Romance.
Seraph Black Series- Jane Washington Paranormal Fantasy Romance.
Hard Rock Beautiful Series- C.M. Stunich Contemporary Romance.
Unholy Trinity Series- Crystal Ash Paranormal Romance.
Harem Of Hearts Series- C.M. Stunich Dark Fantasy Romance.
Curse Of The Gods-Jaymin Eve/Jane Washington YA/NA Fantasy Rom.
Quintessence Series- Serena Akeroyd Contemporary Romance
The Sleeping Court Series-Dagmar Avery/K. Margaret Fantasy Romance
A Walker Saga-Jaymin Eve YA Sci-Fi Romance Fantasy
Non-RH Darkness Series-K.F. Breene Paranormal Romance
Cruel Step-brothers Ultimatum-Eden Connor Contemporary Romance
Non-RH The Deep In Your Veins Series-Suzanne Wright PRN
The Kingston Pride SeriesKristen Banet Shifters
Hell Hounds Harem-Briana Michaels Paranormal Rom. Hell
The Revel & Rot Series-Ellabee Andrews Dystopian Rom.
Hopeless Series-A.K. Koonce Fantasy/Urban
The Cursed Dragon Queen & Her Mates-Meg Xuemei X Fantasy
Briarwood Witches-Steffanie Holmes Paranormal Romance
Claiming Her Bears Trilogy-Skye Mackinnon Shifters
Last Hope Series-Rebecca Royce Fantasy/Demons
The Fated Wings Series-C.R. Jane Fantasy
Daughter of Winter Series- Skye Mackinnon Paranormal Romance
Magic Awakened Series-Sadie Moss Paranormal Romance Fantasy
Lick of Fire Series-Kim Faulks Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance
The Redemption Saga-Kristen Banet Urban Fantasy
The Stardust Series-Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke Contemporary Romance
The Marked Series-CeCe Rose & G.Bailey Fantasy
Power of Five Series-Alex Lidell Fantasy Romance
Her Elemental Dragon Series-Elizabeth Briggs Fantasy Romance
Ravana Clan Vampires-E.M. Moore Paranormal Romance
Order of The Akasha-E.M. Moore Fantasy
A Reverse Harem Story-Rebecca Royce Contemporary Romance
The Bullets Trilogy-Coralee June Dark Contemporary Romance
Coyote Ranch Series-Alexa B. James Contempory Romance
Heart Hassle Series-Raven Kennedy Fantasy Romance
Her Royal Harem Series-Catherine Banks Fantasy Romance
Soul Tenders Series-Serena Lindahl Fantasy Romance
The Code Series-Bethany Jadin Contemporary Romance
The Darkside Series-Kristy Cunning Hell Paranormal
Risking It Series-Autumn Reed/Julia Clarke Contemporary Romance
The Wolves of Wild Junction Series-Kristen Banet Shifters Romance
Their Dark Valkyrie Series-Eva ChaseFantasy Romance
Fated Alpha Series-Ava Mason Shifter Romance
TriAlpha Chronicles- Serena AkeroydFantasy Romance
Dragon Shifter’s Mates- Eva Chase Shifters Romance
The Witch’s Consorts- Eva Chase Fantasy
Cerebus Series- Helen Scott Fantasy
Starcrossed Dragons-Erin Bedford/J.A. Cipriano Shifters
Dragon’s Gift- Jada Storm/May Sage Shifters, Fantasy
Her Guardians- G. Bailey Shifters
Protected By Dragons- G. Bailey Shifters
Brighten Academy- Yumoyri Wilson Fantasy
Queen Of The Damned- Kel Carpenter Urban Fantasy Heaven/Hell
Midnight Crown Series-Ripley Proserpina PRN Vampires
Break Series- Lucy Smoke Contemporary
Operation Cupid Series-Skyler Andra/Mila Young Fantasy
Mates of The Realms-Lacey Carter Anderson Fantasy Heaven/Hell
Kingdom of Veronia Series-Serena Akeroyd Contemporary
Heiress Harem Trilogy-Lucy Felthouse Contemporary
Blood Stone Series-J.R. Thorn Fantasy Hell
The Looking Glass Curse Series-Eva Chase Fantasy
Rise of the Iliri-Auryn Hadley Fantasy
The Keepers of The Tailsman Series-Rowan Thalia Fantasy
The Forgotten Series-Cecilia Randell Fantasy
The Walker Series-Coralee June Dystopian
Crystal Clear Series-Lana Kole PRN Sci-fi
Devil’s Playground Duet-Ashley Jade Coming of age…my ass DarkContemp
All Foxed Up-Emma Dean Shifters
The Dark Orchid Trilogy-Auryn Hadley Fantasy
The Draga Court Series-Emma Dean Sci-fi
The Godhunter Series-Amy Sumida Fantasy
Harem of Freaks-Crystal Ash Contemp. Shifters
Heartland Forest-Alexa B. James Shifters
A Rotten Love Duet-Ivy Fox Mafia
Oath Forger Series-Nia Mars Sci-fi
Dark Moon Shifter Series-Bella Jacobs Shifters
Gods and Monsters Series-Mila Young Fantasy
Rock Goddess Reverse Harem-Romy Lockhart Fantasy
Seven Wardens Series- Laura Greenwood/ Skye MacKinnon Fantasy
The Four Horsemen Legacy-LJ Swallow Fantasy
The Supers of Project 12-Angel Lawson Superhero
War Of The Gods Series-Meg Xuemei X Fantasy
The Conduit Trilogy- K.B. Everly/ Anita Maxwell Fantasy Romance
Finding Their Muse- Bea Paige Dark Contemporary Romance
The Huntress Series- A.K. Koonce/Harper Wylde Superhero Fantasy
The Inheritance- Candice Wright Contemporary
Coven’s End- Lia Davis/L.A. Boruff PRN
Lake Emerald Chronicles- Melissa Adams Contemporary
The Renegade Dragons-Laura Greenwood/Arizona Tape Shifters
Curse of Avalon- Sariah Skye Fantasy
The Queen’s Consorts – Elena Lawson Fairy-tale
Hijinks Harem- Tate James/C.M. Stunich PRN
Faith Series- Nikki Bolvair Contemporary
H3RO Series- J.S. Lee/Ji Soo Lee K-Pop
Keepers of the City- Jodie Rose Fantasy
Written Realms- Serena Lindahl Fantasy
The Vampire’s Fae- Sadie Moss PRN
The Raven Queen’s Harem –Angel Lawson PRN
The Allendale Four-Angel Lawson Contemporary
The Boys of Ocean Beach- Angel Lawson Contemporary
Unicorn Blessed Chronicles- Yumoyori Wilson Fantasy Shifters
Ashryn Barker Trilogy- Laura Greenwood PRN
Their Vampire Queen- Joely Sue Burkhart PRN
Vakarran Captives- Sara Fields Dark Sci-Fi
The Forever Series- Eve Newton PRN
Serena Akeroyd- The Gods Are Back In Town Fantasy, Gods
Unfortunate Magic- Candace Wondrak Fantasy
Crimson Storm Chronicles- Yumoyori Wilson Urban Fantasy
Horse,Lion,Dragon Mistress- R.A. Steffan Shifter
Her Wild Angels,Lillith- May Dawson Heaven/Hell
Her Angels- Erin Bedford Heaven/Hell
Immortal Devotion- Raylin Marks PRN
Shifter Academy- Scarlett Haven Shifter
Devil’s Gate- Grace White Urban Fantasy
Fairy Godmother In Training- Ellabee Andrews Fantasy
Forbidden Queen- Dyan Chick Fantasy
The Librarian’s Coven- Kathryn Moon Fantasy
The Cimmerian Cage- Cate Corvin Fantasy
Soldiers of Blood & Ruin- Rowan Thalia Dystopian
Cruel Black Hearts- Candace Wondrak Dark Murdery Contemp-Rom
Anderelle: Minloa- Catherine Banks Fantasy/Sci-fi
Changer Series- A.C. Wilds PRN Fantasy
The Rebels- Julia Clarke Contemporary
Juniper’s Sight- Rowan Thalia & Jarica James PRN Spookies
Omegaborn- Sara Fields Dark Omega/Alpha
The Pentamorous Key- Trillian Black Fantasy/Time Travel
Salsang Chronicles- Helen Scott & Serena Akeroyd Fantasy
Origins of The Six- A.K. Koonce PRN
The Faerie Wars- Quinn Arthurs Fantasy
Sleepy Hollow Academy- Zara Zenia Witches
Hell Hounds Harem Part II- Briana Michales PRN
House of Durand- Erin Bedford PRN
Dragon Fire Academy- Rachel Jonas Shifters/Witches
Chimera Academy- Eva Brandt Fantasy/Bully
The Red MasquesM. Sinclair Fantasy
Shifted Mates- Crystal Ash Shifters
Boys of Oak Park Prep- Callie Rose Contemporary/Bully
Valentine Pride- Laura Greenwood & L.A. Boruff Shifters
Clearwater University- Eva Ashwood Contemporary/Bully
Beyond the Shadows- Katie May Contemporary/Horror/Spookies
Shadowlight Hunters Academy- Kailin Gow Fantasy/Bully

Bound Series – Eve Newton Heaven/Hell
The Fallen World Series – Mila Young & C.R. Jane PRN
Half-Blood Academy – Meg Xuemei X Fantasy Bully
Her Soul Keepers – Sadie Moss Fantasy
Royal Fae Academy – Sofia Daniel Fae Fantasy
Hannaford Prep – J Bree Contemporary Bullyish
Dragon Dojo Brotherhood – Olivia Ash Shifter Urban Fantasy
The Hollow – Helen Scott & Ellabee Andrews Dystopian
Thistle Cove – Angel Lawson Dark Contemporary
Storms of Blackwood – Elle Middaugh PRN
Inkhaven Academy – Kenna Bardot & Tove Madigan PRN
Hollow Crest Wolf Pack – C.C. Masters Shifters PRN
Grimmstead Academy – Candace Wondrak Thriller/Ghosts
Ever and Always – Jayne Rylon Contemporary
The Kings of Knightwood Academy – Ivy Clyde Contemporary Bully
Her Reverse Genus – Adell Ryan Science Fiction
Academy of Souls – C.R. Jane & Mila Young PRN Bully
Hillcrest University – Candace Wondrak Contemporary Bully
Gods & Monsters – Kate Nova Fantasy Gods
Ellie of Shipwreck – MJ King Contemporary
The Afflicted Zodiac – MJ Marstens Astrology & Romance
Releasing the Magic – Maya Fuckin’ Riley ๐Ÿ”ฅ Dystopian
Cain University – Lucy Auburn Fantasy
The Aurora Marelup Series – Serenity Rayne Shifter PRN
The Phoenix Project – Candice Wright Fantasy
Mafia Lords of Knightswood Academy – Ivy Clyde Contemporary
Dark Fae Academy – G. Bailey & Scarlett Snow Dark Fantasy PRN
Dark Duet – Emma Cole Dark Romance
Claimed By The Goddess Series – Rozie Marshall PRN
Love Versus World Trilogy – K.R. Alexander Romance
Thornbriar Academy Series – Cali Mann Shifter PRN
Twyst Academy – D.D. Chance New Adult Fantasy
Sexy Sins Retreat – Lilith Darville PRN
Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary – JB Trepagnier PRN Dark Fantasy
Door Duet – Lucy Scott Bryan PRN
Academy of Elemental Magic – Fiona Starr Academy PRN
The Never Series – B.C. Morgan Contemporary
Magic Blessed Academy – Eva Ashwood Mythology/Occult
Dark Moon Prison Series – Cara Wylde Gothic Romance/Omegaverse
Seeking Eden Series – Belle Harper Dystopian
Seraphim Academy – Elizabeth Briggs Heaven/Hell College
Briarwitch Academy – KC Kingmaker Witches/PRN
Taken Series for Aria & Vee’s Stories – Stacy Jones Sci-fi Romance
Infernal Council – Maya Nicole PRN Heaven/Hell
Vice College for Young Demons โ€“ Marie Mistry PRN Heaven/Hell College
The Firehouse Feline Series – L.A. Boruff, Laura Greenwood, Lacey Carter Anderson PRN
Ruthless Games Series – Callie Rose Contemporary Mafia
Burnout Series – Adell Ryan Contemporary Sports
Rebel Werewolf Series – Rosemary A Johns PRN Shifter
Royal Fae Academy – Lacey Carter Anderson PRN Academy
Saint View High – Elle Thorpe Bully Contemporary High School
Featherstone Academy – KC Kean Organized Crime Contemporary Academy
Wings of Darkness & Light – C. Rochelle PRN Heaven/Hell
Tangled Crowns Series – Ann Denton ๐ŸŒฝ Fantasy
Soul Series – Cindy Pike Contemporary Dark
Academy of the Elites – Alexis Calder PRN
Barbie: The Vampire Hunter – Lucinda Dark PRN
To Darkness Bound – Zandria West PRN
Circle of Souls – Lacuna Reid Time Travel Occult
A Zombie Reverse Harem – V.L. Hemingway Zombie Science Fiction

The Ballers of Rockport High – E.M. Moore Contemporary Bully
The Lost Sentinel – Ivy Asher PRN
Shadowed Wings – Ivy Asher Fantasy/Bullyish
Beautiful Secrets – Marie Robinson Fairytale
Pack Everhart – Brooke Warren Shifter PRN
Institute of Supernaturals – J.E. Cluney PRN
Reach for the Moon – Sam Hall Shifter Rejected Mates
The Ghost Girl – Sinclair Kelly PRN
Bad Moon Academy – Rory Miles PRN
God Fire Reform School – Lacey Carter Anderson & May Dawson Gods/Academy
The War and Deceit Series – Erin O’Kane Mytho/Fantasy/Fae
The Road to Truth – Quell T. Fox
Hemlock Academy – Kelsey Soliz Fantasy Contemp
New Moon – Belle Harper Shifter
Blue in Wonderland – Joanne Ganci Fairytale
Pieces of Us – Kerry Taylor Contemporary
Harper Shadow Academy – Luna Pierce PRN Academy
Wolves of Mercaida – Maya Riley Shifter
Arbor Falls – Maya Nicole Shifter
Noc City – Penn Cassidy Dark Urban Contemp

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