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From Being Orphaned to the Arms of Her Rich Reverse Harem

Hi friends,

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. But, to my immense devastation, it is not.

To make myself feel better, I am posting early. So enjoy this bonus theme post! It comes from a reader request, and I had to really hunt for books that fit, lots of fun! (That’s not sarcasm, I do love looking for books.)

Our dear reader was looking for a book where our MC was orphaned and either went to live with a wealthy family or work with them. I expanded it slightly to be an orphan with a wealthy harem. Hopefully, it still ties into the spirit of the request.

I hope you all are able to find some books from this themed list! Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular, and I’ll add it to my hunting list.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Court of Crimson: A Reverse Harem Royal Fae Romance (Twisted Fae Book 1) by Lucinda Dark
Court of Crimson: A Reverse Harem Royal Fae Romance (Twisted Fae Book 1) by Lucinda Dark
Amazon Description

Abandoned. Unwanted. Orphan.

I was born with no past and no future. Abandoned on the steps of the Abbey of Amnestia, for nearly twenty-one years I fought the idea that I was unwanted. I was clumsy and outspoken, according to my only friend. Troublesome and worthless, according to the nuns.

The only thing I knew for sure is that I wasn’t meant to stay hidden forever.

Just when I was about to be cast from the only place I’d ever known, it appeared. Or rather, they appeared. The answer. My way out. A magical castle full of the one thing all humans should have feared. Fae. Not just any Fae either, but Royal Fae—the most powerful of all.

Three Fae princes, each colored in the abilities of their home Courts. The crimson prince. The frost prince. And the midnight prince.

And though I’d spent my whole life thinking I was human, I’d better hope they find something in my blood that marked me as one of them because if not … I might not leave the castle at all. At least, not alive.

Thoughts from Paige

The MC is named Cress; I could swear I read this book before. I don't have any memory unless Cress was the MC in a different book? Puzzling. I do not recognize anything else other than the MC name, so I'm reasonably certain I haven't read this one before. I'm very interested in the plot of this book, and once again, I like the writing style. This has been added to my ever growing TBR pile.

Dynasty: An Enemies to Lovers Reverse Harem Romance (Boys Of Winter Book 1) by Sheridan Anne
Dynasty: An Enemies to Lovers Reverse Harem Romance (Boys Of Winter Book 1) by Sheridan Anne
Amazon Description

Intimidating. Fearless. Destructive.

They’re everything a girl shouldn’t want. Too bad this foster girl never had a daddy to chase away the monsters because I’m a sucker for a bad boy … or four.

Carver, King, Cruz, and Grayson—the Kings of Ravenwood Heights.

When I was forced to come here, I was expecting just another run-down town to add to the ever-growing list of unwanted homes. What I wasn’t expecting was them.

They’re dangerous and they're keeping one hell of a secret—a secret that's going to change it all.

Boys of Winter is a Dark, Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance. It contains explicit sexual content, detailed violence, and coarse language.

Thoughts from Paige

I'm not sure this is my type of book, but it has been on a bestseller list for a bit and has over 1K reviews.  Lots of people seem to like it.  This series may be the closest to the example provided by the requestor, so if you are reading the requestor, I recommend starting with this one!

First Impressions: The Fated Wings Series Book 1 by C.R. Jane
First Impressions: The Fated Wings Series Book 1 by C.R. Jane
Amazon Description

Eva Taylor has been locked in an attic for 4 years.Failed by the foster system, and left in the hands of a woman who hates her, and a man who wants her, Eva has given up hope of ever having a life. When she finds a mysterious letter from Rothmore College addressed to her in the trash, Eva's future suddenly comes alive. Now all she has to do is figure out a way to escape her attic prison, make her way across the country to New York City, and figure out all the things that point to the fact that she isn't exactly normal...Along the way Eva meets new friends, explores new places, and stumbles across three beautiful, charismatic, and alarmingly otherworldly men. Do they hold the key to Eva discovering who she really is, or are they just good at first impressions?

Thoughts from Paige

This was recently on a best seller list, and I can see why.  I was hooked right away, and am forcing myself to read other books on my TBR before starting this series.  Sounds really good.

Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials by Isla Frost
Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials by Isla Frost
Amazon Description

Ever since magic stormed the world, the price for human survival is surrendering your firstborn to the monsters.

But this year it's Nova's turn, and the monsters better watch their backs.

I am the firstborn in my family. The first of three. And today I will pay the price for my siblings' lives by surrendering control of my own. I will step through the runegate, and I will never see my family again.

What the others do with the firstborn is shrouded in mystery. All anyone knows is they are never heard from again.

I will step through the runegate willingly.

But I can keep secrets too. And I'll do whatever it takes to bring the others to their knees...

Fans of Harry Potter, Shadowspell Academy, Harley Merlin, and The Hunger Games, welcome to a magical new world packed with adventure, intrigue, romance, and characters you'll fall in love with. 

The complete trilogy is available now! 

Thoughts from Paige

Update: I'm doubting myself-is this really a RH? Has anyone read it?

Okay, this isn't really her being an orphan, but it starts off with her being ripped away from her family so I'm going to include it.  The writing is excellent, and I was emotionally invested from page one. I'm assuming she'll end up with a wealthy harem, but we haven't reached that point yet.

Nanny for the Neighbors: A Surprise Baby Reverse Harem Romance by Lily Gold
Nanny for the Neighbors: A Surprise Baby Reverse Harem Romance by Lily Gold
Amazon Description

‘To the boys in apartment 5A. Congratulations. You have a kid.’

That’s what the note attached to the abandoned baby carrier says. And now my three gorgeous neighbors are in deep trouble. None of them have a clue how to look after the baby that’s been left on their doorstep.

Luckily, there’s a nanny in the building. I can barely believe my eyes when the sizzling boys next door come knocking for my help. The truth is, I’ve been secretly crushing on the guys in 5A for years—and now I finally have an excuse to meet them all.

There’s Jack, the sweet, nerdy game designer with the infectious smile.
Cyrus, the flirty dancer whose smooth moves melt my brain into goo.
And Sebastian, the ripped businessman with the smoldering stare.

Every day, I go to their apartment to take care of the baby.
And every night, they take care of me. It doesn’t take long for our arrangement to get steamy. Soon, I’m falling for all three of them.

It’s a dangerous game. These men are my bosses, not my boyfriends, and I’ve already told them that romance isn’t in the cards. But every molten look and stomach-fluttering kiss is making it harder for me to stay strong. And when work threatens to tear our fragile family apart, one thing becomes very clear:

I’m sick of being the girl next door.

It’s time this nanny got a promotion.

Nanny for the Neighbors is a full-length reverse harem romance featuring beautiful men, scorching drama, and tons of found family sweetness. No cheating, and an ultra-cute HEA guaranteed!

Thoughts from Paige

I have throughly enjoyed each Lily Gold book I've read.  They are full of depth, and I definitely found myself crying during this one.  It is emotional, and I feel like I went on a journey with our MC.  I think this fits the spirt of the post.

Spineless: Lonely Souls Book 1 by Autumn Reed
Spineless: Lonely Souls Book 1 by Autumn Reed
Amazon Description

Eight years ago, I believed I’d finally found a place to call home. My mother’s marriage to Vincent Sharpe meant security and three stepbrothers who were already my best friends.

But Mom’s mysterious death one week before the wedding turned my world upside down. The day of her funeral, I was whisked away to live with my aunt in Kansas, and I never heard from the Sharpes again...

Until a devastating tornado leaves me destitute.

Now, Vincent is offering me the opportunity of a lifetime—he’ll pay for my tuition and expenses at an exclusive university. All I have to do is move back in with him and his sons.

Knowing this is my one chance to discover what really happened to my mother, I grudgingly accept. But if I thought living in the same house with a potential murderer was going to be my biggest obstacle, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Leo, Hayle, and Tristin Sharpe are no longer the boys I remember. They're all grown up, with the adult attitudes, tensions, and sex appeal to prove it. They aren’t my problem anymore. Yet, somehow, they keep drawing me into their web of drama.

I might be the only person who can fix what’s broken between them. But I don't trust that they won't shatter me in the process.

*The Lonely Souls trilogy is a contemporary reverse harem series inspired by the main characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz...except, this version of Dorothy and her friends is a little twisted.

Thoughts from Paige

I am dying (pun 100% intended) to know what happened to our FMCs mother.  So much happened in the prologue! And...I hadn't realized this was a twist of the Wizard of Oz.

Supernatural Shifter Academy (5 book series) by G. Bailey & Regan Rosewood
Supernatural Shifter Academy (5 book series) by G. Bailey & Regan Rosewood
Amazon Description

ecret societies. Magical boarding schools. Supernatural beings…What could go wrong?

I’m Millie Brix and apparently, I’m a supernatural shifter. Funny eighteenth birthday present, right?

Chosen for Supernatural Shifter Academy, I have to learn which shifter clan I belong to and how to use my powers that are slowly growing out of control. Supernatural Shifter Academy only has five hundred places and if I’m not strong enough to survive, I won’t get to walk away.

The Sirens lure you in, the Wolves bite first and ask questions later, the Dragons only care for themselves, the Vampires plan to own the world and the Witches will do whatever it takes to win.

I’m not going to let the academy or its students beat me, that’s for sure.

With a prince of the Vampires seducing me, a secretive Siren dead set on making me his, a gorgeous Wolf shifter who wants to claim my heart and an alpha Dragon who sees me as a prize he wants to keep… the academy is far more dangerous than it looks.

In this academy, secrets are the only thing you can trade with and I’m right in the middle of the biggest secret the academy has.

And when the truth comes out…the academy will fall.

17+ Reverse Harem Romance which means the main character will have more than one love interest. This is book one of a five-book series and will be rapidly released.

Thoughts from Paige

I haven't gotten to the wealthy harem bit, but at the end of the sample, our poor orphan MC is changing into...something.  I'm actually surprised I haven't read this one yet, looks like the series is complete.  I have this one downloaded and ready to go!

The Glow of the Dragon's Heart: A Girl & Her Dragon Shifters Romance Prequel (Harem of Fire) by Willa Hart
The Glow of the Dragon’s Heart: A Girl & Her Dragon Shifters Romance Prequel (Harem of Fire) by Willa Hart
Amazon Description

Who knew dragons could be so…hot?

I grew up as a trashbag kid. I don’t want to even try counting how many foster homes I’ve lived in since I was orphaned at the age of five.

When some long-lost relatives take me in during my last year in the system, I’m careful to remain on my best behavior. Finding family and living happily ever after has always been a secret fantasy, so getting the boot would be devastating.

But these perfect strangers are turning out to be perfectly strange. Like when they tell me dragons are real and my great-aunt’s husband just happens to be one.


But before I can pack my few belongings and bolt, I see the evidence with my own eyes. Then I catch sight of my new uncle’s five gorgeous nephews and decide…maybe dragons aren’t so bad after all.

The Glow of the Dragon's Heart is the prequel to a COMPLETE medium-burn RH series that will leave you asking...why should she choose?

Link to book one in case you want to skip the prequel. -Paige

Thoughts from Paige

For some reason, the prequel does not appear on the series page, so if you are anal like me you'll need to follow the link to the individual book in order to access the prequel.  However, this is going to tug your heartstrings.  I have to find out what happens, I know I'm going to be bawling because we all know what's going to happen to her parents...ugh. Totally going to read it anyway.

Twice Bitten (New Moon Series Book 1) by Belle Harper
Amazon Description

For seventeen years Alexis “Lexi” Turner has been running. From foster homes, creeps on the street and the law.Lexi is a survivor, she has spent her whole life moving from one abusive foster home to the next, until she decided to take charge of her own life. Living in abandoned buildings, couch surfing and working at a strip clubs were a huge improvement on what she had before. All she needs is enough money to feed herself, finish high school and hopefully go to college.She has a plan.That is until she is caught and sent to live with a strange foster family up-state, —her new high school isn’t much better. Rafferty King was forced like Lexi to this new foster home, but he fits in better. And that’s saying something for a total misfit. Hot as hell and getting into fights, while ignoring her existence. Whatever.Then there are the twins Ranger and Maverick, also known as “The joker and The Loner.” They know who she is and give her the new girl treatment she is all too familiar with.And how can a history teacher look that hot, there should be rules against that kind of thing. But there is something about Galen Donovani, that has Lexi feeling safe when he is near. While everyone else avoids him. What the hell is going on in the state of Washington. And why are there so many wolves roaming at Port Willow High!17+ RH shifter and vampires. Some M/M themes

All of Belle’s paranormal romance books are in the same world with characters crossing over from different books. Best reading order:
New Moon Series ~ Lexi
Midnight Prince ~Novella (From Paige: not RH)
Full Moon Series ~ Ada
Shadow Wolf ~ Clare (from Paige: standalone, I think. M/M)

Thoughts from Paige

I definitely read the first book in this series, but for some reason, I cannot remember the following books. I['ll need to return to this series to find out what happened.

Weissmore Academy (3 book series) by Nora Cobb
Weissmore Academy (3 book series) by Nora Cobb
Amazon Description

From Book 1: The campus is their hunting ground, and I’m their newest prey.

Weissmore Academy was supposed to be my ticket to salvation.
Instead it became my personal hell…

I found myself at the mercy of the three kings of campus:
Arthur, Royce, and Maximilian.

The three have been best friends since childhood.
They’re cruel, arrogant, and filthy rich.

Unfortunately for me, they’re also the hottest guys I’ve ever had the misfortune of crossing.

They’ve shared everything between them:
Toys, power, and women—in no particular order.

And as far as they are concerned…

They’ll remind me that I don’t belong here.
They’ll make me obey their rules.
They won’t stop until I’m begging them for mercy.

… and if I dare step out of line:

They’ll do whatever it takes to ruin me.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This slow-burn reverse harem novel about three arrogant bad boy kings of the campus and the girl who became their target contains dark themes, drama, angst, swoon-worthy sex, and and some potential triggers.

Book 1 of the Weissmore Academy trilogy.

Thoughts from Paige

It sounds like there will be some bullying in this series, but our girl is an orphan and sent with a full ride to some school full of wealthy royals.  I was sucked in through the sample, but I am not currently in the mood for a bully romance, so I'll be adding this to my TBR.

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  1. Oh my, thank you so much for this, I’ll be sure to read those.. And while at it 🤭😳 I have another request, can you do a list of reverse harém with Olympian gods (it doesn’t need to be a god because I don’t know if there’s a lot of books with the gods being one of the main characters, but it could be with demigods, but with this theme, like Olympian gods/demigods eh)

    1. Yay! Hopefully, you find a few you like!

      I will definitely add Olympian gods to the list! Keep those requests coming, I love em!

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