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“Raised by Wolves is a prequel to Wolves of the West, a Wolf Shifter trilogy which will be published in June!” Quoted from Crystal Ash, Author, from Facebook.

“Her 3 demons is the prequel for the Unholy Trinity Series. Learn how Deja met her demon lovers and how they came into creation.” Quoted from Crystal Ash, Author, from Facebook.

Part 1
“What would you do if you were given the chance to spend the night with not one, but two fighters? Would you do it? Could you open yourself up to the pleasures they offered and do exactly what they said in order to pass on to the next round?” Twins, yum.

Part 2
“When you’re told to stay away from someone or something it only drives the urge to go after it more. In this case, that was exactly what happened. For years, Gabriella Reynolds–younger sister of MMA’s Heavyweight Champion, Matt Reynolds–was warned by him to stay away from his fighter friends; she deserved better and they would only break her heart. “

“One down and out woman. One isolated rock star. Life at the top is lonely, but so is life at the bottom.  Blair is looking for an escape.  West is looking for a connection.” Free. Non-RH.  

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"For Louisa, the Christmas period has never been full of joy and cheer, unless you counted a drunk mother and her trail of deadbeat boyfriends. So when she gets the opportunity to become a chalet girl in the resort of Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps she jumps at the chance. Only she gets more than she bargained for when her assigned family turn out to be three hot bachelor brothers with a penchant for partying and women. When Louisa is asked to join the brothers on a trip to a remote log cabin high up in the mountains she has no choice but to go or risk losing her job. Only things don't go according to plan when a heavy snowstorm hits trapping Louisa and the three horny brothers for the entire Christmas weekend. Can Louisa fend off their advances or will she succumb to an Avalanche of Desire?

This is book one of the Brothers Freed series and is a reverse harem story with high heat levels. If you like one female with multiple love interests who are all happy about it, then this is for you! #whychoose 

Storm of Seduction - book two of the Brothers Freed series
Dawn of Love - book three of the Brothers Freed series"
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"Welcome to Otherworldly Mates, a universe where one woman and three males equals pure romance...

Mara was kidnapped by aliens. Finding herself naked, alone, and imprisoned by terrifying creatures with plans to sell her to the highest bidder, she wants nothing more than to wake up. To discover it was all a bad dream.

Yet as time passes she must face the truth, she's in deep trouble.

When she sees a handsome alien thief escaping, she takes a chance and begs him to save her life. Only, when she's brought to his ship and meets his brothers, she finds herself battling a different problem: her attraction to them.

Whatever unexplainable science, or magic, that connects her to them makes it impossible for her to stay away. But what if her confusing feelings, and the dark past of one of the brothers, stands in the way of a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love?

~Her Alien Lovers is a short reverse harem romance with one woman and her three sexy alien mates.~"
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"Working on Christmas Eve is no fun, but at least my three sexy coworkers are stuck in the office with me. When I find out we’re all going to be alone on Christmas, I invite them over to my place for the holidays.

I soon discover they've each had their eye on me for some time. Only problem is, there’s no way I can choose between the three gorgeous men staying in my house.

But maybe I don’t have to choose after all.

Maybe I can have all three of them for Christmas.

This sexy reverse harem novella is intended for readers 18+ due to mature content."
"My name is Alice Du-Kane. I am your typical Daddy’s girl, and I’ve never wanted for anything my entire life. Well, except for love, understanding, and some freaking peace. You see, Daddy is, or was, the owner of the largest Grow-Op in the country. That’s a marijuana farm if you aren’t hip to the lingo. This business has been in my family for generations, and now that Daddy is gone, it’s up to me to keep it going.

You would think that the legalization of pot would make my life easier, but hell no. Now I’m dealing with corporate bull crap, espionage, and never ending drama. On top of all this, I’ve got competition snapping at my heels. The CronCorp is trying to take everything I have, and the four brothers that run it? They are nothing but ruthless pricks. 

Or so I thought.

What am I supposed to do when the going gets tough? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do: Put on my big girl panties and fight like a girl.

*This is a Contemporary RH with the MC ends up with multiple partners #whychoose*"
Available from Kindle
"I don’t know who I am.
I don’t even remember what my name is.
I was lost, confused and broken the day I met them.
My Angels.

To the world, they’re nothing but leather wearing, foul-mouthed bikers, but to me, they are my saviors. 
The light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

However, as my memory starts to come back to me in pieces, I fear the darkness ahead. Maybe the reason why I can’t recollect anything is because I don’t want to. 

Life is sweet in heaven.

But hell doesn’t want to let me go.

Archangels MC is a Contemporary Romance Reverse Harem Standalone story where the heroine is just as fearless as her men, but the mystery that torments her once unraveled might be too much for them to overcome. 

If you like hot bikers with attitude and a soft gooey center, a little suspense in a story with twists and spins that will make your jaw drop, and a whole bunch of hotness mixed with sweet tender moments, well then this baby is for you! 

*This is a full-length novel with over 100k words and a guaranteed HEA 
*Bad Influence is a Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance series. Each book is a standalone novel, with all new characters and brand new love stories.
*Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations."
Available from Kindle
"Alone, frozen, and far from home, Isla finds herself in the care of four frustratingly sexy bear shifters. They soon end up on a Scottish island, trying to survive the disasters of a failing world. 

With new relationships unfolding, Isla has to make the decision between her humanity and the bears protecting her. 

Will winter drive them apart or can Isla claim her bears?

Polar Destiny is a full-length reverse harem novel featuring one sassy heroine and four sexy bear shifters (including a polar bear!). Prepare for strong alpha males with a trace of vulnerability, an epic quest, Viking beards, very steamy scenes, Scottish landscapes, Celtic mythology and a post-apocalyptic setting. 

Claiming Her Bears: A steamy bear shifter reverse harem
Book 1: Polar Destiny
Book 2: Polar Fates
Book 3: Polar Miracle"
Available from multiple sources. This is updated cover art.
"The only thing that talks louder than magic is money… Too bad I have neither.

My name is Lana Crow, and I’m one of the Blighted—a non-magical person in a world ruled by magic.

There aren’t many chances to get ahead when the people in power think you’re trash. So my boyfriend Corin and I steal for a living, hoping to one day buy our way out of this dusty Blighted settlement in Wyoming and into a better future.

And then it falls in our lap. The perfect score. A ruby the size of my fist.

Sure, stealing from the magically Gifted is always a risk. But some risks are worth taking, right?


This short story is a prequel to the Magic Awakened reverse harem urban fantasy series coming September 2018."
Available on Bookfunnel.
"Dive into tales of paranormal and fantasy worlds. From gods to shifters, genies to angels and demons, there's something for everyone in these nine prequels to reverse harem series. 

Includes stories from: 

USA Today Bestselling Author, Skye MacKinnon
USA Today Bestselling Author, Laura Greenwood
USA Today Bestselling Author, Kim Faulks
USA Today Bestselling Author, R. A. Steffan 
Lacey Carter Andersen 
May Dawson
Keira Blackwood & Liza Street 
Brandi Bell & Sarah Louise
Erica Andrews"
Available from multiple sources.
"I’m Maeve Crawford. For years I’ve had my future mathematically calculated down to the last detail; Leave my podunk Arizona town, graduate MIT, get into the space program, be the first woman on Mars, get a cat (not necessarily in this order).

Then fairies killed my parents and shot the whole plan to hell.

I've inherited a real, honest-to-goodness English castle – complete with turrets, ramparts, and four gorgeous male tenants, who I'm totally not in love with.

Not at all.

It would be crazy to fall for four guys at once, even though they're totally gorgeous and amazing and wonderful and kind.

But not as crazy as finding out I'm a witch. A week ago, I didn’t even believe magic existed, and now I’m up to my ears in spells and prophetic dreams and messages from the dead. 

When we're together – and I'm talking in the Biblical sense – the five of us wield a powerful magic that can banish the fae forever. They intend to stop us by killing us all.

I can't science my way out of this mess.

Forget NASA, it’s going to take all my smarts just to survive Briarwood Castle.

The Castle of Earth and Embers is the first in a brand new steamy reverse harem romance by USA Today bestselling author, Steffanie Holmes. This full-length book glitters with love, heartache, hope, grief, dark magic, fairy trickery, steamy scenes, British slang, meat pies, second chances, and the healing powers of a good cup of tea. Read on only if you believe one just isn’t enough."
Available from 3 sources.
"It all started with a headache.
Next came the cramps.
Then, the pain. Cries and wails filled the station.
The bloody cough killed most of them.
The others succumbed to the fever.
And then, silence.
I’m the only one left.
My name is Louise and I’m the only human on Mars.


A sci-fi reverse harem based on the Six Swans fairy tale.

This story is set in the same world as The Drowning series."
Available from Bookfunnel.
"You think you've got some bad date stories? My last date ended with me almost being sacrificed to a Hawaiian war god. Then I found out that all the gods are real. Only they aren't really gods, they're Atlanteans. Yep, that Atlantis.

They screwed up their perfect island (and sank it) then had the nerve to move in on our territory. As if that wasn't bad enough, they told us normal humans that they were gods. And we believed them. Why? Cause they did really cool things. So we sacrificed to them, and they took that energy and used it to make themselves even more powerful.

Then a little thing called science came along, and we stopped believing in the supernatural. We stopped sacrificing to the gods. They lost their power source, and that pissed them off royally. So they started thinking up new ways to get sacrifices from us. Like starting wars. They manipulate us into killing each other, and guess who gets the energy? That's right, they do. They get stronger with each one of us who dies.

You think I'm crazy, right? Yeah, that's pretty much why I don't go shouting it from the rooftops. It's also why I've taken it upon myself to stop them in any way I can. I may not be some kick-ass superhero, but I happen to be a witch, so at least I've got magic on my side. I promise you, I won't stop fighting until I free us from the manipulations of the gods. Not even for a hot Viking god who wields a big hammer. No matter how good he looks in his leather pants.

I'm Vervain Lavine, the Godhunter, and unfortunately, I'm not crazy."
Available from Prolific Works, formerly Instafreebie. Kindle too.
"I was already in enough trouble– dangerous-unknown-powers, oops-I-set-the-house-on-fire kinda trouble– and then I woke up. Turns out my entire life was an intricate nightmare concocted by the Grimms (yes, those Grimms)... everything except for my uncanny ability to bend men to my will with a whisper and sway of the hips.

Now I’m trapped in an enchanted tower with five gorgeous men who're immune to my charms, each with varying degrees of magic, cockiness, and next-level secret keeping. I just want to know what the hell is going on. They just want me to remember who I am: the beloved missing princess of their fantastical land, who got herself into this mess because being a siren didn't sit so well with her Evil Queen Bee-atch of a stepmother.

I may no longer be comatose, but the hitch in this happily ever after is that... my curse? Yeah, not broken. And time is running out because it's about to become my men's curse too if I don't make one of them fall for me, like stat. The problem with love is that it means facing who I am, reliving the nightmare I woke from, and fighting for a future I may not deserve even if I survive long enough to have it.

Hi, I’m Saylorabel Gathrul, and waking up was only the beginning of my so-called fairy tale."
Available from Kindle.
"When Elara Wood wakes up in a house of strangers—gentle Allen, sultry Scarlett, and Finn, the once-fae protector—she’s forced to accept a new diet, a new set of instincts, and a new life. Vampires are real, and after a violent attack, Elara has been turned. 

As she recovers with the help and touch of her new friends, a long-dead house of vampires is reviving, and they want something of hers. Elara’s family is harbouring secrets, a weapon that can kill even the oldest of vampires, and a deadly enemy who has Elara in their sights. Can her new lovers protect her?

Vampire Game is the first book in a new reverse harem paranormal romance series. Expect sexy scenes, supernatural dangers, and tender romance. Welcome to the Blood Bay.

Contains mature scenes intended for 18+ readers"
Available from Bookfunnel.
"When Lily and her mother move to a small Cornish village she never expected it to be any different from their previous moves.

Truths she'd lived her whole life believing will be shattered. Myths will become reality and lies will be exposed.

Lily is not alone though. Nate, Matt, and identical twins, Josh and Jake aren't quite what they seem and will change Lily's entire life.

Whether she wants them to or not."
Available from Bookfunnel.
"Pain and loss have been Riley's only companions since she lost her husband and sons. But all that will change when a gorgeous stranger appears at her door. 

Dark secrets come to light. Chaos overtakes her life. Unexpected allies and danger like she never imagined becomes reality. 

The truth will set her free … or destroy her entirely."
Available from multiple sources.
"Lucy Partridge is going to show the universe that she can be the commander of a spaceship. If only her crew on the P.E.A.R. weren't so sexy and distracting...

A Sci-Fi reverse harem set in a rather pear-shaped spaceship."
Available from Bookfunnel.