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The request today was to find Young Adult reverse harems. I’ll be honest, this isn’t a theme I’ve frequented, so I’ve had to rely heavily on the titles, summaries, and reviews. Hopefully everything selected is young adult.

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Amazon Description

Everyone deserves a happy ending...

At least the “good guys” do.
That’s what the fairy tales want you to believe.
But not everyone wants to live in a fairy tale. Not everyone believes in a happy ending.
I certainly didn’t.

With the tragic loss of my mother and my grandmother, I was sent away to live with my evil Aunt Sara. I had a new home, a new school and a huge hole in my heart. Trying to get back a piece of who I used to be before the tragedy, I decided to join the chess club. In my old school I was the geeky girl, the one who got straight A’s and never dared to break a rule. I was the girl who’d never been kissed and wondered if I ever would be. But when I was kicked out of chess club one fateful afternoon my life changed forever. Because that's when I met them... The hot drama guys scooped me up and took me under their wings. Jason, Kevin, Mike, Billy and Steven were playing the leads in the school’s production of Grease and that's where they shared something about themselves that they hadn’t shared with anyone.

I felt I was in a fairy tale with them...but the secret we all shared had the ability to ruin my new life… Would we be able to live happily ever after or were we the “villains?”

** Chess Club Dropout is a contemporary young adult #whychoose novel that touches on first loves, cyberbullying, and other social issues.**

**Series Complete**

  • Chess Club Dropout (Book 1)
  • Damaged Dropout (Book 2)
  • Hometown Dropout (Book 3)
  • Happily Ever Dropout (Book 4)
Amazon Description

They say I’m the danger; they haven’t met my men.

Demon-beasts claim I have a power that threatens their plans of mass destruction. Joke’s on them since I have no idea how to use it. That doesn’t stop them from coming after me, though.

Hot, broody, wolf shifter, Kol and his friend Grim are the only things standing between me and the creatures trying to kill me. They say they’re my best bet to survive. But there’s another who wants me too.

With wild eyes and a warrior’s heart, Helix hunts me relentlessly and says he won’t stop until I belong to him instead.

The elders say I can only pick one as my guardian against the dark forces who want me dead. The thing is, I’ve never been good at following orders. Unfortunately, if I break this rule, I risk destroying the entire world. How am I supposed to follow my heart when the darkness wants to rip it to shreds?

Amazon Description

Knight of the Hunted is a 2019 Reader's Favorite Gold Medal Winner!
**Slow Build Reverse Harem YA Paranormal Romance**
---Completed series---
Lisbeth has dutifully obeyed vampire law for over four hundred years. Yet, to save the life of one innocent child, she will risk everything.
Now, with the Council's Hunters on her heels, her only chance of survival is to run.
Lost and starving, she stumbles onto Knight—who harbors dark secrets of his own. As a Lycan, he is fated to be her enemy. But honor demands he keep her safe, no matter the cost.
Forced together in the fight of their lives, the pair find their forced alliance developing into something more.
With darkness lashing at them from all sides, the only thing that can save them is the most powerful force of all... love.
Knight of the Hunted is a must-read, young adult page-turner written by Elizabeth Dunlap!
**Appropriate for Teen Audiences.**
As mentioned in the description, this is a slow build reverse harem paranormal romance. You may not see the harem for several books, but don't fret! It's definitely there!
If slow build isn't your thing, that's completely fine! But if you don't mind waiting a little for it, keep reading!

Amazon Description

They are three very different men, but deep down, they're all big, tough studs at heart.

The timing could not have been worse.

My dorm room is flooded, and it’s only one week before I’m set to play in the regional soccer championships. Of course, the only room available is in an off-campus house currently occupied by three guys—or three jerks I should say, according to the rumors circulating around campus. But it’s either live there or on the street.

So off I go.

I just need to stay focused on the game and my studies. But how can I when the three guys are just so damn hot? And despite their reps, they may not be so bad after all.

Could I actually be falling for them? Really?

I’ve never even been able to handle one boyfriend. What the hell am I supposed to do with three sexy guys?

Hmm, I think I have a few ideas…

Moving In is a reverse harem young adult contemporary romance involving three passionate alpha heroes and tons of kindle-melting heat, love at first glances, and sweet innocence. This mfmm romance is all about her – no m/m. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this one’s for you! HEA with no cheating!

Amazon Description

Sixteen-year-old Kara Starr is running from her past.

As a Broadway star, her future is bright with hopes and dreams. But all that is snatched away and she escapes to the small town of Skyville, hoping to start a new life. It’s not easy when Ezra, Carter, and Jax, three hot guys from the theater club, ask her to audition for the school musical. Her first instinct is to refuse. Performing is part of her past. But the guys are so passionate about the musical…how could anyone say no?

They rehearse together. They spend time together. They start knocking down the walls Kara built around herself. She thought she abandoned her love for theater in New York. But the guys are proving otherwise. Can the Skyville boys open her heart to music again?

Amazon Description

They're powerless without her; she's powerless to resist.

The list of reasons why Lexus Wren is the last girl anyone would ever expect to be “special” is mercilessly long:
Her dad’s in prison for murder, her mom soothes her sorrows with booze and men, and Lexus is just trying to survive the cruelties of high school as a painfully shy outcast. She never expected to draw the eyes of hunky, new students, Phoenix and Griffin Easton.

The troubled brothers are haunted by their own demons and aren’t put off by Lexus’ reputation. They’re just trying to figure out why touching her makes them feel like electricity is frying their insides and how she can control them with a single touch.

When Lexus and the twins are offered a chance to enroll in Magna Virtus Academy, a school for Special students, Lexus discovers that her abilities are greater than she ever imagined. The twins aren’t the only ones who crave her powerful touch, though. Jaxson, the school’s highest ranking Special, needs Lexus to help him reach his full potential, and he’s used to getting what he wants.

Lexus and the twins soon suspect a conspiracy behind the disappearance of several powerful Specials, including their parents, and they’ll have to work together with Jaxson to uncover the truth. But in the Special world, there’s a fine line between an ally and an enemy.

If you like young adult paranormal romance books by authors such as Richelle Mead, PC Cast, CL Stone, or G Bailey, you'll love The Caged Series!

This is a slow burn, YA, reverse harem, paranormal romance series appropriate for ages 13+.

Amazon Description

I’m Anastasia Noble, and shortly after moving to college, my life changed forever.

I became a familiar, bonded to a wolf for life and arrested simply for existing.
I woke up in the famous Familiar Empire community where I have to learn to bond with my wolf, or I can never leave.
Never again see those whom I love.

Bonding is my only option, if you could even call it an option, but add in familiars going missing every week, plus being stuck in a cabin with three mysterious, attractive, male familiars and their maddening animals...this is not going to be easy.

17+ RH. This is the full collection and it includes-
The Missing Wolf
The Dying Wolf
The Shadow Wolf
Exclusive Bonus Scenes

Amazon Description

Piper Hawthorne just walked through the front doors of Rosewood Academy.

The problem?

Piper Hawthorne was supposed to be dead.

She was one of Rosewood Academy’s most beloved students until a post-prom accident took her life. Now, with the help of an eccentric tech entrepreneur, her parents have managed to bring her back.

A version of her, anyway.

But The Thorns, the kings of Rosewood Academy, don’t want Piper’s replacement. She might have the same speech patterns and mannerisms as their lost friend, but they’ll never see her as one of them.

Jude. Tyler. Brennan.

Handsome, but cruel. This is their world, and there’s no place in it for the girl they deem Piper 2.0.

They’ll do anything it takes to break her. To tear her down until she can’t take any more. Everyone has a breaking point, and The Thorns are going to find hers.

Piper 2.0?

She wasn’t programmed for this.

A note from the authors:
Though this story features some AI technology, this book is light on the science and heavy on the petting. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

Amazon Description

When my mother decided to pull me out of school I didn’t say anything.

When she homeschooled me, isolated me, kept me fearful of my peers, I followed along.

When she packed me up and sent me across the country to live with my grandmother in the one-stoplight town of Lee Vines, I did as she said.

But now that she’s left me here I’m on my own.
I can make my own decisions.

Make my own mistakes.

And that includes if I let in the four boys that live next door.

Starlee’s Heart, Book 1 of the Wayward Son’s is a #whychoose contemporary young adult romance. Why fall in love once when you can do it over and over again?

Amazon Description

************Re-edited with minor changes************** Ellie thought the pirates were long gone. Now, she’s about to learn there are people worse than pirates. Growing up on an island known only for it’s fake pirate stories, Ellie Harrison wants nothing more than to finish her senior year the way she started it - a social outcast. Everything was going according to plan, (well mostly, there was the fire thing... and the fighting thing), until the new guys show up and her life begins to change. Not only does Ellie have to figure out what the secretive group are on the island for, but she also has to dodge an angry drunk for a father, her rather nosy brothers and a vindictive ex-best friend. When a murder occurs, a box of coded love letters sends Ellie and her group not only after a killer, but down the rabbit hole of Shipwreck Island’s sordid past. What they discover may be more trouble than they are prepared for. Ellie knows she will eventually have to choose between love and hate. Trust and Betrayal. Truth and Lies. True Deceptions an Ellie of Shipwreck #whychoose reverse harem
Amazon Description

It only took one moment to change my life forever.

After being shipped off to spend my entire summer with my great aunt, I am finally returning to my home in small-town, Nicholasville. I've missed my best friend, Maddox, like crazy and have dreamed of having my normal life back. Only, my return wasn't as welcome as I had expected--or normal.

Fate seems to have a strange sense of humor. Not only am I dealing with becoming a shifter, but now, a beautiful, dark-haired boy with almost supernatural-like qualities is drawing me in against my own will and causing me to question everything I've ever known.


No matter how hard we try to fight it, there is this uncanny connection between us. I fear he may learn my secret that not only am I a shifter, but that I’m caught in the middle of an ages-old war between shifters and hunters.
Someone wants me dead, and the closer I get to saving my own kind, the more destruction seems to spark around me. Maddox senses it, too, and wants me to chose between Cole and my loyalty with my pack.

How can I be forced to choose between my best friend and boyfriend? How can I solve the destruction of shifters?

Discovering that I am a shifter may just destroy everything…

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