Featured Author: Nicky Shivers

Nicky Shivers lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, kids and various fur babies. When not juggling the family, she is holed up in the study, writing stories. Her fictional characters work through challenges and personal flaws to find their HEA’s; sometimes in the most unconventional ways!

What are your hardest scenes to write?

The hardest scenes are when the characters are still getting to know each other. I don't want to drown the reader in backstory, so have to carefully pace everything out, so neither the reader now the MFC gets all the info at once!

Have you killed a beloved character?

I have not! There may be some unaliving in my new release, Together in Harmony, but I'm pretty sure none of the readers will fall in love this character!

What's your current work?

Currently I am working on a duet. It's another contemporary why choose, and involves five men and one girl being shipwrecked on an island in the South Pacific. The girl has a secret identity, and one of the men is not a nice guy at all...

Illustration of a magical book that contains fantastic stories -

Thanks for having me here, what new releases are you all looking forward to? Personally I'm on countdown for June 30th when the new Reese Rivers comes out!

Nicky Shivers
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Paige here! Below is Nicky’s recent release.  Happy reading!

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