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About Mika Lane

I’m USA TODAY bestselling contemporary romance author Mika Lane, and am all about bringing you sexy, sassy stories with imperfect heroines and the bad-a*s dudes they bring to their knees. And I have a special love for romance with multiple guys because why should we have to settle for just one hunky man? 

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Questions for the author

What are your hardest scenes to write?

The sad scenes are hard to write – when people are learning something about themselves or the people they love that is painful.

Have you ever killed of a character?

I never kill off characters! Should I?

What are you working on now

A reverse harem mafia trilogy. So hot and so fun!

To the readers:

I hope you love reading my reverse harem stories as much as I love writing them!

From Paige

Thank you so much to Mika Lane for chatting with me!

Did you know there is anew series being kicked off today? You can buy her first book today. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. 

Looking for something to borrow from the library? There are quite a few Mika Lane books on hoopla and overdrive! 

Happy reading!

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