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Tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are) is the Ides of March. I knew it was when Ceaser was killed, but apparently, in Rome, March 15 (the ides of march) was a deadline for settling old debts. Seems fitting that our theme today is enemies-to-lovers. We can consider a debt paid in full if the debtor and lender fall in love, no?

Okay, that’s a stretch, but our theme is enemies-to-lovers, specifically in fantasy/paranormal romance. So I tried to find some lesser-known (at least to me!) books. I hope you find something to read below!

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Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

Running from an evil I don’t understand, the only men I can turn to are the Kings of Shadow and Light, but one of them hates me and two others want me dead…

When I’m taken prisoner to be thrust into a lifetime of prostitution, I learn I’m an angel.

Yet, I bear the markings on my back that reveal my wings have been removed.

When my only ally, a foul-mouthed sprite, insists my wings are intact, I realize the danger I’m facing.

I need protection.

And that protection can only come from five magically powerful men who were destined to protect the balance between shadow and light:

Dragan, a gargoyle and the King of Shadow;
Cambion, an elf and the King of Nature;
and Baron, a vampire and the King of Death.

At one time there were five, but Variant, the King of Light, and the fifth king, Theren, grew greedy and usurped control for themselves. They banished Cambion to the Fae Realm and Dragan to the Shadow Realm.

And they murdered Baron.

Now Variant and Theren are after me…

Angel is Book 1 in the My Five Kings series of angel demon romance

Amazon Description

Three sexy-but-psycho monsters. The witch they’re determined to protect. And a high-stakes heist about to go very wrong…

I’ve made some pretty questionable choices in my life—dabbling in necromancy, double-crossing vampires—but summoning the dark goddess to save my sisters? That was just plain stupid.

Now I’m in her debt, and goddesses don’t exactly do payment plans. She wants the blood of the dark fae warlord of Midnight, a realm of exiles where the sun never rises and torture is a competitive sport. It’s a death trap only three men have ever escaped—my newly appointed escorts.

Jax, a terrifying demon whose icy touch leaves me trembling in more ways than one. Hudson, a hulking, fiercely protective gargoyle shifter hiding a past so painful he doesn’t speak. And Elian, a cocky fae prick with eyes like molten silver and a heart full of vengeance—a heart that once belonged to me.

I’ll do anything to settle my debts and get back home to my sisters, even if it means teaming up with my infuriating ex and the other sinfully hot psychos for the most dangerous blood heist in history.

But when it comes to the cruel fae warlord, not even my monsters can protect me…

Especially when we discover why the dark goddess really sent us to Midnight.

BLOOD AND MIDNIGHT is the first book in The Witch’s Monsters series, a steamy paranormal and dark fantasy romance featuring a sassy, badass witch and the fiercely protective monsters who’ll destroy anyone who touches her. Expect sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance, damaged guys who hate everyone but their witch, and plenty of dark, supernatural thrills!

Amazon Description

To save my brother, I make a deal that changes my life forever.

Now I’m theirs. I belong to three cursed beasts who live in an enchanted mansion.

Only this is no sweet fairytale.

As I spend time with my captors, I begin to realize they are more than they appear.

Their vampire leader, Zane, is as cunning as he is seductive. Lucas is a feral wolf shifter who calls to my soul. Cade, the terrifying and scarred Fae, has the gentlest of touches—when he’s not threatening to bury my body in the woods.

They are certainly no Prince Charmings. But I’m not the naive, damsel in distress they think I am. I have my own secrets: Someone wants me dead, a stalker I can’t shake, and a mysterious past.

The longer I stay, the more I put everyone’s lives in danger. They may be my captors, but are they any match for the dark forces that hunt for me?

Authors Note: This is a twisted and spicy Beauty and the Beast inspired story. Please read the dark content details on the author’s website before proceeding if you’re a sensitive reader. You’ll find a strong heroine, fated mates, and enemies-to-lovers in this epic tale of love, secrets, and a happily ever after at the end of the series. This series is complete!

Amazon Description

Roslyn Blackthorne is dead.


I faked my death to get out of a loveless marriage but that was only half the battle. To ensure my vampire duke can never find me, I have to run far and fast enough he can’t catch me. Because if he does, it’s over. Not just my life—for real this time—but my entire family’s.

So how does the princess of the Blackthorne vampires disappear in a world where every supernatural creature knows who she is? Summon a demon, of course.

Pan agrees to keep me hidden, help me start a new life…for a cost. And it’s not my soul he’s after. Oh no, he wants my blood…and my body.

But so do they.

The shifter twins.

The cursed hacker.

And, of course, my estranged husband.

Starting over should be easy after my bargain with the demon. New name. New job. New reality in a tiny town where no one would think to search.

Welcome to Aurora Springs, Alaska, a sleepy place where everyone is hiding something and nothing ever happens. At least it was…until I arrived and people started dropping like flies.

It looks like I brought my past, and a whole host of other problems, with me. But that’s not a big deal, right? It’s not the end of the world or anything.

The Mate Games: Pestilence is a spicy why choose series that is sure to set your…heart…on fire. For CWs go to our web site.

*ebook and audiobook versions include Gavin and Rosie’s prequel novella Promised to the Night.

Amazon Description

They broke my halo.
Burned my wings.
Sent me plummeting straight to Hell.

When I’m captured by demons and forced into the fighting pits of the Seventh Circle of Hell, I need to stay alive long enough to claw my way back to Heaven and destroy the archangels who betrayed me.
Four dangerous men stand between me and my vengeance.
A deadly Nephilim in self-imposed exile. Hunger incarnate, ravenous for an angel. The heir to Satan’s sinful throne. And the prince who bound my soul to his until I win my freedom.
They think I’m still pure. They think I’m innocent. They think they’ll enjoy corrupting me.
Joke’s on them. This angel’s no saint.
If Heaven doesn’t want me, I’ll be bad for the Hell of it.

For The Hell of It is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers reverse harem romance for readers 18 and over.

Amazon Description

Sonja Parish is the most lethal, ruthless vampire left on earth, and she’s determined to use both of those attributes to, find the men who took her foster sister and make them pay…precarious truce between humans and blood-drinkers, be damned. But when the Lawkeepers- a group of human males genetically engineered to match the strength of vampires- are sent to stop her by any means necessary, she will be faced with a terrible choice.
Kill the men she’s growing to care for, or risk losing Layla forever?

Racy, supernatural mystery, jam-packed with romance and suspense featuring an alpha hero and the woman who loves him. For readers of vampire romance, urban fantasy and dark paranormal romance

Amazon Description

In order to save her people, she must marry her enemies.
I’m the Shattered Isle princess.
I’ve grown up on horror stories about the four All Plane princes, and now I’ve been promised to them as their bride in order to usher in peace between our two warring realms.

First, I have to earn their trust.
Second, I must do what my father raised me to do—kill them all.

But the task is almost impossible when each of the princes have an unflinching need to claim me as theirs.

The chemistry between us is electric.
They’re danger and desire and forbidden temptation, and I’ve never tasted anything as sinfully sweet.

When secrets are unveiled, I realize there is more to my villains than I ever thought possible. Now I’m in a battle with my heart, and choosing the wrong side of this war could cost me everything.

Her Villains is a reverse harem fantasy with enemies to lovers themes, some violence, and steamy scenes for readers 18+.

Thoughts from Paige

I would be remiss not to include a recently released book so obviously meant for this type of post.

Amazon Description

Times are tough for Adeline Boo Pond, a succubus newly arrived to the human plane and unhappy with her allotted place in life.

Created to feed on sex, Adie wants more from life, and she’s devised a plan to achieve her dreams while not harming humans. She can handle working long hours, and self-preservation has given her a love of baking, so why not combine those two skills and open a bakery? Humans love dessert, and Adie’s happy to provide a service that allows her to skip the more dangerous activities of feeding in place of a more peaceful option.

Only problem? Three sexy demons are determined to stand in her way. They want Adie for themselves, and they have one hell of a bargain to offer her in exchange for helping her to reach her dreams. But will she accept it?

Succubus Bargain includes the Succubus Harem Serials 1-5, plus a bonus chapter!

Thoughts from Paige

I read this one a bit ago, and remember liking it quite a bit.  I don’t know why I didn’t continue the series, but I’m glad it’s back on my radar now.

Amazon Description

Four blood-sucking princes. A beautiful anarchist. One dangerous mistake.

To the vampires who dominate each quadrant of the Lydian Dynasty, I’m only known as “Blackbird”—a masked vigilante who, at nineteen, is already public enemy number one. To what’s left of humanity, I’ve been called a superhero, a title I neither welcome nor deserve.

My only objective is to offer the enslaved what was stolen from us … Freedom. However, a failed plan lands me in the last place I imagined, at the mercy of all four Dynasty princes—Julian, Levi, Roman, and Silas. They’re monsters, each with a heart rumored to be as cold as his icy skin. And what’s worse, thanks to the slip-up, my fate is suddenly theirs to decide. It’s up to them whether I’ll swing from the gallows, and I’ve given them every reason to sentence me to such a fate.

Yet, I felt something unexplainable when our paths first crossed. Something that gives me hope. We should be one another’s worst nightmare.

Only, I’m beginning to wonder if, somehow … these four princes might be my saving grace.

Amazon Description

The White Rabbit is following me.
I can’t outrun him. He’s fast, he’s ruthless, and if he hadn’t drugged me and dragged me off to this godforsaken “Wonder” land, I might find his platinum hair and striking rose gold eyes attractive.

But here, the only wonder I’ve been finding is in the gaze of these beautiful men as they watch me run. Never do they try and help. No one wants to risk the wrath of Coello, the vicious White Rabbit himself.

Except Mau. The Cheshire Cat, as he calls himself. He may talk in riddles, but he’s always popping up when I’m in a dire situation, whether it be with the Twins or the Caterpillar or the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts. I don’t know if I can trust him, but what other choice do I have?

We’re All Mad Here is a reimagining of Alice in Wonderland with a reverse harem twist. This darker, grittier version of a classic tale will keep you as on edge as our heroine, with touches of horror and heat amidst the twisted romance. You’ll love it if you prefer your enemies to lovers romance with multiple possessive, morally gray love interests who love the primal chase of their very, very “good girl.”

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