Dystopian Reverse Harems – Part 3

Dystopian novels. These are typically your “end of the world/end of days” trope. They can be futuristic, current times, alternate dimensions, involve time travel, disease, war, dead planets, wastelands, zombies, etc. Dysoptian reverse harems involve all that, and a bag of dicks. Or is it chips? Nah, dicks. These novels tend to be fun reads not because they’re action packed, exciting, and suspenseful, but due to the fact they add romance to them as well. Even in the worst of times characters need love too.

Not all dystopian novels are outside the realm(s) of possibility. The one’s that deal with war, and disease are realistic. The zombie, and alien ones, not so much…or are they??? Personally, I do not have a favorite type of dystopian novel. As long as they are interesting i’m game to read them. And hopefully, if you are in the book market for something different, or unique you may just find one below! As always, happy reading! – Quare Eligere

Updated Post

Hi all, Paige here. This post has been updated with new links, new covers (where applicable), and the removal of no longer available books (sadness). 

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Be well, and happy reading!

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